World of Tanks || Jagdtiger – 12 Kills – 10,000 DMG…

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of – Jagdtiger. Today yilizhiwang going on a rampage in the fearsome T9 the Jagdtiger!

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World of Tanks is a online which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Lmao

  2. Why is that a sizzle of shame? It’s a top tier armored beast on 8 kills!

  3. ISU-152 Tier 8 Soviet Heavy Tank :D

  4. the same thing what hapend to that IS, hapend to our teammete SU-100Y on
    prochorovka. Karma for camping on spawn the whole game.

  5. Its chinese quickybaby 😀 yee lee chur wong is how you pronounce his name.

  6. i wanted to see how the IS derped

  7. Hahahahahahah that ending and the music :D

  8. My most feared tank is the Death Star. I am scared to death of them. I was
    in my LTTB, and drove around a corner in Himmlesdorf, and ran into 3 Death
    Stars. I almost wet myself lol.

    Also, us Americans have pretty good sportsmanship.. it is the Canadians
    that bring the server down to a low level… (:

  9. poor IS
    1 like = 1 cryer

  10. Jirka Chlupáček

    10:40 😀 Thats over nine thoooouuuusand :D

  11. Same happened to my T49 but the team started ramming me and I’ve eventually
    got back up

  12. Well, QB can you once make video where some tank makes lots of dmg or frags
    while rushing, not only stronk camp and watching 15 minutes of hull-down

  13. Psycho in the shadows

    Hi i am new to youtube and i will post WOT videos.If u want pls come and
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    My channel: Psycho in the shadows

  14. Please make this top comment !!!! – Quickybaby please tell Wargaming to
    bring back the Aufklärungspanzer Panther PLEASE !!!!!
    It’s my favorite tank , just imagine QB if they removed your favorite tank
    from game the Comet and how would you feel, soo please bring the scout
    panther back !

  15. Honestly, I’m starting to hate this new physics because the game play has
    become crazy, tanks uncontrollable as they easily flip like toys. It
    doesn’t give me the feel that I am controlling a heavy tank weighing
    several tonnes. WG, please disable the flipping in the next patch.

  16. No comments about the gold spam? Oh well, time to get my inbox full! It
    seems to hard to flank a JTiger with not just 3 HEAT-54’s, cause using gold
    ammo is easier then a brain. The best play I’ve seen of all the tanks that
    faced the JTiger was the M41 Bulldog, that got unlucky with a ammorack.

  17. can you play FV215B 183???

  18. How can I send you our replays?

  19. You’d look handsome with a beard…. hmmmm….

  20. The Jagdtiger is definetely the best tier 9 TD for me. The gun is really
    nice and hull down its a beast.

  21. All times lucky on shit teams…

  22. Enemy IS was trying to boost his gun depressing by converting his gun
    traverse into gun depression.

  23. QuickBaby why dont you play world of warships any more?

  24. #sizzleofshame

  25. Please, stop rotating camera while player is shooting….

  26. And soon it will be mine ^^
    I like the top of the tier missions, it make it nice and “cheap” to get new

    Very nice replay and video as always.

  27. anyone know how to show the tank name who hit us at damage panel?

  28. that IS has 360 degrees of gun depression

  29. it is cheating. what skill or effort does it take to just throw OP pen at
    tanks with good armor. its stupid and game breaking. the way gold ammo
    should work is this for the t54

    AP = 200mm of pen and 320 damage
    heat = 330mm of pen but 200 damage.

    so its a payoff. you want more pen? well sacrifice alpha damage for more
    pen. bam its perfect. and wargaming make more money from people

  30. Funny ending with that IS. Nice game to showcase the JagTIger.

  31. Haha the ending just reminds me of a game in my Jadgtiger where I killed
    this poor WZ that was on his flank. He still thanked me for pushing his
    wreck on its tracks though :D

  32. TANK MODELLER Paul Inge

    Quick question, when load world of tanks on my PC’ I don’t get the garage
    only a battle scene any idea’s? and another great video.

