World of Tanks || Japanese Heavy 9.10 Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Preview of the Japanese Heavy tanks coming in patch 9.! They are big, heavy and have huge calibre guns!

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  1. 76k views in less than 24 hours.
    Go Quicky

  2. 1. Platoon with other Jap Heavies
    2. Find a chokepoint
    3. Die
    4. Laugh

  3. IT IS THE BANEBLADE!!!!!!!!

  4. I think they might be balanced because artillery is just going to love
    those big targets, wont be as juicy as french but with some artillery you
    just want to hit with your RNG gun so here is a opporturnity.

  5. Quicky Nice video but World of Tanks just sucks now compared to War Thunder
    i left world of tanks in 9.2 update for War thunder because Premium Rounds
    are just abuse…. its not equal..

  6. +wdujsu b imo WoT physics make accuracy independent to sniping…. when
    ISUs can snipe from 600 metres , even GonquerorGC can do TD mode snipe from
    600 metres

  7. These tanks are unbelievably powerful.

  8. nothingbutgiggles

    +nothingbutgiggles not even going to mention the gun

  9. O-I absolutely OP, tiers 5 and 4 will never be able to pen. this tank, even
    tier 6 will have problem doing so. Its basically KV-2 with twice as good

  10. I have a feeling the type 5 heavy will become a prominent tank in CW,
    replacing the E-100 and Maus in many places because of that ridiculous
    amount of armour. time will tell I guess.

  11. just WOW :D

  12. :L i think in the future everyone will be coming out of battles with 10%
    less credits at the expense of premium shells.

  13. when they come i going for them

  14. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee give them gun depression..
    Otherwise people are just gonna park their tanks to your side and take you

  15. from my anime experience i think we should pronounce O-I as ‘oh-ee’

  16. They are so ungly!!!!

  17. hey QB! pronounce Japanese “english” vowels like how you would pronounce
    spanish vowels. O-I is like oh-ee, O-Ni is Oh-nee,

  18. Hi, have you any tips for avoiding RSI? You must spend hours on the PC –
    have you felt any discomfort? And you don’t seem to have a fancy chair we
    can see?

  19. Is this world of warship? XD

  20. tier 6 big mama ,nice one =))))))

  21. They’re ugly …but seems good on paper

  22. Czech tanks!?!

  23. oohh!!! all tanks shoot gold in these tanks.

  24. +ZerglingPack Well considering the Japanese are an island nation that is
    devoted to ship warfare, I’m not too surprised their heavy tank designs
    would resemble land battleships.

  25. +QuickyBabyTV and jtiger has low armored lower plate, dunno about the jap
    heavies i bet they don’t

  26. Less useful than KV-4.

  27. the t62a has better turret armor that really is the only advantage it get
    over obj 140. obj on the other hand moves slightly faster and is slightly
    more accurate, so it really depends on your play style. hope my comment
    helped you out.

  28. QB did you see the is 7 (A) rental thing

  29. I’m using all my free exp to get the tier 8 japanese heavy (cause I only
    got 300k ;~;), but I’m keeping the tier 7. Just cause of the name.
    Onee-chan is far too good of a name to pass up.

  30. WG should have make bigger maps for these tanks. 1 tank can occupy 1/4 of
    the map

  31. they will be farms, arty will love em…they will hate arty…

  32. +QuickyBabyTV are those mini turrets on their front and sometimes on the
    rear weak spots?

  33. Kenz Tan (WaffleKenz)

    Time for Wargaming to nerf some armor

  34. I make my wish here… All those guns and turrets, make all of them work.

    • +kaitsuttaa Add the secondary armament system from World of Warships; AI
      controlled, but able to be targeted on a specific target (e.g. light tanks
      or mediums trying to circle strafe).

  35. the whole time i was saying that is not a tank that is a battleship

  36. looks like arty have more huge targets to shoot at with their super
    accurate guns lol.

