World of Tanks || ISU-122S – is it Worth it?

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

of the T7 Soviet premium tank destroyer the ISU-122S which combines the 2nd highest DpM in the game of the with a improved hull. it it?

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. T-54 first prototype, good or not ?

  2. Nice wood logs, if the crew feel cold just light them up

  3. I love this tank. As a 900 average wn8 potato it is one of the few I can
    keep 60%+ winrate in, partly because of the top tier matches you get when
    you can ‘machinegun’ lower tiers to death with ease. It also does not see
    tier 9 matches really often I feel.

  4. Too…. many…numbers…….. my head

  5. A Tier 7, that has 850 HP, good damage, almost had the same stats of the
    Tier 8 Russian Tank Destroyer ISU-152, have good rate of fire, a bit good
    armor, and damn worst accuracy.

    Well, almost like the UK Tier 7 TD AT 15A, has 850 health, good rate of
    fire, and good armor not like this russian td, but less damage though…

    But still an damn cool Russian Tank Destroyer (Premium) the ISU-122S, can
    still do best and pretty much keep yourself out getting spotted, because
    other tanks or other low tier tanks can rip you apart, but with that good
    rate of fire and damage, you can handle them and kill them very quickly,
    but with tanks that can deal the same damage like this tank (like the IS-2,
    KV-3, KV-1S and other tanks) pretty much hide from them? or just use your
    rate of fire, but pretty much dead though because of that damn worst HP:

    anything about them

  7. @Cataclysm the tortoise

  8. i use rammer, gun laid drive and camonet and let teamspot for me, if team
    doesnt spot i rage in chat so long they go rather spot couple tanks and go
    back to garage than play match having me on same team :P

  9. I get 20 fps on lowest settings and he gets like 3 times more on max…

  10. feel SU-122-44 is better………….

  11. christopher halderman

    I think one of the main things that differentiates the su-122-44 from this
    is that the su still gets the insane pre- nerf TD camo bonus. The su does
    not lose any camo value after firing, where as the isu will. You can be
    really sneaky with the su. Almost like the e-25. Anyways great video as

  12. this thing is so badass it needs 2 logs

  13. What has the highest DPM in the game, the 62A?

  14. Hello Quickybaby,
    Can you do an episode on how to improve your game in WoT because I feel
    like I need to improve my own game.

  15. I think the E25 is still better at T7 :P

  16. wait what tank has the highest dpm in game?

  17. If anyone had been in the first initial position of sgtironhide they would
    have been dead straight away. Lucky boy there

  18. strange, i played against this tank for many times now in my tier 7 and 8
    tank and i don’t really feel nor see that this one is a dangerous tank…
    not sure why…

  19. Matilda BP worst in game?


  20. should i buy a SU 122-44 or convert gold to free xp?

  21. the sad part is that the ISU Chassis is really bad in War Thunder. they are
    big and slow and suffer from German Syndrom. wtf is German Syndrom you ask?
    well it means that all you need to do is shoot them on the right and you
    kill the crew.

  22. I picked up this tank as part of the Berlin Quartet pack on the NA server
    way back when, and in my opinion, is one of the best premiums for earning
    money in the game. You can roll 50 to 75k credits even in lack luster games
    as long as you dont fire gold. P.S: If your using the 122mm gun on the
    SU-152, your doing something wrong. Nothing quite beats one shotting light
    and medium tanks with the 152mm doom cannon.

  23. CronoGamer Gamerforlife

    I bet u can’t sub me in under 20 seconds

  24. remember another thing guys su12244 also has the premium Td camo rating
    bonus( the original one from tank destroyers before the nerf), while
    isu122s doesn’t because it came after the nerf, so they introduced the tank
    with same camo rating as the regular td’s.

  25. Aden_the_Golden_destroyer KAr

    quickybaby+ can you plz make a review on the panther 8,8. its a very
    poerful german that can punish tier 9s very quickly.if you can make a vid
    ty so much!

