World of Tanks || JagdPanther II – 9,000 Damage…

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Today Pingu7 is going to show you how to play the T8 II to maximum effect!

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I hope you lovely ladies and gentlemen like this replay as much as I did –
    thank you Pingu7 for this one!

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW!

  2. Good as always.

  3. Quickybaby just had this video playing on his stream in the background

  4. blank prince ? wut

  5. He killed the black prince using HE

  6. QB at 5:15 the shot which killed the Black Prince was actually a HE-Shell,
    so it just was a great use of ammo that Pingu carried. Great replay!

  7. That IS… fuck you dude.

  8. nice reroll pingu, new account noob

  9. kewei? ChinaIS#1?

  10. Sick replay quicky!

  11. I’m sure someone has already pointed this out but the side armour on the
    black prince was irrelevant, he shot him with HE not AP, which was a very
    good decision and good foresight.

  12. It did not pen that well angled black prince. He was on low health so the
    jagdpanther II fired he at him

  13. 45 fps?

  14. cool stuff im working my way up that line right now :)

  15. Td’s=tank for noobs :)

  16. You couldn’t do that in a Rhm haha :)

  17. ITS OVER 9000!

  18. does improved ventilation in world of tank blitz work after the crew
    reaches 100%?

  19. Best replay of the month! Great player! And you are reaching 200.000 SUBS!
    How does that feels?

  20. At 5:20 its not a AP shell its a HE round. Thats why he killed the Black
    Prince. He would kill any types of tanks not just the british tanks.

  21. well now we all now where to go in our jagpanther II

  22. JP2 agility/speed always surprises the enemy for some reason

  23. Can someone explain to me why you would choose the Ferdinand if it is so
    much slower and has the same gun. I know that the Ferdinand has good
    armour, this decent gun depression and slanted armour makes the Jpanther II
    seem a lot better to me…

  24. QuickyBaby, could you do more Tank Reviews?

  25. this is why the JagdPanther ll is the best of the three, it just has
    everything,the Borsig only has the camo rating, but that isnt important
    enymore after the td nerf. the Ferdinand is slower, more weakspots

  26. In my opinion, the JPII is not only more mobile than the Ferdinand, it is
    better armored, too.
    Its Superstucture is so epic. Even T10-TDs will bounce of it.

  27. Only need another 30k XP to get on the Jagdpanther forr the JP2 and looking
    forward to it. Looks awesome – how’s the gun traverse, seemed a little
    narrow? Guess it’s hard to tell just watching a replay.

    Near faultless game there, GG Pingu.

  28. the shot that killed the BP was an HE shell

  29. Please review the new (patch 0.9.3) M24 Chaffee!

  30. Implying with this shit MM it’s fucking possible any way as a german borsig
    to not get into a t10 game and that it is possible to get into a t8 top
    tier game
    yeah you can tell when wargaming pulls this shit that it’s time to put this
    game down for a few days

  31. Is it normal to have a KV2 game with a base XP of over 2700? 

  32. 13 enemy heavies…

  33. JPII is amazing TD, has everything you wish for. Great speed and
    maneuverability, great angling and armor, view range and on top of it as
    cherry great gun. and this is why so many players were angry when WG in
    TeamBattle series said: JPII is shit

    Love my JPII so much I kept my crew from entire TD line, and bought new for

  34. I’ve always had difficulty explaining to people how powerful a JP2 is if
    you let it hang back on a slope and use its hilariously angled super
    structure. Now I can just go “watch this video and learn”, thanks QB!

  35. Gun barrel marks

  36. omg JPII is OP
    nerf it pls

  37. I really need to get past the jgPz4…

  38. I love this replay

  39. Is for to be so funnies for to watch all game all time is be team of
    stupids! Is whole team red is for to be so stupids is for to be more
    funnies all time. Is red team for to see bigs German TD for have goods
    armor and for bigs gun so for what is decides do? For to flank shoots side?
    For to use speeds for to go fast behind for to kill? NO! Is decides is
    better for to all sits like ducks for to wait is for to be shot! For 1 die.
    For 2 die. For 3 die! For maybe you thinks is fourth maybe see for 3 die
    and for to try for not sit like ducks fronts of big TD? NO! Is fourth red
    tank sits like ducks too! Look me I see for 3 team mate for to die. I see
    team mate for to shoots German TD 17 time for no pen so what be goods idea?
    I sits like ducks too! LOL! Is for how to finds replay likes this? Is all
    game so stupids? Is for this how for to gets goods game? TD he for to play
    goods for is see team of stupids dick so for smart is just shoots! But team
    of stupids? All team? 15 stupids? Is possible? How for is team have so many
    stupids? Is match make? Or is all most player be stupids? 

