World of Tanks || Jagdtiger – On the Prowl

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today IÙm playing one the oldest tanks in the game, the T9 German Tank Destroyer, the Jagdtiger which at one point was my most feared vehicle to meet…

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Really nice to see how the ‘tomato’ RU 251 is the hero of the game!

  2. Never under stood why people give videos like this a thumbs down,even if
    its not your type of tank so what,its full of info plus the effort that
    went into making it,never understand some people

  3. I love my Jagdtiger! Got mine just before the buff and I feel pretty
    comfortable in saying not only is it my favorite TD, but also my favorite
    vehicle to date. I don’t have the Jagdpanzer E-100 yet, but I’m close to it
    and excited to cap another German line off in the garage!

  4. QB, when are you going to upload more 300K vids? I dont think youre
    finished yet…

  5. What caliber of gun did the old T30 have, back when it was a tier 10 heavy?
    QB said something about 750 alpha damage, so was it a 155mm gun or
    something else?

  6. hey QB could you do a video on the amx 50 120 or the amx 50 B? you haven’t
    done one of those in a few years.

  7. What a beast!

  8. I found the jt far too slow and unreliable too keep imo especially with all
    the gold being flung these days.

  9. Terrified of the JagdTigger? No. It was always the fucking 704 that was the
    fucking pisser.

  10. I’m banned from the chat on twitch and I don’t even no why

  11. Please do a review on the Churchill III it would mean the world to me also
    I believe it is s very good and unique tank and a lot of people don’t give
    it all the appreciation it deserves.

  12. Gus Davis (Major G)

    I actually remember when they were showing the top 5 WT line tanks before
    they were introduced. I watched a showcase video where they were talking
    about the tanks abilities and weaknesses.

  13. can u review the pershing very under rated tank show it some love

  14. one of my most favorite teir 9

  15. Hiding the lower plate is a fool’s endeavour. The Tiger 2 / Jagdtiger upper
    hull was barely any use at tier 8 and worthless at tier 9. The gun
    performance is the only thing that saves it from being complete rubbish.

  16. Aden_the_Golden_destroyer KAr

    quickybaby can you do a review on the IS-3???

  17. Watched this video, rebought, 7 matches with 5k+ dmg already in a few hours
    And damn, the enemy seems to have forgotten about the Jagdtiger, not even
    good players await the under 10s reload on this thing :D

  18. What a fair matchmaking …

  19. When you said “Reminice over times when WoT was different”. You just
    brought back memories of the Marder II being a murder machine. God I wish
    they would do something about it again.

  20. Panzer und girls!!

  21. hey qb, do you remember when they introduced tier 10 tanks (except

  22. is warpack ever gonna get banned?

  23. upload an arty game

  24. I thought you were getting a new intro video?

  25. Ofc you can have good games in it but no… It is not competitive anymore.
    All it takes is for the enemy to click “2” for heat and the Jagdtiger turns
    into a HP pinata for the other team.
    The power creep and the abundance of high tier arty makes the Hp buff
    somewhat inefficient. The Hp buff is less then the avarage dmg of a single
    shot for it’s tier.
    The jadgtiger was designed and balanced around good armor. More HP does
    very little when you realy need to rely on armor to work.

  26. I going to grind to get this tank the Jagdtiger cause of QB I never really
    paid attention to this tank before cause I am a E 75 & Lowe users and
    killed allot of Jagdtiger too me was not really a good TD cause it’s easy
    to kill but this video change my mind. ps only time I was sacred of this
    tank was when I was in my tiger 1

  27. This was my first ever tier 9. I adore it. Always looking for those “low
    rocks” to cover the lower plate and abuse the map design of world of

  28. This kind of buff is just a bone thrown to German tank players while WG
    continues to over buff and OP the Russian lines every chance they get.

  29. QuickyBaby Do you think the jagdtiger is better on city maps or open maps?

  30. Still waiting for the kv 13 :)

  31. Thanks for the early vid Qb!

  32. I must be crazy but I prefer it to the tier 9 waffen just because of the
    excellent armor. That part of committing to shots with the 704 though, I
    want to see him play the T95 just because that is the ultimate commitment.
    Pick a lane of the map and that’s where you’re at for the match lol.

