World of Tanks – IS4 with your_Master

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Source: Anfield


  1. What is your opinion on the grille 15? Do you think it’s op as some others

  2. Christopher Karopoulos

    is4 is love. has armor, not rng op like e5 but real armor. is slow and he
    cant carry games but no one can pass from his way. i like a lot i am at
    83.60 for 2od MOE and go hard to take it. When t110e5 nerf comes will we
    see after again what happen. 2 new stars is in action 215+113 be the next
    op tanks soon i believe.Keep going my friend and stop play at EU server MOE
    is more hard with u :P

  3. Are u on NA or EU server???

  4. Wow really nice video,happy to see you play is4 one of my favorite heavy
    tanks,if only it was a bit more mobile,but oh well you can’t have it all :D

  5. why the sarcasm and the shit talking? Skill-wise you and qb are roughly
    equal. You have, what, 200 wn8 on him? Come on man, just do the work that
    you do best, and let other streamers do their thing. That’s the better
    strat for growing your stream and your channel, in the long run.

  6. great vid dude, as always

  7. Jonathan Albertus Rawung

    Sup Anfield, How ya doin? I have questions for you : Do you hate IS-7 that
    much? Im new and im now getting IS-7. If i angle i lose my armor. but
    people seems to keep angling it so the pike nose isnt affective. im
    confused. Is IS-7 Worth it? Im in T1 Heavy when grinding T110E5 almost to
    M6 any Suggestion on using T1 and M6? and by the way when you got shot by
    E100 You block his shot when he had aimed he didnt know you will go so he
    shoot right when you went . So yeah 🙂 Keep your Vid up im lovin it

  8. Hey Anfield! Want to get this comment in quick before comments get rammed
    and you may not see it.

    Since I started watching your videos and streams (2’ish months ago) my
    recent WN8 has gone from like, 1200 to over 3000 and so much of that it
    down to you. Keep it up man.

  9. Hey Anfeels, would you say that the IS-4 is among the weaker tier 10
    heavies? Also do you think it brings a specific role compared to the

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