World of Tanks || Japanese Tiger – 9.9 Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Patch preview from update 9.9 featuring the T6 premium Japanese : Heavy Tank No. VI – coming soon!

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  1. Download link? Pls help me 🙁

  2. +J. Knight please justify that statement – I wasn’t overly positive about
    the tank nor negative. I told you all the facts of the vehicle, highlighted
    its weaknesses and showed you representative gameplay in the tank versus
    equal tiered opponents.

    I constantly said throughout this tank will struggle with penetration and
    favour a nice match up.

  3. +aidan hart lol nvm what a pos xD

  4. jeffrey schreuder

    +13Impy then they should do the same for the german varriant of that gun
    and since were waiting years for that now i doubt it will happen

  5. jeffrey schreuder

    +kb03003 why does it need a buff?
    its is almost exactly the same as the VK3601h which is basically a smaller
    tiger 1 with slightly worse side armor
    and it works can you imagine? it works
    so why would this one not work?
    unless it has to be better then its closest counterpart

    if their gonna buff it they need to buff the pen on this gun and then they
    should buff the L56 on the german tanks too

  6. The Duck (AMX-40) is sort of a guilty pleasure for me.

  7. jeffrey schreuder

    +Steven Chabot same with the B1
    tier 4 heavy tank with 64 mm of penetration
    if your top tier you have a decent tank but if you meet a tier 5 your
    fucked because you cant pen him without gold

  8. jeffrey schreuder

    +Steven Chabot i never got past the chi ha due to lack of interest but is
    it more or less torture then the B1?

  9. Thekilleroftanks

    +BushcraftDad ya they did that in Alpha, it fucked over every single tank
    with a barrel.

  10. Everyone knows the Tiger had the L/56 so you don’t need to point that out.

  11. Thekilleroftanks

    +HFH_II you do know Japan did bought a Tiger to help with their heavy tank
    development but seeing they couldnt transported it, they just gifted it to
    the German army.

  12. Thekilleroftanks

    +PhynixPc since when being in a tier 6 game ever been nice when you are
    bottom tier…

  13. Aroused Squirrel

    +Erik Mattson Except, it is a stock Tiger.

  14. The idea was to surround the soviet union from west to east, but the
    Japanese had no technology to fight against the soviets so they just took
    China (you know, they were an empire)

  15. +Thekilleroftanks They were needing tanks to fight against the soviets on
    China and the its frontier with the Soviet Union.

  16. Its not exactly the E version, it never used the kwk 43 gun and the engine
    wasent as powerful as its in the game by 10hp diference

  17. yup, that’s what I meant

  18. I mean the japanese

  19. abdul rahman wadah

    +TheSchultinator haha grinding to the RU251 like me heh? well here is
    something worse i want to get the charioteer and say hello to the son of a
    bitch challenger that aint challenging at any way i aint buying it any
    equipment cause it doesnt deserve one 5 seconds reload and every shot only
    deals 150dmg i cant even play it it sucks so bad

  20. i don’t speak of the real concept/idea, but the tank was never tested and
    never realised by WG. This pictures are just a montage.

  21. jeffrey schreuder

    +Jacob Culliver you notice now?
    the gun is in the game since there is a german tree in that same state

  22. jeffrey schreuder

    +PrinceSoviet and you notice that now? after its in the game in the same
    state since the very beginning?

  23. +Artakha Really? Swedish tanks? What a great IKEA… can’t wait to Czech
    those out.

  24. +Niklas K. The problem is that this Tiger is more like the VK 36.01 with
    the 8,8 (bad pen, good alpha).

  25. Niklas K. (Mino95)

    +Capitalist America yes, dosent got problems with my VK 30.01P. (the short
    gun is historical accurate or not?)

  26. Aroused Squirrel

    +jeffrey schreuder Yes, but nobody who is sane uses the 88 on the Vk.

  27. Aroused Squirrel

    +abdul rahman wadah Worse gun.

  28. +Aroused Squirrel I dunno 😛

  29. abdul rahman wadah

    +Hungary Soul hmm maybe the information i got was wrong

  30. Rly?..

  31. jeffrey schreuder

    +tikiboy tank they cant make the pen better without buffing almost every
    mid tier german tank stock and fully upgraded

    jagdpanzer 4
    VK 300H
    etc etc

  32. +Tom Yorke RL Tiger had short 88, RL KT had long 88, and the KT’s 105mm
    L/68 was a paper project. The Tiger I and KT people complain are too weak
    at their tier are actually over-buffed to hell. With their RL
    configurations, the tanks would either have guns too bad for their tier, or
    armour too good for their tier.

