World of Tanks – IS4 vs IS7

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  1. I don’t have the is 4 but I really love the is 7

  2. one small suggestion anfield – if u plan to do more of this kind of videos
    in future please use a brightly lit map. i think malinovka is a good
    example. it has some buildings for sidescraping demonstration and none of
    the bases are far from the flat middle field.

  3. Own both of them and although the IS7 has a special place in my heart
    because it was my first T10 i prefer the IS4, the gun is just so much
    better… way better gun handling and 303 apcr just isn’t good enough.

  4. is-7 is better because of the looks

  5. 3 spooky 5 me

  6. @Anfield what about my precious 260 and Obj. 777

  7. I own the is7 but after watching this it seems like the is4 is a better
    tank. I Always lose when I face them in my is7 because of there amazing
    armor when it’s used effectively.

  8. In pub matches definitely the IS-4 because it’s not very known that the
    sidearmour is THE SHIT. Also i feel that the IS-4 is better in more
    situations than the IS-7

  9. Have the IS7 and am ready to sell it. Just can’t get it to work for me.

  10. I have the IS 7 and have found the turrent getting penned to be a problem
    that occurs more often than you would think. Yes I know here is where
    someone says NOOB or some such LOL, In a hull down fighting position during
    clan wars I have found myself wondering why I bought the damn thing,
    because every time I turned around I was getting turrent penned and my
    shots were bouncing, that along with its slow reload speed makes for a very
    short but long seeming match. When I bought the IS 7 was right after the
    first nerf that made it less god like, so I never recieved the benefits
    that most remember it from.

  11. Illuminati shoots? Nah WG just employs math noobs. They needed few years
    just to change view range from square to circle.. you need to have masters
    in math to understand why is circle so important.

  12. @Anfield I like this comparison video, and I think the tier X ussr meds
    would be great next. (140vs62avs430)

  13. Obj 140 and t62a pls

  14. is4 > is7

  15. I like the is7 but i think the is4 is better i didnt played it yet

  16. It’s hard to hit but me and my friend tested it and if you have an accurate
    gun you can pen it

  17. You missed a weak spot on the is7 turret front

  18. Is-7

  19. I own both of them and I sorta like the is7 but for me the is4 is better,
    the gun feels so much better

  20. Richard Gustafsson

    3:10 It’s called pivot I think

  21. IS-4 all day long

  22. Time to get the IS-4 I guess 🙂

    I like the idea of comparing tanks. And even if there will be some changes
    coming up, due to the sandbox, it might still take a couple of months if
    not longer.

    Logical follow up, simply because you get asked this almost every stream:
    T-62A vs. Obj.140 vs. Obj.430 ;-)

  23. I will always choose the is7 simply becasue of its speed and its hull down
    ability, the is4 armour is good but it isnt best in game where as the is7
    has best turret in the game and aslong as you are aware of this you can go
    hulldown and only arty can get you out.

  24. well if you can pen the turret of the is7 with the is4 then the is4 is
    better :p

  25. I love them so much, IS-4 was my 1st 3 mark and IS-7 the 2nd, for me they
    are equally good, the advantage with the 4 is the armor and the fact that
    you can basically yolo tier 8s and not get penned anywhere, meanwhile IS-7
    is better snapping ramming capacity and mobility, also, hulldown, even the
    side of the turret is pretty reliable, and are the cheapest tier 10s to
    play ,almost never lose creds and even make a decent profit with prem

  26. quick question, when the is7 lifts it’s gun that area that opens up, can
    you shoot that. If so what armmour is behind that. I have an is7 i dont
    think i have ever been shot there.

  27. Do Type 5 vs Maus Next pls Anfield, let’s see which nation has the best
    super armored tank 😀 and if possible you can make 2 tanks against each
    other in a fight by 2 equally skilled players

  28. IS7 turret can be penned. i couldn’t believe it but i got penned by E75
    recently. hull down the E75 was shooting me to my turret and the second
    round went it. i think they must’ve nerf the turret recently. it never
    happened to me in the previous 700+ battles.

    the IS4 has more trollish armor. every now and then it bounces shots that
    should have penned. like recently, a good player in E5 couldn’t pen me and
    lost all HP to me. he even claimed I have cheated. I just stood still
    behind a small rock, while I had large part of my cheeks open.

