World of Tanks || is the T-22 Overpowered?

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of Tanks – . Today El General going to show us the awesome T10 Soviet rampage reward the T-22 sr. .

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  1. his ms 26 🙁 my ms 400 and more

  2. shut up all u haters, this tank is not even good, its just average. He did
    so well and bounced 5k damage because he is so skilled he is super unricum
    and enemy are all bots that aim for auto bounce angle. gun is mediocre E50M
    and 121 have the most OP gun in all of world of tanks, one gets 0.3
    accuracy and OP 270 pen so u can auto aim and pen every tank in game, while
    121 has crazy 440 alpha and amazing gun handling. T22 gun is slow aiming
    low dpm and accuracy, t22 drivers can only dream of those 2 real OP
    weapons. e50m even has like 260mm+ frontal Armour and if that unricum is
    playing in e50m he ll easily bounced 10K damage and do 4K+ damage to enemy
    team. if he plays in 121 he ll bounce 3K with the OP turrent and deal 13k
    damage with that amazing 122mm gun. T22 is over rated and stop crying
    russian bias just because you cant manage to get one.

  3. Luka Žnidaršič

    Swampy ground on “Lakeshire”… ok :P

  4. Of course this piece of shit is completely OP. It has been since the very
    beginning where you featured it on your channel.
    “but it has a mediocer DPM” … oh, it really doesn’t balance it, when
    you’re able to bounce at least one shot on two, while trading with any
    other tier 10 tank.

    I hope this tank will be nerfed to hell.

  5. How to make t-22 dont look OP?
    1. Buff all previously nerfed tanks.
    2. Watch players actually PLAY DIFFERENT tanks!
    3. Profit.

  6. SweetAlex 274 Gaming

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  7. This tank is clearly broken…dpm comparable to other OP soviet meds the
    the Hover tank Mobility and armor that makes many of the T10 heavies look
    weak by comparison seriously WG put this in 1v1 fights against every other
    T10 med in the game and it would be clear just how OP this tank (and most
    of the Other Soviet T10’s) is. Consider the other T10 meds for a moment
    Leopard1 no armor and made of ammoracks but fast and a decent gun.
    E50m excellent gun decent armor but horrible DPM
    Cent AX decent DPM and mobility below average armor
    M48 Patton bad armor but good on the move shooting and average mobility
    the List goes on and on EVERY SINGLE non Soviet tank has at least a single
    weakness if not multiple ones.
    Pick Literally any of the T10 russian tanks and look at them
    Average or above Mobility Armor and firepower across the board.
    Its why High tier games are dominated by tanks designed by a country that
    no longer exists
    (And for the morons that didn’t pay attention in History class the Soviet
    Union ceased to exist in 1992)
    The Russian Bias, in what claims to be a balanced game makes me sick
    And I dare someone to try and prove me wrong.

  8. only a new tank syndrome. give it a few months and everyone knows how to
    take it down

  9. E50m > Quickybaby

  10. That was By far the Worst Replay Ive ever seen… you missed half the match
    due to you pan the camera elsewhere….The info of the tank could have been
    talked about before the match….you would make a terrible Tour guide

  11. the guy who played the tank 1. was noob used premium 2. was against noobs
    3. all these vids are people against nubs who don’t know how to play. unsub

  12. The opiest tank in the game now

  13. They should completely remove it and compensate to the players who earned
    it by giving them a free garage slot :3

  14. if you want to go on an on about the stats of the tank you shouldn’t do it
    during gameplay imo…

  15. Nice Vid Baby. I think the T-22 isnt OP its only a russian:)

  16. wait 2 you get the chieftain then you’ll see overpowered ? not Russian bias

  17. Anyone that doesn’t know this tank should just take a look at the armour
    profile : the lower plate, usually a weak spot on most tanks, just goes
    broken af as soon as you turn a little bit the tracks. The side armour is
    just OP as we’ve seen in the video and impossible to penetrate unless
    you’re directly firing into it at 90°. Just like most Soviet meds it has
    very veryyy decent turret armour, but also good mobility and firepower.
    That tank is just imbalanced in every way possible.

  18. Zerobladetion Wot

    Fuck Russia with their stupid game is bias don’t even play that shit game i
    rather play a lame game like mechquest then this bias shit face Russians
    cock sucker by the way i don’t read my comments or mail asshole!