  26. QB i have a request. I think most players that want to get better really
    need maps analisys. Would you resume doing videos about maps?

  27. So the 122s is good when terrible EU players throw themselves at you like

  28. Am I the only one who thinks there are too many Russian premiums?

  29. Quick answer: No

  30. Thank you for reviews QB

  31. i’ve fought with this beast one time, and I’ve got 6 kills already with my
    t34-1. When i met this tank, his ROF just beat me to death. 6.5 second of
    reload of that 122mm gun I think…damn TD

  32. Hey QB,

    I’m looking for a PC computer so I can play WOT and Armored Warfare. How
    much did the one you built cost in USD? I want something reliable and good!
    Thank you for your help! ?

  33. if you did “lolz” videos then you might gain more subs :-)

  34. Bloody hell you don’t get many rounds do you considering it’s rate of

  35. Darn it! I don’t need another prem TD! TY for the review QB… :)

  36. QBs been making a lot of commercials for WGs premium tanks lately. I don’t
    think this is the content that initially attracted many of the subscribers.

  37. got one of my first top guns with that thank… I prefer it over the
    Jagtiger 8.8 when trying the td quest lines. (I’m stil at about tier 7 on
    my standard tds.)

  38. The SU-152 used to have such a broken DPM with the 122mm back then but WG
    decided to nerf it which was the right thing to do, I believe it used to be
    3600+ or something like that.

  39. Quickybaby nice has some pronunciation, even youtube subtitles has an easy
    time displaying them.

  40. hey QB Sgt_IronHide here i just want to say thank you for showing my replay
    and there was more it was an epic game that game won me the wargamings own
    t7 for 3rd place i would say if you dont have one get it if you can so much
    fun to play

  41. It has Soviet Logs. OP tank confirmed

  42. Tier 10 games? I don’t think so.

  43. 90 mm of flat frontal armor, so good at tier 7, totally buy it, video not
    sponsored by WG.

  44. love your vids man, you and jingles are by far my favorite youtubers.

  45. I have the Su-122-44, it is a monster on tier 7,too! sometimes in tier 7,
    when I stay hulldown I blocked 4k dmg. Thank you for this intresting review

  46. Thanks QB for doing a review on this tank I have had it for about two
    months and have loved, it is just now that I know of it’s dpm being the
    second highest. Does anyone know the very highest?

  47. Nice TD….. if you can afford it. I get a kick being called a wallet
    warrior at times and I just have a few prem tanks but wallet warriors keep
    the game going. It’s just a shame the prices of the tanks are so high in

  48. Hey Quickybaby, could use your opinions. I’m trying to decide on purchasing
    myself a premium tank for the holiday.Which tanks are good credit maker and
    wont be a struggle in tier 9 and 10 game? (AMX CDC, IS-6, or T34)

  49. Hey QB, when will you announce the winners of the new intro and logo and t
    shirts for your 300k subscriber contest?

  50. ….prefer the Jagdpanther over this every day of the week.

  51. Ouch, your team did nothing to help you on that replay. I went back to
    watch it and looked at your team and was amazed at how they all hid behind

  52. My best premium tank i ever had

  53. QB you siad that is has the second hi est DPM but what tank comes in first
    whit DPM?

  54. Quickybaby can you please do a review on how to play the Ru 251, I just got
    it and it is really hard to play with the awful power-to-weight you het
    with the stock engine and the poor armor

  55. Today i ve seen 1 he saied that that is his 3. game in tier 9 and i 2
    shoted him (with jtiger) while he was not able to go through my upper hull
    armour (with gold)

  56. is this a old gameplay

  57. srlsy why doesnt wargamming add japanese tank destroyers.Nice review quick

  58. Wait a min… is this a joke? A tier 7 TD with the 2nd highest DPM in the
    game? Oh wait it is Russiam so it´s explained. And how tf does a 122mm gun
    reloads faster than a 105 mm? Do russian crews get esteroides or energy