  37. My garage freezes every time I switch to some tanks. T28 HTC, any tier2-7
    japanese heavy….
    I am very happy with the Tier 8 heavy, no gold ammo. Now if they would do
    it for all the tanks in the game.

  38. holy shit jap tank want to make german maus look small.

  39. Just wait for the japanese tank destroyers

  40. that means an e75 can beat their traverse speed?

  41. SOLD!!!!! Time to stop grinding for the E 100 and start saving up

  42. Hilarious! But should be fun to play and play against. I’m looking forward
    to playing against them tho I will not be buying them. I think. :)

  43. Thickest armor of any tier 9 tank? 250mm? T95 laughs at you with 305mm
    armor. ;3

  44. tier ten is a big let down was hopeing for a big crazy monster got a cut
    and paste tank

  45. Just a thought with these tanks, they are going to be aiming down on pretty
    much everything else so they are going to be able to penetrate other tanks
    much easier.
    I hope they change the tier 10 to another tank though.

  46. Citrus Aviation, Railfanning, & AMG Roadster

    These new tanks look much better than I thought they would be! Huge LIKE
    from me!
    Wargameing didn’t excite me at first, but now I’m excited!

  47. Bảo Lê Trương Tiến

    from tier 2 up to tier 8 these Japanese HTs will have much trouble keeping
    their hp if they ran into some German tanks ( the tiger and tiger 2 will
    take them apart really quickly for their ultra high pen and rapid rate of
    fire for HTs tank line ) but when you got to tier 9 things gonna look much
    different *T49s drivers would love the new tier 8 and 9 Japanese heavies

  48. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi


  49. Epsilon Lazerface

    fucking Kaiju tanks,my kv4 gypsy will have troubles now :/

  50. I see a lot of sharp, angles and flat places that I’m sure will be week
    spots, and once we play against them, I’m sure they will have a lot of
    holes in their armor to exploit.

  51. Serious food for the clickers.

  52. Japanese heavies are just like sumo wrestlers

  53. Watch for Russkie tears and resulting nerfs.

  54. these tanks look like tier 15 on how big this is

  55. They look flat as an airstrip, but yeah overpowered. Flat is justice

  56. The Japaneses heavy tanks look like crap to me I see weak spots like crazy
    on the front armor with the none functional booby guns…..

  57. lol i want yugoslavian tanks :P

  58. Youbetter Backoff

    I think tier 9 won’t be a grind to tier 10. Once u get to 10 the speed,
    armor and aim are just going to be icing on the cake.

  59. Good thing the o-i has rockets…oh wait..
    Well it has 2 secondary turrets…nope

  60. Mister Torgue Flexington

    Really all I see are a bunch of kv5 clones,all those turrets scream weak
    spot. So your amazing armor will only be effective against idiots who don’t
    shoot your 100s of turrets.

  61. O-Ni-chan…

  62. But the KV-2 has the ability to sacrifice dissidents to Stalin.

  63. The Japanese heavys are basically the German heavys on crack

  64. play jap tank then lose eff real quick lol

  65. My tank is HUGE!!!

  66. Oh my word I NEED these things…

  67. They remind me of the Tog II mainly the speed and turret shape.

  68. I saw a Czechoslovakian flag :D

  69. They do look like fun, as long as those crippled turrets won’t be as much
    of a weakspots as I fear they’ll be.
    At least it is a new kind of gameplay needed for a whole new class of tanks
    so to say.
    Would have loved for the tier X to be a fast firing DPM-monster with low

  70. +Legiondude I’m so hyped for the Czechoslovakian tanks 😀

  71. Jap heavies: park next to them and have fun

  72. Turn on captions xD

  73. I’m going to crap when I face these thing.

  74. muti-turret will probably be very helpful, you could use your smaller
    caliber guns to take out enemy’s track and finish them off with ur main gun

  75. oskar radke (oski501)

    good tank

  76. Pretty sure that even the teir 9 is going to be crap because it’s a tank
    that relies on armor which at this point means it’s going to be useless

  77. Japanese didn’t design Heavy Tanks, they design Land Cruisers

  78. Can’t wait to try the BIG MAMA!

  79. LOAD THE HEAT !!!!

  80. big heavys without armour… nice for arty :3 my lorr waiting

  81. Kind of disappointed. All I can see when I look at these tanks is “shoot me

  82. +Dihi WoT In Japan, size matters.