  33. You CANT get games like this with arty in the game. So get rid of them.

  34. The Rebel Chicken

    U said the isu was a heavy tank -_-

  35. I made barrel roll with my IS-7… xD

  36. Quickybaby stop showing your camera. Get the camera of the player we wanna
    see his shots and not his tank !!!!!!!!!

  37. Epic IS.

  38. Would have been more entertaining if you hadn’t spent half the replay
    talking yourself up….

  39. The Jadgtiger is the only tank in the game I’ve been able to do 7,000 plus
    damage in, and I did it twice when I was grinding through it. That said, I
    did have some crazy good games in the Obj. 704, but I think the Jadgtiger
    wins for best tier 9 destroyer

  40. man, i cant wait to get this + torty once the sale comes around, they both
    look like tons of fun.

  41. The T95 is the best tier 9 TD, no doubt about it

  42. Maikel Anders Lood

    do the hms tog 2 fun event playthrough

  43. I loved playing my Tortoise. I had much fun inflicting fear in the enemy
    because of the 4000dpm.

  44. i cri evrytiem QB calls it JagdTaiga

  45. Mr QB, I don’t understand how you deal with it and remain so calm. Not in
    game. But in the comments sections and with twitch chat. The things people
    say to you and the accusations people make about you being in WG’s pocket
    and being their “PR department” ect. If I were in your position the ban
    hammer would never get a rest. Though I suppose that is one of the many
    reasons I am not in your position. Please continue to do produce high
    quality content for us as long as you love it, and you will always have a
    supporter in me.

  46. wheres the crew of that IS?

  47. The best tank destroyer for teir ix is by far the object 430 version ii.
    Yes, i do know its a medium, but with its great gun, non fully traversable
    turret, and durpy armor isnt it really a td on the inside? Dont you agree
    Mr. Quckybaby.

  48. Ferenczi László

    The enemy clearly had no idea about the Jagtiger’s weak side. Those meds
    and lights should have flank him immediately. Luckily, they didn”t. Well
    played! :)

  49. Hey Quicky, what’s your opinion on T28 HTC?

  50. that IS have very legit angle and gun depression lvl 99999

  51. Waffentrager Auf. E-100

    The IS player was a genius! He traded his gun arc for depression in order
    to hit the Jagdtiger’s lower plate…

    Goddammit I’m crying. X’DDDDD

  52. lol IS so funny

  53. on the NA server it’s either jackasses or really nice people

  54. Typical day on NA, that IS haha xD

  55. funny laydown like a lady! that IS tank!

  56. the ADHD camera view switching makes me want to uninstall my eyeballs

  57. i was on the enemy team as T71 lmao

  58. haha. nice ending… never expected that.

  59. T30 when you get in to a perfect position it absolutely melts other tanks.
    Quickly baby can you please do another review on it or ask jingles to.

  60. Nashten Spanbauer

    Him constantly flicking between sniper mode and third person mode, like 10
    times in 3 seconds, seriously irked me. Good game though.

    Also… my favourite T9 TD is the Foch. Troll front armour, good gun, good
    mobility… I have 550 games in it thus far, so yeah. I enjoy it more than
    the 155 of which I have 320 games in. (Edit: The SU-101 is making its way
    up to being my favourite TD in it. Almost got 2 marks in it within a week
    of playing for ~2 hours a day at most.)

  61. “That tier 8 soviet heavy tank” lol its a tank destroyer

  62. Daniel Greenwood

    HAHAHAHA!!! Best. Ending. Ever.

  63. An M41 Walker bulldog is tier 7 according to QB! Poor old T71
    its at 5:59

  64. I flipped my OI exp. just like that IS. got nailed by an FV304 cause he
    just drove up to Mr and unloaded into my belly. laughing all the way…..

  65. does he speak russian or americain

  66. I remember my first day playing on the new patch i managed to flip over
    somehow….. oh Wargaming we love u XD

  67. Su12254 is the best due to speed, camo, Dpm, and decent armor

  68. social3ngin33rin

    no triple marks for almost 10k of dmg?!?! D:

  69. Are you aware that your mod pack hasent been working on the NA server since
    9.14.1 launched?

  70. I have comet and I kill that tank so much

  71. QB, is there any wrong with you modpack 9.14 v1 ? I installed it over 5
    times and never run! Please inform me.

  72. Games like this amaze me.

    Most damage I’ve ever managed to achieve is around 7500 damage in a T54E1
    on Sand River.