  29. Carsten Valgreen

    I have both. Problem in wot is that premium ammo id now in standard use in
    particular at high tiers, which devalues armor. This benefits IS 7 over 4.
    7s turret still strong enough, but 4 is more devalued. This makes 7s speed
    and alpha relatively more valuable. Also apcr better than heat as prem
    ammo. Imho this maked up for less hp at the moment and 7 wins

  30. Exact video I wanted :D!
    Can you also do one about the buffed 113 please? Looking forward to it!

  31. Idk what’s with all the hate against the IS-7 personally I prefer the IS-7
    but both are good…

  32. IS-4 is better. Gun makes all the difference.

  33. Good idea for a series. I own both IS7 and IS4 and I much prefer the IS4,
    the reason is that if angled correctly, as you have shown, you can get an
    amazing 297 effective armour all round which is incredible. I love baiting
    people into shooting the side and wasting their shot.

    I can think of many more for this series, the already mentioned 50B vs T57,
    140 vs 62A vs 430, Batchat vs TVP, 30B vs Leopard etc. my vote keep doing
    these series.

  34. Didn’t you used to play competitively? Would be interesting to see your
    insight into some competitive strats and the meta :)

  35. IS-4 is certainly better for missions where you need to block damage. Noone
    will bother shooting a hulldown IS-7, but they will shoot a
    sidescraping/angling IS-4. Because they think they have a chance to pen.

  36. hakan calhanoglu

    for me.. both are great but.. i love IS-4 more than IS -7. how about you

  37. da Stalin trolls u now

  38. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    also if the is7 lifts its gun you can shoot under the mantlet it needs
    about 200 pen to go through that

  39. next compare do the Leo 1 vs Amx 30b or 50b vs T57 heavy

  40. I’m actually enjoying my T-10 but I still want to at least try the IS7.
    However I me be bothered to go after the IS4 like because it we previously
    seen as bad. Oh well the IS4 is probably better but the IS7 has character.

  41. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    if you cant hide the lower plate you angle the is7 too because the flat
    lower plate is the weakpoint you angle it until the lower plate and the
    upper front plate facing towards the enemy are equally as weak and then
    wiggle the hull

  42. Honestly love my IS 7 more than my IS4

  43. Thanks Anfield for making my request come through. Really appreciated.

  44. I have the is4 and have played the is7 and absolutely hate the fucking is4;
    the armor is great until people double tap the 2 key which isn’t too
    uncommon in tier 10 battles. you forgot to also mention that if you aim at
    the larger side of the is4s mantlet it is very easy to pen much like the
    is6. I find the tank too slow in traverse speeds of both turret and tracks
    and the accuracy and overall stats of the cannon subpar compared to all the
    other tier 10 heavies except the e100 and is7. also when you drive the is4
    keep in mind the many many weakpoints on the tank arnt really too hard to
    figure out and even people with lower level stats seem to figure out
    without an issue. Idk it may be me but I would love to see a buff to the
    is4 in some way seeing as the 113 is now getting a buff to its armor
    leaving the is4 further behind in the power creep of the mediums and MBTs
    of tier 9-10

  45. Great video, but they aren’t super heavies

  46. Considering that I ammo rack Is7s all the time with my high caliber
    tds…I’d go for the IS4…

  47. Hi Anfield. I wonder if you could do the comparison between 140 and 62A
    next time. Although you have mentioned that many times in stream, it is
    still worth to make it into a video since there are many aspects to talk
    about, such as the dispersion differences in running or stationary,
    differences in camo value, and armor designs

  48. I have both the IS-4 and IS-7….i like the IS-4 more.

  49. Perfect timing … I’ve had the IS7 unlocked for a while and was debating
    buying it. After seeing this video, I’ll wait till the IS4 is unlocked an
    then decide, but I think the IS4 is my first choice.

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