World of Tanks – JagdPz E-100 – 11.5K Dmg – Tarczay’s + Radley-Walters’ + Spartan + Steel Wall

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Source: SuperVidninja

What a carry by player Josch1357 in their Jagdpanzer E-100 on . Great combination of luck and timing to pull this match off, including earning a medal I had never heard of until this replay.

Player: Josch1357
Medals: Radley-Walters’, Tarczay’s, Spartan, , Tanker-Sniper, ,
Damage: 11.5k
Kills: 9
Experience: 2,395
Credits: 120,294 / 29,750 (Premium)
Map: Lakeville

General interface and XVM:


Damage Panel:

One Comment:

  1. He has spider sense… **tingle tingle** “Hmm, I think there is an arty
    sneaking up behind me” turns tank, BOOM! x2!!!

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