  19. every time I see a T22, I immediately add the player to my backlist. Fuckin
    riggers and cheaters, I won’t condone to that shit.

  20. Why is the detailed report cut out?

  21. QB, i think a lot of players are using combat rations instead of medpack on
    russian tanks combined with Jack of All Trades perk on commander to
    compensate injured crew member. It is just a better option (then classic
    load rep/med/cons) for russian meds cos they set on fire so often.

    And this T-22.. It is like any other “fancy design” tanks in the game… If
    you know where to shoot them, they are like any other tanks, but if you
    don’t know how to deal with it, they seem to be godlike… Plus this one is
    a Russian with IS-3 like retard armor…and we all know how it works,
    right? 🙂 More retarded angle you use, the more it bounces :-D

  22. has log: OP confirmed

  23. LOL, Rayback99 benne van a csatában XDD

  24. Martin Nikolovski

    I used to be a fan…But now im an Air Conditiner…

  25. T-34 -> T-34/85 -> T-54/T-55 -> T-72 -> T-90 : If the T-22 was really that
    good why did they stop the development? Nobody has ever heared about a T-22
    before WG released it. But nobody would do these stupid missions if there
    was no OP-tank waiting at the end.

  26. As Foch say, average player in WoT is idiot. All those yellow and lower
    players shoot the side when he is angling instead of his angled (flat)
    upper plate that will be around 180-190mm effective at that angle. So
    becouse noobs cant pen it its OP and will be nerfed. What about buffing
    your skills causuals?

  27. Apparently the T-22 is crewed by Oompa Loompas. How there’s room for the
    crew in that chassis for the crew and more than fifteen rounds of
    ammunition, no one with any sense knows. Given that it’s a prize tank, I’m
    surprised they’re even entertaining a nerf.

  28. From Russia with OP

  29. JUST AWESOME glitch. REALLY WORKS, I Got 20.000 Gold!!

    its on google here =>
    World of Tanks || is the T-22 Overpowered?

  30. He already uploaded that

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  32. Honestly.. I worked so hard for my t22 (doing it legit) I don’t like the
    fact seeing it nerfed so harshly after all the effort I put into it aswell
    as some other players getting it the right way.

  33. It’s not OP, people are just dumb and can’t kill it. Why else make the
    requirements to get this tank hard. I don’t think because people are
    terrible at killing something they don’t understand that means the tank is
    OP and should get nerfed. I think people should learn how to address and
    adapt to the tanks that are coming into the game.

  34. Total OP!

  35. And people wonder why all the maps are corridors. When heavies and TD’s
    have to fucking fight Main Battle Tanks(no, not mediums, every Tier 10
    Medium, minus the E50M, was either a MBT or a Prototype of one.) with
    simular armor, twice the speed, and the same fucking guns with also, half
    the reload and better accuracy.. Then they add this.

  36. so want a T-22 :)

  37. If I see this tank on the enemy team I’ll probably just drive into a lake.
    I don’t usually do things like that, but for this overpowered tank, I’ll
    gladly make an exception. This tank need to be boycotted until it’s nerfed
    into oblivion.

  38. tbh, I’m not gonna complain of Russian bias.
    Wargaming is partially ex-Soviet. What do you expect?
    That, and a lot of the tanks in the game were good in real life too.

  39. KV-1 devastatingly effective for its tier

    T-150 devastatingly effective for its tier

    (tier 7 is their only gap in brutal effectiveness)

    IS-3 and KV-4 devastatingly effective for their tier

    ST-1 and IS-8 devastatingly effective for their tier

    IS-7 and IS-4 devastatingly effective for their tier

    and people are suprised the T-22 is OP?

    the eternal russian bias never ends

  40. Majority? no more like literally all of them.

  41. Oh, they are going to nerf it. Well people who worked really hard to get it
    already have it and spent all that gold and whatnot to get it, so it is
    time to do the bait and switch. War Gaming is rather predictable.

