World of Tanks – IS7 AP Session 1

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  1. IS-7 stronk?

  2. Central Intelligence Agency

    1 hour of Anfield, oh lovely (not sarcastic) I decided to go for the IS7 after I got my Cent. AX (and after the buff), you should make a video on how to grind to IS7 because those KVs are killing me the grind is just horrible

  3. I’m not seeing ,much evidence of a gun buff on this. Gameplay on the IS-7 seems to be pretty much the same as ever. Derpy gun and a HEAT magnet. The new Chinese Teir 10 seems to outcclass it because workable gun. Expect further buffs?

  4. I don’t know if you have the Deathstar yet, but I would really enjoy seeing how you would play the Tortoise.

  5. i like the play keep it up the good play

  6. Trinity’s meme gave me a good chuckle

  7. A no gold load out is as silly as a full gold load out.
    Other than this,good play as usual and haters gonna hate anyway.
    Mho and only

  8. The Video….not so goooood..;(

  9. Fucking gold noob kys

  10. Typical unicum using ammunition to get damage. I play without any ammunition, I bet if I loaded my tanks with shells (which cost CREDITS!!!!!!!!) I could get as much damage, if not more EVERY battle. Thought you were better than this, but obviously not.

  11. What sized monitor do you use? You have the team panels etc set to full (show player name, tank name, tank icon and tier) but it still takes up very little of your screen.

  12. Omg, that Anfield is a full noob. I finished 3marking my IS-7 in one session with full HE. 7k average damage.

  13. you whine about arty noobs every time you get hit, yet so upset about someone whining gold noobs when they get hit by premium ammo, don’t you find that inconsistent?

  14. Must be especialy annoying for a unicum to see a lost battle because of retarded teammates.

  15. Reverse inversion is ideal for backing up: the “A” key in reverse turns you in the same direction as it does when going forward. Ditto for the “D” key. Maneuvering forward and back requires fewer finger movements.

  16. Chill mate. If I were you I’d load full APCR and spam chat with “gold noobs, learn to play”. If a game mechanic is in place (regadless how retarded it is) then use it. Back in the days where cross team chat was a thing, I used to load foch 155 with full prem and watch reds crying in chat. Quite amusing. You obviously cant please everyone so at least get some delicious tomatoe tears out of it.

  17. Not started the video yet but ‘you can’t do this on the EU server’

  18. pause at 41:42 and look how the hanger, or whatever that is in the top right of your face-cam, merges with the game graphics and the bush. lol

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