World of Tanks || Japanese Samurai!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – STB-1. Today I'm playing by the warriors code in the T10 Japanese medium the STB-1!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. See, I can’t help but feel that the reason he’s stressing that the STB-1 isn’t as good as the other, buffed tanks, is to excuse how he threw the game away by underestimating a RED player with poor statistics driving a vehicle 2 tiers lower.

  2. *We’re not playing with them ~ Quicky*
    Best WOT awkward moment of 2017 award goes to Quicky baby LOL and no u cannot come back frm that one mister ?

  3. Gotta love when the person who saves the game for the opposite team does 800 damage in two shots to you and no one else.

  4. The “Quickbaby loves Weeboos or waifus or however the F you spell it alarm” is goin off right now

  5. can you re-review the canaervan,QB? it seems its DPM is a little OP. I am destroying tanks of the same tier with that tank

  6. What are you using to show as how to get penetrated?

  7. E75. Nice medium tank

  8. even the girls can handle the gun huh? hahahaahah

  9. Hello from Japan! Breaking News! E-25 is out on sale… what is your thoughts QB?

  10. the girls make the gun shoot really fast huh? i will leave…

  11. Ferdinand has good timing!

  12. EpicHunter117 Gaming

    Is there a site containing all of QB tech tree reviews?

  13. “E 75 Medium tank”

  14. Is there another type of samurai besides Japanese? No… There is not.

  15. aimbot/autoaim at 06:44 minute confirmed.
    Shame quickybaby
    Both of them are banned mod right?

  16. Wait what? Where can you see the battle hit which is you start at 14:46??? Please tell me thx

  17. My heart brake with sturer emil 1 vs 5 I did 9 kills and i had no ammo for last kill on gw panther

  18. Brandon Labrasseur

    I’m so sorry for your little embarrassing moment QB….. Anyways, I had a few questions, one: is that battle hit viewer part of your modpack or is it something else?
    Two: I’m currently grinding the USSR medium line but can’t decide between the Object 140 or the Object 260 (It will be my second tier 10 probably, I’m getting the Strv 103B next month as my first T10 and I might grind the Kranvagn as my second or third, depends on if I like the Leo)
    And third, what server do you look on for WoT replays?
    Thanks for all your great content and keep up the great work!
    TIER45 from NA Central server

  19. Noooooooooooooooooo

  20. Crew Training is street slang for Harem Grooming…

    Spamming HEAT at a tier 8, whereas the tier 8 kills you with AP…
    GG Ferdi, show them how we play for a profit and win with skill…

    I suppose the shit gun handling of the STB-1 would be a valid argument, but still.

  21. Seriously QB? 20 seconds plus Advert that you can’t skip?

  22. How to follow shell trace?

  23. actually german heavy tank Qbb

  24. I did 8.5k damage and 9k combined in my t-10 and didnt win

  25. CheeZeArtZ - 100% Laktosefrei

    Hey guys, little Question:

    i currently own the STA-2 as my only Tier 8 premium, but would it even be remotly worth it to get the Mutz in todays offer?
    I mean, its stats are basically worse or the same, except in turret armor…

    Thanks guys!

  26. Caernarvon action x

  27. 4:47 since when is E75 a medium tank?

  28. 04:48 E-75 tier 9 german medium tenk! QB said it so it must be so!

  29. Hi Quickybaby, can you tell me how to get this view in your video at 14:51 ?

  30. “We’re not training them up. And so- tss. Oh god. Can I recover this ? I think I can, I think I can.”
    *Continues to fumble*

  31. _Carlozz_ UGOTAMMORACKED

    Why do you call the bc 25 t a loght tank an the amx 13 105 a medium tank ???

  32. I like how the Ferdi on the enemy team did 806 damage which was all on quickybaby

  33. “Oh no they only have greens and purples left!” should be said as “Oh no they only have cheating scumbags and re rolls left!”

  34. How can I activate the free camera so I can go throughout the whole map? Is there some shortcut or do I need some mode pack?

  35. Pyro Team From Srbija

    4:49 – that tier 9 german medium tank – E75

  36. I just saw your jap med showcase on Twitch and you must play a few games in Chinese tier iii Chi-Ha which is the same as Japanese but is a light tank. Cammocrew + vents + cammonet + binocs and you’re invisible tank with 120mm of premium APCR pen – a sniper 🙂 usable even when bottom tier

  37. Quicky you ever thought about being an announcer at biddings? You can speak so much so quickly haha

  38. My biggest heartbreak: I was on 3,600 or so damage in the SP-I C on WoT Blitz and I had been soloing the enemy team until there was just a T1 Heavy left. He was below me, behind a ridge, and I was stressed out so I popped out and he shot me. He was a one shit for me. I think I got a mastery badge, or a first class.

  39. When the STB-1 got it’s HD model they should have buffed the gun handling on it, not the turret armour, it didn’t need an armour upgrade. You can see it even in this replay, the gun is completely potato and throws the shots everywhere. Meanwhile tanks like the Obj140 with almost exactly the same DPM get laser like dispersion and accuracy values. It’s just pathetic if you think about it objectively.

    Also, Phanta my clanmate in your match, ohai!

  40. What a bummer 🙁 But, also a great example of 2 Super-Unicums losing the game due to unnecessary HEAT Spam (the 25t and the 13-105). That alone makes it worth it!

  41. 5:00 e75 medium tank confirmed new update 9.22

  42. 4:51 E75 would make a nice tier 8 premium med tank

  43. Do you really think than SPG are the most shit cancer in game? Nope, mediums! The most unbalanced tanks in WoT.

  44. Thibault Giesbertz

    could you make a vid with buffed cent ax

  45. My biggest heartbreak was a carry in my T28 proto on Overlord, where my shot to kill the remaining Udes, got absorbed by a bunch of bricks instead of going straight through and easily destroy the Udes. I was using the top 120mm gun and it’s really annoying that there’s even rng on stuff like that..

    WG explained in a video that only HE will get absorbed by destroyable walls, but this is not the case. I’ve had several times that I only destroy a wall with high caliber guns, without hitting the target that’s close behind it.

  46. Apparently Peppy is Japanese

  47. Thibault Giesbertz

    whats that mod at the end

  48. Juraj juki Dunatov

    5:00 lmao

  49. Worst gun handling..; or not.
    Think about the BatChat and the awesome 2.6 aim time and the horrible dispersion in movement or after firing

  50. AMX 30b is worse. I hate mine after its “buff”.
    I like my BC 25t a lot more.
    I like my Obj 140 even more.
    And I like my M48A5 Patton even more than that. Lol

    My T110E5 is decent.
    My AMX 13 105 is ok but why play it when I have the BC 25t?
    My GW E100 is useless now that arty does such little damage and stun doesn’t do anything except be annoying for everyone.
    And my Obj 268 is my most hated tank of all time because it’s such a big piece of shit even after the very small, almost useless, buffs.

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