  42. soon nerf , gonna be normal russian M

  43. Hey Look It's That Guy.

    Its gonna have the same faith of the 59

  44. I kinda wish they half nerfed it and added a new 2nd reward tank to the
    rampage mode

  45. 5:11 look at all of that Russian Bias

  46. Nah forget it. They’re gonna nerf it as soon as new wave of OP tanks comes

  47. Eres el mejor en World of tank

  48. this is one of those tanks that in real life would of been a peice of shit
    m 103 could go right through a tank like this in real life

  49. if the side armor above the tracks are NOT spaced, and you dont need a gun
    with 250+ pen……then it should not be OP.

    theirs LOTS of tanks that have amazing turrets, but have to be hull
    down…..and theirs places were tanks just have to roll right at you (or
    flank…but…thats the point of these tanks..flank them..right now,
    flanking does not work on t-22)

  50. El_ stands for EL gaming?

  51. This tank is far and away the most overpowered in the game right now. No
    tank in the game should have that combination of mobility, gun performance,
    and armor together.

  52. I don’t think it’s massively overpowered, you just need to know how to play
    against it. It’s no different then how people used to side scrape like a
    boss in the is-3 because of the spaced side armour, or the jagtiger 8.8, or
    the super p when they first came out. The T-22 has good armour but it’s not
    without weaknesses

    If they were going to nerf it, I’d either nerf the gun handling or the
    ground resistances. Other then that the only thing war gaming did wrong
    with it was making it rampage only missions to win it. Random battles makes
    it harder to rig the missions and they would have gotten reported.

  53. Christian Hostetler

    is the sky blue?

  54. Lakeshire op best map 8/8 m8 not b8

  55. This tank is overpower, no doubt about it. In fact I don’t see why WG want
    to put such a tank into this game from the beginning. Yes this is a reward
    tank for players who completed a series of really hard missions. However,
    put aside the fact that a) people rig these missions to get the tank,
    because it’s overpowered b)rampage game mode is really not that good of a
    game mode after a few games, isn’t there other ways to reward really good
    players other than giving them overpowered tanks?

  56. I said this on the last video, there are only NINE T22sr’s on the entire
    SEA server. I assume at least one of those is a test account too. Even with
    all the match rigging almost nobody has this tank on SEA, largely because
    its impossible to get put into a rampage game. I know I’ve never seen a
    single one.
    It shouldn’t matter how hard a vehicle is to get, or how much it costs
    (pz2j), theres no excuse for something being OP. Yet WG are only going to
    nerf it now that they’re giving up on rampage? It was so blatantly
    DELIBERATELY OP. This is why people don’t like you WG.

  57. This thing should be removed from the game ..

  58. Thing looks pretty OP. I mean yeah, good player in good tank makes good
    things happen, but cripes.

  59. You deserve all my respect bro

  60. IF this tank reverse side scrapes its literally impossible to pen,
    especially a good player wiggling

  61. Nerf the shit out of it and drop it down to tier 8.

  62. The purpose of implementing T22 into this game is because of Rampage. Now
    the mode is being removed, therefore, there is no longer a need to attract
    people. So I think the nerf will eventually take place in the next patch.
    And it might be the second worst soviet medium tank after the nerf since
    the hull traverse and turret traverse speed are going to decrease a lot, to
    E50 level.

  63. On question if is T-22 OP or not, you need ask: “Could any of other tier 10
    meds do same?”

  64. I reckon that it should stay the way it is because it IS meant to be a
    reward for extreme effort and great play so it should be op

  65. But Quickybaby complains about the Waffentragger E-100?

  66. He is using an aimmod…. why are you saying he is so good?

  67. Sergio Montserrat (Puntox)

    Interesting video.
    Although, I think the gampeplay video lagged quite a bit, as sound came
    long before the actions, and you commented on actions that I saw seconds
    Still good, though ^_^

  68. Guys back to LTP and learn where to hit tanks,start using aim and not
    calling t22 overpowered coz its not. it has its.weaknes on his side no
    matter what angle you hit. this should not be touched from WG. players
    gived to much time to get it playing the hardest missions ever even if

  69. Give noobs this tank and thay stiil dont do anything
    just need to use the power of the tank as it should

  70. what the hell are you talking about? this is good tank but not OP.. players
    making this tank very good and only this weaker players will ca this tank
    OP.. because learning how to fight with it its too freaking hard.. No, not
    OP, just very good..

  71. I don’t have a tier X so I can’t get the T-22 med

  72. This side armor is totally unbalanced IMHO.
    Let’s take one of the deabliest tank (if not the most deadly) of this game,
    WT E100. No tank, especially a medium should be able to survive its mag in
    the open, right ? Well, guess what ? T22 med can ! Combine his side armor
    with his agility, and you can easly bounce or dodge 2 to 4 shots out of 5
    by going full-speed to him with some right-left (evasiv manoeuvres).
    Come on, WG! Mediums tanks are already the most powerfull class of the game
    and the only classe that can perform hard carry with consistancy. And now
    this one can out-tank heavy too ? Go home boys, you are drunk ^^

  73. the side armor is a joke. stronger than any heavy….

