World of Tanks – IS4 3rd Mark Session Finish

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Source: Anfield



  1. wow Airfield twice in a row…what bad map RNG 😛

    J/K dont kill me.

  2. You actually have to press C to disable double chat

  3. Very good commentary, sir, thumbs up! :-)

  4. Anfield plz anwser my comment and hlp me : what you think about the t-22’s
    mark grind ? from watching your t62’s session i finely got 2nd mark in it (
    witch was big achievment for me 😀 ) and nowiam working on the t22 , but
    its seems that i cant even get higher than 75% do you know why ? is it
    hardre to get marks in it than t62 ?

  5. Thx for uploading those. Love the commentary alot. I feel like I can learn
    even more when you explain your train of thought even more than when im
    just watching the stream. So yea, thx for the help you are providing and
    keep up the good work man.

  6. Always look forward to you commenting on what you are doing in battles,
    makes your plays easy to understand. More of the same please :D

  7. thank you for uploading this anfield, got my IS4 and i can use this as a
    guide. c:

  8. How do you deal with the increasing amount of shit teams in WoT?

  9. 3rd mark Foch 155 when

  10. Hey anfield, how do you get the team lists, consumables/ amo, and dmg panel
    so small?

  11. Tat T34 Witch Craft 7:39 8:04
    Tat T110E3 yoloed cuz anie killed E3’s family 11:03

  12. Quickybaby is a god player, but I honestly think you’re better since your 3
    marking so many tanks shows that you have a better skill cap, but hey you
    might disagree

  13. Love the IS-4…………..much more versatile then the IS-7.

  14. wow every battle no result

  15. I play on console and I was wondering what camo is that at 0:50?

  16. Hi!

    Two questions.

    1. Do you ever had any problem of running out of ammo?

    2. Do you have problem with the plate on top of the turret. It’s only 30mm
    thick, so overmatch it is no problem.

    Personal, i have problems with the roof of the turret. It sems tall tanks
    drivers like E100, Maus etc knows the weakspot. I try to make distance
    between me and them but it seems they can snipe it anyway.

    Otherwise, IS4 is one of the best tier 10 tanks imo.

  17. good morning Mr Anfield :P

  18. omg im famous at 22:55 im bigticket :D

  19. Thanks for uploading this. I just purchased the is4 yesterday

  20. @7:55 “Here comes whitchcraft, yolosnap on the move…” L.M.A.O.

  21. how do you get the session statistics? is it vbaddict?

  22. why do you upload this when i want to go to bed, now i want to watch
    this… :(

  23. “so this is airfield” didn’t realise Arctic region had an airfield :^)

  24. bet you couldnt do it without gold you unicum pleb

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