World of Tanks || is the T110E5 Overpowered?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks Ó T110E5. Today I’m looking at T10 American heavy tank the T110E5 and asking if it’s overpowered.

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  1. QuickyBaby, Although the win rate of the E5 may not support its OP’ness. It
    is still the only tank where I see 48% tomatoes block 5k just due to the
    fact the Armor is ridiculous from the front. They may not be getting the
    wins that show up on charts but the tank itself is giving less skilled
    people the ability to accidentally contribute where as they would have been
    a damage pinata otherwise.

    I believe the E5 to be OP.

    -Drew11b NA server.

  2. I want to know how your Mods work in your gameplay, but you haven’t updated
    your buggy modpack yet!

  3. My sixthsense doesn’t work I followed the steps on xvm but it still doesn’t
    work can you please help me thanks allot

  4. This tank is never ever overpowered. You easily can penetrate it´s lower
    frontplate with an 13 90 AP shell.

  5. 8:15 *Differences between polish E5 and non polish one

  6. Tank review T110e4 please

  7. its over ,,,relode time,gun dep,armor, with is 4 is7 never du this fuckin

  8. Quickybaby baby can you play world of tanks blitz if you don’t know a
    recording thing I think kamcord will work since u have a computer and stuff
    look how to use kamcord it’s cool please to world of tanks blitz it’s my
    fav game

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  10. the problem of the lower plate is, when you wobbling the tank to the left
    and the right you dont have any chance to penetrate the lower plate. thats
    why the tank makes it OP for me

  11. yes it is OP,even when i know the weak spots,that fuckin cupola is made out
    of titanium?i was not able to pen with my heat on E100 3 times…fuck me
    than i closed the game..

  12. global stats mean nothing. i play my 113 solo with AP, win rate 60%, but i
    have hardly heard anyone call 113 OP.

    people might want to watch sirfoch play and his comment on e5 and other
    russian op tanks. he is the most skillful person i have seen on youtube who
    dont fire premium ammo. the only time i saw him fire premium was when his
    113 meets hull down jagdtiger and he fired his only 2 heats to make him
    retreat and the other time was when his vk3002d had to deal with an o ni at
    the front (together with several other tanks). he is my most respected wot
    player, he plays every tank well and people might want to listen to his
    opinion on unbalanced shits in wot.

  13. Firstly, you are more than inteligent enough to know that those statistics
    don’t represent the truth because there are far more players (thus also
    more bad players) that played the tank, but still it is 7th wich is just
    mindblowingly high if that many people have played it.
    Secondly, a tank with this much armor that can outplay mediums because of
    its mobility is just stupid, the armor is too strong for its mobility. This
    tank can forfill almost every role in a game and fits almost every

    So to say that this tank isn’t OP is a bit strange in my opinion…

  14. T110E5 epick tank ;)

  15. I think they should maybe not nerf the E5 too much, but rather take some of
    the frontal weakspots away from other heavys. With 300+ pen guns and loads
    of premium, most heavys just cant block damage like they should any more.
    The E100 for example is now only good for masive alpha because HEAT and its
    turret weakspot make it mostly usless for blocking damage. I can get 3-4
    shots with standard AP in with my T57 even if i dont see the lower plate.

  16. T110E5 isnt overpovered, just cant pen ist flat side and ass whit obj 140

  17. This video is an EPIC FAIL!!!!! The T110E5 is the most OP tank in the game.
    It has weak armour on the sides and back, how sad for it. QB’s own videos
    show just how OP the armour is. 12 hits, 10 block, 14 hits, 12 blocks, if
    that’s not OP what is? Coupled with its firepower and manoeuvrability its
    OP as hell. Sorry QB but this video very much shows your conclusion as

  18. 4:38 – Yes but does the F215b have speed, maneuverability, of a medium, but
    the armor of a heavy?

  19. none of my tier 10 tanks can not penetrate the E5’s weak spot from the
    front without gold

  20. QuickyBaby the besttttt! i have t29 upgradated at turett and 90 mm gun

  21. robertas matulevicius

    How can you zoom so smoothly?

  22. I have some things to say… lets call it an arguement
    -in both battles you were outnumbered quiet hard and still bounced millions
    of shells….
    -you’re a very good/skilled player…. so people are not likly to push you
    (exept they want to steamsnipe you or some shit like this)
    -the stats you’re showing at the end of the video are complete bullshit
    because if the E5 is the most played tank, then it’s played by casuals,
    good players, unicums, bad players and the people we call bots (reds)
    > 2nd thing to this kind of “stats” is that if it’s played his much then
    it’s likely (as you should have noticed in your own replays) that there are
    a lot of games with E5s on both sides —> so… some of them have to
    loose…. that means balanced winrate… this is the reason the grille 15
    is OP and WG will not nerv it because “stats say 49% WR so it’s not op” IT
    the average

    if you compare this to the 113 for example (a tank thats mostly just played
    by good players, because it has a really high skill-cap) you see that this
    tank has really good winrate in general because it’s rare and played by
    good players who know their shit

    if you read this I really hope that you give me a well thought opinion on
    the things I pointed out in this comment
    (I’m not a native english speaker so pls ignore any kind of writing
    mistakes i did)

    greetings Lukas

  23. it is op

  24. When ever I face an E5 frontally, I just fire gold at it. I was done
    messing around firing standard rounds as soon as they buffed the armour
    with the HD model.

