World of Tanks || Italian Tanks: Where to Start?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Italian tanks are here and today I’m giving advice about where start in the tech tree and which tanks to avoid!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. 70mm HE pen is insane…

  2. i personally recommend starting form the p43 bis or p43 ter and both being keepers for me

  3. Alexander Klein

    Quick, someone tell the Lord of the Saltmines that QB is being cruel to small (cute) tanks again.

  4. QB, do you even know that DPM is completely irellevant if you are not up close. You keep mentioning DPM when it means nothing at a distance

  5. clayton cornell

    Like the video but don’t you think it’s too late everyone is already grinding this line!!

  6. IMO the tier 6 looks fuckin badass.
    anyone else?

  7. Nice vid QB! I started with the tier 3, M15/42 for its historical value. Thanks for the overview.

  8. QB you are right re the tier 4 being a sweet spot. My platoon buddy and I took out our PzII Js to see if they could stand up to the new tanks….. nope! rate of fire and the HE rounds were devastating. Angling certainly didn’t help either….. scratch two troll tanks inside the first 5 min LOL!

  9. Garrett Albrecht

    My first game in the tier 3 Italian I did over 1k dmg 7 kills and aced it

  10. Someone needs to make a list of nicknames for these tanks. All shoulld relate to Italian food.

  11. I have already seen somebody with a P.44 Panterra (VIII)- 2 hours after the update.

  12. The answer is dont lol the tier 10 is so not worth it. 48 to 52 sec reload for 4 shells thats so messed up.

  13. Actually QB, when you research a module that happens to be a stock module on the next tank, the amount of experience you need for the tank is reduced by the amount of experience you needed for that module. IE You are not saving yourself any experience by free xp through a tank or by researching a tank to unlock the module on the previous tank. It all works out to be the same amount of experience in the end. That is why it is always recommended to research a module as early as possible as it only improves the tank without costing you any more experience/credits in the long run. Also, the Cruiser II at tier III has a really nice derp gun that can one shot most tanks it will see. It’s one of my favourite tanks to run around and just have fun in.

  14. bis: latin, twice
    ter: latin, thrice

  15. the Asian server got the 1.01 Thursday

  16. any body else feeling the power creep?

  17. over-powered to boot

  18. Ty QB.
    Nice work with the free exp recommendations

  19. E50M weak, his aim is steady, he used his repair kit already, 8:10

  20. Tier II mt is soooo bad

  21. I will not bother with the Italian tank line for now. The tanks just don’t excite me. Honestly, I was more excited about the news of the Polish tank line. I will grind that line.

  22. Ali Imran Sururi

    @qb have u release xvm mode for 1.0?

  23. Now the same thing that happed on the o-l exp. Would happen on the teir 6 p43

  24. I loved the Pantera /8tier/ on the test server, it’s great tank.

  25. Do a pantera review

  26. “Never we less”? What is it? What does he repeat everytime?
    I don’t understand. Please, help me to translate

  27. I don`t have free xp i just started the game … Should i go on the Italian tree ?

  28. Dude. WG is insane. They are bringing new tanks in which is ok. But they don’t buff the old ones at all. They leave them as they are. For example a T32 can meet tanks now that it literally can’t penetrate not even with premium rounds. It’s armor is now useles and it’s speed compared to that 0 armor is just awful.

    The other thing is the T69.

    Worse aim time, 181 f****ing penetration 😀 worse dpm, worse gun handling in every case, slower, worse hp/t.
    It has 10 meters more view range but far worse in every other aspect. And not just in this case.
    Compared to any t8 med it is FAR WORSE 😀


  29. I disagree with QB on that the Tier VI is a keeper, the aiming on this tank is bad and is not agile, it does not move fast enough at Tier VI. Maybe the tank with an excellent crew and food can work but with BiA and vents, this tank takes 3 secs to close the aiming circle and its acceleration is more like a heavy.

  30. The tier 6 turret looks like a flat type 5 turret to me. From the front atleast

  31. 4:36 That’s not your profit because you used food which didn’t auto-resupply, you’re 5k in the hole even with the premium account bonus.

  32. QB, can you make a tank preview in the new obj 277 if it hits the test server? thank you 🙂

  33. a random person

    It’s a leopard 1 line but better

  34. Very informative! Thank you Quicky Baby.
    Much love from Tahiti ?

  35. Funny how I stopped playing WoT back in 2013 (made short reappearances for the Swedish and Czech tanks), but I still watch Quickybaby’s videos and live streams with great interest =)

  36. I actually got the premium italian tank, its really fun. its fast and it shoot 3 shots fairly quickly. What i do is drive really quick head on to another tank for ram damage while i shoot those 3 shots.

  37. Guillaume Lemaigre

    @QB, “bis” and “ter” is not “B.I.S” and “T.E.R”, it is a single word. It is Latin for “second” and “third”. Just so you don’t make the mistake again 🙂

  38. Thx very juiceful indeed!

  39. I didn’t understand a single word of that engine talk

  40. TheBlackShadow CZ

    I don’t have Progetto 46 because I’m poor. 😀

  41. Michael Löffelmann

    So… Premium vehicles are regularly better than their line counterparts, and no one bats an eye. Quite a stance shift over three years, 180°. Nice job WG.

  42. Lol I can’t even fathom having 200k free experience ?

  43. Doing good ?

  44. That tier 6 is wtf… stock Cent 1 can GTFO totally.

  45. When is the spaghetti tanks coming to X box anyone know.?

  46. I worked my way to the tier 5 Italian medium mostly by playing occasionally using free xp when I got bored or frustrated.
    I have the Progetto premium tank but not played a single game in it as I really did not fancy a basic 100% crew in the current tier 8 matches.
    So worked my way to tier 5 because that was the first tank to match the Progettos crew until tier 5 you have a radio operator and a commander gunner.
    So as I say got to tier 5 and immediately retrained my premium crew for the P43 when I have sixth sense and repairs trained I will start using my Premium tier 8.

  47. Play until T6 and ditch the rest of the tech tree. Hopefully they’ll branch out to heavy or TDs in the future.


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