World of Tanks – Just Like John Wayne

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

This smells like an ambush, I’ve seen too many John Wayne movies to fall for that old gag. “Who’s John Wayne?” Seriously, what do they teach you kids in school these days?

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Jesus this guy is trash

  2. 42 shots fired
    24 hits
    Tried shooting through buildings and dead tanks and when they couldn’t see the outline of the enemy.
    Used apcr against light tanks
    Just seems like he’s a bad player getting extremely lucky.
    Wish i had his luck when playing.

  3. One minute into the video and I already see lots of gold in that tank… lost interest completely…

  4. …….. Can’t wait til you rip WG’s ass up over the latest ‘thing’ over the pref. MM …..

  5. >watches a Full metal jacket YTP
    >Makes hilarious John wayne joke
    >proceeds to do this joke with friend
    >You upload a John Wayne video.

    I think im being watched or some shit.

  6. “Whos John Wayne” Yeah Jingles and Rita are back together. That’s confirmation.

  7. wuuu….i heard “girlfriend”…guess the jingles breading projects is back !

  8. Where can I watch king of the sea live? I tried Google, no luck.

  9. The T67 is OP if you play it right & are on the right map. I never care about being bottom tier in mine & it has 2 MoE with never having had sixth sense. I’ve also had my only Radley Walters & Fadins medals in it

  10. ehhhhh?? who’s john wayne??

  11. is that you john wayne? is this me?

  12. holy shit this guy sucked ass lmao, i did better in that thing when i first got it years ago lol, then again t49 was a lot better then the t67 imo

  13. just got warspite, you understated how fun it is in your video.

  14. I would like to point out if Jingles girlfriend doesn’t know who john wayne is… How old is your girlfriend eh Jingles? You old sea dog you! 😛

  15. My children have been scared for life because of this video, You just lost a sub….. jk love you

  16. When you load premium on the 1 slot

  17. Quick ques. Any suggestions for animes like Girls und Panzer, High School fleet, or Blue steel?

  18. beat those children senseless

  19. Well played Dave1971

  20. xToy_Soldier 808

    Counter argument to a counter argument?
    Did you mean a rebuttal?

  21. Derrick Dinwiddie

    Jingles! Who is your girlfriend!? 😀

  22. Dem starts with APCR with low tier tanks… he’s even top tier… he doesn’t need that much pen.

  23. hate to say it my friends but this is why your incredible replays don’t get featured, because gold spammers who can’t even aim get the spotlight

  24. 6min of toptier bushcampin makes this yt worthy???

  25. stop featuring these scum jingles

  26. classic t67 cunt, spams apcr at everything

  27. Justin Framstad

    Sounds like it’s time to tie your GF to a chair for a John Wayne marathon.

  28. “I made that comment to my girlfriend” “what do they teach you kids in school these days” umm poor choice of words there?

  29. ToughAncientSpark

    Who’s John Wayne…lol.

  30. I just have to say “ditto”. But I know all the references and I’m only like 5 years old. *cough* And my seeing eye cat has to read this all to me.

  31. I’m not annoyed with high tier games being shown. I just want to see more battles where people fire less (or preferably none at all) premium rounds. I understand why they are used and available and I know people won’t stop using them, I just feel that people who can play well and use less premium shells deserve more recognition then those who do use them.

  32. Andrej Ambrenac

    The T 67 is so OP that even a retard like this can have a good game.

  33. Watching this gamelay and countless of other WoT gameplays, can someone explain to me what this constant zooming in-and-out is all about? (Sniper mode vs 3rd person view).
    The T67 player zooms in, focussing a target, then zooms out, then fires at the target, only for him to zoom in again on the same target a few tenths of seconds later, repeating the process over and over again.
    Why zoom out just before your shoot when you zoom back in immediately after?
    Is this a clear sign of someone not using the mini map?

  34. That john wayne gets you a like right there

  35. Bazil Grimstride

    So when is jingles going to talk about the kv5s and The aging Jedi/mark quitting the CC

  36. Toilet paper like John Wayne is offered where i work, doesnt take no shit offa nobody.

  37. Michael Reinbold

    This guy should be ashamed that he even sent this replay in. What a giant goldnoob that can’t even aim

  38. Ahh the venerable t67 seal clubbers tank of choice and the sole reason I play arty. One shotting them in my lef never gets old.

  39. Reported for uploading hardcore porn to YouTube

  40. One thing I hate more than sealclubbers: bad sealclubbers…

  41. xXx_Fuzion_ xXx

    5:18 100mm*

  42. Dear Jingles, surely you must have in your resources better replays (high or low tiers) than this. I don’t know if you didn’t have time to search for something better or there was so much even worse replays that you have just lost your patience. This replay is simply awful . It is just a show of a bad player trying to get some stats by farming them on lower tiers. And no, it doesn’t take much skill to play this tank – camp, relocate and shoot and it’s perfect for it, but this guy had trouble even doing that.

  43. Andrew Luchsinger

    That Hetzer was killed because he just sat there. You can’t just sit on cap. You have to keep moving and make yourself harder to hit.

  44. Wow this guy was terrible at aiming

  45. He could save his APCR ammo for O-I Exp and Churchill III, not firing it against light tanks -,-

  46. My 16 year old son was like, “Who is John Wayne?”… (Sons of Katie Elder, Rio Bravo, Rio Lobo, El Dorado, McLintock, Stagecoach, and Big Jake) Later… He was sitting there going.. “He didn’t fly…” So I shot him…(Hey, I’m only 49.. I can make another kid..)

  47. Memes Aren't Funny

    Can NOT stand people who do that crazy/annoying scope out before they take half thier shots. It literally caused him to miss so many shots, so stupid, can’t even finish the replay like this XD

  48. Sit Rita down and have her watch True Grit and Rooster Cogburn.

  49. Quick question to you o overlord of the saltmines. Are you n miss sorbal back together?

  50. Memes Aren't Funny

    Can anyone give me a single good reason for the asinine habit of stopping and zooming out just before you shoot? And “awareness” is a completely illogical argument, especially in this case

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