World of Tanks || It’s Not Over Yet…

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World of Tanks – LTTB. Today the Soviet light tank is going to let the enemy team: it’s not over yet…

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. That was some game. Nicely done :)

  2. I’m consider to try russian lights after french and americans. How you guys
    thinking is LTTB overall better scout than T-54 ltw? I saw many games when
    54 spoted opponents on ridge bouncing plenty of hits from his turret and
    armor looks amazing as for light. Can I try something similar on LTTB
    effective by good mm like in these game? Generally checking for the stats
    tier 7 russian is more agile,faster and have decent gun pen against his
    brother in tier 8 imo.

  3. I was breathing heavily near the end XD

  4. Holy moly 8 T-29’s ! xD

  5. Hopefully I fooled a few of you with the fake thumbnail 😉 some of you were
    giving feedback that the thumbnails gave away the ending.

    I’ll be doing this in the future so stay on your toes :)

  6. Heartbreak???? I dont think so….

  7. Why doesn’t wargaming just bump up a tier all of the high tier light tanks?
    Why the need for all this inconsistency and wrong tier placing of light
    tanks? Are they trying to be like WarThunder? :D

  8. What did your team mates do on as Assault game, abandon base and rolled on
    towards enemy spawn point when all the enemy team was at the base. That was
    such a bad team on your side. I guess they forgot that it was an Assault

  9. Close to 800 games in my lttb :)

  10. QB, Not true about the MM. You can OCCASIONALLY get a top tier match. In
    nearly 200 games in the AMX12t I have had a tier 6 game twice. Also had
    tier 7 games in both the AMX13 75 and AMX13 57. Admittedly it is very rare
    but it does happen.

  11. LTTB is only ***OP***. Sure it is great, but clearly OP.

  12. Who remembers the Awful Panzer lol rip that too. And the Pz kpfw ausf k..
    Many thing have changed over 5 years

  13. What tank is the T-50-2 now? It used to be so legendary.. RIP.

  14. please play T-34-1

  15. Don`t you people ever feel it is unsportmanlike conduct to gain advanteage
    on your opponents by outpaying them? (consumables+ammo)
    what a disgusting round, and he makes a video of it…

  16. Wow, this was a great game!

  17. Generally Wen the video is entitled Heartbreak it means that the player did
    a great job and lose the battle no ?

  18. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    lol! “Ahh, it’s a real shame we didn’t have artillery on this round” – QB

  19. What a game ! Applause, this is not a team win but a quickywin…

  20. This replay seems awfully familiar…

  21. my dad had T-52 , it was his favorite tank he was sad war gaming removed
    it. but yeah i remember it

  22. AFter playing the LTTB alot, i have realised that prem rounds aren’t

  23. omg i hate those retarded heavie drivers camping in the back

  24. I’m over this channel. Its all about him just showing off how good he
    is and giving all this nerd information that a average player cannot use
    because you need to get good at the simple things before you start going
    full mlg nerd skills. A major downfall of this channel honestly. Wants to
    show us the nerdiest best replays he has while still trying to show people
    they you can pull this off but in reality you can’t because you need fully
    equipped crew, gold ammo, top crew with perks, not a stock tank, understand
    every single mechanic of the game, have xvm working so you know who is good
    and bad and tank positions, know what tanks have what view range (lol) so
    you can snipe, understand camo ratings and know every single map from top
    to bottom. This guy has no foresight whatsoever. All you fucking do is
    stroke your ego with these replays while still trying to help the noobs but
    seeing as you have never been a noob at wot you don’t understand how to
    improve upon in a competitive game through a step by step way. It’s just do
    this and this and it pays off. I think you don’t actually understand that
    isn’t an easy thing to do as you need to micro manage everything. GG
    quickybaby you don’t get it.

  25. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    13 90 as a tier8 light has 170mm pen combined with horrible gun handling,
    bad depression and bad mobility for a light which makes the autoloader
    almost always ineffective.