  59. i would love to have an ISU-122S, but i cannot have any new premiums, gots
    the money but no cred/debit card so I’m stuck with a bunch of tier three
    premiums, the SUY and the T34 which none of my premiums make any money at
    all nit because I suck but because I don’t have a premium account; which is
    the reason i get 35 k profit in my T34 with 3.5k damage. so that’s my life.
    i used to get 50k games! in my T14 but that was long ago (2k damage done,
    blocked 1.5k damage and survived)

  60. QB, could you play more World of Tanks Blitz and upload videos of it?

  61. Georgeow Terminted_tank

    is the m4a1 rev worth it?

  62. I don’t have this TD, but I remember how I felt when maneuvering ISU152
    (although liked the gun). I wouldn’t get this but rather use SU-122-44 for
    its much better track traverse and dpm.

  63. The gameplay loks sooooo boring…

  64. you should lock the row with the tank names, so they are visible on top
    when you scroll down. i lose track of what tank is where cuz my brain is

  65. Just gonna say the SU 122 44 is better then the ISU 122sThe dpm is slightly
    lower 8% to be exact. It has better frontal armor as yes they do both have
    90mm of frontal armor but the SU 122 44 has significantly better sloping
    and is more mobile and turns faster so you can make better use of angling.
    I will admit the ISU 122s is better for sniping but the SU 122 44 is better
    in every other situation. At least thats my opinion, look at the stats you
    might agree :P

  66. I have both tanks …but i love The isu 122s a Little bit more …. both
    are op if you can play It …Sry for my english :D

  67. Wow, yet another OP soviet tank

  68. Im a noob at wot so do everyone get the
    code or is it only first one?

  69. Su-122-44? Any better bit faster nearly the same roof…?

  70. Feel like you could have done more by comparing it to the su-122-44 :/

  71. hey qick i watch you some videos from youre and its awesome how you explain
    thubms up and 1 sub more for you 🙂

    Question do you think in the next 2 day to Christmas Eve the e 25 come back
    in the advent Calendar

  72. Crumbs – I was about to buy it – when your concluding comment – stopped

  73. Stalins OP trees

  74. what’s the tank with the highest dpm?

  75. what’s the tank with the highest dpm?

  76. Matilda BP is the BEST!!! Show more respect! :)

  77. Quickybaby do a Stug III G tank review

  78. Yay an actual Tank Destroyer review. Been so long

  79. That gun was the reason why I actually enjoyed (at least in good match-ups)
    the SU-152. If you can figure out how to make sure your shells go in then
    you just become such an alpha.

  80. I got this tank myself for a while now and I enjoy playing it. Ofcourse
    mobility, aim-time and accuracy aren’t that good, but it can always be
    I personally recommend this tank for training the RUSSIAN TD-crews.

  81. I got this tank myself for a while now and I enjoy playing it. Ofcourse
    mobility, aim-time and accuracy aren’t that good, but it can always be
    I personally recommend this tank for training the RUSSIAN TD-crews.

  82. Don’t get scared guys as probably this TD is gonna be driven by tier 3
    players so rest assured that you gonna take them out no problem :P

  83. I love mine my best is 9 kills and 5,900dmg love the tank.

  84. quicky how do you get the marks on your barrel because i got a mastery
    badge with my e-75 but i dont see a mark.
    or is it someting else to get a mark?

  85. This tank is a beast, I have it for a long time, it never let me down !

  86. 8 kill round versus tomatoes…….Much derp, such wow. Lol. Great game QB

  87. Russssssin Steel OPnesssss

  88. I have this tank too and i love it more then the su-122-44!!! the gun is
    the same but fire faster and has better aiming. less mobile then su122-44
    but its the better moneymaker in my opinion

  89. i love my isu 122s, except for the abysmally bad radio

  90. 16:00 that game was just pure luck at least start!