    Note I don’t play teir 10 when you read this comment so I have no high pen
    meds or HEAT 100.

  25. The IS-7 has a better turret, MUCH better side armor, better alpha and
    better top speed. So if you’re going to nerf the E5, you need to nerf the
    IS-7 as well.

  26. anytank can be overpowered in the hands of a good player

  27. T110E5 us OP? Let’s put it like this, I platooned in WZ-111 with my friend
    in AMX CDC and we got into tier X game with T110E5 on enemy team. WZ-111
    normally has only +1 MM because it got 122mm gun with 175mm AP pen and
    250mm HEAT pen. So what could I do in that game then? Well, detrack and at
    te same time pen T110E5 with 175mm AP shells, did not do much, since I only
    got like 1550HP to spare in time and E5 wasn’t alone and got over 2k HP to
    spare, but still did over 1k dm just on T110E5 before some wild BC 25t
    flanked me and finish me off. Still, I was facing T110E5 and do damage with
    AP! not HEAT because that would not go through track and hit side at slight
    angle, but also bouncing some shots in WZ-111 in tier X game!
    On the other hand, more trouble I have in most games that I play alone in
    WZ-111 is to pen scumrade OP IS-6, that is not considered OP at all… more
    so, I don’t write it down or anything but I would say I can do more damage
    in tier X game if I platoon with my friend in “normal” MM premium tank,
    then in solo game against scumrade Op IS-6, IS-3 platoons or just few of
    them, because reasons.
    So why T110E5 should be even considered OP? WG could only do something
    about machine gun port on turret, like make it 240-250 mm of armour, so it
    would be more like a Maus turret front, still hard to pen if angled
    slightly, but if you can shoot it straight in the face you can pen it with
    more reliably then now. Still it is less OP then scumrade OP IS-6, IS-3 in
    HD for me.

  28. Like all other heavies can’t be penetrated in their best positions.

  29. my favourite map while driving an O-I :)

  30. Yes.

    Edit: Right let’s get some things straight. The E5 was overbuffed into a
    monstrosity of a tank. It’s so overpowered because it has *no disadvantages*
    compared to its peers:

    It’s incredibly flexible. The mobility is practically best in class, second
    only to the 113 (excluding the 50 B as it’s not really a heavy). This
    allows it to constantly dictate the terms of engagement regardless of
    situation, so getting its side armour is far easier said than done —
    especially in the corridor meta where practically all engagements are
    fought frontally with minimal opportunities to flank. It can constantly
    keep up with the action at all times without issue. Its gun depression is
    excellent. The centre mounted turret beats the 215b’s rear mounted turret
    every time. The turret traverse speed is excellent.

    Its armour frontally is best in class. Its cupola was buffed out of
    proportion to the point where firing gold at it is unreliable, and gold
    rounds are renowned for making armour obsolete. The center of the lower
    plate is unreliable to pen with tier 10 guns firing AP. It has 2 small
    weakspots, the lower left and right of the lower plate, which are
    incredibly easy to hide or angle ridiculously to the point where they’re
    not weakspots anymore. Apart from that, the armour is impenetrable
    anywhere. You wonder why nobody complains that the 215b is overpowered?
    Because your can punch through the turret face with gold. You can pen, with
    AP, the cupola, view port, lower plate, usually even the upper plate (if
    not, double tap 2), side armour where the turret connects to the hull at
    any ridiculous side scraping angle. The armour is just non-existent on the
    tank, and therefore its laughable to face. Tanks like the IS-7 can’t even
    dream of comparing when it comes to frontal armour. Lower plate? Pen every
    time, no retarded bounces as is the case with the E5. Can’t see lower
    plate? Load gold, punch through UFP every time. What do you do when an E5
    is covering the tiny slither that is its lower plate? Run, or load gold and
    try to hit the cupola absolutely perfectly — a very fun task after WG’s
    global accuracy nerf shat on everything for no reason.

    When it comes to fire power, it has one of the best guns at tier 10 (as far
    as heavies go), second only to the 215b in my opinion. The E5 has the third
    highest DPM of any tier 10 non-autoloading heavy, its aim time is the
    second best in class, and its dispersion third, combined with excellent
    penetration values unlike the E 100, for example, which has the AP pen of a
    tier 8 heavy forcing you to spam gold heavily in it. The gun has excellent
    soft stats allowing you to snap the most disgusting shots, compare that to
    a 113, IS-4, IS-7, etc. and you’ll get nowhere near the same result.