  26. S-51 officially has the worst depression in WoT with its 1 degree, so if
    you are in a low profile tank it is a nightmare for the arty driver :)

  27. Nice that you posted a heartbreak but you accually won :)

  28. A tier 6 light tank taking on tier 8 heavies? Come on now! What? No such
    thing as WoT being bias to Russian tanks is there? Noooo way!!! That would
    be unfair!!! Psh! This is also a very significant example of how ridiculous
    premium ammo is in this game. If you got the credits APCR and HEAT are the
    way to go! After all what is armor? Apparently nothing.

  29. Hey QuickyBaby!
    It would be nice to know what load-out you use as well as the kind of
    skills and perks your crews on the tanks are trained for. A four skill LTTB
    crew vs a new crew makes a big difference in battlefield performance.
    Having all your vision extending skills vs having your mobility skills can
    change your game play and tactics as well. I know you’ve spoken about the
    general skills/perks progression you prefer on the various tank types, but
    a quick mention of the featured tank’s crew can add useful info for the
    replay and your dynamic within it.

  30. Awesome battle, loved the bush work near the end :)

  31. you kinda look like a young gordon ramsey.

  32. i run binos on a few on my heavy tanks just to be able to out spot
    people…. sure, a spall liner might give me more use… but the way i
    play, i like to hang back till i understand how many tanks i have to
    face/can shoot at me… then charge in.

    and late game, if all the scouts are dead, i wont get owned by a hidden
    light tank… american heavys dont have that bad vision…

  33. Epic game as always QB. You never fail to impress :-)

  34. Alex Yang (Comrade Yang)


  35. World of Tanks says “oh our matchmaking is fine” really cause I see 6 tier
    8’s on the enemy team and 2 on QuickBaby’s

  36. I would’ve been going ballistic by the end of this. Definitely would’ve
    sent my fist through the screen

  37. How is this a heartbreak?

  38. i really loved my LTTB, then i got my t-54 lwt and jesus, i’m not going
    back to the lttb.

  39. Wasnt a heart break qb :/

  40. wow i rarely comment on vids but this was exceptionally well played qb.
    nice game

  41. The bulldog has 175mm AP/ 210mm HEAT penetration. So the LTTB has the
    better penetration stats in fact.

  42. Your videos are very inspiring, I learned a lot from you. Keep up the good
    work :)

  43. hey you thought it was like the T-50-2 like me lol

  44. No one gives enough love for the WZ-131 :(

  45. 7:38 **amx 13 75 cries**

  46. When i first drove the LTTB i instantly fell in love with it and decided to
    never part again 😛
    If it had 3 more degrees of gun depression and less ground resist it would
    be so damn good they had to replace it by something that even the MT-25
    couldn’t match in awkwardness … hell i am still not over loosing the
    T-50-2 :-X
    I am not sure if i remember it correctly but didn’t light tanks require
    much more of everything to play them back in the day? Well of course
    excluding this certain countries line… they just required premium ammo
    and a derpface even then… is that just my blurred perspective or did they
    really change that?
    PS: I think i am not even talking about the lack of penetration without
    spending shitloads of gold… maybe not as much as when you drive a
    Pz.Kpfw.I Ausführung C and use gold to pay for your ammo but still quite a

  47. The lttb has 5 less penetration than the walker bulldog. 5mm difference is
    not much. And remember the bulldog comes with apcr as standard

  48. I have 2 Ace tanker in LTTB in your replay site QB go search my in-game
    name “Siders” i put all my best replays on it

  49. And T-43 with the same tier got 144mm pen…

  50. QB is possible to start the video a few seconds in the garage in the tank
    you gonna played just too see the crews, the equipment etc.. that you have
    ? It’s interesting

  51. i have god a great tip for light tanks drivers DONT SUWI RUSE THE ENEMY’S

  52. Suggestion to QB : Could you do a review of the T28 HTC? I think it would
    be very interesting.

  53. i remember when the chaffee got matched with tier 10’s

  54. My fav is ELC cause it’s the only light tank I have on console and pc

  55. that was intense QB! you had me there for a bit. great commentary and

  56. that gun depression….. so bad…

  57. When’s your next live stream?

  58. I can wholeheartedly say that if I were in the same situation there is no
    way I would be able to do that. That’s why I’m stuck at 52% and qb is at
    62% win rate.