    I couldn’t imagine doing 10,000 XD

    And that’s coming from a player with a 57 percent winrate and 12K battles.

  73. people who shoot premium really take away from the game. i dont ever shoot
    premium rounds and i still have great games just from knowing where to aim.
    that is part of the game

  74. is this player using a zoom mod? or is that just in the replay? Those early
    shots on the tiger II look way too zoomed in. I thought zoom mods were
    illegal, anyone know?

  75. Jarred Friedrich

    I play on the Asia server and the Kv 220 2 is on rental and it’s got buy in
    game for 1500 gold witch I have but it won’t let me buy it pls help!?

  76. yilizhiwang……蚁力之王?23333

  77. Well played to that T32 for sticking with the Jag the whole time and doing
    good work on that ISU. Not a great player, but he kept the enemy from
    rushing the Jag and his spotting let the Jag do his job.

  78. Any chance we might see you release a video about the upcoming clan wars
    reward, the Chieftain T95 (VIII UK Premium) , I want to figure out if the
    tank will be worth the huge time grind in clan wars before the mini
    campaign starts.

  79. I did that twice in my KV-2 and my Pz. III A and I couldn’t stop laughing
    so hard lmao

  80. Hi

  81. go home IS, you are drunk!!!

  82. Hahaha the phisics

  83. 11:36 that laugh lmao!!

  84. everytime you post a video of a tank that ive started to progress to, you
    really get my hype for it quickybaby..

  85. LOL that Is was the last thing I expected to see at the end of the game

  86. How can u tell the different jag pre and the tier 9 jag ?

  87. I think the SU-122-54 is the best teir 9 TD. Very good DPM, Armor is okay,
    but it’s the most mobile TD at teir 9, and mobility is great for ambushing,
    and relocating.

  88. The actor from Star Wars who said “It’s a trap” died today at 93. :-(

  89. I have never laughed as hard as I had at the end of this video! That IS
    just killed me hahaha

  90. Well, respect and sportsmanship, that are thinks who need Eu. I am just
    tired to read all this hate and flame in chat, and nobody salute a nice
    game or a crucial impact of a player. No, its more “oh god noobluck” or
    “unicum asshole with gold”. I miss the ol’ times 2-3 ago, where at the end
    more came a “gg” or “nice shot”. Nevermind, I am just dreamin’, sorry.

  91. why are people complaining about the constant Zooming in and out? are they
    not used to it?

  92. No physics in game trolls you hard as wot

  93. Quicky never commented on why this happened. The VK 45.02 B was a “Donkey”.
    I’m sick of nub Heavy tankers on the NA server.

  94. Yeah, a TopTier T-54 platoon shooting nothing but HEAT … gj he took them

  95. Daniel Grabovskiy

    this just shows how noob NA server is

  96. World of Tanks with Reddog

    BECAUSE i have most battles on blitz!!!!!

  97. I’d like to hear Jingles react to this replay.

  98. World of Tanks with Reddog

    yo,QUICKYBABY r u going to try blitz?????

  99. The “sizzle of shame” lmao

  100. ErikandAlexander Harris

    When he killed the t28 that’s my best damage ever in jagdtiger on console

  101. Quicky you should do a LTP tank review for all the people who just got them
    as the Anniversary on the NA server

  102. That T32 who was completely useless for the entire game but still tried to
    steal the final kill.

  103. Evija Grigalovicina

    I did 6800 dmg 6 kills, and no M, Whay????

  104. Say it in American: DAYUUUUUMN :O

  105. long time follower QB, but just want to highlight that in NA server using
    the 4 line is a standard play for about 99% of the games on that map, so it
    is not safe for the big guns to make it up the 4 line. you will have about
    4-8 guns & arty pre aimed on booth side and some MTs will set up to tack
    the spotter (H9/H0) & (C9) if you use the back side of the rock. some
    arty even shoot blind if they fast loading.

