World of Tanks || Kanonenjagdpanzer – 3 Marks

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World of Tanks – . Today I’m 3 marking the premium the .

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  1. the end of that match gave me cancer. Fucking Tomatoes.

  2. Incredibile bad play at the end of this game. Hard to watch…
    I think I need to find a one on one multiplayer game to replace World of
    Tanks. At least then when something stupid happens it’s only my fault..

  3. While he is sitting in the bushes about the stats of the TD. I was paying
    attention to watch those two poor heavy to get run over on the map….

  4. Wow, at the end it looked like two retards arguing…If someone threw the
    game like that on my team, they wold get a looooooong message after the

  5. hey can make a video with the kv1s please

  6. and keep it up don’t stop i look up to u

  7. How do you not get mad when team mates are so stupid? TELL ME YOUR

  8. There is only one type of Skorpian

  9. facepalm ending..

  10. I love the way he says the old 218mm pen was awful, yet that’s more than my
    IS-6 (same tier) gets with gold lol.

  11. This game needs a IQ test before ANYONE can play. That ending baffles my

  12. Tbh I got dizzy watching the very end of the video.

  13. The end of that game gave me cancer.

  14. They invented not the cure for cancer, the generator of cancer

  15. Nobody noticed that he said that the pen was buffed from 280 to 250???? ?

  16. super noob 34 85, that tank is OP , but he plays like shit.

  17. The T-34/85 in this game was an ignorant donkey !! Why drive around and not
    cap ? You, Quickybaby are a more generous man than I. I’m not sure I could
    have held my fingers at the end of that game.

  18. T 34-3 lol

  19. I have a game of me three marking my SP 7k combined if you’re interested in
    featuring it. :)

  20. Retarded T-34-85 driver.

  21. Here some critsism 😀
    You talk about the good top speed of that tank so use it to run away. I
    think you could have carried them harder if you would have survived 😉
    Cheerio from cloudy cold switzerland!

  22. Why cant I view your Website?.. is it offline often?

  23. A part of my brain shut down after watching the end of this video.

  24. that final duel… gave me cancer…

  25. Oh great basically an e-25 for tier 8

  26. And the last half of this game is why I stopped playing the game with 26000
    battles on record, didn’t think the frustrations where worth it anymore…

  27. what a super noob T3485 player. such a no brainer just doing very useless
    How old this player would be, 4 – 5 years old? maybe younger

  28. Im planning on killing myself… I deserve it

  29. I just geh 463m view Range in my Type64 so its Really easy to Spot some
    Camper and take Them out.

  30. QB played like a potato at the end, then complains about the 50t doing the
    same thing… -_-

  31. Sherman Productions

    T34/85 cant pen back of IS3 with standard rounds, cut him a bit of slack

  32. that t34 85… arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh

  33. actually the ru251 is based on the kanonen, not other way round

  34. What hack do you use QB? Most of your team didn’t die stupidly in the first
    3 minutes.

  35. Jesus, what a potato in the end.

  36. don’t you have more three marked tanks? You are unicum, three marking
    should be very easy

  37. How do I record a replay? I had an amazing game in my Tiger II and I was
    hoping to post it in WoT Replays and hopefully get Quickybaby to see if it
    was a good run or not.

  38. TheWuerstchenwasser

    That T-34-85 was beyond stupid…

  39. the auto subtitles are ilarious on this video ))))

  40. I have Dicker Max, but I can’t play it cause I, for one I don’t have my own
    gaming laptop , I have to go over to my friends house and play it on one of
    there computers, and I haven’t played WoT in over a year, so I can’t aim
    for shit, because I’m no longer used to the controls.

  41. KanJgPz? More like the Kan’tJgPz, amirite?


  43. Ace wanker

  44. Lol,that t34-85 has 26k battles with 50% win rate and he does not know how
    to pen is-3 haha.I remember when 50% players used to be good and work with

  45. the t34-85 is a stupid player, i wonder if my IQ even dropped from watching
    that duel

  46. at the end of the video, now you see two idiotic idiots screwing one
    another. hilariously hilarious I

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