  59. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    Isn’t at least ONE person looking through this bullshit?
    This was a TERRIBLE game from a scouting perspective. Only 1,013 assist
    damage in a game like this? Then sitting in the open waiting for enemies to
    spot him – all the damage he took early was unnecessary. After that he let
    all his team mates die when he could have helped them survive. Also risking
    a loss for the team only to get 2 easy kills at the end was irresponsible.
    Read this fast – expecting a ban any second…

  60. Those players were like oh hey a quickybaby

  61. Why does it say heartbreak on the thumbnail? Lol QB always surprising us
    viewers :)

  62. Isnt making a thumbnail or title of a video misleading a violation of
    youtube’s community guidelines?

  63. Such a juicy episode


  65. So what was the heartbreak? Looks more like an epic win. Or you mean the
    heartbreak was for the enemy? Confused.

  66. So much carrying.. i wonder if your back got actually sore for playing that

  67. LTTB is my love for the rest of my life

  68. Awesomeness jrk (squiggly diggly)

    Hey QuickyBaby im just starting to post on youtube and im wondering if you
    can do a video with me. If you can I would be soooooo happy.. Thanks

  69. why so you re upload this

  70. The heartbreak in the title made me so nervous at the end of this game

  71. Actually, QB… On rare occasions light tanks are top tier. I saw teir 7
    lights as the top tier tanks when I was using my Cromwell Berlin a week

  72. Walker bulldog still better.

  73. anyone know if the e50 and e50m are worth the grind? I’m on Xbox one and
    there’s an OP that gives additional xp for tanks leading to the e50m if it
    is worth it then what are the bad tanks in that line?

  74. Why are you playing russian version?

  75. Thats an amazing game…it’s going on my Fav list

  76. Great video QB. I liked the action music at the end :)

  77. shot 4k dmg in tier 9 game and had an ace tanker in the lttb. Spotting is
    also a big help for the ace tanker

  78. I have seen this gameplay in your livestream ^^

  79. QB what are your graphics set to? your client looks so smooth
    Also what is you Crosshair set too? i like the way it looks Thanks and keep
    up the good work

  80. Cheeky bugger “heartbreakin” he said

  81. do LT have normal MM now?

  82. Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu)

    QB, this is a serious question, its’ long but please read if you can. what
    do you think people should do when they are in your situation like the one
    you had when you was trying to help that IS-3? I mean, it’s always
    important to help out teammates, but at the same time it’s also important
    to conserve hp, and stay alive so you can continue to carry. Especially if
    a player is not as good as you, and probably will die by continue to stay
    there? Is it always the right move to stay and fight until the last moment?
    Sometimes in my lights, especially ones like the 1390, I prioritize my own
    health when I feel like what I can help on a flank is already much less
    than what I might potentially lose if I stay there, so I just run, and then
    got called “coward” by my teammates again and again. I mean, it’s not like
    I cannot do anything on that flank if I had stayed, but in most situations
    I felt like I will be a better help to my team and to myself if I stay

    What do you think QB?

  83. Hi qb, what do you think of the SP1C? I recently had my best game in it-
    3000 dmg and a topgun 🙂 I would love to see a video on the tank. as for
    tips on light tanks, you should never give up. Even if you’re on 1 hp and
    spotted in front of many guns always try and make a dash for cover, you
    never know, you might get lucky, light tanks can get away with some
    outrageous stuff sometimes

  84. T 52 top kek

  85. well played mate! :)

  86. Dick butt Nick butt

    How was this a heart break?

  87. I have a replay from 9.12 where I could have got 9 kills 6000 DM blocked
    and 400DM done in a t29

  88. So where was the heartbreak? A win is a win, you should be happy

  89. Great video QB! I just have a small question, do you have your graphics to
    max? As in everything is set to maximum?

