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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Caernarvon. Today’s rollercoaster ride in the T8 British heavy left me speechless and breathless!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Low alpha on a slow tank should be compensated with much higher DPM. It’s fine.

  2. I didn’t buy it yet:D

  3. Hello, I am playing this game from 2012 in the Russian region and I think I found a problem . If player from the Russian region wants to play in other region he can because in the settings he or she can chose Russian language ,but any other player can not play in the Russian region because there is no English language .Please I need your help to find a mode to change the language to English. Thank you.

  4. I love how he always focussed on the tracking shot

  5. Matches like this prove how fucked up the MM is when dictating a player’s winrate…

  6. It was a nail bitter of a match to bad he got rammed at the end. Could maybe use a more meatier gun with the same reload time but that’s just wishful thinking.

  7. Side this coco could have just drove forward

  8. QB you know that a brittish premium HT will come soon. How soon I don’t know. It will be the Caernarvon AX

  9. So much gold and dab 2… chocolate mastery, chocolate medals. He didnt deserve win anyway.

  10. There’s no Chieftain T95?

  11. Chieftain for tier 8 prem…….i wish

  12. Finally some british gameplay:)

  13. Confirmed, quickybaby has a test account for the mauerbrecher.

  14. pretty good for a siema

  15. How u see The % oficiales victory oficiales all tanks?

  16. Blitz is getting the chieftain/t95 this Christmas. How tf did we get it before you guys

  17. Hey QB, can you please make a video about Type 58? I know it is a low tier tank, but I would really love to see it featured on this channel!

  18. thenotoriousjuan_0180

    I hope they are going to buff the Black Prince which is total garbage right now.

  19. Finally the caernevon!

  20. 300 IQ play by the T25 Pilot

  21. On Xbox premium British tanks, boiler maker, chieftain 95 fv4201 and 2 ,huntsmen,at15a, the “ernie” fv405 , sexton 1, tog 2, and that premium comic book version of the Churchill 7, what else did I miss? The bull dog it’s called and that Matilda BP, 3 different Cromwells and the “vindicator ” challenger with 10 rpm 20lber

  22. Man, I hated this tank before. A little annoying that I had to grind through it before it was buffed, but then again, I had the same with the German Tier 9 VK!

  23. I bought it 1-2 days before the new update
    tank is a beast, I hope it will not touch the WG 🙂

  24. IS-3 was a serbian guy, so just to know, if someone will fuck you up, we serbs will 😀

  25. Man that premium account is off balance, 78k non premium and 160k with premium, that more then double, just not fair…

  26. Buy new camera

  27. Quikybaby I have a replay on Wot replays website thats a must see. If your interested the the replay is called Easy 8 takes aways the show. Player name is Meat_head_warrior. I hope you get a chance at seeing it. Im a huge fan and hope your not disappointed.

  28. it’s so nice of wargaming to buff them up right after people rushed to grind through them to get the fv215b… just like how grinding through the tortoise to get the death star just to have massive buffs afterwards, why can’t they buff the tree one patch before replacing the top tier vehicle? just to make the grind more painful?

  29. Jesus, what a stupid enemies, why I never have such luck xD

  30. hey qb, what is the Mauerbrecher i meet it in a random battle. New tier 8 Germen super heavy?

  31. Baguette with cheese

    My headset would be flying out of the Window.

  32. like it, that you also show losses

  33. FYI the 63k profit probably wasn’t because of how ridiculous the round was (although it did help) but more because of the boost you get from the holiday special. I believe you can get up to 48% extra xp and credits. good game never the less. my only remark is that it’s sad to see him waste premium shells on that is-3’s turret while he could have splashed HE on the weak turret top but then again I don’t know if i would’ve done better under that pressure.

  34. Since 9.20.1 it’s completly OP, have 3000 average damage per game with it

  35. The traverse speed failed him.

  36. Finally, video with a rightful ending.

  37. black prince is amazing, it’s just slow af

  38. LOL I love the BP i don’t know why ppl hate it so much?

  39. The Caernarvon is an absolute beast now! Love it.

  40. i loved the 20 pounder on the at 15 and despite being usleess on the tortoise it was a total machine gun.

  41. 112+5=160?

  42. I have Caernarvon at the moment, just got past its stock grind. So far I am fairly unimpressed by it. Yes, huge DPM, but at the expense of low alpha. And I was never really fan of high DPM-low alpha vehicles. I am fine with that on light tanks/very fast meds or light TDs, but on slower meds or even heavy tanks, I just can’t make that work very well.

  43. yes. I took caravan now. rebought it again and I am extremely happy with it!!!

  44. WG is trying to stat padding the Caernarvon XD

  45. Polish Unicum reroll in the 110 🙂

    Gets killed by German Noob in T25 pilot 😀


  46. i do better in Centurion 7/1. Not saying i don’t have good games in the caernarvon but i like the all round ability of the centurion 7/1.

  47. And in the next exhibit we can see the classical killwhoring player in the T-25 Pilot throwing the match to get some easy damage on a banned tank that poses no threat what-so-ever. What a surprise…..

  48. Seeing this is making me think that grinding through the Black Prince might be worth it after all

  49. That stupid caernarvon.somethimes you cannot simply win the game cuz of retards

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