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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks. When people ask me how to win more in World of Tanks the answer is simple and always the same…


of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I watched both those games live, they were amazing!!!

  2. You shot THRU the RR tracks?!

  3. 4:40 This shows that you’re finally starting to understand the pain of the average player, QB 😉

  4. Muhammad Badiuzzaman Sulaiman Here

    Italy medium tank tier vi gun suck

  5. Pls play rust some day?

  6. Good to see that you said sorry in the chat to the guy you team killed …..oh wait.

  7. In the t34 85 you could say you got a bad-lee Walters

  8. I had posted something about the 85M being overpowered to reddit and people kept downvoting, kept saying its just slightly better etc. I made myself a new account for the referral program this month and I have managed to get 90% MoE on my 85M rental before the rental ended.

    I haven’t even played the last day so I probably would have 3 marked it. The reason it was so easy is because the newest players get that tank for free for two (or is it one?) weeks and dont know how to play it.

    I can safely say that even at tier 7 it could be competitive. I had managed to get the reload down to 4 seconds, meaning the DPM was 2,7k. At tier 6. What the hell, wg?

    • If 3 marking a tank is easy it doesn’t mean that the tank is good or OP. On the contrary it means that players are playing badly in it. That’s mostly because (like you said) new players getting it for free.

      The tank is probably the best all around tank at T6.

  9. just play better… Tanks.

    • I managed to get a 60% win ratio in the tiger (p). I still wouldn’t recommend the vehicle to anyone to improve their win rate.

  10. Getsuga Tsunentaiga

    How can I improve my win ratio when Wargaming Need a my favorite tank three times in a row? (AT2)

    You’re basically a slow mess of uselessness in the tier 7 matches you’re forced to play in. At least with the ridiculous armor you could deflect their shells

  11. What a bloofy muddet !!!!

  12. Stupid people remain that. It doesn’t matter how much they “practice”. I never had to make a reroll account as many do and still they consider me as that many times because I play so well. Even tho they can check on several sites how I had kinda low wn8 in my first 10k battles. Now 27k battles and 2.7k wn8.
    Also I loved my old VK28.01 so I played 2k battles with it but it has a lower xte than my actual wn8. Still people like to consider it as statpadding.

  13. Lol you’re watching Welyn too hahaha he’s God in jumping into compounds hahahahaha

  14. Elephoontof theShanpes

    The simplest, hardest, most effective solution.

  15. WOAH! YOU WATCH WELYN?? Thats awesome.

  16. You should make a discord server

  17. Sometimes you have that wakeup moment when the whole team is camping as the attacker in frontlines and you are solo caping 😉

  18. Thank god that those one in a hundred shots(there were at least six) all connected and penned, in the second game. Maybe if I watch enough videos and think about my plays, I can drop aiming and just go 55km/h shooting everything like a boss. No rng in this game afterall. Pretty sure I would have missed all of them, but it’s because I did not watch the right amount of videos and not because of bad luck. Ty QB

  19. So you really don’t have to go to the dip.


  20. And use more premium consumables 😉

  21. Dude, your hands are huge…

  22. 4:23 listen to the crew member she says “big cock”

  23. Morgan McAllister

    A part of that practice with getting better: Learn which tanks are scary tanks and why they are so scary. I can’t say I got good, but it became far less frustrating when I activated the setting to display the tank tier with the icon. Part of what makes this game challenging is that there is so much to learn about each tank and what they are capable of and what they are capable of doing to you. Each new tier brings a new experience of curiosity and terror when you see a top tier tank you’ve never seen before and think, “oh no. what can that thing do?”.

    These free to play videos are absolutely the best content you put out there. It’s fun watching you relearn the experience. Thanks QB, keep it up and keep it relatable.