  90. Even though I broke my phone watching you the other day… Still totally
    worth it.

  91. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    The LTTB, another example of power creep in World of Tanks.
    The AMX 13 75 cries itself to sleep every night.
    Maybe if the 13 75 wasn’t slow as shit and forced to use a gun with 144

  92. The bulldog only has 210 pen with its HEAT

  93. Uumm qb …..that penetrations pretty good. Think about the kv 13 and t43
    that get the t34 85 85mm with 144 pen. Yes this gets scout mm BUT i barely
    ever get into t10 games. Plus the shell velocity on this is great.

  94. for me sp1c is the best light tank in the game

  95. I had the same situation on mines 1vs 5 an I got 7 kills and ran out of
    ammo when I was in the 1 vs 2

  96. fantastic play fantastic!!!!!!

  97. Sorry QB, but I rather take 5 mm less pen on an 85 than using a 76 that is
    more prone to bouncing. I loved the M41, but the was before they nerfed the
    single shot. Completely ruined the tank.

  98. Love my Lttb and just got my 3rd mark

  99. heart break??? where.

  100. Dude this intro…

    like if u agree

  101. 6 damage done by a Tiger 1… 6! Wow

  102. you sneaky guy QB, making us think you would lose by using a heartbreak
    thumbnail. ?

  103. 170mm penn irritating? well…. the 13 90 has the same amound of penn at
    tier 8 :(

  104. i stopped wot and wont rebegin until the t50-2 reenters

  105. OMG QB YOU TRICK ME XD gg! :D

  106. This tomato team didn’t deserve the win you got them. Well played, though.

  107. IchButterMirDenLachs

    Just QB-y things….Crying about 170AP/216APCR and comparing it to
    175APCR/210HEAT nicely done :^)

  108. Great playing QuickyBaby!

  109. I do meet tier 5 tanks in my lttb…

  110. bad pen?
    LTTB 170 215
    Bulldog 175 210
    SPIC 180 250
    13 75 144 202
    13 57 143 199
    T71 170 210
    WZ 181 ???

  111. Martijn Huis in t veld

    qb this wasn’t a heart break beacouse you win

  112. This game i see in stream :D

  113. Qb noob, I have 2 marks on my lttb after only 84 battles

  114. fantastic result, gg

  115. Pls du LTTB reveiw

  116. Which line should I go up next, Russian Heavies or French Heavies?

  117. the lttb is my favorite light tank :3

  118. Buff the 13 75, only 144mm of pen, no armor, no mobility !!!

  119. What a game QB, really good!! :D

  120. I saw this on stream

  121. I had the LTTB, but sold it because of the rubbish gun depression……

  122. The amount of times you mention arty in a match where there is none lol

  123. Why was this a heartbreak?

  124. play a couple games in the type 62 and you will soon find the lttb’s
    penetration amazing

  125. I watched this stream it was greatXD

  126. it can meet tier 5 Light tanks not only tier 6

  127. Lol a ‘heartbrake’ video.. Gg, totally fell for it. Wasnt paying attention
    to the bandage on the heart in the thumbnail at first. ;)

  128. Soooo… Where’s the heartbreak?

  129. Hey any one who has played the Mt-25, I dare you not to complain about it.

  130. And I tought that Rhm. -B. WT. have bad gun depression

  131. i miss my good old t-50-2 :(

  132. M41 has 175/210 pen.

  133. wait, why is there a heartbreak on the thumbnail…? lolwut.

