World of Tanks || K-91 – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

– K-91. Coming soon in update 1.0.2 yet another T10 Soviet medium, but this time it’s all about FIREPOWER. Here’s all you need to know about the K-91


of is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.

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  1. I wanna see a game were everyone on QG team knows who he is and just follows him everywhere he goes! lol Just one game though. It would get annoying pretty fast.

  2. What about the t22?

  3. Seems like a bigger version of the little t5 ELC

  4. So, why would I bother to take my T-62A out any more? All of these new tanks have overtaken the poor old thing.

  5. Pahlavonjon Odilov

    Leopard 1 and E50m are useless now…

  6. Didn’t even bother comparing it to the Leopard 1 :'(

  7. Russian ELC?

  8. Another blatantly OP Russian tank. What’s the point of any German tank in the game? Leopard 1 should be in Tier 8. Just remove the German tree and refund 100% of our xp, credits, gold, prem account time spent.

  9. world of russian tanks

  10. Hey! QuickyBaby, I got out of school today so… SCHOOOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!

  11. I don’t even know why i still have my old t62A it’s just outdated and usseles nowdays…….

  12. Sigh….yet another Soviet tank….when will wargamming stop?? Smh

  13. *It seems like a very average tank with a extremely boring gameplay style, unless you like camping ofc!* I think it will be a niche tank for few players who love camping TD style gameplay where you can relocate also fast. Otherwise its MEH!

  14. I actually hate this games match making and TK sometimes because of it. I might be an explosive narcissist. I’m banned for an hour, oh my. I did kill our arty though, that’s kinda good right?

  15. So is goodbye for the personal heavy tank missions with all these overpowerd garbage tanks .

  16. Looks like a very good tank but every medium is very good with improved equipment, 9 skilled crew, expensive consumables etc.

  17. Zambotical Lacitobmpaz

    Yea qb it doesnt have a fully traversable turret but when i pimped my k91 on the test server it had around 70 degrees a second traverse speed so combining that with the aim time i dont think that the turret limits you that much

  18. Doesn’t seem to be possible to track and pen it at the same time from behind.

  19. Another tank everybody will spend money and free XP to get, because of the moronicly stats. Why the freakin God cant WG help them selves? And in a couple of months, when its obvious this tank makes to little money with that accuracy/velocity, they have to nerf the gun stats. Just so damn depressing and they are killing their game. MM and one OP tank after another making the existing ones obsolete, russian ofc., to push people to spend money to be competetive. Plz just stop the nonsense and greed Wargaming!!!

  20. so, another OP ruski tier X… just what the game needed….

  21. I think, every different playstyle tank is always better then nothing.

  22. every day i put no money in the game is a winning for me.
    wargaming are the devils of the century.
    all will burn in hell.

  23. Lol QB “Immeeeeeeensly Frustrating. You look liked an Italian player with the hands there to mate! 🙂 ROFLMAO

  24. K-91 in Blitz is much more different than the one in the pc version.
    The K-91 in Blitz is a premium tank and is not rear turreted and is an autoloader with 3 shells. Its also a heavy tank

  25. Dimitris Bisyllas

    Why you have standard 430U and 907????

  26. Soviet tank 10/10 > USA tank 2/10

  27. Теперь прем-танки стоят от 95руб!
    Только тут:
    А еще там раздают технику за бонусы 😉

  28. It have 8 skills the crew for be a tank good………….

  29. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    Object 268v4 is over powered but this shit isn’t ??

    Are you fucking kidding me. That tank is absolutely broken. 4000 Dpm? Are you shitting me? With those gun stats………

    Would you rather fight a 268v4 or get fucked from across the map by this shit? fuck that. this tank is really stupid and it gets -9 depression? Piss off. whiny ass kids can’t stand anything with armor so they bitch and complain but this tank with a laser accurate 1,700 Ms sniper rifle is 100% fine. Jesus Christ it was disgusting to watch…..

