World of Tanks || Kanonenjagdpanzer – 9.9 Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m looking at the Kanonenjagdpanzer the T8 premium German tank destroyer replacement for the Jagdtiger 88 coming in World of Tanks update 9.9.

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  1. I don’t know why it reminds me to the tier 6 flatpanzer

  2. Wot is going to be a kids arcade game… :(

  3. Jester Farrusco

    The aufkl. panther is being replaced? Well that’s a shame. I will be
    missing all the ram kills.

  4. Samuel Giovannucci

    This tank will be much less forgiving with mistakes, but much more fun in
    the hands of a good player.

  5. Floris van den Eventuin

    krupp-steyr waffenträger? upcomming new tank?

  6. Aquatec (U.K.) Limited

    German high tier ELC :-)

  7. difference between test and live server is that u would have gotten return
    fire in the bushes at 13:39
    best player on enemy team is yellow not really a representation of the
    average live server tier 8 game

  8. Everyone keeps comparing the gun to the 90mm on the RU 251 when it is
    obviously more keen to the 90mm on the Indien-panzer.

  9. so HE round might be the best solution to kill this monster?
    no matter where you shoot with HE,its always and every time a pen with full
    thats nice!

  10. FroZen Acid - PC Gaming Content

    If I want to send you an only 591 damage game in the E 100 but 8.6k
    spotting (all spotting no track damage), how should I do it

  11. Obrist Vinnie Louis

    i’d be happy to see this tank hunting me in street corners in my s-51.
    guaranteed one shot.

  12. Wotgamer for the win

    its gonna be the next e-25 🙁 why wargaming….why?

  13. This looks pretty much like an E-25 with bigger gun on tier 8. I think it’s
    comperable with AMX ELC bis on its tier :)

  14. Well, my educated opinion is that they have to be *VERY* careful to not
    simply create another E-25. This TD is very similar to that machine and
    good players will be able to pull off some nice miracles with it.

    Looking forward to see what you think of the new Scoutpanzer

  15. I love when Quickbaby speeks German 😀 <3

  16. Francisco Rocha

    How are you playing wjth xvm?

  17. SpartanMunky546

    Wow, so they basically managed to replace the JT88 and E 25 with one tank.
    From the most basic perspective, an E 25 with JT’s gun minus pref MM. Seems
    much less OP than the E 25, but definitely competitive.

  18. It looks and feel like a RU-251 with more or less the same gun without a

  19. Alin Sebastian Epure

    wtf… it’s a fucking bigger E25… fuck off wargaming…

  20. I feel like Quickybaby enjoys saying the W-Tgars name.

  21. Try the Mädchen quicky

  22. Very interesting german TD, thanks for the video!

  23. Hey guys does anyone know how much this is gonna cost in euro’s because i
    wanna buy it if the update comes out. Help plz!

  24. PanzerKampfWagen X

    Will the price be similar to JT88?

  25. Looks like an E25 2.0 :D

  26. Hey bud, I am looking to start a youtube channel, I want to commentate on
    my videos but I dont know how I am not familiar with all the technical
    stuff can somone help me please?

  27. 4号突撃の車体にtire相当のそこそこの砲積んだ感じかな?

  28. Richard Gustafsson

    +monkeystandoffsucks They want to remove all the pref MM veichles just to
    do raisins later 😛

  29. Best sniper in a game that hates snipers (as of now)

  30. Oh my word! The E25 was hell in tier 7 and now we will have it in tier 8


  31. A OTHER E-25 YEAH!!!!!

  32. its new e25. fucking ridicilus tank to deal with. damn gold digger wot

  33. So…a tier 8 E25…GOD DAMMIT

  34. Reminds me of the E25 with a stronger gun.

  35. I still don’t understand why they want to remove premium matchmaking, can
    anyone explain?

  36. 1 minute in the video and disgusted by WG. they are making their game more
    money oriented as in pay to win. and they are making it less player
    friendly. WHy dont they update their shit servers and make the game
    optimized so we can use our gaming PC to its full potential? Not sure why
    WG decides to ignore this. maybe they just want to make as much money as
    possible before another company out does them and puts them our of

  37. So now we have tanks in game that can do 70-80 kph and traverse like a
    fucking top AND YET THE M18 REMAINS NERFED. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE
    for the in game performance of that tank. There is ample footage showing
    just how fast it actually was IRL both accelerating and traversing both
    it’s turret and hull. NOPE. NO BIAS HERE.