  33. +AnAverageJho you do know that the king tiger gets the 10,5 cm Kw.K. L/68
    with 225 pen right?

  34. +Lars Kraus yeah the trick with tanks like the tiger is making sure you hit
    the other tank two times for every once they hit you, at least 😛 if you’re
    putting into that kind of situation

  35. Thing is, both 113 and FV4005 are just similar and worse copies of other
    vehicles, 121 and FV 215b (183) respectively. 121 is a medium tank with the
    very same 122mm gun from 113 and it has much more dpm, it also moves
    faster. FV4005, on the other hand, is slightly more mobile and accurate
    than FV 183, but it’s survivability is just worthless. I see Maus on random
    battles from time to time while 113 and FV4005 are really rare. Played
    about 100 battles on tier IX this week and saw NO SINGLE FV4005 and maybe
    one or two 113. That’s saying something.

  36. +Aroused Squirrel the FV4005 is not that bad, it can one shot an IS 7 and
    most other tanks

  37. Aroused Squirrel

    +Matt Mac It is definitely not useless, but as you said, it has seen better
    days. The FV4005 tier 10 is an insult to the word “tank”.

  38. jeffrey schreuder

    +VeryUnfriendlySpoon indeed and why is the VK useless now?
    tbh i still see it as the better tank
    its a bit more mobile but more importantly no bump on the head and quite a
    bit smaller

    not to mention you have more gunchoices

  39. the gentleman troll

    It replace the awful Panther

  40. TheSupermike902

    Kv-2 das beter job 😉

  41. +NiceGuysRUs quite a waste to fire 122mm heat to a 100mm armor tank

  42. jeffrey schreuder

    +monkeystandoffsucks they will go to 9.10 and 9.11 first until havoc is
    done so they can release it as a major patch probably

    chieftain will probably be 9.11 or 9.10

  43. abdul rahman wadah

    +alex bull i heard rumors saying it will come at 10.0 that update might
    also bring havoc FFS FINALLY!!

  44. +Thekilleroftanks and I writed what ?

  45. +Thekilleroftanks bought designs ! you blind or just stupid. tank is stoped
    near France from delivery, cannot believe how stupid some ppl are.

  46. abdul rahman wadah

    +Rokas Sadauskas you have the Tiger I…..AND IT IS MUCH MORE AWESOME!!! 5
    IN UR WAY!!!

  47. There’s only few prem tanks better than normal ones
    maybe is6, t34, type 59 and that’s it i think

  48. +Mirza Ajanovic the m6 isnt better.

  49. Aroused Squirrel

    +NeCarbon Unrealistic GAME mechanics.

  50. Emilien Gosselin

    It’s an arcade game. Why should it have realistic game mechanics ?

  51. +M Johnsen Yeah the main problem is that the crew would have hell trying to
    operate the gun (which is very, very bad, if your crew can’t operate for
    shit the tank may as well be a METAL BAWKS) and the traverse speed would
    have gone to shit on a tank with already rather slow traverse speed. The
    extra penetration and range was simply not worth the trade off.

    Now correct me if I’m wrong, but the 10.5cm Kannone really wouldn’t have
    fit in the Tiger II right?

  52. +S.E.Y. More “IRL if it tried it would blow the turret off” sounds exactly
    like something a child would say. The Tiger was tested with the L/71. It
    performed fine though the turret was too cramped and the weight adversely
    affected the traverse rate. The reason it was never adopted was because of
    these difficulties (nevermind materiel and time constraints), not because
    it ‘would blow the turret off’.

  53. +abdul rahman wadah and ? what is matchmacking

  54. +Roman Tortes Awsome!

  55. +Roman Tortes are you saying yes homo or are you agreeing with no homo?

  56. +Hunter Chen nohomo tho

  57. abdul rahman wadah

    +Nemanja Cirkovic come back when u see an interesting patch or so

  58. +Nemanja Cirkovic Then stop playing.

  59. abdul rahman wadah

    u2 :C

  60. abdul rahman wadah

    oh maaaan you’ve been a nice guy

  61. abdul rahman wadah

    +SovietTenkDestroyer EU

  62. Thekilleroftanks

    meh there are tanks out there with worse names.

  63. Thekilleroftanks

    +Sleeper800 but the thing is, type is only given to a tank if it enters
    service, and the tiger never did in japan. when in reality they just gifted
    it back to Germany for the war.

  64. +Hunter Chen Yea, well…..70 kmh downhill…..only 40 or 50 on a straight

  65. +kakhoofd 75 well, it gets a shit gun, but it does go 70kmh…

  66. nuclearsharkattack

    +Bradley Walters Correct. The JT88 gets pref. MM, this new replacement does
    not, and it’s a worse TD to boot. The game is now strictly about bleeding
    the last ounce of $$ from the playerbase while adding nothing of value.

