World of Tanks – IS7 3rd Mark Finish Session

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  1. Niceee I like world of tanks 🙂 XD

  2. do you play Eu or US regon???

  3. That E5 is pussy

  4. Ok so I watched the 113 video and made some crazy comments witch I removed. So again you say your going to shoot gold only this time your driving the tank. Ok so here’s where I stand it’s worth watching the video because even know I don’t condone gold spamming and agree like you do as you say in some of your videos that gold ammo is bad for the game in its current form correct me if I stated that wrong , even with the gold ammo it’s worth watching because I love my is 7 and by watching your videos have learned when and where to put certain tanks and it’s not only improved my stats but given me the best games I ever had for example the to spots on fisherman’s bay for early spots and damage. The one spot got me lt 15 for the t55a the spot next to the building with the bush where you can spot the tds camping spot from the South spawn I think it is. Or when to not go field on highway. So yea I’ll watch this video depending on how much gold you fire I will like or dislike the video at the end by thumbs up or thumbs down.

  5. So out of respect to you and because you once gave me some advice that really helped my game play even know you could of just ignored the message I will not get triggered again. : )

  6. The gunmantlet can still be penetrated near the gun but its more a lucky shot than a safe pen. rest of the gunmantlet ist unpenetrable and the superstructure is also not really safe to pen…. the lower frontplate was reduced in the size sooooo gg

  7. Another good vid.
    Quick one for you, if you were grinding credits what tank(s) would you use and why?Prem tanks included

  8. So I have another question so I’m stuck on mt 15 for the obj 260 do you think this mission can be completed with the current match making and if yes what tank and what map do you think are best? I have 2 missions left mt 15 and td 15 because I’m not good in light tanks have only 5 missions done in that set and I got all the ht missions and arty done . Don’t like arty but the new missions are pretty easy did them all in about 10 days. I only ask because I have talked to a lot of 260 owners and they all said it’s impossible with the new match making so I would like your opinion on it. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  9. Do you think the IS 7 needs better standard pen? I feel it could use a few extra millimeters on the standard (and maybe even gold) with all the super heavies in the game.

  10. Here’s a tip to anyone stuck on arty 15 for 260 OR other sets play tier ten arty and platoon with a tier ten td and a medium . The td will give you big amounts of stun damage and the medium can keep shooting what you stun. I did it in the t92 and platooned with an ax and a foch 155. Did over 5k damage and 4200 stun and tracking damage . I was up against an e3 and a t92 at the end of the game and after using my last shell to kill the e3 had to run around for 2 mins evading the enemy t92 . It was an ace tanker in a draw with 4 kills over 5k damage and 4200 stun and tracking damage. And oh did I mention this was our first attempt at doing it. Props to my clanmates spitfire and general for platooning with me to get it done.

  11. Could you do some tier 8 3 marks for example the is3 or t32

  12. “I would make a joke about [Highway], but I don’t wanna get banned.”

    Legit chuckled, poor Circon lol.

    Thanks for this again, was craving a third mark session for the IS-7 after the update, thinking about finally grinding through the T-10 for it. Always good information to build with.

  13. Ok so sniping may be boring to you but not everyone has the reflexes of a super Unicom so they play something they can do well in and as far as that spot for the tds on your side what about the td spot behind there heavies. Its really a shame so may of you big YouTubers are trying to make tds with no armor useless by taking all the cover and td spots off the maps. I mean just be glad there not in lights or mediums dying 1 minute into the battle. I older guys and younger guys in my clan that just don’t have the skill or the reflexes to play other tanks so be glad they know there limits and are helping the team the best way they can. So I hope this helps you understand there side.

  14. Do the WZ 5A next xD

  15. thx anfield for this vid. ng mongfevned

  16. I just 3 marked my first tier 10, was the is7, before the buff. I managed to do it with 19ap and 11apcr and only small consumables.

  17. Anfield, plis, you dont need to make a joke about the map, when the entire company is a joke MingLuL

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