  38. So, E-25 without the broken camo. GJ War Gayming *golf clap* MAKE WOT MORE
    FUCKED UP. Fuck this. AW can’t go into open beta fast enough at this

  39. Great! Out goes the E25 and in comes the Kanonenjagdpanzer, basically the
    same thing but adapted for one tier higher… *sigh*…
    And, of course, it’s one more german tank destroyer. They have so few of
    them they were badly in need of another!
    Keep it up, Wargaming… *sigh again*

  40. nuclearsharkattack

    The Jag88 never sees E100s and BatChats, this thing will. Good luck with
    that to whoever buys this steaming pile of crap.

  41. Next e25

  42. InfinteGaming101

    Oh great… a tier 8 E25.

  43. Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

    A tank made for sniping from camo and only that (no alpha, sub par
    penetration even on premium, no turret, no armor, no pref MM, and so-so
    dpm), when sniping is mostly useless or impossible on 80% of the maps and
    becoming even more irrelevant with every new map changes patch after patch?
    Not for me…

    E25 lovers will disagree with me i guess, but i can think of only 3 maps
    where these kind of tanks have an impact (prokhorovka, malinovka, and to
    some extent lakeville) and even then you are usually better off in any
    medium tank.

    The TD class as a whole is getting weaker and weaker with every patch. The
    camo/view range nerf was perfectly normal, but the changes made to almost
    every map to remove concealment and to cut most of the line of sights (so
    most maps are just 2-3 big alleys with plenty of cover to hide from TDs,
    most of the time you can see them and shoot them way before then have a
    chance to fire at you, or just avoid them entirely) just rendered the
    turretless TDs borderline useless.

  44. +Shad Rachid Good question, i’d probably say the american td line because
    they are turreted meaning they are easier for a new player to drive. They
    are fairly flexible in this respect

  45. I had a run in the Kanonpanzer, it’s a lackluster tier 8 just like E-25 was
    a lackluster tier 7. But it works and it gets the job done. And it makes
    money. At least it’s not a Lowe.

  46. E 25 2.0 =D

  47. So…the E-25 grew up?

  48. Elliott “Lost One” Gaal

    So what will happen to the premium tanks who have premium MM if they are
    Will they keep it? Or will it be adjusted to regular MM?

  49. This is a tier 8 E25 with the same balance problems. The pay-to-win crowd
    must be rejoicing.

  50. I think this will be a great TD, but I wished the gun was better with
    reload time, pen and accuracy. Maybe put it at .33 accuracy, somewhere not
    too much over the current pen, and a 5 second reload time? It’ll be the
    new, tier 8 E25.

  51. What the hell is HT no. VI?

  52. throughlifeagain

    Really?! Awesome! thanks for the info 🙂

  53. New E25..><

  54. another OP e25 :)))

  55. Hey quickybaby can you tell me if i got this Kanonenjpz. and compared it
    too a Rhm. bullsig which is better i want to get one?

  56. tavi Bowstrings

    301 veiws, 1472 likes…i call h4x

  57. KillerBillPickle

    E25 2.0?

  58. Looks and behaves like an E25. Just at a higher tier. I hate E25’s

  59. Can anyone say E 25 replacement? (Except not as good)

  60. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    is it me or is su101 is just crap now?

  61. jarrod prestidge

    Light tank & Tank destroyer in the one tank could rekt some people

  62. Kv2 approves 

  63. Look like it works OK against full on tomatoe squads but I doubt it will do
    well against component opponents.

  64. h it’s the e25 big brother :D

  65. Bigger e25?

  66. Richard Gustafsson

    +Ville Lepoaho
    Still the RU gun 😉

  67. +Richard Gustafsson But it has the raw stats of the Indien.-Pz.

  68. Wältmeister der Herzen

    Again only a premium tank

  69. u get the new one in ur garage and also the premium

  70. Why this tank doesn’t get preferatial making and the FCM 50t get? They have
    nearly the same gun, speed..

    • +Joi kax oh, thank you. Because of that they removed the Panther M/10, T14,
      Tog II* etc. ?
      They will remove lower tiers with preferatial matchmaking?
      At-15a? Or some tier 3/4/5?