  106. Samuel Baskin (Eidolon)

    LOL at the T32 trying to force his way in and steal that last kill at the

  107. TheMightyCongueror

    IS meets psychics.

  108. Congrats to this big round. Sometimes rare stellar constellations (map,
    team action, used tank,…) meet a good player and these things happen. I
    am still a big fan of the 10k-dmg by the Object 260 some days ago. That was
    pure skill at unicum level. This here….well played. :-)

  109. lolwut IS? Also that’s probably the best sportsmanship you’re every gonna
    see from a NA server. ‘Cause yesterday if you saw my game chat you probably
    would’ve puked QuickyBaby.

  110. HAHA. This was a great replay.Thanks QB!!!

  111. DeadlyCatCycle205 “DeadlyCatCycle205” DeadlyCatCycle205

    poor IS lol…

  112. TheMightyCongueror

    My favorite Tier 9 TD.

  113. Hey QB, is there a way to open the replays of older versions?

  114. Indeed the is was strong.Were able to flip his tank~_~

  115. Hey Quickiebaby, I must know what do you think is the most effective all
    around tier 5 medium tank. I played on the console for fora while, and am
    making my way to the pc and I would like to know own your opinions. Thanks,
    have have a nice day, and in my opinion the JagdTiger is is a beast no

  116. Obj, 704 the best! BL-10 OP and the fantastic camo value on that monster

  117. Dear Santa ? i want the Jagdtiger please ?
    p.s. i been a good boy in school.

  118. You’re seriously showingcasing Adobe players? xD Oh the humanity. Lets have
    a Donkey series then :)

  119. NA POWA

  120. No Arty. No enemy gold spam. 9/15 players on the enemy team weren’t much
    better than bot programs. Not impressed. Come over to NA server. It’s a
    totally different animal than what you see in these videos.

  121. this replay made me sick WTF is wrong with this guy keeps zooming in out

  122. Adobe Finally!

  123. Haha I love the friendly banter in NA

  124. Guess the name of the player means king of endurance in Chinese

  125. 10:40 “Its over 9000!”

  126. Why didnt he get a Mastery Badge (O_o)?

  127. Greatest Sidescraping ever.

  128. Best T9 TD is 704, it offers the best balance of firepower, mobility and

  129. Music for the is?

  130. Christian Hostetler

    This is why I fucking hate standard battles on Lakeville. You beat the
    enemy 10-2 in the city and then you have to dig out the little camping
    fucks by the base who can’t be hit by arty (because most are too retarded
    to move) and it ends up being a 13-15 loss because they have high ground,
    hull down cover and perfect shots when you try to advance. Fuck Lakeville
    and fuck the faggots who camp that corner in TDs.

  131. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Physics fucked you.

    Very poor IS,such a strong Stalinium Tank…Respect

  132. That IS is deadly… deadly funny!?

  133. Thumbnail?

  134. omg, his constantly zooming in and out of sniper view is soooooo annoying
    holly shit

  135. dat is xD

  136. just got the top gun on this tank yesterday…

  137. Srdjan Stojkovic


  138. Dude wtf is wrong with you? You keep changing the camera angles so fucking
    much it gave me a head ache and not representing good content or a video

  139. T54E1 is bot Mr. Quickybaby

  140. Of ALL the stuff I was expecting at the end, I was NOT expecting THAT lmfao

  141. Duncan Bannatyne

    that shot on the walker bulldog bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  142. Blah it’s Adobe clan. Have no respect for that clan. Feel like Obi Wan
    every time I que into battle and see them. You will never find a more
    wretched hive of scum and villainy. Type of players that will push you out
    of spots if they want it or block you so you die and they get to use you as
    cover. Not to metition the higher ups in their group have been caught using
    aim bots and map indicators. So yea…. great to see them featured.

  143. zoom mod .”

  144. Good job at the end blocking the the t32

  145. dat IS… what a moment that must have been for yilizhiwang coming round
    the corner and running into that

  146. Jagtiger is the best tier 9 TD. I think it has the best gun in the game

  147. Overrekt Asterisk *

    Is WoT Worth the grind?

