World of Tanks | Its Moron Time a Guide To Being An Idiot!!! Game Play Guide Tutorial

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks | Its Moron Time! a Guide To Being An Idiot!!! Game Play Guide Tutorial

This movie is a Horror, a Thriller and a Comedy all rolled into one. Its goal is to educate you guys on the fact of Team Damage Reporting.

Basically the only thing you can do is report at the time of the Team Damage, in the game NOT after. So without further ado, let jump into the video.

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Its Moron Time – People on your team being Dicks
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  1. unsubscribed for to many ads

  2. We used to get this all the time in Blitz. I spent a lot of my time
    cleaning up my own teams before engaging the enemy, lol. There was no auto
    banning mechanism in Blitz. But if we all reported a guy during battle then
    their accounts would be shut down during that battle.

  3. LMAO , oi get in the water.

  4. My God , was that Jingles taking his shirt off?. Please Jingles put it back
    on, for the love of God, put it back on! Great video,I had some ass
    yesterday just shoot me in the track and drive on. I went on to do 1,800
    odd damage and 2 kills, while he? not much. That is my revenge on ppl. like
    that sometimes, not always though.

  5. Tech support got yo back ;)

  6. Awful “players” there. Thx for exposing these idiots to the face of the
    world :-)

  7. YouTube fame at last!! – it’s a poor do the way people behave at times.
    Good video hope we get some results.

  8. Pete, funny and sad all in one video.Thanks.

  9. I don’t understand the difference between reporting them while in the match
    or from the after-action report after the match.

  10. One thing +Sir Havoc -> You CAN report in garage in the result screen on
    the team results page. But it’s better to do it directly in game.

    • @Golem, I know you can bro, but WG told me those ones do not count for in
      game activity only for people harrassing in chat etc… basically if it
      happens in game it has to be reported whilst that game is running

    • Well THAT is EPICALLY stupid… you can quote me on that in the next one…
      +World of Tanks +Wargaming Europe failing again in customer support if you
      ask me.

    • i was like …. say what??? at the time i was asking for them to let us
      send in replays, the truth is we have to educate EVERYONE to report these
      guys as it is getting done

  11. what a pathetic people you got in world of tanks.crybabys ,they got shit in
    the brains thats why they behave like these pathetic morons

  12. Sadly this is becoming common place in WOT. It’s hard not to react to these
    idiots and spoils the fun of a team battle.

  13. Sinco sucks, but the guy asking not to cry about his stats sucks as much.
    Seriously, how hard is it to notice where to go in a heavy tank at haluf?
    sitting at the ridge with a BAD GUN HANDLING tank…just stupid and the
    reason why his stats suck.

    • +Hans Kinki PS: The best way to avoid those players is to get off the
      camping/useless positions because they DO target those, so being agressive
      really helps since reds will shoot the teamtroll at the “front”.

  14. Is it bad that i dont feel bad for of the destroyed allied arty players?

    killing the whole lot of them sounded strangely pleasing to my ears.

  15. Kevin “Doc” Carter

    Sorry Sir H, when possible name and shame. these arsholes deserve nothing
    better. But as we know they are probably multi account and can just ignore
    any ban and carry on as if nothing happened.

  16. I didn’t know you had to report in game, thanks for that. I think it’s crap
    though because I’m usually trying to play the game when I’m in the game. I
    don’t even know how most players seem to be able to conduct an ongoing
    conversation while playing, I’m way too slow on my keyboard.

    • +MrHullRockers You know, there is courses on how to get to a reasonable
      (75w/minute) typing speed. Its the same as with tenks, use it or stay bad 😉

  17. Wish I could be as funny as you one day. Good stuff mate!

  18. I know its a serious topic, but I couldn’t stop laughing at your voices in
    the IS-3 clip :D

    • +AgingJedi (Oake) nothing wrong with light hearted humour mate hey, lol at
      the audience reactions on the last clips!!