  40. OVER 9000!

  41. Quicky, at 5:20 he used HE to dmg the last bit of the Black Prince’s
    health… he didn’t penetrate :)

  42. Not worth watching.
    Duck shooting.
    10 enemy lemmings stop pushing and get rekt by 3 tanks.

  43. Shot of 5:10 was with HE, QB.

  44. This guy does a really good job of planning his ammo types. He killed the
    low health tiger and black prince with HE.

  45. Think this TD is amazing!

  46. Dangit, now ill never get 3 MoE’s on my JP2.

  47. What a replay !

  48. Guys, put the video on 2 times the speed or half the normal speed and watch
    it like that :)

  49. I had a totally disasterous day in War Thunder. QB u saved my day!

  50. what does rng mean

  51. Amazing O_O

  52. I had the ferdinand and i loved it. I was very good with this even in tier
    10 🙂 in my opinion the Ferdinand Is great :)

  53. and the grind too the top gun is awful!

  54. Really loved that thing- i think my best was around 6,5 – 7 k damage ^^

  55. tds just be so op

  56. 5:12 QB, or you know, he used HE?

  57. Think thats the most base exp i’ve ever seen in WoT.

  58. Second account?

  59. What does RNG stand for

  60. My favorite tank destroyer, is fast, has a strong and good angle
    superestructure and a good gun. :D

  61. JP 2 or Ferdinand 

  62. The title should have been “Its over 9000!!”

  63. 5:05
    QB, it was an HE shell ;)

  64. the ferdi is good but this thing seems more balanced in terms of its
    mobility and superstructure the ferdinand in my opinion would need a top
    speed buff (maybe to like 40kmh? because right now its acceleration with
    that 840hp engine isnt bad) to be a serious competitor against this thing
    or some buffs to the cheeks which are 80mms thick (maybe to 120 or 150? so
    it doesnt become more of a premium ammo magnet even though premium is
    completely unnecessary against it) on the front at the moment.

  65. Pingu7 switched to HE when killing the second Black Prince so it wasn’t
    necessary for him to penetrate the side…

  66. i absolutely loved this tank, 180k exp made in a little time, very fun to

    i chosed this over ferdi for the mobility, but also for the superstructure
    that is capable of bouncing even tier 10 guns when used well….i bounced
    t110e4 3 times in a game 😛

    a must have for every wot player

  67. I don´t know…
    The JP2 is very nice but i want to took the Ferdi.
    I know that both Tanks are nice but…
    What is your Opinion ?

  68. nyot nyot !

  69. Glad I’m grinding for this one currently :)

  70. this makes me think of JPanther II > Ferdinand but i’m not sure yet

  71. Salute to his great performance on JPanther II.

  72. As much as I love my Ferdinand, and as much as I admire its historical
    influence… after years of defending the Ferdinand I have to admit that
    the JP2 is a (slightly) better machine. The main selling point of the
    Ferdinand (as opposed to the JP2) is its armor. However, 200mm of
    super-structure (on the Ferdinand) armor just isn’t enough to outweigh the
    JP2’s mobility and armor slanting. Don’t get me wrong, both the Ferdinand
    and JP2 are great machines, and you can do well in both of them; somehow
    I’ve come to terms that the JP2 is just that little bit better.

  73. 3:28 what did that German crew say?

  74. Those gun barrel rings mean something? I’ve seen them them a lot of times

  75. 5:00, that was HE

  76. it didnt go in through the side, he just loaded HE 

  77. This makes my 7K in the JagdPanther 2 look like poop…

  78. Quickybaby you shuld play wot blitz

  79. tds are so op i cant even push into t8 tds in t10 meds very eailycuz they
    shoot up to 900 damage at max

  80. top tier and no arty but gg all the same

  81. Smurf scum

  82. I unlocked the jpanther II ages ago but never bought as I wasn’t sure if it
    was actually worth the money to buy as I got the ferdi first then Jagdtiger
    and Jagru but this video might have convinced me

  83. That shot went into the BP’s side armour because it was a HE shell

  84. Hey Quicky Baby i did a replay today of an VK 16 Leopard if you need a
    littel vid. for an Review or so you can show it if you want i did around
    2100 damage in it and i think it was pretty funny. why because i trolled
    some togs ;D

    My name is _HR_BlackDuck

  85. Great replay. The Jadgpanther II is among my favorite tanks in the game.
    Also my tank with the highest experience game I’ve ever had at 2,566 base
    experience, although that was quite a few patches ago before it’s top
    engine was removed.