  91. This is a T7 soviet premium TD, there is one other T7 soviet premium TD in
    the game, the SU122-44. Why are you comparing it to the SU152 then all the
    If you were straight forward you would have said, that the SU122-44 is flat
    out better then this sluggish piece of russian engineering, having better
    armor, better mobility and only a SLIGHTLY longer reload. And in the
    context of the upcoming discounts on premium vehicles during christmas, you
    are able to buy probably nearly 2 SU122-44s instead of this inflated bundle
    with the same amount of money.

  92. EPIC TANK!

  93. The 122-44 has been one of my favorite premiums of all time, very
    dependable and versatile, can fill many roles and adapt quickly, however
    the raw firepower and decent armor + speed make this thing seem very
    interesting for a tier 7.

  94. It’s the super crew that makes this package OP..

  95. If that Pershing had any brains at all he should have been able to kill
    that ISU-122S easily. You really should do some reviews that shows people
    having average games, not just that 1/100 game that only the top %10
    players get. Show average players, not people whos stats are unicom.

  96. Today I just one to one killed a AMX 30 in that beast of a tank, it is just
    funny realy, putting 3 for 2 shells in a tier 9 tank, and then just end his
    little game!

  97. Still waiting for them to sell the Tog

  98. Why I’m I not surprised that it is Russian?

  99. Images of tanks Sounds Pack ? And “It’s A Trap” Pack ? I Need This

  100. I’d stick with the SU-122-44 it has better mobility. I’ll take the slight
    DPM loss with higher mobility. Also The SU-122-44 is cheaper and you can
    get it in game with gold.

  101. Quickybaby you make my day so much better. Your videos are top class and
    entertaining. <3

  102. QB please do a HE spam non arty it would be so funny I found one thats
    funny gshearns NA HE spam Leo 1 top gun ram kill at the end plz show it or
    mention it in a vid its halarious

  103. I have the ISU-152 and i always get pentrated in the gun mantlet.

  104. If you haven’t done a review on the KV-3? Please do a review.

  105. DPM = Derp per minute

  106. About 40 seconds into the video i was lost with the names didnt know what
    was what……RUSSIANS!!

  107. Russian tds have got to have their logs

  108. Sorry russian accuracy is always the better accuracy

  109. Ronaldo de Assis Moreira

    *Russian voice* ehh ISU-122S not op , I kill ISU-122S all day with my MS-1

  110. the russian 122? nah, i’ll stick with the 152s ;P

  111. i say 50 50

  112. It looks like an ok tank, but I really dont like the way WG are forcing
    people to spend a lot more than they need to. At least give them the option
    to purchase the tank on its own as well!

  113. i love the SU-152 BUT ISU-122S much better with armor

  114. think ive been in a game with this guy sounds familiar

  115. DiePie Adams drew power

    I find this review laughable, playing this tank has ended all hope of
    finding something nice about it

  116. I guess that’s true, but for a tank destroyer, that’s pretty fast!

  117. QB, post some Tier IX games… if it is so marvelous there, considering you
    will play mainly IX and VIII games with this prem TD…. then its another

  118. I use GLD with binocs and rammer. aim time is too annoying otherwise.

  119. Nice video as always

  120. I prefer the su-122-44

  121. 3:32 Yeah, it’s almost as if one is a heavy tank with a case-mate gun, and
    the other is a medium tank with a case-mate gun.

  122. It has the third heighest dpm in the game only the t23e3 and the tortoise
    have a better one.

  123. i only get t8 and 9 games dont think i have had that many when im top tier

  124. Camp-n-Kill!

  125. i love that SU 152….. i carry about 10 heat rounds in it…. almost never
    fire more than 2 or 3…. but hitting tiger 2s in the turret for 998 damage
    will never get old.