  71. well, this sucks….

  72. oh, Bert will feast… :D

  73. take my money wot

  74. Christoph Sturm

    Wg didnt Took a Tier 9 Tank destroyer (Jagdtiger),And put it one Tier lower
    And changed it statistics
    In ww2 the Germans didnt Had enough 12.8 mm guns to equip all Jagdtiger
    Hulls so they Took a 8.8 mm gun 

  75. Looks like a TD that was made for me. 🙂 Needed the mobility with a better
    gun. Any idea what happened to the premium American Scorpion TD that never
    made it to the last update? It preformed very well on the field.

  76. and still no american prem td…. wow thanks War gaming.

  77. wait, how do you have XVM on the test server?

  78. My GW panther will love this

  79. can keep up reviewing those new tanks or premiun because l am going to get
    them when adult and specail tanks for events

  80. Any idea what will happen if you bought a tank already that will get
    removed in 9.9? (T7 german light tank/T9 german heavy)

  81. Is it worth it?

  82. Péter Nagy-Győr

    So it’s a better E-25 in tier 8.

  83. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    i have jdgtiger 88 i love it i play mine as an assult tank destroyer due to
    its rather strong frontal armor. in my opinion jdtiger 88 is the better one
    cos you are lessteam reliant have better perfroming gun, prem mm, more hp
    much much better armor. its what i like anyway, a slow but well armored
    good gunned machine that can hold its own in a shoot out and take a bullet
    for the team and be seen as hero rather then a being a person that uses the
    team for own needs..,….but nevertheless i do like the way this new td
    looks im pickin one up when it goes live it will be a massive change for me
    as i will need to completly re play my german td. oh btw qb the speed and
    power to weight ratio is good an all but when i was on stepps at the start
    going to the left part of the map i did notice that i was struggling to
    reach the 70kph speed on the flat infact i only cud do 57kph strange

  84. Joe Raw Cockerill

    E-25 Mk II

  85. I feel the game is going in the wrong direction with all the racing car
    tanks that have been introduced and have made the game more arcade like
    maybe for a younger audience.

  86. so,in a nutshell,an upgraded e25?

  87. Oh god not a better E25

  88. +Simon Eriksson Pleeeeeeeeeeease Wargaming let us trade our Jagdtiger 8.8
    for this thing, it seems so much better!

  89. masterfishkeeper 14

    U make so many great videos

  90. Rick Van calster

    Just play the RU – 251. it’s faster, better viewrange, same gun, and for me
    atleast, troll tracks. i once only got yellow tracks when a JP e100 shot me

  91. It’s an E-object 25

  92. E25+ ru251 gun buffed stats and bigger hull

  93. E-25 2.0! With more less armor

  94. +One Goat It’s very sad WG want to remove premium matchmaking. I enjoyed
    that kind of thing. From first glance, the KJP has some important flaws
    that the E 25 doesn’t have to deal with (eg larger size, slightly slower,
    no premium MM).

  95. +Schmeethe88 Not many people like the JP4 compared to most of the other
    tier 6 TD’s. That classifies it as not great. It can be a good vehicle for
    some people though.

  96. +Vaas Montenegro hey hey hey, the JP4 is one of my favorite TDs man. That
    thing is great, it’s one of only two vehicles I’ve been able to pick up a
    Pool’s medal in.

  97. Paul MacQuibban

    Kanonenjagdpanzer! I have played on test server and all the battles I got
    crazy stuck on Stalingrad. and this thing was terrible. There was a numbert
    of AMX CDC’s and with there turrets outplayed all these Kanonenjagdpanzer.
    I agree with the NA Forums that stated this is a massive fail for Tier 8
    and should have been targeted at Tier 7 with lower stats.

  98. easiest way for WG to get rid of premium MM:
    just remove it. it’ll deal with a lot of the being OP

  99. I stopped playing WoT for about 1 year and I’m asking myself what is an
    Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger??
    Thx for the answer 

  100. I love my Jtig 8,8, but i also love my E 25. This looks very interesting.

  101. PretentiousNoob

    I was wondering what this thank was

  102. Replacing the awful panther? 

  103. What do you guys think the Xbox one version of wot will look like compared
    to the PC on ultra settings? Since its coming out soon. ( I play wot on the
    360 right now). And what did quickybaby think of the e-25?