  134. wait, why is there a heartbreak on the thumbnail…? lolwut

  135. LTTB’s 170 AP penetration > bulldog,T71 175 APCR penetraion

  136. look at QuickyBae face 18:21

  137. Can you do a T49 review, or more gameplay

  138. ey QB. You should really play the rhm with the 15cm once. I watched your
    review not only once and i got my own rhm for a time now. Im close to
    getting my third marc and know this TD very well. And that you didnt cover
    the 15cm in your review makes it probably a really bad one because frankly,
    that gun is actually a better performer. All the really big games are
    performed with that gun and its also way more fun, and thats what we play
    the game for. Other than that, great video i enjoyed it and in difference
    to many more viewers here i understand the title

  139. I just lost 14 games in a row on Wot blitz because of idiot teams (playing
    the IS-7). And it’s because of that god damn IS-3 Defender event going on.
    I realy want it but I don’t know if I can handle all the noobs in top tier

    Weirdly enoughe it is only Tankdestroyers that are beeing used by good
    players. (Of course this means that they all get clusterd up on the enemy
    team while you haft to defend a flank with base camping IS-7 and Mauses.
    And as a last touch to the whole thing they call you acamping noob.)

  140. Are you going to get some of those test server tanks??

  141. how is it a heartbreak?

  142. Jasper Leto-Niemetz

    Can a bounce shots from most to your six and seven tanks, bowl.

  143. Clickbait thumbnail :P

  144. Have to say i always enjoy the videos you put up QB/Will they are
    excellent,I have been playing world of tanks on the Xbox for over two years
    now ,Have tried the PC version of the game & found it tough to use the key
    board/mouse controls,So hats off to all you guys on the PC version of
    game.I am working on the MT-25 at the moment to get to the LTTB, And
    looking forward to seeing the back of it.Keep the good work up and best of
    luck with your future in-devours.

  145. Quick win super mm and players not to high skill pozdro from Poland

  146. this is one game mode I refuse to be part of as everything is stacked in
    the defenders favour and if the attacker wins do they get any extra XP… I
    don’t think so. equal sides, 10 min rounds, the attacker HAS to press,
    destroy all or cap all this is in the defenders favour, what advantage has
    the attacker got… anyone?, anyone?… did you say something??… in the
    back?… … …. that’s right, the attacker has no advantage at all, the
    only time the attacker wins is when they out play the defenders or RNG is
    with them.

  147. Do a tank reviewing the T71 that tank is awesome just like you ;)

  148. Im new to light tanks actually my top light tank is the AMX 12 t and my
    best match with it was causing 1200+ dmg and almost 3000 assisting dmg

  149. I have been top tier in my T71

  150. why is it a heart break ?
    I dont like it when the title is different to the Video

  151. do you play on test serve or the regular serve

  152. Ricardo Hernandez Alvarez

    LOL he says the MM for light tanks is fair because they are very fast and
    have good camo, but if you look at the stats of the obj 416 or the T-44
    there is not such a difference, and let’s nos speak about tier 9 and 10
    meds… MM should be +1/-1 for all and maybe +2/-2 for lights

  153. What a great basketball game!

  154. saw this one on the live stream

  155. Iam wondering, wasn’tthis video uploaded before? like way before?

  156. i thought this was gonna be a heartbreak match, so I was half expecting him
    to unpause it after the end and his tank just to blow up from a lucky shot
    by the IS.

  157. i tought u would lose my heart was bumbing or whateveritscalled

  158. QB play with e 100 please

  159. He sure did complain a lot about his team when they were the reason he did
    so well to begin with

  160. Why did you not mention the SP I C it has 10 degrees of depression with all
    of its guns

  161. Hey QB,can you do a video about the AMX 13 75 because the AMX 13 75 has got
    bad speed for a light tank, worst penetration of all light tanks at his
    tier, bad gun handeling and very bad gun Depression. Please help me while I
    am grinding through this thing. 🙁 :-(

  162. that heart breake sounds like o lost game

  163. havent you uploaded this gameplay before?

  164. I was totally expecting that IS-2 to get lucky and hit you with a blind
    shot… Well played QuickyBaby. Well played.

  165. I was saying it from the begging when it was imtorduced but noone trusted
    me so i backed off but as you se QB when you stopped playing Comet M41 and
    Nothing to be rude just saying i was right xD

  166. IDK, using that much premium ammo kind of takes any impressiveness away.

  167. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  168. Truly a Heart Break…wait what?