  126. SU-122-44 best tier seven russian tank destroyer, the ISU-122S is just
    kinda a fancy tank for collectors.

  127. It makes so much money and is OP!!

  128. Hey QB, thank you so much for these tank reviews. While I can not justify
    spending any real money on this game at the moment, these informative
    videos help me take out these tanks when I meet them in the game. It has
    done so much for me, my WN8 rating has climbed 300 points in the past month
    and I just got my first mark of excellence ever, which is on my Hellcat!
    Hope that someday you can come play with us over on the NA server :)

  129. gj quick for wot , promocion for bay this old/new tank

  130. Thanks Quickybaby!

  131. Another overpowered russian premium, how surprising… Digusted.

  132. I accept an ISU-122S… just you know christmas… well if you want to…

  133. First

  134. Su-122-44 still better. Bounces like hell, in HD model it will get more OP,
    it’s faster, it’s cheaper. Any questions?

  135. Hey QB!, will you make a review for the SU-101 with the 122mm gun?

  136. SU-122-44 gets much better frontal armor because it has better sloping. it
    has better mobility only the dpm is slightly worse

  137. This tank is bad for the game.

  138. Top tier and enemy team of mostly tomatoes. GG. :)

  139. Can you do a review on the Obj.263 ?

  140. It’s still much more fun to chase after people in the SU-122-44. It’s
    mobility is almost comparable to the E 25.

  141. Why you heff to be mad its only game

    The 8 kill in that match up isnt impressive looking at how u got those 8
    kills, bit poor aiming and play sorry love u vids thou.

  142. I feel like you aim a little too long, you could have gotten so much more
    damage. I mean, the accuracy sucks anyways, so no need to waste your
    biggest strength (DPM) for an additional 5% chance to hit at best…

  143. Could you do a tank review of the lttb, i don’t think you ever did that.
    Btw greetings from Switzerland

  144. Its worth it i boght it before this video

  145. Nothing is worth it if it has Wargaming tag xd

  146. If the ISU-122s has the second highest DPM, what has the highest?

  147. su-122-44 is more cost effective

  148. Pretty sure the JPE100 and FV183 have better DPM too QB ;P

  149. The first game is a true killsteal though!

  150. Wg better sell E25 tomorrow and no bromwell or I will bomb the shit out of
    that commies

  151. no way!, i know Sgt_IronHide!

  152. Why dont you show players names in the hit-log ? I find it superannoying
    that i dont know who shoots me :/

  153. How is 8 kills not impressive? In my eyes getting over 3 kills is rather
    impressive and getting 5 kills or more is a real boost to morale as I
    rarely achieve such a feat. In my first game in the Leopard 1 I managed 5
    kills but since then I’m lucky to get 1 or even 2 in it.

  154. What tank has the highest DPM in the game, is it the Tortise? (sorry if i

  155. It’s one of my favorite tanks to play. So OP. The SU-122-44 doesn’t do it
    for me, but this does.

  156. QB I will switch srw to EU from NA and kill u. Nothing presonal.

  157. “WG usually dont make premium tanks better than their regular counterparts”

    Well its a Russian tank

  158. Hey the SU-122-44 Is better than that peace of shenarigans…. :P

  159. Orrrrr…just get a SU-122-44. Which is overall better

  160. No it isn’t

  161. Hi QB!

  162. hi qb

  163. what’s wrong QB. recently only sovijet vehicles videos comes out?

  164. The ISU 122S is great! It’s like an auto loader as a tank destroyer

  165. Before i wachted the Video and i saw the Thumbthail, I said SU-122-44 is
    better :D

  166. Don’t buy this!

    SU-122-44 >>>> ISU-122S

    The ISU’s traverse speed is horrible, its aim time sucks, and its gun
    traverse angle is too tight! The SU-122-44 has only slightly less DPM, FAR
    better traverse, and more effective front armor. Plus it’ll be 30% off
    starting on Friday the 25th till mid-January. Much, much better deal!

  167. I am early, so I need to make a joke.
    Russian accuracy

  168. awsome video

  169. Not first

  170. YOU need to play more wot blitz

  171. Uhh fourth?

  172. What do you think of the ISU-122S?

    I’m LiveStreaming now for the last time till after Christmas!

  173. Hey quicky

  174. #FIRST!

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