  104. Meanwhile the US tree gets zero premium TDs. Fucking give us the Scorpion

  105. All premium tanks wich will add are completly OP… that tank is like e25,
    a tiger 1 in a T5-6 match it’s unfair, an IS-3 with an autoloader…

    Can you make a review of Object 777 please ? I mean it is OP too….


  106. Hi, E-25, long time no see…

  107. It is the new E25!

  108. hayder aldaffaie

    keep up my best player

  109. I have a fully upgraded and elite Afk Panther. will i get a free fully
    upgraded SP1 when it comes out? or will i have to research the modules

  110. So it’s an e-25 on steroids? Sounds brilliant!

  111. I wish I had the spare money to buy all these fancy tanks…

  112. They need to stop this, they are making op tanks for people who pay,
    they’re forgetting that not everyone wants to pay

    • Galang Rizky Adil Akhir

      This tank is not op. ok its op bu only because quicky baby who played In
      this video, as you can see on the first video he shows us how the other
      user of this tank has little clue on how to play the tank

  113. I hope WG will change it’s short name from Kan.JPz to KaJaPa

  114. +Aaron Joseph “Big” isn’t the word I’d use

  115. yeah game sucks a bit now ….

  116. +Algeria power Yeah man, and you can’t play arty because of the pesky light
    tanks killing you, and you can’t play light tanks because of all the meds
    and heavies, nothing left to play indeed.

  117. SovietTenkDestroyer

    It’s pretty much a RU 251 without the turret.

  118. +Benjamin Undin Heh, when QB said that I thought to myself “QB ya nub, what
    do ya think that is? A arty Crusader” (gun mounted backwards)


  119. Quickybaby what do you think about optimization in 9.9?

  120. +ForgottenOutra Well it had better armor than the kanonen

  121. Soooo its basically the new E25, they even look similar

  122. Does Quickybaby play world of tanks blitz?

  123. Enough German, America and Russian tier 8 prems.. What about the British?

  124. *removes E25 because OP* (sales jump)
    *Introduces buffed E25*(sales will jump)


    • +DamonM Roger
      the E 25 has better power to weight ratio … the Gun on the E 25 is
      both more precise and has less aim time as well as way better dpm
      The fact that it lacks penetration is a minor problem as it gets pref MM
      and it usually attacks from the side or rear when engaging high tier
      opponents. Only some Tier 8 Heavies force you to load Apcr and tbh … if
      you shoot a single apcr round at them they start to back off fearing to get
      punished by 2700 dpm.
      Apart from the fact that the E25 is still smaller( ESPRECIALLY in length)
      which affects the chance to get hit on the move tremendously I do not think
      that the Kanonenjagdpanzer will keep its camo bonus behind a bush after
      taking shots. For Tanks like the E25 or the Kanonenjagdpanzer getting
      spotted means to lose Health, get punished by pre aiming arty and simply
      not being able to use your dpm effectively.
      TbH … the only thing I really adore on the KanJpZ is the nice HE PEN of
      102 BUT … Tier 8-10 Heavies and mediums will be able to make it bounce
      rather easily if they just put a slight angle on their sides … not even
      considering the front …
      the only way to make the HE work is against Idiots which do not care about
      angling a little bit and when engaging hostile butts. When doing so you got
      to do it on range as you have no turret and if they start to turn around
      your HE becomes useless and the Kan does not seem to be a
      Brawler(Especially when the enemy has armor).
      I do not think the KanJpz will be anywhere near as Overpowered as the E25
      still is … the reasons for this prediction can be read above.
      Btw. : I am a very active E 25 player with a DD/DT of 3.1, K/D of 5.6 and
      63% WR… I know how the tank works

    • nuclearsharkattack

      +DamonM Roger That;s fantastic information, after almost 3 years of WoT, I
      never knew that. You sir are a tactical genius. If I may, I’d like to point
      out the epic view range of Tier X tanks in general and the fact you are
      one-shot fodder *when* not if, you get spotted. There is a reason non-pref
      mm premiums have the worst tank stats tier for tier in the game, and its
      not all on the people who play them. A piece of shit by any other name is
      still a piece of shit.