    • +Sir Havoc I hope this works , I am sooo frustrated with these numptys , it
      is even starting in WoWs now, got team killed a couple of times and there
      is no system in yet . the numptys are everywhere 🙁 and yes I do report in

  19. i always report people after the battle, yet you say this is no good? why
    does wargaming have a function to report the player in the results if they
    take no notice of it? seems barmy to me.

  20. I tell ya… reporting does f*ck all xD

  21. It pisses me off seeing people get away with this shit.
    In the meantime, I’ve just been handed a 1 Day ban for ‘unsportsmanlike
    conduct’ for doing absolutely NOTHING wrong. I mean seriously, just been
    playing the game as normal, not being an arse, and a 1 Day ban out of

    • +Modern BoreFare totally agree, the system is wrecked. it is so easy to
      get a ban for accidental damage to teammates or lesser offences, yet people
      are deliberately going around, pushing, shooting and abusing other players.
      they should be getting much longer bans or a block on their IP address or
      something so they can’t simply start a new account

    • +Modern BoreFare It happnes one in a thousand battlese, or more likely less
      often. its bad but its rare.Tomato players ruining the fun because they are
      either in your or the other team making for 2minute boring/frustrating
      battles thats horrible.
      Tomato players make people NOT PLAY FOR THE TEAM because why would you? The
      guy u give up hp to save would most likely not do any damage because he is
      playing “for fun”.

      U meet really imcompetent people every day, most of the matches. So whats
      the bigger problem? Some asshole doing stuff on purpose or some asshole
      doing stuff because he thinks that he doesnt need to play well?

    • well the topic is about morons deliberately trying to annoy their own team
      and ruining the battle. i’m sure “tomato” players are not playing badly on
      purpose to make their team lose. i’d rather have a tomato on my team than
      the pricks on display in these 2 instances, who just want to take their
      personal problems out on other people

    • +Hans Kinki
      The difference is a regular tomato ‘playing for fun’ only reduces your team
      by 1 tank, his own, and both sides will get them usually.
      As soon as these idiots start messing with their own team like in this
      video, they are taking 2+ tanks away from your team, making it far more
      difficult to win the battle.
      The platoon that killed 3 of their own team effectively made that battle 10
      vs 15.

    • +Matty S And still, 1-14tomatos each game, 1troll each thousand or more

      Btw to be clear, its not about the tomato in YOUR team, if they are in the
      enemy team its as bad because battles end up boring facerolls.

  22. great vid keep em coming

  23. Still, the amx ac 48 shouldn’t expect top notch behavior when he was
    cussing at his teammates, how does that help the team.

  24. Dutch Annihilation

    I sadly remember the clan tag [1CSO1] theyre csech players
    I send the commander of that clan a message a while ago, he didnt respond
    and neither kicked the teamkillers

    • +Dutch Annihilation What was wrong with the clan?

    • Dutch Annihilation

      the times i saw them in battle they were just annoying their teammates.
      even though i gotta admit some in the clan are good players but even some
      of the officers act like douchebags in battles

  25. Konjokradica beeinaction


  26. Some people just want to see the world burn, sorry to quote a Batman movie
    but its true. Internet + Gaming = Some retards.

  27. Super Gameplay Time

    i started to play this game on 17 march, and bassed on this video im a much
    better player, back on the video those guys are despicable … i have met
    some players like that and i honestly don’t know how to report them.

  28. nice video! too bad the auto-report system for team damage doesn’t work as
    oh, and about the intro, is the song from battlefield 1942? if not, from
    where is it?

    • +vuk psodorov Both were useless. Sitting at this spot is useless with any
      tank any game. People just get lucky sometimes to get to shoot some and
      then come back.

    • +Hans Kinki
      yeah, most action goes down on the choke-point side of the map.

    • +vuk psodorov You know it, i know it, most of us know it. If i wouldn´t
      know i would wonder why all the heavy tanks go there and…just checkt it
      out and wreck stuff with my autoloader.
      The retards problem is that they try to check it out and get recked because
      they don´t know how to play their autoloader and drive out into 5guns and
      die. So they go and sit at the hill being useless untill they make an even
      worse mistake and die.