  74. what was the star on the personal report

  75. its funny, war gaming makes a tank only winnable by missions, of corse ppl
    ruin it for the rest of us by rigging the missions, now ppl bitch and moan
    about how its op and unbalanced because they cant learn to aim for weak
    spots, so now war gaming has to nerf a perfectly fine tank because ppl
    bitch and moan, it just boggles my mind sometimes

  76. T22 would be far less OP if people had at least one braincell between them.

  77. So basically a smaller IS 3 with fucking T62A agility and up to par DPM…

  78. So I’m stuck watching a shitty game where a tier 10 med farms lower
    tiers… FacePalm….

  79. *cough* T110E5 *cough*

  80. you can’t get this tank unless you rig, because no one plays those game
    modes. such an awful idea/implementation

  81. it has the armor of the is4 with a medium mobility and gun handling WTF
    in this replay there was ZERO SKILL just op armor bouncing -_-

  82. Kenneth Salvio Jr

    thats why a few to many people quit playing wot

  83. Kenneth Salvio Jr

    wargaming by the time they are done not one tank will be better than the
    other nerf bu….

  84. PLease fix your mod pack, it is not working properly with it
    screws with the purchase window now.


  86. Wow really love the map Lakeshire….

  87. The Pilot Penguin

    no, no, no WG do not nerf it. just add it as the 5th set of missions and
    make it really hard to get. like hard enough so quicky will pull his air
    out in frustration and delete his account with rage. that will balance

  88. Its a russian medium.
    So yes. it is overpowered.

  89. U forgot his Mark of Excellence :)

  90. Once Wargaming removes the rampage mode this thing will be unattainable.
    Real or not real?

  91. Coming up ! Obj 230 vs T-22. Which one much OP ? ||QuickyBaby

  92. the tank should just be removed from the game.
    its current owners should get an obj907 in compensation, but there is no
    reason for a gamebreaking overpoweres tank to stay in the game, even if
    people won it legitimately. because you won the right to fuckup the game
    doesnt mean people should let you do it. and they’d win an exclusive tank

  93. One lit le word to answer your question: YES.

  94. quicky you are one of less than five Unicoms that I believe took that
    purple color on xvms color code strait honest, the rest of the guys I’ll
    dare to say that most of them are cheating using banned miss like aim bot
    and other cheats, don’t want to be so pessimistic but some players don’t
    use an always on aim bot but they use it only when needed they switch it on
    and off… don’t want to ruin the video comments by this topic so….. may
    be I’ll take it to the forum.. FYI I am a 4 years average player on wot
    with 55 K battles so I think I have seen it almost all.. thanks for the
    replays and peace

  95. can i get this tank on the ps4?

  96. Whats the Point in driving a Leopard when those Russian meds have Almost
    the Same Speed, better armour, better dpm and Special RNG so They are Even
    more accurate…

  97. EL_general probs got it legit. He is not in a clan and when you are not in
    a clan its harder too get the people together for rigging or they kicked
    him for rigging.

  98. QB, for flammable tanks, a lot of people train Jack of All Trades and then
    drop medkits to run cofee/rations/chocolate/etc.

  99. Emir “IamEmir” P

    Have we ever talk about non russian op tank in the game?

    Answer is NO..