  67. +Roboplayer1 yes, but my point in the first comment was the version of the
    historical Tiger 1 gun that exists in World of Tanks is a joke compared to
    the performance of the gun it had in real life…the Tiger 1 could tattoo
    its name on another tank at a 1,000 meters and yet as we saw Quickybaby
    missed the entire enemy tank at less than 100 meters that he was funny
    aimed on

    the pen and accuracy of the gun in the video game is a joke when compared
    to its real life counter part

  68. the gun that the tiger uses in wot is the gun the tiger 2 used in real life
    . AND the gun the heavy tank 6 uses is the actual tiger’s gun not the tiger
    2’s gun that is on the tiger in wot

  69. +Roboplayer1 when you read what you just typed does it make even the
    slightest sense to you? because its just gibberish

  70. Josh Bloomfield

    +Lokesh Devraj I agree. However, the konisch is very accurate and with a
    high ROF to match. Let’s take the VK36.01 for example. Lots of armor (if
    you use it right) and 950 hit points to throw around when it needs to. I
    think it’s a wonderful tank. Mid tier Russians have no armour, not even the
    T-150 can block the konisch. If it tries, you have 221 apcr pen to go
    through it. I think it’s fabulous in good hands. My opinion though. I’m
    sure for some, it’s just an xp and credits pinyata… I don’t know how to
    spell pinata on my phone. XD

  71. Josh Bloomfield

    Or you could use the konisch and be perfectly fine. 🙂

  72. Thekilleroftanks

    +Dragos HDgAmInG the tier 10 front is 250, not 200.

  73. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    +Towfiqur Rahman They didn’t have HTs at all, they just thought some up
    (judging by the designs also while drunk) but they’re huge and probably
    made of paper.

  74. +henri _bc max KV2 alpha dmg = 1037

  75. theExtr3meGam3r

    +Panzer Fulmer I’ve penetrated and one shot a tiger I from the front with
    my KV-2 😀

  76. +Panzer Fulmer a penetrating AP shell in its ammorack….

  77. AttackPenguin666

    Errrrrrrr no buy a Cromwell B. I have finished top of more than half of the
    tier 9 games I platooned into by XP.

  78. Aroused Squirrel

    +TheGalaxyshow The su100y is epic, if you are not mentally challenged.

  79. +Silly Catfish Ok ;-; nearly bought it lololololol

  80. +Aroused Squirrel Yeah sorry. Just so used to being attacked in these
    comments… The joys of the internet.

  81. +Aroused Squirrel -_- my bad. Also colloquialisms are hard to get across on
    the internet… through only text.

  82. +SovietTenkDestroyer Honestly dude, the VK 45.02 A has a pretty bad
    penetration gun for Tier 8, It’s armor is also ass. I would be fine if they
    used that tank as a Tier 7, I see no reason why it isn’t already at Tier 7.

  83. SovietTenkDestroyer

    +SovietTenkDestroyer And lower the Tiger and Tiger P to tier 6

  84. +Peter Griffin you are damn right

  85. +Aroused Squirrel yeah i think world of tanks should match the more
    experienced/serious players against each other whilst the people who just
    want to mess about (which is fine as it is a free game) can go against each
    other that way everyone wins. the young children who i know play this game
    don’t get called some horrible things by frustrated players (as much) and
    the better players get to put their money where their mouth is.

  86. kkk then Cannon AMX 12t is much better than the Jpn Tiger

  87. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    +William Copp Nah, I make the 88 work. There’s a reason they put it there.
    I’m able to damage tier 8 heavies, I just need to watch where I shoot.
    Telling me I’m bad because I make a certain choice also doesn’t reflect
    well on you. Just saying.

  88. +World Of Tanks Gameplay & More I make beta versions of my mod pack to test
    them before patch releases.

  89. +World Of Tanks Gameplay & More Just install XVM in the Test server folder
    like you would install it in the regular one.
    And look up the meaning of the word “become” btw.^^

  90. Maree Printemps

    +Syndicate Bomb It opened to the public several days ago, but only today it
    was announced.

  91. jeffrey schreuder

    +abdul rahman wadah the VK 36 is a good tank so why shouldnt this one be?

    also no need to be a massive asshole

  92. +QuickyBabyTV Hi QB. The VK 36.01h has the same hull armour, similar turret
    but with superior capola. It has the same gun as its top gun. However the
    Waffee gun with 157mm pen, 135 damage but twice the rate of fire is the
    better choice IMO


    It’s can’t have tier9 enemy

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