  86. crap replay just shooting noobs, if he was against good players he would
    have died at the beginning 

  87. Why didnt get acetanker on my jagtiger when got 9k dmg in a tier10 match?

  88. BIG LIKE !!!

  89. At 5:25 you commented that he was surprisingly able to pen the side of a
    well-angled black prince. He didn’t. In fact, he switched to he seeing that
    he was on low health

  90. ralroost einsnulldrei

    LOL tiger II @ 3:24: “I’LL save you IS!”

  91. luls, a re-roll. 

  92. 5:10

    He actually loaded HE for the black prince, thus, not needing to actually
    pen him to kill him :)

  93. I decided to go down the Ferdinand path on my way through and I ended up
    not enjoying it, as the 200 flat armor, super weak hull cheeks and low
    speed really make it hard to use its amazing gun to its full potential, or
    even take shots. And the flatness of its armor meant that tier 8s who
    barely top 200 pen can easily devastate you, and tier 9, 10 have no trouble
    at all. I do think the JagdPanther is an overlooked tank, cause I
    overlooked it myself. I will be getting this tank once I finish out the

  94. Reroll!!

  95. Ugly Tank

  96. How many marks of exelence can you get on your barrel? 9? And how much
    effort is needed for such performance?

  97. 2477xp…. i`m happy if i get so much with double…..

  98. 621 views m/ … oh wait, it has 1500 likes.

  99. you know you already did a video with this replay, right? 

  100. This is why we need arty… even tho i hate arty but it just true

  101. Was a good battle , reroll or not …

  102. Im 15k exp to my Jpanther2

  103. I played with you today, what an insane skilled player u are

  104. He shoot a HE at the black prince that’s why he killed him :-D

  105. 3k Battles and those stats, awesome

  106. Has anybody ever told you you look like Thomas Müller of Bayern 

  107. Still have no idea where these guys play to get matchups like this.

    Very mediocre performance; the enemy team just waited as he put in free
    shots into their sides.

  108. Should i get the ferdinand or
    the jagdpanter II

  109. The Borsig fits into a seemingly different class altogether from the JP2
    and Ferdi, as it relies solely on stealth for survival rather than armor.
    The Ferdinand’s unique advantage is having good gun depression and wide gun
    arcs, which simply make it more ergonomic than the JP2 when trying to take
    certain hull-down positions. Where sheer armor is concerned, the JP2’s
    angling makes it the equal of the Ferdi in most circumstances, not to
    mention the mobility advantage it has as well. The one justification for
    choosing the Ferdi over the JP2 is in the armor values one can achieve
    while steeply angling, and still having the gun arc to simultaneously
    return fire. But even so, the forward corner weakspots on the Ferdi can
    betray this tactic.

  110. Stupid enemy team, most showing side and rear to him to take advantage.

  111. TheMusicFanForEver77

    Ferdinand: noobtaxi
    Borsig: not better than scumbags
    Jpanther II: decent tank for pro players
    Awesome replay, u showed wich german t8 TD is for real man.

  112. Is 4.5k damage in a KV-3 in a Tier 7 game good enough to send in?

  113. u said how fantastic it is when hull down, lol. don’t u mean fantastic with
    no arties. c’mon man, he’s playing against a team full of retards

  114. jonas offermann martins

    I penetrated lower plate of a jagdpather II with my KV-2 and killed him for
    900 dmg :D

  115. I love that people that need to find something to bitch about. Since no one
    had anything to say about his skill in the battle or lucky RNG they decided
    that him having a new account is bad… why the hell does it matter if he
    has multiple accounts? Does making a new account make him a better player?

  116. Rosarot Miststalker

    Absolutely love this tank, one of my best performing machines so far. Not a
    bad grind either, and the mobility+casemate+gun, just sexy. Only letdown is
    the depression and arc, but not bad enough to put this machine down. Two
    marks here too!

  117. not really impressive game every good player certainly do the same with
    such a good machine and dumb enemy team, i have much respect for ppl trying
    to have a minimum of a challenge, not statsplayer using only strong tank.