  33. Quickibaby, i have a question!! What about the 300k special??

  34. Please do SU-122-54 hard to learn how to play it.

  35. Jagdtiger is my favourite vehichle in the game not just because it looks so
    cool. It has got fantastic gun that you can rely on. For me it is the best
    gun, that i already used in the game. It doesn´t seem that i can say the
    same for the WT auf E100´s gun. It lefts me down a couple of times.

    But back to Jagdtiger. It was a very competitive TD even before HP buff,
    but in the hands of more skillful player. Aside of usually given tips of
    hiding the lower plate and be invisible for artillerys I recommend to
    search for heavy tanks with low dpm, thats your primary targets. With your
    perfect gun and very high dpm you can destroy tanks like IS3, T34, T10 in
    matter of seconds. Use your strenghts and play JT like support tank behind
    your first line, be aware of light tanks or play it like a sniper and
    you´ll get your rewards.

  36. how many ours does it take to get a tier X?

  37. Im mostly a light tank/medium tank player, so I rarely care about front
    armor stats. I like da booty

  38. It’s probably the first time that I made more damage in this particular
    tank, than a QuickyBaby does in the uploaded video :D

  39. The tank that I hate facing the most is probably the e100

  40. [RTF] World of Tanks

    Hi Sir, I’m wondering if I should get the Pershing or T32? Thank you!

  41. Jagdtiger is still not competitive. It’s still sluggish, slow and the armor
    is still garbage. Since it’s so big it can’t be missed, and that 300hp buff
    is more for med and light tanks to feast on. Only thing jtiger got going
    for it is the gun. You could argue that the superstructure is strong, but
    since any player that ain’t a total moron can pen the tank with inpunity
    and the current meta is to fire HEAT with 330mm pen immedietly if you
    bounce once, it doesn’t really count.

  42. It’s my 1. tier 9 and i only got 40 battles in it :/ Any tips?

  43. Can u do a tank review of the T20 tier seven American medium tank please

  44. I like trolling in my T32 against higher tier vehicles because its turret
    is OP

  45. Uhhh voice bug or?

  46. Haha, Ive seen this game b4 🙂 GG Quicky <3

  47. I used to be scared of the Jagtiger, but I recently had a one on one fight
    head on with one and my E100 and he only penned me once. Luck? Skill? I
    dont know but I do not fear them as much as I used too…

  48. Great video quicky 🙂 and yes i do

  49. Quickybaby I just had an amazing game in my Comet and got 2673 base xp, but
    I am playing on console thus being unable to watch it on replay.

  50. Really good TD,i love it,i still have it

  51. Ah, back in the day when the only tier 10s were the heavies. Back with the
    Maus was actually a terror to go against.

  52. WorldOfTanks Gaming

    Shouldnt TDs get the lowest hp?? (Not including SPGs)

  53. kilasracingfactory

    Oh my, the tank I was terrified of five years ago was the Type 59. Almost
    always in wolfpacks, zipping around the battlefield with that
    not-yet-implented-physics and I had no chance in my Vk3601 medium back then.
    But it was fun.

  54. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    5:47 Merde!! Lol amx 30 simply Lol

  55. “the armor on the Jagtiger was so satisfying back then… when shooting
    gold was shooting real money at your opponents” -this is exactly what I
    love in AW and hate in WoT the presence of premium shells (there are none
    in AW, you have to get the side of heavily armored opponents: no I WIN

  56. How can i see repalys??

  57. I just dont understand why did wg buffed ferdi to 1500 hp and lefted
    jpanther 2 on that 1150 its not fair

  58. It’s still one of the very good tds which are viable

  59. ▶ Hey youtube! I just discover amazing *c heat* here => *www.WOTGold. space*
    (remove spaces) Enjoy ! World of Tanks || Jagdtiger – On the Prowl

  60. the last 2 videos were from the streams. Basically watching youtube videos
    in the making if you watch the streams which I do, early access ;)

  61. why does it remind me of an anteater :D

  62. why does the Maus fire 3 seconds SLOWER than JT exact gun and crew?

