World of Tanks || Keep Calm and Carry On #3

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m going Keep Calm Carry On in the T7 British medium tank the Comet.

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Tanks is a 2 online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I would like to see a screen shot of your Comet’s crew skills!

  2. Good day, would you be interessted in selling your Account for 350 thousand
    USD ?

  3. I watched this on twitch, he was acualy calm, and please qb can you pay a
    lil more attention to chat

  4. Nice flag on your turret :)

  5. Haha, finally you post your replay on Youtube. Good play QuickyBaby

  6. + QuickyBabyTV Ty for that 5 seconds extension explanation at the end. That
    explains alot for me :)

  7. My favourite right now is my T71, played about 700-800 match’s in about 1
    year. Its now contesting my most played tank on my account. Ive had many
    high damage matchs were i felt more like a flanking medium than a light,
    but ive also had matchs where i spotted around 50% of the enemy teams hp in
    damage. It also has a tiny silhouette compared to the M41 or VK2801 which i
    have found truly makes a difference

    Also Quicky you were looking for artillery but you did not repair your view
    ports, was this nerves and a mistake or did you expect to need it while
    engaging ?

  8. At 20k matches and 200ish wn8, “still learning to play” seems a tad off :p

  9. fv304

  10. My fave Tank ist the e-75. the high damage and the weight because i love to
    ram other tanks


  12. QB mm comfirmed

  13. Anyone got the link to the livestream? I cant remember what date it was on

  14. After killing the threat in the middle, you left the KV-2 to die while
    reloading on the right flank. Plenty of time to drive back there and save
    his tank for the team

  15. Favorite Tank : M41 Walker Bulldog :)

  16. TheGreatMrBobinsky

    Great game. This matches with 15 vs 15 – it could be also filled with bots
    and be more challenging than with this players who die quicker than one-day

  17. TheRolling DoodzMC

    2300 dmg and 10 kills … -.- I did 3300+ Dmg in my Comet multiple times
    and did like 4 kills -.- (kill stealer quickybaby) ;-; not really but u
    know what i mean…

  18. i don’t really like the comet! is a medium tank but it’s slow and “slugget”
    crew keep getting knockout amo rack all the time all the problem in the
    world! the gun is highly dpm but inaccurate !

  19. “Keep calm and carry on seal-clubbing”

  20. Ahmet İlker Baş

    walker buldog is exceptionally good, it is my fun tank. i am afraid one day
    it will be nerfed. I didn’t like comet even if i had a pool medal with it.
    it is turning like a ship.

  21. Should I buy the Cromell B or the Kanonenjagdpanzer, both cost arround 30€
    only that the Kabonanjagdpanzer isn’t able to be bought yet and the
    Cromwell B is able to br bought the next 3 days….

  22. If you didn’t want him to see your position because you’re looking at a
    mountain, why was your minimap still visible?

  23. I have a few favorites. The ELC AMX, Hetzer, ISU-152, KV-2 and newly added
    to this list the T49! Yes, I love my Derp.

  24. My favorite tanks are the Soviet IS and IS-2. I have a lot of fun in these
    tanks, even when in bottom tier. Devastating gun in T7, and incredible
    mobility for a heavy tank. 

  25. QB, why does your comet not have the MoEs after you win the game and pan
    the camera around your comet?

  26. my favorite tank in the game so far is the t54 mod 1. the gun has a high
    rate of fire 175 pen is good enoug for penning heavytanks at weakspots from
    the front, and the amor on it is amazing i had so many time a battle with a
    t54 *tier 9 med tank* and we just coulnd pen each other XD

  27. Just another tip when you’re capping and trying to avoid blind fire from
    SPGS. The destructible cover in the middle is always a prime spot for the
    SPG to aim because that is the logical place to hide. Abuse this thinking
    by shooting the cover while you know the SPG is aiming so he will waste his
    shot thinking you drove over it. This will buy you some time and also make
    you feel like a tactical genius.

  28. my most favourite tanks are T37 and T-34-85

  29. Best tank: AMX ELC Bis beacuse killing full health tier 8 heavy tanks while
    driving under their guns #AMXELCBISFORLIFE

  30. the 13 90 and t71, batchat and probably the 50 b. I like autoloaders,
    something about fooling people while you are still reloading gives me a
    certain sense of bravdo on the battlefield other tanks can’t inspire. They
    are each trully terrifying tanks in the right(wrong) hands.

  31. TriplX3 | KingChrisKCR | CSGO & Ad-Free!

    if i had my replay. i would send my replay of my hellcat getting a steel
    wall :/

    NA Server: aBarracks007

    yea.. i dont know either.