  118. AT-15 vs JPanther II = AT-15 wins
    Bhorsig vs Charioteer = Charioteer wins :D

  119. Yup great play forget the haters! Nice one QB. Try Su 85b

  120. This was my favourite TD,when i was playing WOT,simply so much better than

  121. Jagdpanther 2 is best tier 8 TD

  122. This tank looks fucking sick

  123. How do you get rings on your gun barrel?

  124. He fired HE to kill the Black Prince

  125. That “very high angled side black prince shot” was with an HE shell

  126. The shot that killed the BP at 5:12 and made you wonder about british armor
    was an HE shell

  127. I think it’s much better than the Ferdinand. In fact, I think it’s one of,
    if not the best, T8 TD

  128. Nice replay. Perfect combination of having a train of enemies in front of
    you to shoot at and a good place to go hull down.
    Never happened to me at the same time. When i was hull down perfectly i
    never had a bizillion enemies to shoot at and when i HAD a bizillion
    enemies to shoot at i wasnt hulldown lol and i remember using the exact
    same spot, still use it with jagdtiger
    Damn now i want to play my JpII. too bad my crew is in my jagdtiger.
    PS: QB, that extreme angle shot at the black prince was HE

  129. Did 6000 damage in a game beast tank love it!!!

  130. Keep up the good videos quickybaby

  131. 144p lovely

  132. When pingu7 kill the black prince he used HE

  133. Damn that was a lucky match. Top tier, hull down, a train of enemies just
    fidling around in front of him trying to kill his comrades, no arty at all,
    2 very lucky clutch shots and of course a final enemy being AFK.

    Talk about having all the stars aligned in your favor.

  134. I was impressed until I saw that he is a stat padder. I have no respect for
    stat padders, sad excuse for tankers who hide their real stats of their
    main account with a secondary account that they know they can play well in
    just to make themselves look better.

  135. I killed this guy yesterday, but was quite hard, he is a v good player :)

  136. quickybaby at around 5:25 he uses HE to kill the BP

  137. JPantherII is my favourite tier8 TD

  138. Ferdinand is better then this ,it can easily bounce all guns from tier 8’s
    while JP2 hardly bounces tier6 guns ,all you can do with your mobility is
    run away from fights and best case interrupt some cap ,hell Ferdi will even
    bounce his gun.You dont even wanna meet Ferdinand on battlefield with JP2
    one on one cause you’ll get your ass torched and handed to you in ashes.

  139. I dont rlly like replays from op tanks…

  140. JagdPanther II is my favourite TD in game I realy love his combination of
    mobility armour and great gun :)

  141. All the retards saying how this has to be a 2nd account… Some people are
    quicker learners then others… Like by the time I was at my 2,000th game
    (and before that I way before that I was really good but official Unicum at
    around 2,000 games), I was Unicum in WN8, WN7 and Efficiency, and no I
    don’t go seal clubbing… 

  142. Was HE on Black Prince

  143. QB even i have a mastery in the Jagdpanther 2…and my username is
    DoOfUs_12 for a reason…

  144. Hits and pens most of his uncollapsed snapshots and bitches about rng, holy
    shit this guy, gtfo of here with his luck

  145. This tank is my favourite at tier 8 besides the ISU, owns even in a tier
    10 game

  146. that shot at 5:08 was HE, thats why it “went in” so easily.

  147. *insert random over 9000 meme*

  148. Tiger should’ve kept him tracked 

  149. This video makes me feel good about the next tank that will be joining my
    garage. haha

  150. Shmeh, that’s only 50% more than the 6k requirement to get an Object 260.

  151. QB that last hit on the BP was HE

  152. Btw, he fired HE at the side of that BlackPrince mate

  153. I have a JP2 with the highest damage is 5000+ if my memory serves me right.
    However, I usually work my JP2 in the back of the battle field, trying to
    put shots while staying hidden or beside cover, cause its hull is a really
    BIG SOFT target. My experience is that never take this tank to close range
    fight unlike this replay. Btw, it’s really strong when hull down, but that
    hull is a bit tall and not many hull down position in the battle field can
    work for it.

    P.S. In close range battle, I sometimes got penned in the gun manlet when
    hull down. Maybe thats a weak spot too.

  154. Its underestimated….. because it has the armor of the Ferdi and the
    mobility of Borsic

  155. idiot with new account…..

  156. mark nichol malinao

    so wait… this did not deserve a Mastery badge? Woah!!! I’m 14k exp away
    from the top gun on this machine. I would probably assume that I can’t get
    its mastery 🙁 

  157. Damn that guy has some skill.

  158. At 5:20 it was not lucky it went in QB, he was firing HE so he just
    splashed the Black Prince for the 37 HP it had left.

  159. 1. Be a good player (know your tank)
    2. Be top tier in the MM.
    3. Pray the first 3 players in the enemy team are complete tomatoes.
    4. Problem solved.

  160. Awesome game, congratulations!

  161. 5:12 he was shooting HE jingles at the black prince

  162. QB that shot at the BP’s side was an HE shell

  163. he killed the blackprince with high explosive he dit not penetrate

  164. He killed the Black Prince with HE, this guy has a good understanding of
    when to use what round.

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