  63. Would you consider the Obj. 263 a dangerous td?

  64. Wow the gun on that thing is like a hot knife through butter, he didn’t
    bounce a single shot. Odd i don’t see more of them in games on NA.

  65. 3:47 Anyone else think the gun was pointing straight down? Lol

  66. Michael Krejbich (Michael123cz Gaming)

    R.I.P. Alan Rickman :(

  67. Tomato saving the game 🙂 Take that stat boosters!

  68. E-75 now needs some love. The hit points on the heavy should be more that a
    Tank Destroyer…

  69. I love the Jagdtiger. Such a reliable gun IMO. I feel like I can pen
    anything reliably without spamming prem rounds. One of my favorite tanks.
    Love its rate of fire.

  70. Now i bought my IS-7 and a have a full repair crew and safe storage for the
    loader, gun rammer and ventilation.
    Whyat shout i use as the 3rd? Ver. Stabilizer or wet ammo reck or something

  71. why you don’t review Tiger 2 never? :(

  72. The gun miss more shit as the Obj 704s……fuck accuracy its stronk potato
    game from russia DA DA comrade!

  73. why are u say the wt like “waffentrrrrrrrrrrager”?

  74. Extra Terrestrial Being

    Wait did you say that prem rounds costed money back then? They should do
    that again, will fix the prem spam problem.

  75. Quickybaby do a IS-4 video

  76. M Lord Kimu (Kimu)

    watching it is like old people having sex – lol

  77. I really appreciate this buff to 2100hp to the JT. It gave me free II.MT15
    when I flanked a moron driving one :)

  78. Ricardo Hernandez Alvarez

    Hi QB, nice video! At the end you should have said: “The buff to the
    Jagtiger is a fair one, which balanced a tank that was a little “old”,but
    the buff to the 113 is playing with the players… Now they buff that tank
    and then they will nerf it, as always…”

  79. Soo, they buff this already good tank, but forget to buff the uncompetative
    Foch 155. Good job WG, good job.

  80. Very bad td
    I would rather they buff the upper plate and superstructure. The upper
    plate only work against t8s

  81. JT is a joke, sold it. nice gun but everyone is making fun of you.

  82. Now if they just buff the 8,8 HP’s to 1500 it would be swell, after all
    they are the same tanks.

  83. The Jagdtiger is even without that buff an amazing tank. People just do not
    know how to use it properly.

  84. 3:46 I thought the post was the 110’s gun pointing in the ground lol

  85. i can penetrate jagdtiger with my t28 anywhere i want with AP rounds

  86. And Jg.Pz E100

  87. you download the game in German language lol :P

  88. Still no new Intro :/

  89. What I’d like to know is why the jgdtg88 only has now 800 less HP than its
    t9 non prem brother. I understand it’s a premium but why such little hp
    compared to the normal version?

  90. Ich erinnere mich noch gerne an Zeiten wo alle große Angst vor
    Ferdinand/Jagdtiger hatten und die Position sofort an alle als Warnung
    ausgegeben wurde.
    Die Zeiten sind leider vorbei,trotzdem habe ich mit dem Jagdtiger die
    meisten Spiele und liebe vor allem seine zuverlässige und schnelle
    Kannone,die auf jede Entfernung keine Schwäche zeigt.
    Trotzdem bin ich der Meinung das gerade der Jagdtiger um weiter
    konkurenzfähig zu bleiben ein wenig mehr Alphaschaden machen dürfte. ;)

  91. I’d like to see a video with the t20. I feel its a good teir 7 medium but
    its something you don’t see a lot in game. It needs some love

  92. QB, can u do a review of the IS6? You have one already but that tank got an
    armor buff and it is quite different today…