  100. I think Wargaming don’t really have to nerf this tank . Why do i think on
    that way?
    Well first of all the completing the missions to get this tank are insanely
    hard,including that not everybody can make them (i mean the players who are
    not that good in the game and the newbies).
    Second this kind of players most of them are having like 7-8k battles and
    there is a lot of things they dont know about the game.( I dont mean that
    when there is a regime like this with a reward tank everybody would be able
    to get it ,but at least as Quickybaby said in the previous video Wargaming
    should add other tanks for a reward by completing some of those missions .
    Which in my opinion is a great idea).
    Third you can not complete some of this missions with random tanks like if
    you have to carry the flag to your start point you will not be able to do
    it with a heavy tank for example or a td and then to complete the rest of
    the mission which is like dealing 8 to 10k dmg in about under 10
    minutes.Which in my opinion so stupid and then people ask why a lot of
    players are like cheating in case to get this tank.And the last thing but
    not as importance if Wargaming nerf this tank it will basically fuck the
    people who are getting paid in case to get this tank for somebody from his
    account (because if Wargaming are going to nerf it on the way i think its
    not gonna be worth it playing this mode anymore. Like to be honest nobody
    is that stupid to waste his time and smashing his head into the wall by
    trying to complete some of those missions (especially the last ones which
    are totally time wasting and most likely for a lot of players in the lower
    caliber impossible).
    Thats mainly why i think this tank doesnt have to be nerfed .Because after
    all a lot of people spent a really big amount of time completing the
    missions without cheating with the clan or friends or this kind of
    stuff.Then they finally got the tank and then in a few weeks later its
    going to get nerfed. At the end i will say that Wargaming have to fix the
    balance,the maps and the ARTILERIES in the random regime before doing
    anything else like this.Because as we all see there are not a lot of people
    who are playing the rampage . (e.g : One friend and me tried to play it
    again since like 2 months and we have been waiting a lot to finally play a
    single battle of it )
    Thats why i think the tank doesnt have to be touched. I know a lot of
    people will disagree with me but thats my opinion about it ! Have a good
    evening !

  101. QuickyBaby can you go back over this tank again after the nerf? Plz

  102. 5:10 Blyet Squad arrived

  103. I don’t think WG should nerf it becouse the riggers. I don’t own the tank
    I’m just average but WG should of have find a better way to implement this
    tank or stop it right then when they saw what was happening. I have a
    couple of friends that actually worked hard for it and now if they do nerf
    it they will pay for something they didn’t do. Just my thoughts. Gg

  104. I have only ever seen one of these tanks on the US server. Pretty OP from
    my limited experience.

  105. Wargaming are just crazy. coming up with strong tank like this and
    disregarding other tank. With the same gun handling as a leopard 1 but 20
    times more armor, more mobility and almost the same reload. NONSENSE

  106. have the T22, never played one game in it. i just can’t stop playing my 907

  107. I have a bitter sweet opinion about T22 driver. If the user in the video
    earned his T22 without rigging or cheating I congratulate you sir. If you
    achieved that tank threw rigging and cheating *shame on you*

    The T22 is quiet OP in my opinion. The armor of a heavy tank with the
    speed,agility of a medium.
    That gun handling is crazy my dam pz3 with a small cannon doesn’t have 1.9s

  108. its completely overpowered i for one wont mind it getting nerfed besides
    that its now the already dishonest players go to tank to cheat in


  110. notice how the player shoots the front of the hull of the is-3 shooting the
    flattest part of the beak. my logic is that the you treat the t-22 like a
    faster heavier armored is-3

  111. but he was not green to identify as your team ..but Blue?? everyone else
    was either green or the enemy’s red identification!

  112. this tabk is so op… no wonder why he kicked some ass… all tho el
    generaldis nothing special…

  113. Well WG would not double the aim time and nerf the rest of it if it wasn’t

  114. Mentally Decreased But Adorable James

    Saw title,easiest question of all time:

  115. Quicky Baby…last night I had a person on our team in a tiger II ..his
    Identification was blue…strangely enough he drowned me while I was
    playing with my M 12 Artillery.. but why…? drown your team mate…and
    after all the time playing WOT…what’s up with a blue … and he only got
    one kill… a -1…by killing me…??
    has anyone else had similar experiences?
    team smurf??

  116. Kristoffer Johansson

    Even RNG is OP on it. Third to last shot between gun and hull on the

  117. An reincarnated IS-3 that became a medium tank and a tier 10…. mindblown

  118. Turret is butter, just shoot it there…

  119. OK time to rigg some shit!

  120. if they nerf it then what is the point of grinding through the missions?

  121. So after Rampage is gone how will we be able to get the T-22 sr.?

  122. It’s going to be removed, most got it by rigging, so it would be fair to
    nerf it to the point of making it unplayable.

  123. LOL, do they really think they can change that tank? some people have
    worked very hard to get that tank because it is very good and now they just
    nerf it and make it all for nothing?

  124. Could we say it’s the KV-13 of tier 10? Heavy tank armor on a fast medium
    platform at the cost of lower DPM.

  125. No nerf, just remove

  126. I don’t own the tank, but I don’t like it’s being nerfed. The players works
    so hard to get it, and then I gets nerfed .