      I get why some td sit there, its because td are painfull and useless to

    • +Hans Kinki
      tbh the autoloaders are semi-hard to fight against and are by no means easy
      to play. you have to know when to reload, for example. you have to know
      your potential so that you don’t screw yourself over. you’ve got to know
      how to make the enemy think you’re reloaded while you’re still reloading
      and how to make them think you’re empty when you’ve reloaded.
      if you’re fighting them, you gotta know their potential and you gotta know
      when they are empty and when they’re loaded.

    • +vuk psodorov Well, actually, no. The reloading and making them think u got
      shells left thats advanced level, near unicum level.
      What you need to know is how ot trade shots, this channel has a good video
      on it and there are many more. If u just trade well ur doing okay, green
      stats with no more skill then not being stupid and driving into 3-4tanks
      with your no armour tank.

      Bad is bad, sitting at the bad spot with an autoloader with bad gun
      handling is bad. It would be bad with an e-100 too but at least his shells
      are not as limited.
      It would be bad in a med, because you could be at the nice hulldow artysafe
      spot where u can shoot heavy tanks in the side, which is where the
      autoloader should be if played well.

  29. Good job man, keep up the good work.. I liked the commentary. “I don’t want
    to get in the water” LOL. +Sir Havoc

  30. Hopefully if we ALL slip a report in ANY time we witness this sort of
    thing, WG will have to take notice. Though they are coping out by not
    accepting replay supported reports. Maybe complaints by Community
    Contributers (who seem to have access to WG personnel), will get the system
    upgraded to something that works.
    Don’t forget if a player turns blue, he becomes a free kill, so then you
    can take him out.

    • +Tom Humphries They “did” take replay supported reports at one point back
      many years/months ago but I guess they got soooo many they couldn’t
      possibly adjudicate 1% of them. The main problem being a “kid” who got shot
      from double bush cammo’ed tank would send in a report saying “cheat” which
      is just his/her bad play versus the need to actually have some kind of
      recompense for the truly stupid who need to be hit the ban hammer because
      they are toxic to the game and the community.

    • +Tom Humphries Do not make any assumptions about WG. They will not take
      notice as long as they make money. Statistically this behaviour is rare so
      they don’t care. About the JG PZ E100 now, who would expect any better from
      a member of a clan that has as a moto: “Let’s be glad that there are idiots
      without them we would not stand out. ” ???

  31. Petition WG to have them banned.

    • +Riaan Landman Doesn’t do anything to petition WG via support centre, they
      just give you a copy pasted reply, “We have an in game complaint system
      which “works” please use it and now FUCK OFF as we don’t give +1 FUCK,
      because our “Free to play” business model makes us millions”.

  32. I know these guys.. Mostly,I try ignore them

    • Oh,okay. But still these guys are just jerks.. Jerks which even sucks in
      team killing.

    • +Sebastian Bugar I always have a hard time Imagining that those “things”
      driving these tanks are human…

    • +A FMB
      Those things from SiemkaKtoPL land aren´t humans..
      At least most of them,I know a few good ppl from there

    • +Sebastian Bugar Please never make assumptions ranging over a group of
      people just for the actions of a few of them.

      I’d love to see a basic intelligence check when you log into wot something
      like (2+3)^2+30=??? and everyone that is too drunk/young to answer can’t

    • I don´t make assumptions. I´m just saying what I saw in World of Tanks/War
      thunder.. and probably in other MMO games.

      The answer is 42.
      Lol jk! It´s 4.

      (55 I know)

  33. World of Tanks | Its Moron Time! a Guide To Being An Idiot!!! Game Play
    Guide Tutorial

    This movie is a Horror, a Thriller and a Comedy all rolled into one. Its
    goal is to educate you guys on the fact of Team Damage Reporting.

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