World of Tanks || It’s GODZILLA

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Heavy. Today Kebote playing in a tank that inspires fear like Godzilla in enemy !

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  1. C’mon WG make this Japanese super derpy tenk an over armored arty already. I means 1250 alpha with more splash for prem. I love no skill tonk cuz it’s so relaxing to play after some heavy grinding. If I’m going to show how skillful am I then I’m gonna ride my 113 instead.

  2. The gameplay wasn’t impressive at all, it was just a broken tank in a good matchup in action. Really there was nothing to learn or marvel at here.

  3. what show/movie the godzilla is from ??

  4. Really? you question why they want to make more money selling gold bullets?

  5. WG has been doing some weird stuff lately let me tell you. I play on console so everything we get is severely delayed, but man these changes while some are ok, most I’m not sure were the right choice. I wanted to switch to the pc, but don’t really wanna anymore lol. people complain about the pay to win, I’m ok with that to an extent. the games free. if you need to spend 20-65 bucks on the game after you are already playing it, consider it buying the game. buy a premium tank or two to have silver. but this thing man, the T5H! what does a tier 8 do to a thing like that?!
    oh wait, the same thing that Panther 2 did in the factory. die XD
    I still pen the side plates in the front of the type 4 heavies on console, because the updates havnt hit yet. but when they do, what shall I do to the type 5 heavy?!
    oh wait, play arty ;).

  6. Kebote was able to do this, because red team’s Tier Xs utterly failed. The first thing I always do is size up the team list in the pre-game lobby. In a match like this if your Tier X, it is your job no; duty to eliminate tanks like the Type 5. The JP E-100 should have been in Kebote’s face from the start. Instead they let him have his way with the Tier VIIIs, and disaster.

  7. Yesterday evening was the second time I’ve been in the same match with you. It was fun, even thou you put a round into my E100’s side. But I’m thankful that your team didn’t really hold that right side of Ensk when we pushed on and got you cornered. I wish that next time we’ll get on your team. Cheers from Finland.

  8. twotailedavenger

    As a car guy, I say it’s not truly Godzilla until you paint it blue.

  9. Hey mum get the camera!

  10. MajesticRaithier

    This tank is so stupid at tier 9 with the Type 4. How in the HELL does wg expect tier 7 or 8 tanks to compete against this shit?

  11. WTF is this zoom in and out bullshit! This is the second replay from someone I’ve seen on this channel where they kept doing this!

  12. I guess noone is going to smile when facing the Type 5 Heavy, since it has been buffed, anymore lol

  13. Quicky, you said seven kills and he clearly had eight.

  14. its looks like peace between the trailer XD

  15. Best battle i’ve seen

  16. how do u get national crew voicecs

  17. Floris van den Eventuin


  18. Frederick Burkert

    I have perma-tracked type 4 and 5 with low tier tanks with lower tier just to keep them out of the game. Unfortunately there is no reward and can be a waste of bonus xp for the win for the benefit of the ‘team’. Ty WG for not considering this

  19. *Cries in E-100*

  20. Along with this tanks ammo cost, the ammo cost dealing with these tanks is fucking stupid as well. Also, if you’re in anything lower than t10… Penning these beasts, outside of maybe some of the biggest TDs tiers 8/9 that barely even have the slightest chance of contesting the rebalanced super heavies with premium rounds…

    Oh, but they nurfed the fuck out of the E5 copula… WG = What Gives? Turn the Maus and the Type 5 into fucking monsters but nerf the shit out of the E5… Here’s an idea WG, how about nurfing the IS7 hulldown too???? oh, but wouldn’t want to do that… It’s Russian. The e5 that’s already a fucking ammo rack on tracks, with tons of weaknesses…

    Honestly I’m starting to lose faith in WG… They fucked the E5, but made the Maus and type 5 literally 5x as effective as they used to be.

  21. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    seems balanced

  22. why ur videos are now only 720p

  23. Hey, I’m a forty-year-old man! And yes, that tank is now sooo broken.

  24. The entire japanese heavy line needs to be revised. Having both exceptional armour and a derp gun is just not fair.

  25. Hey QB. When do you stream?

  26. Top 10 Anime Villians

  27. that thing is fucking op

  28. This tank is the reason i stopped playing world of tanks

  29. David Mr military

    He hit the IS7 and killed the tank in front of it

  30. premium shells are pay to win
    they should be removed from the game totaly

  31. Totally agree this is p2win, but meh what can we do as most everyone will pay it.

    Also, my god toward the end killing my eyes with the constant rapid zoom in and out….made me wanna reach thru and smack whomever it was. Dont do that crap in replays!

  32. Always so much drama in tier 10. Better off playing lower tiers.

  33. shaddup we want the type 5 heavy to be our lovely tier 10 heavy derp what use would it be if it got its pen or alpha changed

  34. i have question do own all the tanks in wot blitz ?

  35. Most retarded line currently in game… press W, auto aim and derp every one in the face… just right for every previous arti player but maybe the additional use of the W key might be too much for them.

  36. Type 5 Heavy is a despicable tanks for nut head players


  38. I can’t like this shit. He loaded nothing but premium in an incredibly well-armored tier ten heavy.
    Where’s the struggle? Where is the show of skills? He literally just pointed and clicked, and QB’s excuse that he was playing to the strength of his tank is bullshit, as that can be said about any tank, once you load 100% premium ammo.
    Fucking hell this was a waste of time.

  39. That godzilla movie cut with the type 5 heavy on it got me laughing so hard?

  40. Quicklybaby use this game’s langauge is Japanese

  41. P2W in an absurd tank, hate it

  42. my reaction is to close the gap between me and him, hug his side and slowly murder the fucker with him only being able to splash me for 50-80 dmg tops.

    given his an idiot with shit positioning and no immediate backup.

  43. randomcat gaming

    says that Kv-2 can hit as hard, TRIGGERED lol

  44. megaderp gun

  45. Thanks Master QuickyBaby for the bonus codes from livestream yesterday and keep up

  46. wz here, hard but epic game 🙂 to bad i kinda screwed up at the end ^^

  47. WG destroyed this game.Finish.I missing 2012 -2016 WOT

  48. Press “W” to win match, great balancing by Wargaming these kind of tanks. Just like the Maus now….

  49. Can we please stop showcasing these kinds of matches.

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