  148. Good sportsmanship in an American game? THIS ISNT NA

  149. Quickybaby, I just started the game. what should I do or what videos would
    you suggest for me?

  150. EABA EndAllBeAll

    makes me want mine back.

  151. Do a review on Löwe.

  152. post pls the update of your XVM :D

  153. lmao that happened to me too at least once so far with my arty. i was
    trying to get some angling to point down the gun since arty generally don’t
    have gun depression. accidentally flipped it sideways like that IS ;)

  154. Best ending I’ve seen in awhile ?

  155. Using HE for the soft belly of IS.Effectiveness to the bitter end Kappa.

  156. the Is cracked me up he was on his side

  157. 10:28 – cupola seconds?

  158. too much comentars, the first 5000 dmg i can´t see because scrolling and
    needless talking about lower and upper plate armor and so on. That sucks!!
    Laber nicht soviel, das Spiel hat ein anderer gespielt.

  159. how did he get10000

  160. watttttt

  161. Still can’t get to grips with the jagdtiger even though I’m close to
    researching the jpe100. Can’t decide wether to snipe or be more pushy :/

  162. Uber DooberNoober

    Glad to see that WG is ending rampage, bringing the maps to random
    games and rebalancing the “cheater” tank T-22SR. I just hope they never
    bring respawning into randoms. It will ruin the game.

  163. Very good match, well played, but one thing I’d like to point out is that I
    think he and the t32 should have went back to back while waiting, both of
    them covering each others rear rather then them both facing the same
    direction and risking taking a shot in the rear like he did from that t-54.
    That is doubly important given the jagtiger’s rather poor mobility, it can
    not easily run or turn to face it’s attacker if caught from behind. If the
    t-54 would have been a tank with a faster reload, the match would have
    ended much differently

  164. Juan Luis Cordero

    IS fail

  165. i allmost managed do 9K (8999) dmg with my T95 with broken ammorack

  166. oh cmon qb at the beginning of the game where a lot of action is hapenning,
    you show us the weakpoints of the jagdtiger which everxone who isn’t a
    donkey or a complete newbie knows about…..

  167. Best ending, NA.

  168. obj. 704 best tier 9 TD hands down

  169. Hey QB I think you should check out the new wot operation Typhoon. The
    reward looks cool can you try and find out what it is? Thanks!

  170. I got the Matilda today. I love hearing Tier III tanks bouncing off of me.

  171. brilliant ending XD

  172. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    Just 20 shots…

  173. whick tank is a better choiche lorrain or the amx 30 prototype

  174. How the hell was that IS able to flip his tank on the side? Was he hunting
    some mountain goats and got a big shell into his knee?

  175. jagdtigers upper plate is just garbage against anything sub 250mm pen guns.
    When jagdtiger only shows it’s superstructure then it is a feared opponent.

  176. Nothing better than seeing a bunch of soviet tanks get slaughtered.

  177. dat IS lol

  178. Kinda basecamper..?

  179. This IS..I CAN NOT MORE :DD im laughing my ass off Hahahahahahahah :D

  180. This replay triggered my epilepsy.

  181. Lol you said you laughed your socks off well i did too

  182. You know what, when i was at the jp2 I said there is no way the JT would be
    any good. And before playing it, I already owned the JT88, so that already
    put a bad taste in my mouth. In the end though this tank steamrolls
    everything when hull down. I love it so much.

  183. Loved the fact that the T32 at the end tried to push past the Jag to ninja
    the kill on the IS…. Jag’s response… Not today my friend…not today.

  184. It’s over 9000!!!!!!

  185. I am getting sick from that constant In- and Outzooming

  186. My favorite tank. Love it more than my DeathStar.

  187. While there are definitely times that gold is pretty much required, when
    people just spam gold because they can or to artificially inflate win8,
    it’s just contemptible.

  188. lolol IS op

  189. XD that IS at the end, how could such a thing have happened? Also I think
    the T95 aka Doom Turtle

  190. looool dat epic IS????

  191. The North American server, it’s not just Americans that play on it.

  192. 11:30 lol IS ???