  93. it is still competitive

  94. in my eyes the e 75 is yhe best tier IX except for maybe the type 4 heavy

  95. it is still competitive

  96. back when i was driving the jagdtiger i had a lot of experience of people
    consistently underestimating the tank and just thinking its just a
    jagdtiger but played as an assault gun it was a monster for me but i was
    playing it during the period before artys at the high tiers made their
    unwelcome return so now i imagine it needs to be played like the
    traditional campy td now which is a shame 🙁 because it was soo much fun to
    go full assault gun vs the e100 the maus the is7 and the is4. this thing
    could rip any of them apart with ease i had a few situation vs the toroise
    the dpm monster which i was able to win thanks to that absolutely
    incredible 128mm. its probably my favorite gun at tier 9 or 10 with the jpz
    e100s 17cm coming in closely after but the jpzs armour is a lot more usable
    (something really important if you prefer the assault gun playstyle) but
    its also a bigger arty target so you gain one thing but that puts you at a
    greater risk of another…

  97. Jgtig still needs more love.
    150mm just isn’t enough for the tanks it has to go up against in

  98. 8:10 what did he say after “big” ? English isn’t my mother tong and I
    didn’t get this expression to thank his teammate.

  99. i like that you show more of your own replays the past weeks, they may not
    the biggest games were you do 10k dmg. but no unicom has that game every
    week. GG

  100. I love the Jt. But as always depending in what kind of game you are thrown.

  101. Befor they buffed the Jag’s HP I could oneshot one of them with my S51 and
    I did it once but you really need to get the side of them

  102. this match is from the stream:)

  103. WoT is getting more and more Evil….. first there were only tanks, then
    they added TDs, then they added artillery,then autoloading tanks, then
    Autoloading TDs, then autoloading artillery, then autoloading camper shit
    TDs…. im scared right now what they will add next.

  104. the front also has the machinegun port, which is around 100mm i believe.

  105. SuperPershingProductions

    QB, you’re turning into a cap scrub!

  106. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    when we see japans heavys type4,5 in u garage and full reviews

  107. I wish I recorded my 8.3k damage loss in my Jagdtiger to show you QB. I
    lost because my team wanted to “no cap, kill all” and let a two man platoon
    on the enemy team cap. I stopped playing for a couple of weeks after that.

  108. Why you heff to be mad its only game

    Really in my eyes the perfect tank is not the highest alpha damage but not
    the lowest either, look at the 8,8 that can shoot a shit ton of shells but
    has low damage, sure you can track enemy’s more but really to keep ur dpm
    up you have to show yourself to the enemy where the slower reload (not to
    slow) and just good overall damage for that reload time, it gives you the
    damages needed and the rate of fire where you are less likely to get
    flanked by light / med tanks. the jagdtiger is just perfect with that in my

  109. qb plz see my replay of t 25/2 its worth watching it was 4.5 k dmg in worst
    mm ever where i took on a whole flank of is 3 s an t 10 s you Will Like it
    🙂 + im from subcontinent so it will be interesting :D

  110. I’m surprised I never hear you or Jingles mention that it has the hull of a
    Tiger 2 especially while talking about the 8.8

  111. Just had a game in my E-75 and put about 4 or 5 shots right through the
    upper plate

  112. Saief Ibn Siddique

    hey QB why dont you upload a video daily? i cant sleep without watching one
    before bed time :P

  113. you should check out the Jagtiger 88 quicky, that thing is a monster now
    with the buffs it got :D

  114. QB Happy Slavic New Year :)

  115. This is one of my favorite tank destroyers in the game. I don’t nickname
    vehicles easily, but I call my Jagdtiger Galactus, Devourer of Worlds.
    Seems fitting.

  116. why you skip jp and jp 2 i want your opinion about them

  117. Niffer Abderrahman

    i am erly

  118. when will we see a new winner of the 300K competition ?

  119. 야티

  120. AMX 30 is tier 9 you silly goose

  121. Great

  122. Nice vid again :)

  123. Jagdtiger replay! I hope it’s a good one! :)

  124. hi QB!

  125. Ahh another day of coffee and quickybaby so majestic

  126. I came to look at the comments… Too effin early

  127. love your videos Quickybaby

  128. nice video quickybaby :)

  129. Sixteenth

  130. I love your videos do keep up the good work .

  131. third

  132. That moment when you are in the top 100

  133. second?

  134. First! :D

  135. Do you think the Jagdtiger is still competitive after all these years?

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW!

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