  83. Jesus these things are ugly

  84. these tanks are basically battleships… on tracks. they sure as hell weigh
    as much as one with a gun for a battleship

  85. the japanese heavy tanks has got very very very good gun depression too

  86. pls do also review of tier8, maybe you dont like it, but its important for
    gamers (t8 is popular).

  87. As an elc driver im glad about this. I will go hide under that thing and
    its a free kill….

  88. Game looking like a Mobile Game for anyone else? And noone finding queues?

  89. are they adding the SturmTiger or no?

  90. Hey quickybaby, any word on Czech tanks. I saw the flag at 7:54???

  91. “Any Tier 9 tank”. I beg to differ my mighty T-95 would laugh at that.

  92. Japanese tanks looks like LEGOs put together by a kid.

  93. Stephen Tenazas (NahtzeeMan)

    Grorious Nippon Steeru

  94. The O-Ni needs to be called Onee-Chan!

  95. was it just me or when QB went to change the country in the bottom left
    corner there was checkoslavakia? dont know how to spell it

  96. those tanks are huge! it would be funny if there was game with only jap
    heavy tanks! question..are those tank boobs a weakpoint?

  97. where are rhe ammos located?? how much do i need to ammo rack it?

  98. big MaMa :D

  99. what are the weak spots ???

  100. Japs like it big ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  101. Given that the Japanese were fighting the Chinese, who really didn’t have
    many tanks besides the lend lease Shermans, Stuarts, Russian lights, etc, I
    don’t see why those crazy Japanese engineers had to make these things…
    kind of overkill.

  102. hey, elc drivers!! more tanks without the gun dispersion to shoot at you!
    hahahaha!!! this would be fun

  103. Quicky baby are you gonna play armored warfare

  104. Nice, more box tanks to kill!! my e75 can’t wait to kill them!! with the
    bad accuracy that they have is it almost impossible to shoot at weak

  105. Seems Japanese are really good at building battleship, no matter in the
    ocean or on the land.

  106. The female tog

  107. I cant wait to see how they implement the Japanese heavy’s into the XBox.

  108. Finally, the Tog and Maus give birth to their babies and they are

  109. can u do a video on the tier 3 heavy plzzzz

  110. Rev up those elc engines boys!


  112. Suprabh Shankaran

    So ridiculous…

  113. My new toy

  114. my new toy

  115. Jesus von Nazaret

    Yay, a japanese TOG

  116. with these new heavies added it will make the british heavies espically
    seem very underpowerd as there guns really make them competive even against
    a mauss armorer at the front but with these the brits wont be able to
    complete the roll against these beast hopefully wargaming will add the
    chieftan at tier 10 after these

  117. Im exited to see the cool replays on your channel in these tanks :D

  118. Paper tanks… paper tanks everywhere!

  119. My KV-2 is drooling over those big flat slabs of side armour

  120. yeah big, slow heavies with alot of hitpoints! Sounds liek fun, but
    reatrded artilelry mechanic in the game ruins it all!
    *Cries in my T95*


    This is absurd: they introduce japanese (heavy) tanks and they dont even
    talk about italian tanks.


    This is absurd: they introduce japanese (heavy) tanks and they dont even
    talk about italian tanks

  123. I really hate the new tech line. I am more a historical tank driver and I
    really dont like tanks. Ugh :(

  124. are the mini turrets weak spots on these tanks? If they are then the whole
    point of these tanks armor is negated……

  125. KTG aerial movies

    +quickybabytv are those tankboobs massive weakspots? And do they also come
    off when ammoracked?

  126. So a Tier 6 with better armor than the Tiger II, and a better gun than the
    pre-nerf KV-1s… How the hell are these things balanced?

