World of Tanks – Jolly Roger

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Source: The Jingles

Not quite so sure what supporter RustyRoger has to be so jolly about. He’s in a Manticore,. after all.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Not first

  2. Jingles strikes again

  3. Perfect timing like alway Jingles

  4. Anyone seen me eye-patch?

  5. Notification Squad Is here! Moar Tanks!!!

  6. Gosh darn it. AGAIN? Missed by that much

  7. Hi jingles

  8. Seems like I’m first. Guess there is only 1 thing to do..


  9. 1min ago, i am here overlord! but classic is keeping me occupied!

  10. Heh, Rusty Roger..
    This video came up when I was in my rusty shed,..
    O.o Manticore

  11. Thank you O MIghty Gnome Overlord, this will get me through the manflu so I can report to the salt mines soon.

  12. Jesus you fuckers are quick #Notification squad

  13. 30th like 🙂
    I think this the earliest i got lol

  14. 60 million pound cost

    aktUALLY JINgLes


  15. LOL. I was just re-watching your old Alien Isolation series (I am on part 5), it is so funny to watch you shit your pants. When you uploaded a new video. Now to watch tanks blow up.

  16. He would’ve been having more fun in that wheel armored car.

  17. Hey jingles, would you ever do a mass effect playthrough someday, saying you have so much merch from the series?

  18. If you thought that ELC even 90 was out of season april fool joke… War Gaming presents to you – The British Light Line

  19. I’m playing the tier 7 piece of junk in this light line…..The Setter. Worst thing about it is the just plain bad luck I have playing it. Everything seems to go wrong. And I’m guessing it’s because all the hidden stats are just shit. My crews not great but I have plenty of badly crewed tanks that do just fine. It’s just a bad luck sad sack tank. War Gaming, it’s not funny and your tank design skills are illogical and stupid.
    PS I already decided I’m not playing past the Setter. In fact after 4 of 5 games today just sucking ass, I may just put it aside altogether and wait to see if they buff it before picking it up again. Tired of being a masochist……ok maybe I’ll try a couple more games ?

  20. Even if its annoying that two spotters are together, that’s no reason to report them. In Fact, that’s pretty pathetic. How is that a reportable offense? “I don’t like the way you play the game so I’m reporting you” get a life. Do people really get reported and banned for this in WOT? I don’t play it so I don’t know but it seems insane to think that someone could be reported for that.

    • something many people who play these games dont understand is that no one owes them any level of play. As long as Im not dying on purpose, shooting teammates, or trolling in chat I can do basically what I want. Note that only the scouts got criticized and not the other blobs of stacked tanks doing nothing of note.

  21. They should rename it to Mediocre

  22. I’m of the opinion that a dead Manticore is about as useful as a live one. Before, and even now to some extent, most of the French Light tanks with autoloaders had very limited ammunition, but had redeeming features. The BatChat 25 especially. The Manticore has no autoloader, but still runs out of ammo faster, and has no redeeming features at all. This tank is just a dumpster fire. What were the British thinking when they designed this thing? And if you feel inclined to defend this horrible tank, I doubt people will refuse the opportunity to berate you for defending a piece of shit.

    • Keegan Clements-Housser

      The British weren’t thinking anything when they designed this, because this tank never existed. It’s pure fiction on WG’s part.

    • That’s the thing. Manticore was completely made up by the devs of World of Tanks, and they slapped the “Historically Accurate” label on it. The other two tanks in the late game british light line were little more than unbuilt design concepts. Jingles said this himself in one of his videos when these vehicles were first announced.

  23. Roughdough the red face racist

    Aids. Just aids.

  24. why did they not do the Scorpion or Scimitar???

  25. Bad reload Bad damage Low Ammo does this tank needed to be beaten down so much? It badly needs a buff or enough ammo to play one whole match.

  26. 10:38 cheeky little game of chase chasey, catchey catchey, kissy kissy XD

  27. Good morning you old bastard.
    Nothing like coffee and a laughing gnome to start the day.

  28. The right decision was for the EBR to not waste his speed capping.

  29. Give Manticore 30 rounds Please

  30. 2:40 uh… The Death Star Jingles?

  31. give the manticore 16 rounds and 750 alpha. it would be meme worthy then

  32. In this episode. RNG screws over some poor sod in his light tank! 😀

  33. Random stupid question: why is it called The Jaegeru?

  34. I can’t help but think, with the lack of amount of ammo, and the less than stellar penetration, even with noob ammo, why would the UK light tank line just load out with HE ammo, and just work for critical damage? Sure, the dpm would no doubt be lower, but then you have higher chance for tracking shot, and an occasional fire caused.

  35. why would anyone play this pile of poopoo?

  36. i was really thinking wargaming would be adding wheeled vehicles of the US, german or british designs into the game way before we got shitty British light tanks , like, seriously, i thought it was reasonable since USA had tanks/armored vehicles like the greyhound and germans had the puma as well as a few other wheeled vehicles, as well as the brits having some interesting wheeled tanks as well. I would seriously love to see the Puma in the game

  37. The wheeled tanks are just cancerous while the new british lighttanks are downright bad. There is no middle ground, is there?

  38. It’s a great feeling watching infidels still playing this….

    Just look at how this game is going downhill…

  39. They sould name it Crapticore

  40. Roger did so well, yes, but you’re not bashing him probably because he’s a Patreon supporter and that means money. In that situation if I was him and I were in a Manticore with such low HP and one or two shots left with my other teammates near the capture point, I’m going to join them. It’s the only option I have to try and make a difference. The tanks left alive on his team were never going to be smart enough or strong enough to out gun the other tanks on the enemy team. You probably won’t ever say this to him Jingles, but he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, or at the very least he fucked up massively and didn’t give himself the biggest chance to win in his current situation.

  41. Obviously, the reason for the Brit Light tanks being so crap is that you have to play really, really well to get something out of them (so crap players don’t bother playing them). No spamming gold with these babies. I think RustyRoger did really well despite his team letting him down in the end (because that’s where the blame should lie).

  42. It is not any challenge to satisfy beautiful, sexy girl. The challenge is to satisfy those ugly ones 😀 Masochist

  43. The Type 64 outclasses the Manticore.

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