World of Tanks || JUST KEEP FIRING!

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World of Tanks. Today we're playing a light tank that loves nothing more than to just keep firing!


World of Tanks a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. WTF GUS Uzi GG hahaaaha

  2. When you get tagged by one of those 9 round magazines and the RNG god is in their favor, the 90 hp per shot is minuscule compared to the , Crit, crit, crit, crit, crit etc…tends to bumfuckle the receiving player into panic and confusion.

  3. I think old SPIC with clip is better and more fun than this thing

  4. If you play war thunder also then the amx is the equivalent of the ZSU-57-2

  5. Tank is pretty op when up against tier 5

  6. 11:15 “T34 spins right around baby right round” Lel 😛

  7. I have this tank and love playing it with my friend who also has one , we often will rush opposing light tanks and absolutely shred them to pieces

  8. Honestly when he said he was gonna roleplay a Frenchman I expected him to either throw the match, just leave, or run from everyone

  9. Would of liked to seen a match or 2 where you played vs other skilled players over this cherry pick ones where you played vs muppets. Not an honest look at the tank but a look at how good I am pat me on the head please video.

  10. I don’t think it needs more pen, the non premium 13 75 has the same pen and I do just fine with that without firing any gold.

  11. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Oh god this has the whiff of so much bullshit, sry man, not buying it. You get a full view though and a like as a testament to the entertainment value so there ya go. What always gives it away with you is how everything is so much of a gimme and anyone knows that things are never so. Its a fix.

  12. I think the t71da is better

  13. Hey qb, i rather enjoy you watching your freetoplay account. That way i can see that I didn’t screw up that much

  14. Think you forgot to mention that the 13-57 bleeds a lot of speed in the turns

  15. 2:57

  16. instead of finding nemo just keep fireing just keep fireing……………..

  17. 4:45 This tank is, for sure, one of the best LT tier to tier, IF YOU ARE A P2W PLAYER AND BRING SOOOO MUCH PREMIUM ROUNDS AND PREMIUM CONSUMABLE

  18. This tank was never sold until recently, unlike the GF version, so WG could have easily nerfed it, but that would have affected sales of course. Proof that WG don’t care about their game

  19. Can anyone tell me pls a good tier 8 premium tank to farm credits ? But dont say skorpio or patriot etc becouse they are not in shop, cant buy it. Im eu srv (dunno If matter)

  20. Carry enough rounds to carry the round.

  21. I’m not particularly good in the AMX 13 57, only get about 50% winrate in, but god damned do I have fun in it!

  22. Man did you really need to show off this thing… It’s so strong. If this and the e25 didn’t exist tier 7 would be the perfect tier.

  23. thats why you should never face a tiers 9 with a 7 or even a 8

  24. It would be fine with another clip or two worth of shells. That’s its only downside, fantastic tank otherwise!

  25. Shouldn’t you be playing your free to play account?

  26. Thank you qb I had completely forgotten about that tank

  27. Plays for free, with Premium? Hmmm….

  28. With the premium round nerf this tank will suffer a lot. 68 average damage vs 90 average damage. 680 for a clip vs 900. Same cost, maybe the same shell capacity. Enjoy the tank now before the nerf.

  29. -90K for ammo.. rip son, haha

  30. This tank is fun to play but not that great its alright but if you take for example M41 90 with this +2 -2 MM its totally OP having a blackdog in a top tier 8? Srsly xd this thing reloads like 5.5 sec with 90mm gun and the HE ammo is fenomenal with 105 pen i own one myself and i love it but this just shows you how WG favours their prem tanks… sometimes its just not fair for F2P players

  31. M41 bulldog was my favorite light tank before until they nerfed and made it tier 8

  32. It needs at least 16 more rounds when you’re going to Push It To The Limit and meme like a motherfucker

  33. This tank is one of my favorite lights to play, a clan mate actually gifted it to me. But it’s one of those tanks where I can top the team in damage or exp and lose 55% of the time.

  34. 9:00 only five hunthousand and forty five thousand and forty

  35. On Console we have 72 rounds in this tank.

  36. The most hatefull moment in WoT: this little piece of shit appearing behind your TD out of nothing and every second this Sound: bang, red Display. Bang, Red Display…

  37. Uploaded: PlaysforFree 😛 That second battle was nice as low tier.

  38. Quang Đăng Phạm

    WG still havent nerf cancer LeFH
    Was driving an AT8 with 200 and 100mm armor , a heavy armor plate
    That guy auto load HEAT at me

  39. Yeah the alpha is low, but when it starts firing to you it is so annoying 🙂

  40. I have this tank and have killed tier 9’s with this tank. Got a mastery badge and I have 240k free xp in it. This tank is a joy to play. Keep firing moving around auto lovk and hold the trigger. I enjoy this tank over any of my premium tank collection. It’s a personal preference and I recommend this tank to get. I sold my AMX chafe because it was garbage and nerfed by wg lost its joy to play. The complain I have really is its power to weight ratio. Needs more horse power to move fast at its top speed. If you hit an obstacle or a small boulder it will stop this tank mobility quickly and takes some time to pick up speed. Over all a joy to play in my opinion.

  41. This is the only tank I have with +1500 average XP. Superb fun. Only “balancing” factor is the low ammocount.

  42. Keep you money in your wallet kids DON’T PAY FOR PIXELS

  43. I’m new to this awesome channel and game only played it for 6 months (going through a lot of backlog). I play on console can someone explain the history of match making in this game. How did tier 5s face 10s and what was that like to experience? I’m very curious.

  44. Singing Dead or Alive ? Love it

  45. QB you’re a very good wot gamer and commentator. Please play other games also. Thanks.

  46. 0:35 QB doesn’t know what he’s saying anymore, WoT has messed up his mind like it has mine, nobody plays WoT and stays sane.

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