  125. +Italo Rafael I looked at that thing too. I think it wont be that bad. The
    single shot 90mm looks nice and the autoloader is not that bad either. With
    good crew and equipment you can get the reload to ~15 sec i guess. Its like
    an AMX 13 75 with a better gun and almost the same clip potential with only
    3 shots needed.

  126. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    +Valivali94 that’s funny and sad at the same time

  127. I saw a vid for it and replacement looks worse. 🙁 Statistically i mean,
    nothing can look worse visual than the awfulpanther

  128. Can not wait till they Nerf this

  129. Great this is just what the game needs another Premium TD for the Germans.
    The game is awash with Premium TDs for the Germans and Soviet lines. But
    can you buy a American Premium TD for a change? Not a chance. Bet they were
    kicking the arse out of the vodka when they thought this one up….

  130. Balázs Bencsik

    Next E25? (Except its tier VIII and worse gun)
    And what about the M56 scorpion?

  131. +Xeffx when in doubt, ask the google translate lady to pronounce it for
    you. 9 out of 10 times she does it right.

  132. +Xeffx Youre right. Ka”noon”en would be written Kanunen in german, where
    the actual german O is pronounced like a english O except for not speaking
    like there is a following “uh”, like “ouh” you know xD

  133. Patrick Baandrup

    +Xeffx From what ive been taught (as a dane) german is pronounced exactly
    like its written. Quickybaby just pronounces it more like

  134. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Glad to see that WG learned from the completely overpowered E25…

  135. Well that is exactly the tank that I know the Bundeswehr used in the
    1970-80s. I am definitly going to buy one of these things because I love
    the machine in reality.

  136. A spy panzer is literally just a turreted version of this though, it
    shouldn’t be surprising that they look similar.

  137. Eternal Wanderer Fateful Frenzy

    +Shkotay D lol

  138. +clerickolter there you go -> t 54 mod 1

  139. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    you sound angry

  140. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    not, really, when you look most of the time t8 tanks dont get into t10 or
    t9 battles that often, of course it seems like it, but when i sat down and
    out of 100 battles i had i recorded only 20 in t10 battles, and 36 in t9
    however small sample of 100 battles don’t do justice, im sure, in jap tiger
    he said that most of the battles he fought were in lower teir because
    everyone wanted to try out those machines, also he didn’t say buy this
    tank, he showed what these vehicles were about and said if you like them
    then go head and get one, he showed all the gun can preforms as well gun
    details so there is no surprises when some one buys jap tiger and says oh
    this gun only has 132mm pen!!! don’t say what you say about him also if you
    are so against his videos go make your own please!

  141. +QuickyBabyTV Im really curious to see how that tank is. Does it replace
    the awful panther? Would we get a free SP 1 C if we owned an awful panther
    already? And more importantly….. is it good? Or…. good in the sense
    that it plays more like a light tank instead of a fast medium?

  142. the way maps are in WOT dont worth buying a single TD if it gets no armor
    or alpha dmg thats for sure . Even couse you will be brawling with a TD in
    80 % of the maps against 1 or 2 tiers higher at least 70% of the time .

  143. So it is another e25

  144. +Deadlus Radek Kanonenjagdpanzer don’t reach 70 kmh, maybe when driving
    downhill. On flat surface around 50 kmh.

  145. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    So basically it’s an E-25 combined with the Borsig, but given a 90mm?

    Or another way of putting it; it’s OP?

    • Emilien Gosselin

      Yes but it’s bigger than the E-25 so it has worse camo rating (even when
      firing, because the gun is bigger). And it doesn’t have preferential MM

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +OmegaEpsilon I love how you cherry picked those two stats, whilst
      completely disregarding the rest.

      You forgot about it’s: mobility, HEAT ammo, camo rating, traverse, and view

      Which can be increased beyond standard TIER TEN MEDIUM TANK view range, as
      exampled by this video.

      Cherry picking piece of shit.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +JaneCobbsHat “Oh here we go again, anything that threatens your precious
      heavies out of the corridor is instantly OP” Anything that makes everything
      else obsolete is OP. I can guarantee you will see at least five of these in
      any single match when they come onto the live server. They’re going to ruin
      playing at tier eight, LIKE THE E-25 DID. Thickheaded imbecile.

      “E-25 had preferential mm, if it had regular mm it would not be Op at
      all.” HAHHAHAH that’s a funny joke.