  24. Is there a pill for playing better?

  25. QB, watch SirFoch, you will learn many things about free to play.?

  26. At 1:50 i was wondering how he hasn’t he died to artillery yet

  27. That’s all well and good but you also need the other fourteen people to play better. Your opposite number in the t34-85M , was he even playing. 42% muppet doesn’t really need to be worried about

  28. Noob : Quickybaby, how to play better?
    Quickybaby : Just pLaY bEtTeR

  29. Learn your tank/s. Armour, penetration etc and play to suit that vehicle.

  30. How hard can you play against a defender? Is 3A?

  31. I want you to work as a commentator for the brexit with that fast smooth sport commentator voice.

  32. Let’s talk about ur modpack…..

  33. Just play better 4Head 4House 4Mansion

  34. At some point, I started to feel proud of QB for saying that ‘you just need to play better’. Nobody wants to hear that stuff. Nobody will surely admit (in all of the situations) that ‘it could be played out better’. In the end, however, it just comes to this: I need to play better. As hard as it may seem, this is the truth, ladies and gentelmen.
    To back up my words, I’d like to admit, that playing wot after series of QB’s and Taugrim’s videos just works fine for me. I learned tactics, positioning, map composition, side scraping, assisting, map awareness… There is still much to be learned, but I can say for sure that it just works.

  35. Ngọc Phúc Nguyễn

    How to play better ?
    Stop playing this game !!! That’s all :))

  36. E2 = Jumbo
    E8 = Easy 8.

    That’s how you remember which sherman is which.

  37. I looked at my game just yesterday and tried to come up with a top 3 list of bad habits which I keep falling into.. 1) I go off by myself and get stranded 2) I can’t resist shooting tanks in my sights when I’m in a bush instead of reversing until the bush goes solid again 3) stubbornly fighting vehicles in better positions or better tanks instead of relocating. It’s simple but I keep repeating them.

  38. Or try play 1000 games and not use premium ammo at anything. Feel so much better to outgun a premium ammo user. And it’s a good practise, until the premium ammo DMG nerf is incoming 🙂

  39. How is your reroll account so much worse?

  40. got a warthunder add on this video…

  41. Just don’t lose 4head

  42. I forget one of the most important things about this game is knowing where your team is.alot of the times I just expect them to know the important spots on the map that are most useful, and I get too far ahead on my own cause I want to be pushing the frontline so they can actually get shots ,but if there’s no one in position to get shot its useless. So I like the video and its kind of made me realize I need to think more than just expecting people to know where I am going and what I am doing.

  43. First one is well played, but in my opinion just luck that your allies help you. I’ve had so many times that I play like this and my allies just let me die for no reason and start moving for no reason right after I die.
    2nd replay, I’ve had a lot of times doing shots like you that almost hit the allied WZ-131 and usually rng screws me so I hit the ally. rng is killing too much in this game and I feel like I’m getting punished a lot of times for helping allies and my battle gets screwed.

  44. How to improve win rate:
    Step 1:launch WoT
    Step 2:Pick any tank thwt has obj. in its name
    Step 3:Profit

  45. Excellent game on P.43! Great content. Wise advice for novice players too. I love Your ‘free to play’ videos!

  46. You could learn a lot by watching LemmingRush :>

  47. No worries about friendly fire. When I deleted all mods I was shooting my team like crazy.

  48. Well, that was a slow progression on ensk – normally the field will get rushed in a split sec. by yolo heads. This map is my most hated map. Well played qb , as always good education for me. Thx.

  49. QuickyBaby, While watching this video I wrote down a few habits you have formed. I can only assume they are good ones! Can you do a video in which you talk about your habits? For example, when you pulled in the bush on the first map, you checked to ensure you were covered. You also locked your gun and kept checking behind you as you reversed. I suspect you also checked the map often, but when? What is your habit? Helping your loyal fans form better habits will help us play better, and sometimes the habits you are demonstrating are not obvious. Thanks for considering! NA/BestEffort

  50. imma call bullpoop on this, reason i quit this game is i had 4-7 kills and blue stats every game for my last 3-4 months of playing and 30-35% win rate i got sick of ending up in 1 vs 15(29) scenarios

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