World of Tanks – Jack Of All Trades and You

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Source: Anfield


  1. Alexandru Gheorghe

    Exactly what I did on my Obj 907 crew… trained JOAT in order to drop the
    Med Kit and have 2 Repair Kits and and foood 😀
    got to have that 5.14 s reload boyz 😀
    Good and helpful video Anfield. ^_^

  2. i wonder what quicky baby thinks about jack of all trades ;)

  3. what is 2 crew members are down?

  4. Roberta Murrtunez

    you’re giving away the strats >:(

  5. I started to reply to several comments but I really just wanted to say
    thank you for the video, sir. Thanks!

  6. What do you run on your 113?

  7. Wow that’s a hell of a difference, will be training it on a lot more of my
    crews now as higher priority. thanks

  8. Nice video bro. Imo joat is underrated.

  9. Thanks for taking the time to make this content Anfield, very useful

  10. I feel like Anfield is so underrated, I mean he is even better than QB.
    Keep Up the good work!

  11. Hi Anfield. The examples are most of the time the best way to explain
    something. Well done.
    I use JoaT on those tanks were i cant go with medpack. Lets say that i
    prefer to have a repair kit, a fire extinguisher and a prem consumable…
    no way to carry a medpack, Joat can help a bit.
    U can be a good performer with an injured member.
    Last, maybe could be a skill for more than commander. Tipically gunner and
    loader are close eachother in a tank, like radio/commander. So, why not to
    have JoaT also for the other members!

  12. great video nice to see the side by side screenshots of exactly what that
    skill does and doesn’t do if you don’t have it thumbs up

  13. very useful information. thanks for the vid!

  14. So JoaT does not fully recover or act like a recovered crew member?

  15. You forgot to mention that the key takeaway here is that without JOAT you
    will ammo rack pattons 50% of the time

  16. Fv215b does not simply catch on fire, it catches on fire 3 times in one
    match lol. Seriously tho i feel it’s a 100% must to put firefighting on
    your crew. My opinion, other than that it’s a amazing tank

  17. so JOAT reduces dead crew efectivnes by 50% and when you dont have it by

  18. nice. thanks for the information.

  19. you need to improve your thumbnail game, just tryna help before you get
    defensive like last time :P

  20. Yea JoaT is a great Crew Skill, but if the commander gets knocked out, and
    you don’t have a medkit, then your pretty much screwed lol, Great vid tho

  21. Awww so close to being 4:20 long :/

  22. what if you have driver, gunner dead? – would it be the same or would it be
    halfed of what it would had done if it were only 1 dead? – no idea if that
    made sense lol.

  23. Wouldnt comparison between alive crewmember vs JOAT and dead crewmember be
    useful? e.g. all 3 scenarios.

  24. I’ve been playing WoT since 2011 and did not know about this, I find it
    very helpfull. Just don’t do those overlay videos, i thought i was going
    blind :D

  25. for about 1 1/2 years now i thought JoaT was good but the community
    disagreed, ofc i never gotten a good enough crew to get JoaT since i was an
    Now that you have showed how BIG of a effect JoaT has then i will definetly
    get it.

  26. That was actually really helpful, thanks for the insight 🙂 There is not a
    lot of actual footage of Jack of All trades going arround, so it is nice to
    actually see it perform live.

    Cheers anfield!

  27. wow that’s useful! 🙂 thanks for the info, I thought that skill was useless

  28. now thats a true british crew,starting with dickens and ending with newton
    and also not to forget holmes and potter :))

  29. Charlie Cheesecake

    Hey Anfield,
    Cheers for the clear overview but with more important skills like sixth
    sense, camo/repair, recon and BiA to what point do you recommend to
    prioritise JoaT? 5th or 6th skill?

  30. DramaticWarlordGaming


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