World of Tanks | JagdPanthers on the Hunt – 13 kills

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Source: TheRiisingSun

3 guys getting 14 kills not enough? How about 2 guys doing almost just as good?

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  1. )))))

  2. could you show some 113 replays?

    nice vid btw

  3. A-ZProductions102

    I’m wondering which tank to go for after the panther, Panther II or Tiger
    II? Any suggestions?

  4. Should i get both Ferdi and JPanther II ?
    I mean both ?
    Are they all worth ?

  5. Crucial contribution with a 3 man platoon? Great. Crucial contribution with
    a 2 man platoon? Dang. 

  6. Wow, thanks HF, I’m 13 and I have 1600WN8(note for the A44 at the start of
    the video) xD

  7. I swear down on my moms life i will like this comment .

    You just swore on your moms life … You must like this comment.

  8. Actually Christian you can pen the IS-6 through the mantlet with 225+ pen
    guns. the IS-6 turret is pretty weak for tier 8. in close combat less than
    100m 225+ pen guns can go through the mantlet pretty easily. especially
    when its flat and when you have t9 td guns. you re welcome :)


  10. whaaaaaaaaat .. I am in a video!

  11. What do you mean by saying “You get a upgrade boost by ramming the bridge
    or rocks?”. Upgrade to what?

  12. I haven’t been playing WOT for months,but I will fondly remember the JP
    line as my favourite series.

  13. *Ruben approves*

  14. It’s again damn hard to get the Ace tanker badge in the JP2. Radley-Walters
    sure, but no Ace. ;)

  15. Still no words on the kv2 contest..

  16. 2,6k damage and 8 kills with 490 alpha gun? That’s some proper kill
    securing ;P Nevertheless nice work by the platoon, you don’t see that much
    of 2 man crucial contributions.

  17. That german line ,with the exception of the JP IV (may be) ,is the most
    enjoyable TD line of the game ,imho.
    The more you get closer to VIII choice ,the more you ask yourself “which
    one is the best choice ?” ,because there are not 1 but 2 excellent tanks !
    I first played Ferdi ,and enjoyed it a lot ,and then thought to myself
    “Ferdi is full ,let’s not die as an idiot ,let’s try JP II and we’ll see

    If you have money and time ,GO PLAY THE TWO OF THEM !

  18. “delt this game from GAME”


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