  193. so deadly that it almost killed me lol

  194. typical QB – showing replay from a guy in one of the top NA clans. smh

  195. Benjamin Bastings

    Now I know How to play That tank I’m at the JpanterII and I almoust have
    the jagdtiger

  196. Could you do live reactions from replays? I think that should be more
    entertaining :D

  197. this is not 10k dmg, what a clickbait wtf didnt expect it from qb, very

  198. plödderspis Mattsson


  199. Don’t you think 12 kills in the header is a spoiler? could say 10+?

  200. Good sportsmanship on NA that’s a first

  201. hahaha T-34 hahaha

  202. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    my favourate t9 td is t95, because it has an excelent gun and armor

  203. yessss good shot! hahaha xD

  204. Can you stop focusing the camera on the vehicles, and just let the replay
    run? it’s getting really annoying!!

  205. I think that the Object 907 is the best T9 TD, because it has a very nice
    gun, troll armor and its quite fast.

  206. Going valley isn’t a bad idea.

    -QB 2016

  207. 屹立之王? Standing King.
    伊犁之王? King of Ili.

  208. Jagdpanther?

  209. nice guy

  210. I would have thought with the new tank physics and all that the cannons of
    the tanks would also have physics so you would be able to use it to flip
    youreself back upright with. It would also change the gameplay quite a bit
    which I think would be interesting.

  211. best tier 9 TD I’ve played has to be the Conway for its rate of fire is
    insane only downside is its Armour and stealth rating is bad, but 6 second
    reload on a 120mm can’t be all that bad lol

  212. great ending! XD

  213. henrique cardoso

    11:30 lmao!!!!!

  214. TD-15 much

  215. Nice replay but it pains me every time Quicky praises the jagdtiger… It’s
    a fucking shit tank. It sucks because of the power creep and especially the
    gold ammo for credits.
    Very hard tank to have good game in. Played it alot now because of the
    event and I want the jagdE100 and my wn8 have dropped about 500points in
    All it takes to beat it is 2vs1 and you can’t do shit. Or they load gold
    ammo and pen it everywhere no matter what angle you have.

    Don’t belive me? Play the jagdtiger for 20games in a row and tell me that
    your enjoyment of the game did not drop significantly. You just can’t carry
    a game in it. You will only have a good game now and then when the enemy
    team just blunder into you.

  216. When will you play your NA account again? If you do, do it on a stream so i
    can sync in and WE CAN BATTLE! XD

  217. QB – with all due respect – let us actually watch the guy shoot at his

  218. gold is still too broken imo

  219. it’s Chinese name in spell I believe.

  220. Thx QB for the review.

  221. It’s a Chinese player… ADOBE is a Chinese clan.

  222. And that is why I hate JagTiger drivers, camp all day ???

  223. QB, no hate, but that intro is as old as my grandma. Maybe you should get a
    new one… Just saying

  224. What was the Hp from the jagdtiger before the 2100HP and wat is his everag
    dmg pls?

  225. I commented

  226. IS gj 😀 😀 :D

  227. is there a zoom mod, because it zooms so close?

  228. This is why I endure 120 ping to play on NA from GB.

    Actual sportsmanship, instead of every game starting with all-caps “fuck
    country x they smell of cheese/sausage/poop”.

  229. No ace mastery badge?

  230. One of the best tanks I’ve played. I totally love the Jagdtiger.

  231. Are there no HD medals so there isn’t some blurry plop on the thumbnail

  232. Nice t-54 drivers that aren’t Unicom??? I’m calling bullshit!

  233. Dude im loving the frequent uploads

  234. anyone going to say he got lucky and if the IS hadn’t tiped his tank he
    would have lost?

  235. No mastery medal at all? Wow how much exp is needed man

  236. That suggested video was the one which made me buy the JT again o/
    …and skin it Girls und Panzer Style…..
    I luv dis tink o/

  237. How about showing the video in a usefull video-angle? Nobady cares about
    the lower plate for 2 minutes

  238. A replay-clip of that ammowreck against that M41 Walker Bulldog from a
    different angle would have been very nice. It looked awesome, how that
    turret flew away a few meters. But in this view, you can’t see that much

  239. i almost choked from laughter when i saw that IS at the end xD

  240. Nice QuickyBaby, you’re the best at making this game so fun, everytime I
    watch your videos I need to play Wot after.
    Thanks for the good job :)

  241. i love your laught at the end when you see the IS :)

  242. There are many good players with great sportsmanship on the EU server, but
    people as always notice only the bad stuff..