  127. It’s not really the fact that the T-22 has overpowered spaced armor/sides,
    it’s the fact that Wargaming’s penetration mechanics fail against spaced

  128. is3 ammo is butter for him lol

  129. T-22 is easy to pen if you know how to shoot…

  130. fuicgmixchihfcefixz

    Lakeshire 😀 Quick, u have to play More Wot to get your WoT-Vocab fit again

  131. quicky where is new intro?

  132. Weak tenk! Needs buff!!!

  133. 05:59 Lakeshire XD xD xD

  134. short answer: yes
    long answer:

  135. It isnt that OP. Most players just dont get it that they cant shoot its
    sides even if it is only slightly angled. The upper plate is really bad and
    the dpm isnt enough to fight a 1vs1 with basically any tier10 med. I have
    the T22 myself and my avg dmg is like 3750, which is lower than my 907. It
    might be a bit OP with gun handling and such but compentent players can
    outtrade it very effectively.

  136. how can i send gameplays

  137. lakeshire? …

  138. its Russian and its OP as hell wargaming well done have no idea how to make
    new tanks and you care only for your russain players the rest of the world
    means nothing to you buts its nothing new is it you one sides ass holes

  139. so the missions are too hard for regular players soo only op players can
    play it, that seems legit gj wg

  140. the more people learn about the upper glacis, its going to be balanced, it
    just has a strange weakpoint, so people have no idea how to combat it.

  141. The American tier 10s all have the same kind of angled lower hulls, but I
    have never managed to get these kind of results, so yeah, I think a nerf is
    probably in order of the side armor at least.

  142. We want to see obj 907.

  143. El_Riggeral

  144. Phillip Gregorash

    The Russian medium line in general is overpowered and reducing the DPM to a
    value that is still higher than a number of other mediums, keeping
    comparable gun handling and tossing on a wall of armour doesn’t rebalance
    the tank at all, it just adds to an existing problem … the Russian medium
    line (in general) needs a rebalance.

    I’ve faced enough of these vehicles to know that their rarity (based on the
    missions) should be harder to find in combat and they aren’t all that rare
    so the nerf will be welcome. I do feel for the players who earned it
    legitimately as the work put into getting it will be lost, but hopefully
    Wargaming uses it as a lesson to rebalance the vehicles and improve play
    balancing again (if most players play a vehicle line, it probably needs a

  145. Why are you featuring riggers and cheaters on your channel, or is he that
    mythical person who got it legitimately?


  147. Well, we don’t see where the shots are going, you can show the tank in a
    garage instead of doing this during the replay. Same thing with the teams,
    we don’t see the action when you show the composition of the teams, which
    is already available on the borders of the screen anyway… No need to show
    the behind of the tank when you talk about hull… Let us see the gameplay
    instead of the tank please.

  148. a s s a s i n g a m e s 7 4 0

    Lakeshire?Jingles confirmed

  149. Liutauras Grybauskas

    Is it overpowered? Hell yes.

  150. I think it’s not OP and I think they will nerf it because they remove the
    rampage mode. If they don’t nerf it than people would complain about that
    they can’t get this good tank anymore, so WG decided to nerf this thing to
    a worthless tank. Btw: if the T-22 is OP, where is the T110E5 nerf?


  152. Its generally tier 10,5…

  153. is a medium tank with better side armor than a IS 7 over powered?

    only if you do not own one…..

  154. Oh I would love to get this tank..reminds me of the old days of the type
    59! Yah!

  155. Carlos Valenzuela

    dirty violet stet pedder xd

  156. i have never seen one in ASIA server. thank god :P

  157. +Quickbaby , what is the profit of the tank, is it so rewarding like M41 90
    GF ? 🙂 thanks

  158. Is the KV-2 StronK?

  159. “very decent mobility”…really?

  160. yes please nerfed if so people will not rigging it anyomre :)

  161. What kind of Mod pack do u use QB? Can u post it.

  162. Locust pleaseeeeee

  163. wg is fucking retard + its not that op if fucking reatards dont stand
    ageanst it like there was in this game end of course every one think it is
    op because no fucking reds/oringes most if not 99% of greens dont have this
    tank and only blues and purples use it of course its fucking op then if
    statistics show huge numbers because of people what playing it

  164. Well, as it is, this tank is “historicaly accurate”. The armor is light,
    but a great angles wich explains the ricochets and the good mobility. They
    could nerf the gun a little, but it still is a soviet medium gun, fast
    firing and good handeling.

