World of Tanks – Jimmy Joyride

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It’s not often I name a video after the person who sent it in, but I like this name so much I had to. Also, this is Lazy Title Week, after all.

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution

If you have a World Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Compliments to my clanmate for an outstanding game, however, he never would have survived this in patch 9.18.

  2. Gold spammer that how WoT make all there money

  3. This is just my opinion but i think they should make premium ammo only available for real money again, that will make more tanks like the t28 tier 8 american tank destroyer or other high armored vehicles more effective without just getting gold pounded.

  4. Jingles XD this was the Tier 9 non Premium medium French Autoloading Tank before it got replaced by the Bat-Chat 25t AP

  5. if this was patch 9.18, arty would’ve killed him 5 times already.

  6. T26E5 fires APCR as standard.

  7. Jingles, i sent you 3 E 50 replays… I get that you get like, 1,000 emails a day, but like they have clever subject titles 🙂

  8. WoT theshadow9929


  9. Jingles is getting old the patriot has apcr as standard ammo but nevermind

  10. Omg jingles… the patriot shoots APCR as standard ammo

  11. Actually Jingles The T26E5’s shoot APCR as standard

  12. Jingles… If you’d done your research, you’d know it fires two types of APCR, both standard and prem APCR.

  13. This is a better format, Mr. Jingles. Talk about the match while the match is happening and do most of the history stuff afterwards.

  14. For Fuck’s sake Jingles! If you just make a series where you do commentary on WoT replays , you wouldn’t have to think up a title for every video, you could just number them!

  15. I bet no one else will mention that Jingles made a mistake about the gold ammo. I am sure I am the only one who noticed. I am 100% certain I will be very funny mentioning it to him in this post.
    I am awesome.

  16. When is the next patch coming live again?

  17. Not-so-dank memer

    *Sixth sense goes off* “Aaaand i don’t think he got spotted!”

  18. Actually , Jingles, the T26E5 Paytriot also has APCR or I think HVAP as standard

  19. Raúl Pérez Martínez

    The patriots weren’t firing gold jingles, they have apcr as standard ammunition!

  20. After the arty patch Jimmy will die by those arty misses 🙁 RIP “low HP epic game endings”

  21. ScarletLightning565

    “If we don’t know what we’re doing, God knows the enemy won’t either” – American military WWII

  22. Maciek Waligorski

    I will never get over how cool this tank looks.

  23. So moral of the story here is that the French love to use bikes to get around their tank manufacturing facilities.

  24. I honestly dont think that having a whole lot of experience building German tanks is a bad thing in any way

  25. really enjoy the historical tidbits that you’ve been adding to the videos recently Jingles, keep it up

  26. jinggles the parrot has apcr standard so they are nt spamming gold

  27. One of your best narrations in a while. Nice one.

  28. actually jingles, apcr is standard for the t26e5

  29. What is the mutz like now? I’m kindoff on the fence about it on getting one in the current meta..?

  30. Fascinating as ever with your history lessons Jingles. Also, are you going to make a playlist for Ghost recon? It gets annoying trying to play them in chronological order, since the 2nd ghost recon video doesnt pop up after the first one due to autoplay. Also, please play as tanks in Ghost recon more often 🙂 (umm Silver its an armor- SHUT UP its a tank).

  31. That was epic game from that kid, just next time he should go back behind ridge when spotted

  32. BTW Jingles, I liked your thinking that outthinking doesn’t work if enemy isn’t able to think in first place 🙂

  33. Jingles did you maybe stop to think with that wonderful ex Tar brain that they might have only had premium ammo left? Admittedly it’s unlike;y but it is possible.

  34. 6:06 The moment when Jingles shows his age, and forgets that patriots fire APCR as standard.

    Also, APCR is a valid option on tanks with it simply due to the improved shell velocity making it easier to lead shots on fast moving targets.

  35. cunt move saying “ssh” to the guy who said great job and also did he really fire apcr at the hummel!?
    fucking stuck up dickhead

  36. No gold spammers in war thunder. Join the game

  37. 10:38 France building the Maginot line and Germany just going trough the flank recreated in World Of Tanks.

  38. bonetigerslayscreepers


  39. i still think this shoudve been a standard tier 8 medium because well they have 3 tier 8 prem medium tanks now while having a total of about 8 standard medium tanks in the french tree.

  40. Jingles, why didn’t you do a video on the Tiger with it being the 74th anniversary of Tiger 131’s capture. Not being rude, just asking.

  41. a tip jingles gold ammo apoears as gold in the recieced damage log not grey

  42. Jingles the T26E5s standard ammo is apcr and gold ammo is apcr but they were shooting standard ammo

  43. Gale Wings Jordan

    so the arty at the end was a smart guy. I mean what would you do in that scenario?

  44. I swear recently every video I watch that you upload, I lose a little faith that you have any idea, or care, of what’s going on. I subscribed to your channel 4 years ago when you did that video with sidestrafe, and I’ve watched every single one of your videos since then. But recently I found my self less motivated to watch your videos and it’s because when I watch them I get the sense that you don’t really care about what’s going on in them. That your not putting the effort into them that you used to. Might just be me but I’ll keep watching anyway.

  45. Jingles it’s not gold. APCR is standard for that “completely balanced” tank.

  46. actualy jingles the t26e5 fires apcr as standard ammunition

  47. You should make more console videos…

  48. JINGLES THE T26E5 Has apcr as standard ammo

  49. The lorraine 40 t is still on the xbox even though the bat chat 25 t is on and they put the grille 15 on recently but they left the WT auf e100 on un nerfed! I don’t understand why wargaming are doing things differently on pc and console

  50. hey jingles the patriots didnt spam gold??patriots shot apcr as Standart and also premium…??
    still funny video..and again a nice little history lesson?

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