  243. I’d really prefer if you didnt have the amount of kills and damage in the
    title. Maybe you could just name them after something that happened like
    “Heads will roll” or “Defensive slaughter” or whatever :p It would make it
    a little bit more surprising. And if possible maybe even hide the damage
    and blocked counters.
    Vote up if you agree people :)

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    awesome gameplay footage

    but still great work QB !

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  262. HA, people in NA server always say such thing to good player, especially to
    chinese player, i won a game but still get reported, reason? ‘you do not
    deserve to win, chai sniper’

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    running in front of his gun in brain-afk-style

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    Lache pas la patate mon homme

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  272. Nice vid. Love the twist in the tail. I’ve seen several tanks end up on
    their sides after hitting a bump a bit too enthusiastically. One AMX ELC
    ended up trapped between a wall and an enemy tank, who just sat there
    firing at the ELC’s bottom plate. By the way, ‘zh’ in chinese is pronounced
    like the ‘J’ in english ‘Jack’….so Yeeleejeewang. Wang is mandarin for
    King by the way.

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    ‘Sizzle of shame’? The T-54 couldn’t know if he would face the JTiger or
    the T32 frontally or not, so it was completely reasonable to load HEAT. No
    shame in that. This (currently more apparent) notion of ‘prem ammo = noob
    ammo’ is really annoying. There is nothing wrong in using premium ammo when
    it makes sense. Only *spamming* prem ammo *all* the time is nonsense.
    Also, if you want to make a review of the JTiger that’s fine, but in a
    gameplay video I’d like to see what the player is actually shooting, and
    not being forced to look at the front of his tank when the situation gets
    interesting. Just saying…

  278. Teebeutel Banger

    Nice one.

  279. Shooting premium ammo isn’t cheating, but sure as hell has nothing to do
    with good sportsmanship. The ability to use wealth to overcome the strength
    of the other guys armor is the most retarded balancing decision that
    doesn’t come from the pay2win shit hole called iOS “gaming”.

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    cake…. So much for the new physics eh?

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    It would look like an E-100 and would be OP as fuck (Totally Unbalanced)

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    going with 18 km per hour xD omg good game great replay quickybaby + you
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    than just telling it still good job m8 love you all cya soon

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  312. that is :D

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  328. The upper plate isnt good considering ur gonna face t9-10 every game
    225 effective armor is very underwhelming for an upperplate

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    already feel nauseated

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  335. 🙁 i hate life i though i would be the 1st comment

  336. Hi Qb!

    Firstly I must emphasize that I really like the content you keep putting up
    here on youtube, keep up the good work 🙂 But one small “issue” I have with
    your videos that as of lately you’ve been using more and more free camera
    and explaining things that are not directly about the replay in question. I
    feel that sometimes this makes us miss some of the fun action like for
    example in this video the killshot on that Patton. So my point is that be
    careful not to over do the free camera escapades :)

  337. Stop Islamification Wake Up World

  338. World of Tanks Replays

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    server. This guy is pretty much fucked if WGNA sees this xD

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  340. I am IS player and I hate this new physics 😛

    jk :D

  341. DaDonut paradise

    This comment was deleted by the U.S government

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    Nice to see a fellow Jagdtiger fan kicking ass! Sure the JT is a bit
    outdated but I still love going back and playing in mine, though I feel
    like I should switch my super heavy spall liner with Binocs. Thoughts?

  346. Martien van Hengel

    I’ ve the jagdtiger, but don’t know how to play it. aggressively or
    sb recommendations?

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  351. High-End Benchmarks

    I once flipped myself in Pz I C like that, I was last player alive and I
    managed to get two kills while I was flipped. That was hilarious…

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    Jagdtiger sound like a lawnmower? Just listen to like 9:40

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  361. impressive situation awareness, good map and tank knowledge (not a lot of
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    beeing goldspammed… The kind of replays I subscribed for.

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