  165. Is the T-22 med. OP? hmmm… is the Earth round?

  166. If WG is looking at changing the T-22, and people are crying loud for them
    to do so, then its a given that a nerf will happen. How much of a change is
    the question. It seems when I see these tanks its always in pairs or threes
    which makes them even more deadly because they are almost always working

  167. God job !

  168. Funny fact: The T-22 was the prototype for the Obj.907, yet the T-22 is
    vastly superior to the Obj.907 (the actual produdction model). Makes sense
    eh….a prototype that’s better than the production model……not

    Obj.907 has the same angled sides yet it can’t bounce anything with them
    and takes very easy module/crew damage.

  169. seems op

  170. I don’t think that this tank is op, I think that it is a case of people
    learning how to play against a different style of armor

  171. I have no idea if it’s OP or not. Never faced it.

  172. its not fair for the ppl who earned it legit, but really, with premium
    ammo, it shouldn’t be too hard to put shots into this tank

  173. Lol a guy on YT and another one

    This is the 3rd channel I see this replay on.

  174. Ślązak Grzesiek

    He is OP because only unicums have it ;P

  175. WG continually introduces OP tanks while ignoring people using OP mods, may
    as well flush this game down the toilet.


  177. How I play World of Tanks

    the most OP tank in the game and almost entirely gained by cheating……
    the tank should be removed entirely

  178. Wait, is this a new map? Lakeshire?

  179. IT’s OP as F***

  180. low tier gameplay please
    maybe whit Ikorz

  181. Seems like gun mantlet is pretty much the only place even 230+ pen can
    quite reliably penetrate regardless of how it is angling, if he is shooting
    at you. Then again gl hitting something that agile.

  182. this game is based on real life tank facts right? so when we are talking
    about how good a tank is we are talking about the real version as wel

  183. Dear QuickyBaby, I know that the comments to your videos isn’t the best
    place to be asking this, but I’ve started playing world of tanks again and
    I just cant do anything right, I used to be decent at it but I stepped away
    for 8 months or so, and now trying to play again I just keep sucking out,
    do you have any advice as to what I could do? My friends all got away from
    the game so I don’t have anyone to platoon with so I just keep losing, if
    you have any ideas I would be very happy to receive them 🙂 thanks for the
    videos and keep up the good work.

  184. IS-3 at the end is the real mvp lol

  185. Of course it is OP, it’s russian

  186. Better side scraping than IS4?Of course it’s OP

  187. i dont care about this tank case ther are so view of them that you bearly
    see it…

  188. I think they should remove it from everyone account. When they redo Rampage
    mode put it back in game for people to get with out cheating.

  189. Quickybaby, did you never get bored from Wot ?

  190. Big reminder : STOP SHOOTING THE SIDE ARMOR !!!

  191. I noticed something you’ve been doing recently. If you’re going to do
    glamour shots of the tank or showing us something on it, pause the game
    pls. We know you watched the video already but we didn’t, so you might be
    doing it on reflex, but we would like to watch how game develops. I’m not
    saying to stop with explanations, just pause it while doing it.

  192. Is this soviet? Yes? Then it’s overpowered

  193. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    WoT just got utter Shit over the time.. Implementing Missions like that,
    that give you Tanks like this.. are just retardet and silly. They should
    remove that Tank from the whole game and give everybody 5k Gold or
    whatever. Stopped playing Long time ago. Seems like it was the right

  194. Although it ,100%, is op, i think the players who got this tank legit,
    deserve it for the work they put into the ridiculously hard missions.

  195. When they hammer this thing into the ground with the nerf bat it will just
    be a space in the garage.

  196. If rampage mode is as hard as every says, it shouldn’t be nerfed if it’s a
    rewards tank it should be slightly over powered since it’s such a hard tank
    to get so you feel that power

  197. How exactly is having lower dpm then other soviet medium tank a downside?
    Not having the upside of other tanks ISN’T downside. It still has more dpm
    then some of the other tier 10 meds, with the best gun handling of any of
    them when it comes to dispersion while still keeping a very competitive
    accuracy and aiming time, and with armor that some heavy tank would kill

  198. There are no op tanks, only tomatoes.

  199. this is almost as bad as the o-i

  200. I think all the tier 9 and 10 meds are op… To see the t22sr getting
    nerfed makes me happy:)

  201. supertesters… lol – they the guys that have lead us to the tanks and
    state of play we currently have – sack them and get some new people into
    the testing so we can make the game decent.