    So yeah, sure. If you directly compare the E5’s gun to a 215b’s gun it’s
    gonna be worse. In effect, does that slight difference matter? For the vast
    majority of the time no, no it doesn’t. So is that slight advantage the
    215b gets in its gun worth sacrificing gun depression, all reliable armour,
    flexibility, a center mounted turret, and everything else that is worse
    about the tank? No, no it’s really not. Sure, compare the E5’s armour all
    around to a Maus and it doesn’t have anywhere near the Maus’ side armour,
    preventing its ability to angle quite heavily. Is that worth sacrificing
    all mobility, a lot of fire power and accuracy, low profile, etc? Well,
    especially considering that the Maus’ only advantage (effective armour when
    angling) can be negated by 330 pen gold rounds (i.e. the gold rounds used
    by most things tier 9 and everything tier 10) compared to the E5’s armour
    which is actually usually better than the Maus’ in effect, no — no it’s
    fucking not worth it.

    The E5 sacrifices nothing to be close to the best in all areas. It’s like
    the tier 10 IS-3, except somehow even more overpowered. Don’t try to feed
    your viewers some bollocks in that it’s balanced and they’re just unable to
    deal with it.

  31. Supersonic Fetus

  32. I don’t even know why people fire gold at E100s. If you are a T10 heavy all
    you have to do is wait for that big flat slab of useless to turn your way
    and shoot the cheeks. I think I carry 7 or 8 gold rounds in my T110E5. I
    normally only use gold when I’m getting pissed at RNG. I hardly ever aim at
    the lower plate of an E100 anymore. I shoot him in the face over and over
    as he tries to retaliate. If he is doing decent return damage and is not
    supported vary well I rush him with the E5s mobility and if he turns to
    shoot at me my allies pop him in the turret sides and if he doesn’t I chew
    him up. I remember the game where I found out I could butter my way through
    the turret front of an E100 with my E5. I came around a corner and boom
    there was two E100s! I proceeded to shit myself and fire a panic shot as I
    scooted my newly soiled pants back around the corner. The shot went wide as
    I was on the move and well the reticule was huge, the shot sailed right
    through his turret cheek as he turned to fire. I then sat there dumbfounded
    and tried again… and again as he and his buddy lumbered towards me. All
    but two shots went right through with AP. I never even fired a gold round
    all battle and I had two dead E100 to my name. We still lost… because
    random battles.

  33. i just bought e75, what u think about that tank????

  34. You can tell how retardedly overpowered this thing is, the enemy is not
    even bothering firing at QB and rather shoots the guys behind him. The only
    way to take one out is overwhelm it, so thin out its friends so it can’t
    keep the dumb bathtub and turret front towards all of you.

  35. no mention of the e5’s magic track armour which feels more 150mm side
    armour. The FV215b bares no comparison with the cheese lower plate that
    causes fires, ammo racks and never ever bounces. It also has that frontal
    weakspot beneath the turret and way way worse gun depression due to the
    rear mounted design.

  36. It was pure Wargaming style. You can’t say about a tank if it’s OP or not,
    when you only compare the winrates. You should compare tanks not only by
    the winrates but also the average skill(WN8 or something) of the players,
    who played that tank in a period of time, and maybe the matchmaking,
    because any T10 tank can be OP against T8 tanks. And after that you can
    speak about the ingame stats.
    (Please don’t get angry if I’ve made some mistake! English is not my native

  37. haha look a those defending E5. so afraid that their easy-mode tank might
    get nerfed.

  38. Shoots from tier X tanks recived 20,penetrated 3.Is this tank op?

  39. T110E5 is not OP if you know where to aim. Lower plate and cupola can still
    be penned. And im getting frontal ammoracked every hit I take in my E5. The
    only things that are OP in WoT are arty and the Skoda/TVP Czech

  40. I was going to comment something real, but then I found cancer in the

  41. Haha WELCOME!

  42. please quickybaby make a review for the is-4 and probably for all the Tx
    heavys in the game it will be very usefull because almost many players
    wonder which tx heavy they want to get

  43. lol i bounce 8/10 aimed shots at e5’s in my tier 10’s and 9’s. e100, maus,
    AX, fv215b 183!!! fucking NEVER PEN E5!!!

  44. Level up with Doruta DIY

    The most op tank!

  45. I don’t care about the armor cause it is a heavy after all but the mobility
    and gun handling/characteristics is absolutely retarded for a heavy tank to
    have and that’s what makes it op compared to the other heavies. My opinion

  46. so in the first match you commend the T57 heavy driver for almost getting a
    top gun, but when his tank cant reliably pen your T110E5 it is the fault of
    the driver and not the tank. it is not like the T110E5 is overpowered or
    anything at all. just that no one plays it well. the fact that ‘yellow’
    players reliably walk away with steel walls easily blocking 4-5k damage,
    and getting 2-3k damage is fine.
    and why the FV215 is not as popular as the E5? well, maybe it is because
    the turret is in the back, maybe it is because it is slower, maybe it is
    because you get module damage every game. who knows right
    and 600k matches played and it still get >50% win rate despite all the
    pancakes playing the E5, sure, no problem, we got this. not related to the
    tank or anything

  47. unknown_gunner187 Gamer

    QB want to ask you something.I just saw a T57 Heavy shoting a T26E4 with
    HEAT and it cannot penetrate the T26E4

  48. Honestly, I HATE when E5 platoons do this because their other heavies are
    always overmatched, so they end up being sacrificed. But I guess if you
    want to be purple more power to ya.

  49. no intro

  50. YES!!!

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