  169. look its tje tank i skiped with gold today.

  170. No heartbreaks, only heartbeats

  171. why is this a heartbreak?

  172. @quickybaby I wanted to thank you because you have helped me a lot for a
    long time. When I started waching you my wn8 was ca. 1500 and now its 3500
    I am really greatfull thank you

  173. its normal you idiot

  174. My mom say she will give me pizza if i get 100 likes

    Plzzzzzzz i love pizza

  175. That replay is REALLY INTENSE… lol you are good, and lucky at time needed
    😀 great game!

  176. <3 t-50-2 ;3

  177. Always usefull videos from Quicky. So much to learn all the time ;)

  178. I love the lttb easily my most favourite tank to play the t54 lightweight
    wasn’t as impressive

  179. Just saw the thumbnail “HEARTBREAK”

    Was like “fuck this”

  180. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    World like to rate See exotic tanks that arent mentionable on this channel

  181. Ths thing is almost good as Cruiser IV

  182. Do another T-34-3 review post-buff, please Quicky.

  183. It’s nearly impossible to get an Ace tanker in this thing. My highest base
    XP in the tank is 1431, but even that is a first class. How on earth can
    you ace this? O_O

  184. i like wz 131 verrrrrry nice tank

  185. Another bot farming in T7 scout on T8 game on one of the last maps where
    camouflage and view range still make sense.Really nothing special.

  186. lol i hate light tanks i am more of a assult guy

  187. that vk jumping over the road at the end

  188. Hey Quickybaby are you aware that there is no Scottish flag emblem options?
    IDk if it matters that much, but it does seem odd, is there a reason for

  189. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    g fukin g

  190. Quickyyyyy, could you make a tank video/review on a vehicle that’s not very
    popular or very powerful? You know, something other than tier 10 tanks or
    high tier lights. And please don’t start the “Oh tier 10 tanks or high tier
    lights are not even that powerful” talk.

  191. It can meet T5 lights…

  192. Heart Break?

  193. Who else remembers this game on Sundays stream? :)

  194. Who else remembers this game on Sundays stream? :)

  195. you overly pronounced dictate on purpose

  196. With the bulldog around theres little reason to play anything else around
    tier 7 in terms of scouts.

  197. So what does your wife do while you are making these videos? I always
    expect to see her in the background. Hair in curlers. Bathrobe on. Cucumber
    face mask ……

  198. “It’s unbelieveable that none of my team has come to this position to get
    flanking shots in!”

    >Looks at teamlist.

    All red.

  199. holy fuck, that was exciting

  200. I got so scared when that IS2 came after you in the end, that thumbnail was
    excellent!!! Haha

  201. I couldn’t give a monkey’s lol so hard!!

  202. hahahah

  203. wait? this wasn’t a heartbreak….

  204. QB likes a tank with no gun depression?!
    That’s new

  205. when is the new intro coming? i thought that he made a competition right?
    to make a new intro and a new profile picture

  206. Noke | CS:GO and More!

    Top 5 Vanished Words


    your welcome.

  207. LTTB- Learn To Tank Better

  208. because this is going to get lost in the comments, I am safe to say I have
    a small dick

  209. I hate how QBs favorite way to describe a large vehicle is ‘big fat


    Hell of a carry QB!!

  211. Erik “Hortn” Hortlund

    I miss my LTTB, have decided, its coming back.

  212. you sneeky bugger, i thought it was another heart break my heart was
    pounding at the end

  213. lol Quickybaby the LTTB has good standard penetration, compare it to the
    Type 62 or the AMX 13 75

  214. Noke | CS:GO and More!

    Easiest Kilobanovs Medal

  215. Noke | CS:GO and More!

    QB why isnt your favourite tank m3 lee?

  216. oh yeah, the T50-2 was my favourite Tank in the game, the MT-25 (the
    replacement of the T50-2) was not that good :/

  217. loved this replay on stream, great job as always QB!