  127. How to get more gold and money on WoT Test Server? Please help me.

  128. the tansk are just like kv5(tier 3-8) wise, just shoot the machine gun
    turrent, they would be easy to fight frontally.

  129. i think they are all great

  130. worlds biggest noob

    KV-4 still king in armor at tier 8 :D

  131. i think its about time that some els then the german gets the monster

  132. See, i was hoping on some comparisons ingame on maps, to their size versus
    buildings and such. Dont really care for test server goldspam from
    teamkilling russians, but a view on their size would have been nice.

  133. holy shit, they really changed from the norm for japanese vehicles, paper
    airplanes, paper light and medium tanks, and now the have a true heavy
    tank. i like this new direction

  134. I bet on max 3 degrees depression on those things, light tanks are just
    gonna… Feast isnt a word for that

  135. +1stWarlord The armour is flat, but the sides, rear and turret front and
    sides are stronger than E100. The lower plate is also stronger than E100.
    Remember you can shoot and pen the front of the E100s turret with some tier
    9 guns.

  136. +1stWarlord Its a nice middle ground. Better effective armour than the E100
    with a better gun than the maus and somewhere between them in
    manoeuvrability. They will be more versatile i think

  137. I just realized something, because these tanks are so tall you won’t be
    able to shoot at the lower plate of some vehicles, imagine you’re driving
    the tier 10 you probably can’t even shoot his lower plate because you’re so
    tall, I haven’t tested that but I definitely will.

  138. why are they replacing the kv 2 :(?

  139. +Josh McReynolds Nah, the armour is thicker on paper but the Maus still has
    more effective armour because the type 5 armour is mainly flat and it is
    HUGE. The maus can also angle the turret in a way that these things just
    cant get away with. Maus is still the daddy for armour on heavies.

  140. +PDRGaming You’ve still got the biggest gun on any tier x Heavy. You’ll be

  141. And the japanese TOG II ???

  142. +pe ra These things seem pretty balanced, even the high tiers. Poor speed
    and massive size makes these tanks prime targets for Artillery. Also the
    low DPM means they can’t really kill as much with concentrated firepower,
    unlike the British. They bring something new to the table, and that is a
    true heavy tank that stops enemy advancements simply with it’s presence
    (Until arty clicks on you). And that will be why I will play them.

  143. +pe ra If the Waffentrager line didn’t ruin the game, the Jap heavies sure
    as hell wont.

  144. Correct your grammar. And how will they ruin the game?

  145. Jon Gabriel Velasquez Johnsen

    pause at 7:55 and u will see a New naison cheslovakia

  146. Tier 7 HT, 10/10 best name. Onii-san

  147. I wonder if WoWs secondary weapon experiences might push WoT to using a
    similar system for tanks secondary turrets? I would certainly make the Lee
    and Grant more playable

    • +jakekillify it’s still good to keep your oponenets tracked. with the 37mm
      m6’s fast ROF you could keep your oponenets tracked while you bust them
      apart with your 75mm m3 with it’s insane ROF of 21 rpm with rammer

    • +mema0005 Unfortunately not. your not hurting much above tier 3 with those
      puny 37mm guns.

  148. +Steven Chabot He was saying that sarcastically.

  149. Are these mini turrets in the front weak points?

  150. What about the Tiger VI?

  151. It’s a I-O Experimental is a KV5 at Tier V, Top Speed 40 km/h and 100t.
    Tasty :)

  152. EmperorNefarious1

    So, it might be time to sell all the churchill tanks, since they are
    outclassed in every way by these monsters. except for the BP’s terrain
    resistance advantage I see no way to be competitive against these…