  30. Myzak Sniksanesssuenstas
  31. @12:10 That mod is part of XVM, and it is on the WOTMOD page, so it is fine to use. It is very strange and frustrating tho that WG has not done it themselfes…

  32. in blitz it has a front mounted turret a 3 round autoloader its a tier 9 premium tanks and its a.. A…CRATE TANK! the worst type of tank cos u need to BUY CRATES (BTW THE CHIEFTEN MK.6 is a tier 10 crate tank!) go here!

  33. Is this another fake tank?

  34. and the Maus still has a Tier 9-ish gun with 250 pen and huge weakpoints…buff that too eh? Hmm hmm? 😀

  35. QB I’ve been with you since 14K subs just listen to me once. Please make a jgpzE100 battle episode🙏🏻

  36. Quickly baby The centurion AX has a better gun?

  37. Blueyedevil2702

    So glad to see that the history has absolutely no relevance about the stats of the tanks in this game.
    I know that in the video I link the tank models are one or 2 generations newer, but still… Leopard 2 can hit a target 19 out of 20 times while a russian T-80 11 out of 20… In game T-62A s..ts on a Leopard 1 in every single aspect, including gun stats…

  38. Yet another overpowered Soviet tank.

  39. Miguel Xabregas

    cmon why is ur face so big. plz qb. put it normally

  40. I Loved my obj 416 threemarked it in unser 100 Games so i think the k-91 will BE my perfect t10 tank

  41. Christian Cuzzoni

    I wonder why WG just do not turn World of Tanks to a single nation MMO, World of Russian’s Tanks and stop bothering the community with new other nation’s branch, like the italian tanks. It seems that all the other national tanks are just left in game as prey for the russian tanks. This game is turned to garbage and I’m suprised that is still alive despise the massive effort of the WG to become the new EA.

  42. has log, must be OP

  43. NotYourAverageBelgian

    Is this world of tanks still even? It’s literally Russian fantasy tank after Russian fantasy tank rolling out…Might as well call it as it is, World of Russian fantasy tanks.

  44. HomeWatchViewer

    Yes, more Soviet Fantasy Tanks.
    -What happened with the good old days when WG had people traveling around in museums, taking measures and used real blueprints, to try and make tanks “realistic” ?

  45. So the K-91 is seeming like a nice side-grade to similar tanks now, but we will see how it does on the real server. However anyone else notice the Obj 277 is the final nail in the coffin for the now pointless T110E5? Hell even the Super Conq (which was the previous nail in the coffin for the E5) has questionable use now.

    The 277 has the same gun handling as the E5 with worse aim time, but aim time is probably the least important stat for a heavy seeing how WoT is mostly knife fight maps now. The 277 has better alpha damage, better pen, and even better DPM! It has better mobility, better traverse speed on hard terrain, probably equal hull armor if not slightly better, FAR superior turret armor without a GIANT TUMOR ON IT. It even has a much lower fire chance making food in place of extinguishers a safer choice.

    Y’all remember when the E5 was OP because of the heavily armored turret where the cupola wasn’t a reliable pen? Funny how the OP version of the E5 would fight right in with the current WG release strategy. Hell even then it would prob be useless with the fact the only thing the E5 would have on the 277 was an equally bulletproof turret.Well GG WG, GG

  46. Hey QB, you need a more stable platform for your facecam, because everytime you make a hand gesture the entire scene shakes. That would give your videos even better quality

  47. If they keep power creeping the Leo1 they could as well remove it from the game.

  48. I_am_not_stupid _

    I thought that this veichle were going to be fine, great gun but the rest was pretty bad, it was not op but it was special and now it’s better than all of the other Soviet meds! Every fucking time, they never manage to do it right, never!

  49. I have 1600 wn8 so im not terrible and my winrate in the Leopard is 40% after 100+ games. No idea why, my average damage in it is 2200 xD

  50. this tank is very much like a obj 416

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