  218. Linus Wellington Sjöström

    Heart brake?!

  219. That Schrader look alike But not

    I have hacked this video and now nobody can like this comment!
    Go- ahead, try i out

  220. Heart Break???

  221. well its soviet tank, gues why its best scout?

  222. why oh why did I watch every game from you on the livestream already? I
    rarely watch your stream but when I watch I always watch your best games
    live :O

  223. QB thumbnail troll ;)

  224. Why “heartbreak”? You didn’t lose. :)

  225. That gun depression is farking awful.

  226. Luis Manuel Molina Torres

    You are the god.
    damn man..

  227. Tomáš Štibrányi

    LTTB has great penetration for it’s tier… bulldog’s premium ammo has even
    less pen. and it’s heat anyway

  228. Wow very well played QB!!! That video cover image remembers me back in the
    days when i was a noob learning with his advices and watching this cool

  229. When the VK appeared in the end I was remembering the ‘Heartbrak’ on the
    thumbnail and I felt so bad but then you killed him 😀 dont scare me like

  230. heartbreak vids are back, nice.

  231. Now I want to play with my T71 to harass. Btw the bulldog sucks. Aside from
    the long 30 sec reload, is not low profile as the T71

  232. The enemy KV-3 is the beast. (look at his damage done) ;)

  233. t-50-2 500 xp until the tank and next day removed and gived me a shit mt-25
    🙁 I love lttb but not as much as my elc 10k fights with it xD so good tank
    50k money per fight with out premium I will take that anyway great game
    ones again ???????

  234. how was this a heart break?????

  235. Heartbreak??

  236. Jan Arvin Fetizanan

    I have to admit quickybaby, you’re one hell of a Wot player

  237. Floris van den Eventuin

    Heart break in thumbnail? I didn’t find this a heart break at all

  238. You really should try out the Ru 251 a bit more its a very capable light

  239. Can’t wait to get this! The mean big brother of the MT-25.

    Gonna be fun when the new physics come out…

  240. Aleksejs Dudarjonoks

    Where is the heartbreak?

  241. it said heart break so i tought you were going to lose :P

  242. Plz a replay of the Jg Pz IV at least tell me what to use 75mm or 88mm plz
    reviev or a replay

  243. what do you think about your teammates sitting and camping on the east?

  244. I was here !!

  245. Great play QB!Love your videos :)

  246. What? I thought you were going to lose until the very end 🙂 The thumbnail
    tricked me lol

  247. WG releases updates 2 weeks after the common test.
    So, either next week, or the week after that, we should see the new update.
    9.14 HYPE!!

  248. You should hop on e test and check out how awesome this thing is at sliding
    and rolling with physics enabled.

  249. why heartbreak?

  250. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    One time i get match we i was tier 7 and thete was 2 tier 7 tanks on both
    sides and i was there on my LTTB :/ against tier 5 tanks… AWESOME GAME

  251. i’ve seen this on your twich !

  252. With lttb 8450 team dommage ??

  253. Good gameplay! Why does the title say Heartbreak though?

  254. Was this game on the stream? QB

  255. this video 1 second to long qb then it would have been completly mlg

  256. When is the new update coming?


    Awesome play! Congrats…my problem is that i get “swetty” Hands when Iam
    fighting alone against other people :)

  258. Which line to go after t34?

  259. XOLOTL. My time has come to burn. I invoke the ancient power that I may

  260. MrWilliam DeathEsq.

    Ocelot from MGS anyone? No? *sigh*
    QB? You’re pretty good.

  261. Hello guys anyone play wot blitz on asian server??

  262. Love all your videos?

  263. Joshua the Scotsman

    I’m early! Quick lets make a joke…
    WoT Asia

  264. how’s the phd qb?

  265. First

  266. Иван Димитров


  267. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    Great game Quickybaby!
    can you do T-54 lightweight video?
    i want see that tank in action

  268. Leader Of KaRu gaming


  269. first lol

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