  153. I’m totally going down this line of tanks,I loved the kv line so I should
    love this one too.

  154. They look like WH 40k vehicles. Without the cathedral on top. :)

  155. Minecraft Universe BalkanHD

    MAUS is no more the biggest tank LOL

  156. Wargaming’s drunk again…

  157. If Japan has this much scrap metal for armor, then how do they explain the
    lack of it on the mediums?

  158. not looking forward to the T8 Uh-Oh

  159. Who here agrees that whoever wrote these stats for the Jap heavies was

  160. Who here agrees that whoever wrote these stats for the Jap heavies at WG
    were drunk at the time?

  161. They’ll be both good and bad. They have crap gun depression, and they’re
    huge. Add on crap mobility and weak side armor, and it’s an LT’s dream.
    Strike number 1. Inaccurate guns, forcing them to get up close… where
    they can then be flanked by mediums. Strike 2. Giant boob turrets, which
    likely are weak points. Strike 3.

    • Turrets have same armor thickness as the rest? A bit doubtful
      realistically, but I’ll accept it for WoT… I’m quite sure they went off
      of vague blueprints/concepts anyways, and did the rest themselves.

  162. Sumo Warrior tanks :p

  163. Garrett Montgomery

    +QuickyBabyTV seems like with great turret armor and gun depression these
    tanks might be bale to fill the role of a t29 quite nicely, but other than
    that they seem very German.

    Are those “tank boobs” and other secondary turrets weak spots generally?

  164. Japan couldn’t keep their navy in the water… they decided to toss ships
    on the land. They even use naval guns.

  165. 7:54 … Czechoslovakia? hmmm …

  166. Did I see a Czechoslovakian tech tree when he switched on the filters?

  167. LOL, anyone doubt that WoT jumped the shark a while ago?
    Sprem ammo and whackamoles will make these things irrelevant. Should be
    amusing watching some clowns grind their way up, however; expect to see a
    lot more arty.

  168. +GetRickt Until the new physics, where these things will be able to shove
    ELC’s around even easier and probably run them over lol.

  169. +GetRickt unless it get’s squashed ;_;

  170. +Ordos20 Nah, Baneblades had eleven barrels of hell and could hold the line
    against anything thrown at them… These things with all that flat, riveted
    armor and obvious cheek and boob turret weakspots, will be able to do no
    such thing.

  171. +Ordos20 Not grimdark enough. Need more volcano cannons.

  172. More proof WoT is headed for a death sprial.

  173. But look at those big guns that you can’t use, makes me sad…

  174. Wtf are these op tanks. I hope they do change them. I’m not going to go
    down this tech tree, the tanks are just too ugly all the way up to the tier

  175. hol-y-shit

  176. Shit talk about size

  177. They are too tall. If a tank gets close and on it’s side it can go to town
    while the heavies have no have of hitting them.

  178. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    soo ugly tanks

  179. ELC AMX drivers! Rejoice!

  180. Might as well park my Tiny lorraint 40t close up, its not like he is gonna
    be able to hit me.
    The batchat will feast on this line.

  181. I SEEN A NEW COUNTRY ! If im right I senn checoslovakia in there (sorry for

  182. holy shit and i thought the m3 lee was ugly

  183. +IncredibleEtableBaby Hala Madrid!

  184. +Trevor Renkevens I once did 3400 dmg in a tier 9 game on live oaks, mostly
    shooting dumb light tanks and a full health Super Pershing. I have 620
    games in it, 60 % win and 3 Marks. BP is an alright T7 tank, cause we all
    can’t be sealclubing in a T29

  185. I’m not the best player in world of tanks, but I do pretty well in it. So
    you could say that.

  186. Probably the least appealing line since the first line of British TDs –
    those at least ended in a tier 10 worth heaving.

  187. This line is a dream for enemie light tanks And mediums!

  188. Bailey “The Bomb” Baumgartner

    They will be a great target for arty’s lol

  189. this is my swamp 

  190. Good luck trying to kill a T-44 or higher because those tanks are way too
    tall to shoot down

  191. Cant wait to play with Big Mama and Oni

  192. I’m just going to say it….. The japanese tanks are big for a good
    reason… they all transform into giant fighting robots. This has been a
    standard for japan for a long long time. #xxx xxx

  193. thick armor, no sloping < medium armor, 40° sloping... also: armor is worthless in this game, where one can spend a little extra cash to not have to aim for weakspots. any same tiered tank and above will just laugh at these damage-piniatas (not only for their looks) let alone their (current) oversize... just park right next to them and you're set for the game.

