World of Tanks – Jimmy Jazz

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In the 7 Gift Tank the Super Hellcat, it’s Jazzy Jeffs’ slightly less well known cousin.

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  1. Correction not playing for 5 years, but had an account for 5 years

  2. Seen the Type 59 bundles in the premium shop? Are they really that desperate….

  3. That’s because when we play Hellcats we stupidly charge to the front!

  4. I played a game yesterday in my STRV S1 rental on the Murovanka map North side aggressively around the C1 D1 position to support our only heavy that was on the 2/3 line. Plenty to shoot at. At a certain point I noticed two super hellcats behind me on the 1 line and hoped they were sniping away. When I noticed our magic forest, left flank had died. I asked the two of them, who didn’t seem to be helping much in their current position anyway to move to the hill on the 3 line to pick up base defense/snipe the guys coming out of the forest. One did the other did not. The one that did, died and said, “that trick didn’t work”. In the after battle report, we lost. I was top on damage with 3k alpha, ok but not great. These two jokers in the hellcats did no damage. The one that spoke up about the “trick” fired 8 rounds, no hits, no damage. Admittedly it was snarky but I messaged him that in order for the “trick” to work, you have to hit something. He replied that I just didn’t know how to play the super hellcat and that I should f— myself.
    World of tanks toxic stupidity for the day achieved. Honestly there should be a badge or something.

  5. I surprisingly really like the super hellcat, always seem to do 2000-3000dpg

  6. Pre nerf Hellcat was too effective in destroying Russian OP tanks. Wargaming said can’t have that. Nerfed it into irrelevance like anything else that could shred Russian bias.

  7. i do great in my super hellcat. one of my top 5 tanks

  8. your monolgues are awesome and its funny as hell how accurate i bet you are

  9. Afternoon Minor Jangles. Sorry I’m late, my life is falling apart.

  10. Jonathan Musser

    I got one of those “Super” Hellcats, and never had any interest in playing it. I didn’t know that the “gold” rounds had lower pen, so I’m doubly glad I didn’t.

  11. Nice game Jingles !

  12. Why can’t they just charge a monthly fee and then balance the game without strange inducements?

  13. Dave Quaschnick

    sitting here stroking his beard, suddenly shouts out “WASNT ME”

  14. Played this thing once. Got into a tier 9 battle and came face to face with a t95. I immediately sold it afterwards. It’s just another free garage slot.

  15. is it just me, or is the detection indicator a good couple of seconds behind actual detection in World of Tanks? In World of Warships it appears to be right on the money, am I wrong? If not, why in Tanks is it so delayed?

  16. Play the Super-Hellcat like a fragile Light-Tank and you’ll do great. Play it like a Tanky-Tank destroyer and you will get destroyed.

  17. The Crash

  18. 11:00 bruhhhhhh i got stuck on these rocks the other day in a T29 (:|)

  19. Neat behind-the-edits peak at 2:50 ish.

    Never change, old timer, we love you.

  20. S.Hellcat is shit….but has a nice picture on front 🙂

  21. Love when jingles forgets to edit out his cock ups. Always makes me laugh

  22. I got so frustrated with the crap penetration of the AP in this tank I played it with only 5 AP and the rest HE. That worked pretty well. I would snipe and track tanks in the open and my team would finish them off.

  23. “In today’s tier 7 battle”
    Awful lot of tier 8s in this battle mate

  24. Great game for jimijaz. So he turned 7k profit. Because he got 50k of mission payout. Without it, with premium, he would be -43k. Well made system, wargaming. As all you made…

  25. Panzer 2J anyone?

  26. I like Super Hellcat. I’m quite bad, but I made some of the best battles in it. With camo boosted I often use it as a light tank and it’s usable

  27. Any gift vehicle will have a lousy win rate because many people will take it out with a green crew and bad equipment.

  28. Michael Redbourne

    2:48 – is that an editing mistake JIngles?!

  29. Hey Jingles, welcome back to the tanks side of life. It was one of your videos that got me into playing the game so many years ago (2016 I believe).
    Back then, I remember watching a video where you were talking about a smaller tank using it’s armor and hiding behind a teammate in a heavy tank to round a corner. You also talked about the player angling his armor to the enemy to increase the armor value, and aiming for weak points on the enemy tanks. I remember thinking you were a British quack who was grossly over thinking the game.
    Then I started playing the game, and was like “Holy crap, everything he said actually works!” You got me hooked… thanks.

  30. Jingles have you considered starting your videos with a highlight clip or something before the intro? That apparently is an algorithm favorite, and doesn’t make the video any worse, might be worth a try!

  31. I have some good games in mine and using standard ammo. You just have to get side or rear shots.

  32. i was once apart of the F-A-T clan. cool to see them get a replay showcased.

  33. Good vid as always

  34. Neoliberalism really, really sucks.

    Warthunder player here for WoWs and likes Jingles, this “tank combat” is just impossible to understand.

  35. I think it’s because people made a WoT account in 2014, rage quit some time after, then got back on in or before 2019 to recieve the Super Hellcat. So they hadn’t actually played World of Tanks for 5 years prior.
    It’s what happened with me. At the time the Super Hellcat came into the game, I had only recently picked the game back up.

  36. No random, no balance and a lazy matchmaker.

  37. 1:43 And I took that personal

  38. I still love my Hellcat and even my Super Cat.

  39. time forgotten prince

    The problem I’ve had with the Hellcats was the ammo count, I didn’t mind everything else.

  40. Anyone also hearing “jimmy jabs, jimmy jabs, jimmy jabs”?

  41. The e25 is just a t7 stug right???

  42. This guys aiming pisses me off

  43. This guy is not good.

  44. BTW it is Jimmy Jazz – he’s an awesome clanmate! Cheers from Sgt_Fudd (F-A-T)

  45. Good Stuff Jimijaz HUGE SHOUT OUT TO F-A-T

  46. I have an issue regarding your claim players use REAL DOLLARS to purchase GOLD AMMO.
    Don’t get me wrong Jingles, I LOVE you & you know I do, but WHO is PAYING for GOLD AMMO w/ REAL DOLLARS? (I could be dead wrong about this so if I am, forgive me)
    You’ve made this claim before & I have to ask, where are you getting this data from cause I don’t know anyone who has ever had to do this?
    I’ve never paid real dollars to purchase GOLD AMMO ever, not once. Reason is, I easily make enough credits to cover the cost of ALL my ammo, even if I slam gold ALL DAY LONG.
    Makes sense to purchase certain items when on sale & stalk up, like… consumables, prem tanks & prem days but GOLD AMMO? NO!
    camouflaged (299 to date) & use prem consumables, directives & are fully equipped & I still make enough credits just playing to cover the cost of using PREMO AMMO.
    Candie ^..^

  47. Can confirm. Got on last month for my first time in a few years. Tried the super hellcat. Got absolutely demolished.

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