      The E-25 is OP because: it has troll armor that would bounce BL-10 shots.
      It also has a RoF that outmatches a Hotchkiss H35 with a 100% crew and
      vents. It also has penetration enough, to go through the cheeks of my T29
      with APCR.

      It also has stupidly ridiculously broken camo ratings.

      It ALSO has stupidly ridiculously broken mobility.

      Non-preferential MM would BALANCE it slightly, not make it crap.

  146. Atleast WoT doesnt have tanks on ice or crappy physic mechanics

  147. Cody_sage_ in_HD

    Im a active E25 driver and all of have to say is …….Dad? is that

  148. I loved it on the test server it’s like an E-25 on steroids sadly that
    minor boost in it’s pen and no Pref MM means it’s going to struggle in Tier
    10 games on close quarter maps. Didn’t really get to have much fun with it
    as majority games were filled with the usual T10 and spamming gold lot that
    hang out on the test server.

  149. E25/2 :D

  150. GIK Angor (GIKAngor)

    is it a premium tank ???

  151. HilariousBibing

    Dang E-25 got fat

  152. Dante Xavier (dfisher12)

    This is the reincarnation of the E25

  153. DerSperminatorxD

    +nuclearsharkattack Yes you are right but tier 9 is dangerous for this tank

  154. +nuclearsharkattack Of course, it can probably reliably pen batmobiles and
    waffletraktors with its HE, so those examples weren’t the best 😛 But I
    totally get what you’re saying. Hell, the nashorn at two tiers lower has
    pretty much just as effective armor and only has 10 mm less pen. Not only
    that, the nashorn also has the SAME alpha with its top gun and the SAME
    ROF. I feel that even with its speed, this thing is gonna be kinda
    underwhelming. WG had better give it good camo, or else it won’t be at all
    competitive beyond fun troll runs.

  155. nuclearsharkattack

    +DerSperminatorxD You meant to say “a but too low in *Tier X* games, isn’t
    it?” Because this thing will face E100s, Bats, Waffles and everything else
    at Tier X.

  156. Hurry up n take my money wargaming. Cant wait to get my hands on one of
    these. E25 on steroids .

  157. It looks like a mini obj 704

  158. Can somebody explain why QB’s Crew has 15% more? he isnt equipping
    vents..O.O and even if he did how do u explain the 5 %?

  159. E25 2.0!

  160. Jochem Sturkenboom

    Hey Quicky, I’ve seen you didn’t notice that that 9 cm gun also is on the
    Späpanzer RU 251

  161. PanzerFaust WOT

    With that camo it really looks cool

  162. I have a jadgtiger 88 does it Goes away or do i keep it?

  163. Oh look! a e-25 on drugs!

  164. I have the 8.8 cm
    What ll change in my garage ? 

  165. +Jochem Groenewoud You have to download it.
    Scroll down to Test Client Download.

  166. +Jochem Groenewoud It’s a server with all the content from the upcoming
    patch which lets players try out the new content. I also use it to decide
    which line i want to go up and it is a great way to try premium tanks
    before you buy them.

  167. Isaac mcclelland

    e-25 2.0

  168. The hell? That is a 60’s-70’s-80’s tank……………… Uninstall for me

  169. joshua parramore

    So just a e25 with a different name… Great

  170. Where to download 9.9 not the original, i want to download the wot wich is
    u know… 110m coin 110m frree xp ? (sorry my english) where to dload

  171. Krisztián Perger

    Where is the scorpion? :(

  172. Will owned jg88 be replaced?

    • Josh Bloomfield

      No. He said it in the video. If you already have a jg88 you can keep it.
      They don’t take away premium tanks. There are people who still have the
      type 59, for example…

  173. Profound Gaming

    Oh look. Another premium. Never seen one of those before.

  174. salvaginezzeb lar

    wt’s “HT No. VI”? bottom of team list in himmelsdorf battle

  175. alex strömberg

    E-25 is back bois

  176. So what will happen to my jg8.8? It will still be in my garage right?

    • +PeterBrownrigg Yes. People still have their KV-5’s, I still have my
      Type-59, people still have their E-25’s. I’m considering buying a Jagdtiger
      88 just to have high tier prefferal MM

  177. Legion The Comrade

    Man you scared me with that description. Thought this was literally
    replacing the 8,8. I love my 8,8.