  194. +123nicefellow123 That right there is a solid point that i cant argue with.

  195. +123nicefellow123 I agree with your point about unhistorical tanks. The
    rest of it not so much. Wargaming is a business, if they didnt push to make
    more money they would be a pretty terrible business, capitalism is greedy.
    I dont understand your point about tier 10 tanks. Are you saying they
    should not add new lines because alot of people dont have time to play
    through them? The game has to have content for those of us who will invest
    the time/money. Would you just have the lines end at tier 5 or something?

  196. tier 5 looking to be OP to me similar mobility of the G1R and armor of the
    KV-1 yet it has a huge weight, would like ramming in that thing

  197. omg these things are op

  198. little light tanks can take it out easly 😀 but, do somebody know what is
    hidden under the czechoslovakia flag? O.o :)

  199. My ELC is waiting….

  200. It’s going to be like a st-1 a pain on the

  201. I’ll start researching them right after update 🙂 . Anyone else too?

  202. much armour, hmm, I think wargaming want to sell premium ammo ….


  204. Game ruined.

  205. how about the tiny turrets on the front? r they a weekspot

  206. i can t wait to play from tier 5 to tier 10 ilove heavy heavy tanks :P

  207. There goes the reputation of the kv2’s gun and the kv4’s weight. Not saying
    that’s stupid of course, but.. yeah… ?

  208. Jochem Groenewoud

    hey QB do you know jochem_the_killer? from the good guy action ;)

  209. the tier 7 is light tank food

  210. AMX ELC Food

  211. I would say that Tier 9 will rip apart the IS6 with little chance of taking
    damage back, that wont be able to pen it at all!

  212. Arigato WoT! Hahahaha (Japanese Thank you) :)

  213. Big tanks and big guns, u are sure they ain’t American?

  214. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Is it just me, or when he was selecting countries we saw Chez as a nation
    on the tech tree. Is Quicky Baby accidentally revealing too much?

  215. That Type 5 is sexy as fuck!

  216. 7:53 czechoslovakia

  217. +CaptainZelderon Not weakspots. they are as thick as the rest of the
    armour. KV5 stays lonely 🙁

  218. here in asia we call them i-(number) jap subs ee-(number) so I’m guessing
    it’s oh-ee?

  219. I think the early Japanese tanks are kind of underwhelming. They also look
    stupid with the layout and all the flat armor. However I think the tier 9
    and 10 Japanese heavies lol pretty cool and seem like they will do better
    than I thought the Japanese heavies would do.

  220. is there at least blueprints of these tanks or wargaming made them up?

  221. Have these tanks a good gun depression?

  222. I’ve seen a few people confused by the lack of a premium round on the O-Ho.
    That’s because it’s got the same premium round as the O-Ni as a stock
    round. The gun is the same in every respect, and remember that war-time
    Japanese tanks get straight AP as a premium round.

  223. They are going to make the tank boobs weak spots just like the KV 5.
    People will have fun with these puppies.

    Those hull cheeks too. Weak like Tiger P?

    • +Shkotay D You’d think that, but that is quite incorrect. These mini
      turrets are as strong as the main turret in every way. Heck, you might have
      a harder time with those turrets because they are circular.

    • +Toasty Roasty Man So like steel bullet titties kind of things? o_0

  224. Holy shit we will shoot SOOO more gold in the next patch!

  225. OMG best moment of my life 10th dislikes yay so happy….
    im joking

  226. wargamings way to keep Russian tanks better

  227. +Evangeline Anovilis Guns are guns. Guns are very accurate weather they
    started life on ships or tanks. Having begun as ship based guns has no
    bearing on accuracy, its all just for game balance.

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