World of Tanks – It’s Always KV2o’Clock Somewhere

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Source: The Mighty

Doesn’t matter what time it is where you are, somewhere in the world it’s always going to be 2 o’clock!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. You’ve been saying surprise butt sex for years, can you think of a new catch phrase please. It seems a bit pervy thats all.

  2. Exhausted and about to go to bed, sees Jingles uploaded a video, turns out to be a KV2 vid….. sleeps overrated lol

  3. Always a giggle Jingles….

  4. I just finished building my 1/35 scale plastic model of KV-2 and it have a special place in my display case
    on top shelf,the rest of tanks are all on the bottom shelves,along with the Maus heavy.KV-2 forever.

  5. the heresy of thinking KV-2 is tier 6 tank. Jingles you need some penitence to do.

  6. A great title to a great video! Well played to both of the KV2 players featured in this amusing video. Also kudos to the Chrysler K player in the first game. Thank You Sir Jingles for providing us with entertaining content,even when the manflu is knocking at Your door. Get better soon and take care!
    Respectfully your
    Salt mine minion #1995

  7. i thought the song would’ve been The Girl From Ipanema , but that will do i guess

  8. UncleFestersWorld

    The “censored” tag on the second video was hilarious.

  9. even though i like jingles shaming the amx m4 45 for useing gold against a lower tier….u really cant. gold on the m4 45 does 10% more dmg than AP would…so u are getting 10% dpm AND penetration on top of it.

  10. What you mean tier 6 heavy in tier 8 game. KV 2 IS TIER 11 STRONK TENK

  11. That kill on the O-I in the second replay was very risky. He could have died easy himself.

  12. Good On Arctic_Hunter!!!!

  13. There’s a clan on the EU server Called madmen -mm, they have a group of players who all have multiples alt accounts for trolling like killing arty, team killing etc. I thought they were joking at first but this continued on for hours. I was meant to join but immediately deleted their discord when I heard what was going on. Sad and pathetic .

  14. I think my favorite KV-2 moment of recent times was penning the side of a Tiger P with HE for a flat 1000 damage. While blasting glorious Russian hymns.

    • Mine was hitting a TOG II blind from across the map for just under 1000 damage, but not quite deleting it. No Damage wasted. Platoonmate then finished the job.

  15. Nothing like waking up to a new Jingles installment. Coffee in hand, let’s do this.

  16. Definitely the kind of buttsex that you rather deliver than receive.

  17. I would be completely fine if EVERY SINGLE jingles WOT video was a KV-2 replay!

  18. *Sees KV2 in title – likes video before it starts*

  19. He uploaded this exactly at 2pm in my country

  20. What that Chrysler did for the KV-2, I did for two double digit HP autoloaders who were reloading with my Lor 155 51 Arty on Steppes. I actually used it as my signature on the WoT boards for a while.

  21. Artic_Hunter should get some kind of reward.

  22. The arty looks to be in the same platoon with them ?

  23. Best tier 8 tank destroyer

  24. I liked the video just by seeing the title

  25. 1st replay looks like 3 mates in a platoon just messing around/acting like gobshites.
    How do you miss the fact that the arty was also in Platoon 2?
    Not really ‘arsehole’ levels of killing random team mates.

  26. EL Camino Guy 2005

    In regard to the first vid: Back when i played WoT alot I actually did this type on thing often. I remember one instance where an Easy8 Sherman was about to eat a 122 round from a IS2 but i managed to get my Tiger in front of the IS2 just in time. Full health to 100HP in one shot, but me and the Sherman managed to finish off the IS2. I finished the game with 4 kills, 1200 damage and a victory. I miss times like that but atleast I have your videos to remind me.

  27. Magister R'yleth

    Like here. It’s KV-2’oclock here. Oh well, sleeping is overrated.

  28. Magister R'yleth

    That AMX was using the 105mm gun. That’s why he was firing gold rounds. They average 330 damage compared to the standard’s 300.

  29. Levi Van der veen

    that crysler was a fucking legend

  30. SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE A LOOP OF 6:40 – 6:46 !

  31. Angry Salt Shaker

    Jingles you’re gonna get fined for those memes. The EU doesn’t like that :p

  32. I dunno Jingles, I like to think I’d have gone out of my way to keep the KV2 alive as well. Because that means that I get to have a Soviet Nuclear Weapons Dispenser follow me around and obliterate things that try to hurt me.

  33. jokerspet karlsson

    That is were ur wrong jingles. he took one hit and keept one more gun firering, and the KV 2 is no ordinary tier 6, its 152mm up enemy bums. good thing he took 200+ dmg to keep the KV2`s gun in the battle,

  34. Nikola Jovanović

    And It’s Always TOGo’Clock Everywhere 🙂

  35. The glorious Retardmagnet

    Jingles, you disappoint me 🙁 russian hardbass would be 1000x more adequate for the KV-2 replay. Or at least the soviet anthem…. or a hardbass version of it. you get the point…

  36. I’m a simple man, I see KV-2, I like.

  37. James Andrew FROITZHEIM

    In Mother Russia, it is always KV2 o’ clock

  38. Is it good or bad that I can’t go a day without a video from you jingles.

  39. I’m a simple man

    Jingles uploads video

    I watch it

  40. ? „Censored“?
    Nothing better than lovely piano music while oneshotting enemies!??

  41. Shame you’re not a WoT contributer…would be fun to see those two asses be perma banned and account wiped for what they did ….not that WoT punishes trolls like that

  42. Can you imagine the fun and carnage if the KV2 was a 5 shot autoloader?

  43. Tyrion Lannister

    I wish my KV2 worked like that. Awesome video Jingles!

  44. The amx gets better DAMAGE and PEN with GOLD. That is the 105 gun. 300 damage with standard. 320 with gold

  45. Is it the dreaded man flu ?

  46. That Chrysler was a great player

  47. Team success%= (# of barrels able to fire * (# of players willing to use WASD keys) ^2- team scumbags) *10))/Brain cells of opposing team.

  48. To bad I gave up wot

  49. When you see a KV-2 Video uploaded by Jingles, you know it’s gonna be good

  50. Pronouncing the words “utter assholes like a true gentlemen.

    /Jingles 2019.

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