  202. OP as hell
    the gun handling and mobile that are superior or equal to russian X meds
    (which basically means better than other nation meds by default) coupled
    with the extremely troll armor means who cares if its dpm is a bit lower.
    it can bounce enemy shots so easily that it more than makes up for it.

    i can’t w8 till they nerf it. it needs to be nerfed as hard as possible.

    specially as reward tanks were supposed to be equal to or worse than normal
    but this was superior from the start.

    yeah its front plate is a weakspot yada yada, so easy to hide it, and the
    turret is the normal russian god mode.

    if you ever wanted a tank to put on a Proof of Russian Bias poster. its

  203. David Hildebrandt

    Lakeshire new map in world of tanks?

  204. Please make this top comment !!!! – Quickybaby please tell Wargaming to
    bring back the Aufklärungspanzer Panther PLEASE !!!!!
    It’s my favorite tank , just imagine QB if they removed your favorite tank
    from game the Comet and how would you feel, soo please bring the scout
    panther back !

  205. Yes, yes it is….nuff said

  206. Good tank . Sure … With the missions to have it …

  207. hey quickybaby do you know which tanks there gonna make HD in the next

  208. Kristopher Koperski

    the t22sr is op so that is why players boost/rigg to get the tank.I know
    this cause i see players with 5k games and 550wn8 driving tanks while you
    with 3200wn8 cant even get the machine.But hey,wg is going to nerf the
    t22sr to a level of a t62a so its not op but in my opinion,players already
    know its op so i wouldnt recommend making a video about it because 95%of
    players watching wot youutbe videos know it is op.

  209. 5:11 How his team mates saved him :D

  210. sorry to say i feel anyone in this tanks is a cheat. ( this is just how i
    feel )

  211. I had learned how to kill T-22 in Chinese server,Lol

  212. New Map! Lakeshire! Kappa!

  213. WG just keep adding op tanks and do not re balance older tanks than suffer
    from power creep. No wonder they failed at e sport

  214. QB, your modpack doesn’t work. I put it into 9.14.1. Pls help me.

  215. you can see the same Replay on gRuMM3l, a German Youtuber, so El General
    sended it twice!

  216. hwi cares about the fucking DPM when you can outplay the enemy with your
    armor ^^

  217. Denzell Rodriguez

    I agree with Rita. Nerf the shit to the ground.

  218. U shoot it how u shoot the IS-7 if it is angling but The side of the T22
    Medium is better

  219. wow

  220. Please do not nerf the t22sr, i have replays of me earning it legit, and
    after so much work, they nerf it to shit….why wg why!

  221. Quinton Dombrowski

    So, to answer your question, yes, yes it’s overpowered.

  222. William Richardson

    great video

  223. Oh nice showing rigged T-22 replays. Its not rigged? Proof pls….twitch or
    replay footage for it is enough.

  224. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    all who commented “First”
    their account is getting banned :)

  225. You have to give credits to the allied IS3 at the end.
    He could easily have stolen that last kill.

  226. Well then, thats another player people will likely abuse the report
    system…. What? I said abuse? Oh right you mean TESTING the report system
    yeah… alright… cheers for pointing me out…

  227. Barnabás Horváth

    There are no OP tanks, only OP players. If you give the T-22 to a tomato
    he/she/it will be tomato with T-22 too…

  228. Andrewlik is awesome


  229. I killed a unicorn driving a T22 by ramming it in my T-10

  230. WOW that video is SO OLD! Watched that video about 3months ago!

  231. tier 10 mediums are so balanced

  232. Eason Wong (Stcom88)

    today I ammo rack a T-22 medium in a 121. So no F….XD

  233. When does the vidoe cums out in HD?

  234. Kanonen Jagdpanzer

    uploaded 2 mins ago ayy boii

  235. First com…… DARNIT!

  236. come here from the stream !!

  237. Twitch sent me here…

  238. Straight from strim kek

  239. Bogdan Scripcariu

    Nice! :D

  240. Fourth

  241. Christian S Rasmussen

    first like

  242. First!

  243. first

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