  178. How can i get xvm on the test server?

  179. Uluç Kadıoğlu

    Something is missing in this tank. I hope they will either decrease the
    reload time or increase the penetration rate. Then this tank could be more

  180. E-25 Electric Boogaloo

  181. Daan Klein Gebbinck

    Does somebody know why my testserver doesnt work??

  182. LoL! Think WTF-E100 completely made up by WG and given a fake name

  183. DubstepinWithSmoke

    LOL uncreative sorry they don’t own time machines and can change these
    names back in the 20’s-60’s for you

    grow up kid

  184. looks pretty nice I’ve almost played 2000 battles in my 8,8cm Jaagdtiger,
    might get this tank next

  185. Jagtroll, looks fun :)

  186. So they said its a maximum Korean war era… Yet this thing was designed in
    1960 and produced till 1967…Nigga thats into the Vietnam war…

    • DepressivesBrot

      +Lord Connor I can’t recall WG using such a precise cutoff, at least not
      for the last several years. Maybe you’re thinking of WT?
      Instead WG uses a pretty straightforward evaluation based on technical
      – rifled guns only
      – plain old steel armor only
      – no modern firecontrol systems or other gadgets

    • TheTuberV - Aquax

      +Providencenl Damn. You are right 😮

    • +Lord Connor well have south korea and north korea ever signed an official
      peace treaty? One could say the korean war is still going on. lol.

  187. Did anyone else notice at 8:47 a glitched texture of some sort at the
    middle left-ish of the screen?

  188. … It’s a giant E-25!

  189. It’s good

  190. This seems as op as the E25. Which means it will be nerfed quickly.

  191. It’s the E-25 at tier VIII…

  192. It’s a spypanzer without scout match making

  193. QB, you do realise it is an RU 251 TD?? its not only the gun that is used
    from the light tank

  194. No it’s a jagdtiger 8,8 replacement

  195. +RollerCoaster47 is not the same gun but with the same alpha and pen

  196. +MrCheker34
    Better for it’s tier?
    Not even close…

  197. So this things a tier 8 E25…


  198. 25th comment!

  199. +Tank Wrold i wish it would cost 100 gold, it’s for testing purposes. on
    the real server it will probably be around the 8000-10,000 mark 🙁

  200. +Tank Wrold Most prem tanks on test server are cheap to save players from
    running out of gold

  201. Latios 23187 (Jonathan Chau)

    What the hell, new tanks again. It takes me 1.5 years to get a tier 7 Tiger
    1. Do you guys have any idea to boost my experience that I have earned in a

    • Procrastinator7

      +Algeria power So you played an average of 40 matches per day for 4 months
      then? That’s a full time job, at least.

    • +Latios 23187with no premenium i got my first fv215b heavy tank in 4 months
      whith 5k battles played …..

    • Don’t play like shit get XVM to monitor your wn8 so you can see how you are
      playing and what you need to perform better at

  202. Except tier 8 with full mm and worse dpm

  203. revenge of the flatpanzer!

  204. War Gaming’s E-25 replacement…

    • +MisterOvidelw I did indeed read and, re-reading your comment, I now
      realize I misinterpreted your intent. I do apologize.

    • +MisterOvidelw What’s going to have the same gun as the JT88? The KJP?

  205. TheePaintballFreak

    +TheePaintballFreak they just called it “”balanced””

  206. +Matty S S35 says hello

  207. +TheePaintballFreak
    Hardly any premium tanks get nerfed…

  208. Charles Belcher

    E-25 with a 90mm 

  209. WHOOOO!

  210. Mc Gamer Daily Videos


  211. That thing is based on the Jagdpanzer 4. The Ru251 is based on the
    Kanonenjagdpanzer, so they all look similar.

  212. +jeffrey schreuder What are you talking about.They designed a tank based
    off of a real one… That is entirely possible

  213. +Empire One That’s because the RU-251 was built off of the
    Kanonenjagdpanzer chassis.

  214. First xD

  215. What do you guys think of the Kanonenjagdpanzer?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

    • Sebastian Richter

      I hope that the Kanonenjagdpanzer will get on Xbox 360 and One it looks
      awesome its fast and its basically like a E-25 but a tier higher and a
      higher caliber gun with accuracy that isnt as good.

    • Santiago Lafarga

      +QuickyBabyTV It’s the E25 v2!!

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