World of Tanks || Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 – worth it?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Kanonenjagdpanzer 105. Today we’re looking at the new version of the T8 , but this a definitive upgrade?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. PickelJars ForHillary

    First battle killed 5, did 2700 damage and made over 120K credits with premium.
    Yeppers. Worth it especially at the 50% off if you have the 90mm version.

  2. you NEVER have to fire heat rounds

  3. a Piss pour e25….

  4. The 105 needs a DPM buff. Bring it up to 2100 or something and I think that would be balanced.

  5. so a less flexible S1.

  6. I have the previous KanonenJagdPanzer. Shall I swap it to the 105 or just use the discount to buy the 105? thanks!

  7. Wakanda Forever!!!

  8. QB you and my Hungarian friend JustforlolzFYI below could put a BB gun on a lawnmower frame and kill tanks with it. My two favorite commentators doing exceptional game play. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

  9. This is what a German T8 prem td should be. Not brokenly op and looks so sexy especially with the camo.

    And why does qb seem to be complaining that this isn’t as op as the skorp, shouldn’t we all be happy

  10. How about jg 8.8? Will it get some love? Low alfa low armor low mobility low pen…

  11. That e4 was so terrible i wonder how much he spent for that account

  12. Over here on the NA server, every package for the Kanonen 105 includes the black panther camo style. On the other hand, the barebones package is $47.99, which is equivalent to €41.70 or £36.89 at the current exchange rates.

    I don’t know whether the other packages on NA are more expensive than their EU equivalents, and I don’t care enough to check.

  13. Compare with AMX CDA?

  14. really would like to get one 🙁

  15. I like to play it , it is like a TD with scout mobility

  16. this just seems like a german version of the amx cda 105

  17. Shit armour

  18. I have the original should I trade ?

  19. I would say….NO!

  20. Roberts Cepurnieks

    I love that tank! In first game on that tank I get “M”:D it was wery easy 🙂

  21. 6:55 Tier 10 heavy firing APCR at T 8 TD with paper armor… *cough* 5 % *cough*

  22. 11:32 haha you still respect the JT’s armour. That’s so 2011 😉 It’s got like 200mm+UP und 150mm+ LP, so no premium ammo needed on any kanonenjp 🙂

  23. How do you think it would compare to the Chinese WZ?

  24. it’s almost the same like AMX CDA 105 but worst

  25. How did u get this Potato Camo?? I think i missed it, but i always hear different answer??

  26. you should compare it to Chinese premium TD. It would more reliable compare and showcase. This TD is nice but to expensive

  27. Why not compare it to the AMX CDA?? It is the closeest tank to it, with small differences in speed, armour and gun handling.

  28. Quickybaby: proof that, even as an Englishman himself, English is hard.

  29. BTW. The successors of the KJpz were called Panther 1 and 2. That’s probably the reason for the camo

  30. 14:17 Russian Tank with 50% Crew aims better than that.

  31. Realases op premiums they are Russian,realases balanced prems they german

  32. If it was Russian it would have 440 alfa, 8 s reload and 200+ effective armor

  33. More fantasy vehicles.

  34. Tier 8+ is more or less dead for F2P anyway. Just annoying to get blown away by E 25’s, Skorpion G’s and now another !$!$”§%”% if you want to play Tier 6 or 7. Compare these to Ferdinand or Jagdpanzer II and you’ll see WGs understanding of game – balance. Only thing playable is SPG or light tanks. You don’t care about gold spam and don’t have to brawl with OP russian tanks.
    PS.: I always aim at premium tanks first. And feel like they’re harder to hit too. This game has almost nothing to do with skills.

  35. Oh Quickybaby you’re such a nut!

  36. Lol they list the AP as being APDS which is cool I guess. Another thing, can someone please explain to me what’s so good about the Skorpion G? I’m always able to take them down with relative ease though it’s the gun that scares me but when I’m facing one I don’t struggle like ever?

  37. *”Was widely [Given Analysis] for its 90mm,”*

    lolz… “Critique” when meant to say “Criticism” or such?
    Yeah, not a big thing but people not using ‘critique’ correctly does get old.

    (to “critique” something means to give analysis & description of something along with ways perhaps to improve something particularly if seen as bad. Not simply to criticise.)

  38. Well played QB. Always fantastic to see someone do excellent as a bottom tier tank.

  39. why not compare it to the amx cda 105?

  40. Yea, wg upgrade stuff is very good, gj wg, but this tank is not worth it

  41. Players : Please buff German tech tree..!
    WG: Ok, here’s a premium German tank

  42. “I’m gonna push further in to the bush, activate my binoculars and see if we can get a little bit more action going”

    If this wasn’t a WoT video you could be thinking QB is doing something completely different. 🙂

  43. Yep nice video !! WG seems to be learning from the last buyout debacle no Russian trade in here. But 20quid for a sticker mmmmm. They have just had those camo paint sales it was £6:50 for two exclusive designs which seems a lot fairer to me than a £20 pussycat. I hope they relaunch the E25 with 105mm 250 pen gun lol

  44. Your commentary was a bit lacking as in you were confusing the tanks up quite a bit i think you might need a break pal

  45. Crew trainer for what? E25 or Hetzer? You need for all 2 Loaders min. and this papertank has only 1 and a radioman is nessary seperate on TD’s. The KanJP is not a crewtrainer for any kind of German hightier TD vehicles.

  46. Martin Christian Schmidt

    QuickyBaby, so the original Kanonenjagdpanzer won’t come back in the shop? I like the look of the older one more, cause there isn’t that ugly cube on the cannon. I already bought the new one, but as a collector I’d also like to have the old original version. So what Do you think, will it come back in the shop also one day?

  47. Backfromhell Backfromhell

    WoT – T110E3 – American Bunker – 9K damage

  48. KV-2 says hi !

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