  32. I’m still learning how to use my T20. its like a comet so this video was
    helpful to me. T20 is ok with the 90mm gun. The reload time is almost
    10seconds 🙁 but the penetration is 160. I think this kind of playstyle
    will be better to the T20

  33. Hay quicky I noticed that you have the three stripes on ur comet and I just
    noticed today that (on xbox 1) I have 1 stripe on my canarvon! still
    grinding 2 the conqueror though

  34. Philip Oesterle Pekrun

    T50 then 71

  35. Philip Oesterle Pekrun

    Qb my fave tank is probably t71 even though I don’t have it

  36. My favorite is the KV-2. It’s just that much troll kinda fun.

  37. I love the Kv-2 its just a beast of a tank

  38. GG 🙂 its a good replay, but ive done 3045dmg with cromwell with 8 kills
    but unfortunstely, QB didnt post it

  39. streaming today?

  40. I currently have the cent 7/1 I had the comet and HATED IT, although it
    wasn’t bad in tier 7 in tier 9 is just couldn’t do a thing (also I was
    trash), but the cromwell my fav tank can only see tier 8 tanks which in
    theory it can pen all of them easily and has the speed to do things. But
    thanks for the game in the comet showing why its your favorite tier 7 tank.

  41. You got me keen to get back into wot blitz:) I love the comet as well mate.
    Love the vids thanks.

  42. Hey QB please review the Panther 88.

  43. E5. And I think we all know why.

    Best tank evarrrr

  44. brill vid again.

    at the mo my favourite tank is the matilda. takes so much hits and the gun
    is pretty good too. just a bit slow to get into the battle

  45. I hated the Comet. Most of the time it went up against tanks 1 and 2 levels
    above it. MM was just mean to it. Getting top tank in MM was rare. QB talks
    a good story but with this tank I think he’s plain wrong but each to their
    own. Funny thing is I did well in the Cromwell and feel its a good tank.

  46. Why the Portugies flag on the tank?

  47. Excellent gameplay, but even better commentary

  48. great game quicky 07 to ya as for me my stats are very sad but workin on my
    game play tell ya wot tho im playin with 180 plus ping were yours is only
    30 -60 which very good so could that high ping mess with my game play i
    recon it must have sum thing to do with it ay but high ping is a real
    problem in Australia wish we had a server in Aussie coz high ping effects
    our game play and before we start we are already behind coz af high ping
    which effects our tanks alot but good game 07

  49. Poor Dicker Max. Just sitting there trying to line up a shot and this Comet
    comes crashing into it. Personally I think you should have gone around,
    lucky he didn’t have a shot on another tank and fired as you went in front
    of him.

  50. after playing the cromwell..the comet feels like garbage to me,I f* love
    the cromwell,is my favorite tank overall

  51. T67 is just lovely, you can carry so incredibly hard with this thing..

  52. Where is that biggest ever game?

  53. Mr. QuickyBaby my favorite tanm is the T30 love it because it was my dream
    tank when I started the game and the high damage roll.

  54. It’s ok. Everyone jumps like that sometimes. Including me.

  55. I love my AT8 because the gun is amazing (3,55s reload) and it has great
    armor, thus, I really dont mind the mobility (I have 4k battles in it and 3
    marks :p)

  56. I didn’t see a window to your best game in the comet

  57. Why’s he got the Belarusian flag on his tank?

  58. Best upload in ages QB. The analysis you give with your own gameplay is
    much more useful/informative than that on other peoples.
    Can you go back and redo/finish the map tactics series pls?
    More garage reviews too?

  59. t 43 ftw

  60. Fav. tank: A-20 why? Because It was my first teir 4 a long time ago and
    thought me that if I’m a light tank I die easily.

  61. 20k games… still learning how to play

  62. where is the link to the “biggest ever game”?

  63. Com’on, man… If you weren’t so much politically correct ALL the time it
    would be much better. I still like your vids, but saying that ppl with 20k
    battles “are still learning the game” is total bullshit. They are just
    bad/very bad. I don’t think there should be shame in saying so

  64. is this video kind of an answer of my question on the video “comet vs. sand
    river” ???

    if so… i feel so amazed by that! *_*

    i can’t drive the comet not even “average” (even though i get 1 MoE)

  65. QB what keyboard you are using

  66. quickly baby I got the tier 9 French medium and can you do a video on
    explaining how to play because I really want the tier ten but I don’t know
    how to really play the tier 9 properly

  67. my favorite tanks ingame are currently

  68. QB, when point you gun at the mountain to prevent people from stream firing
    you with SPG, did you also turn off the GUI? Because if you did not, he
    could have made best guess on where you are from livestream using your the
    mini-map. :o

  69. Bdr G1 B is an utter beast. The armour is good enough to really annoy
    anything up to tier 5, and the 90mm gun… You quite often get to see tanks
    that you can oneshot with AP.

  70. Why does he always say “we”

  71. My favorite tank is the T-43, Call me lame but its the tank I enjoy the
    most and I have had some dandy games in it, And yes I do have a T-62 and an

  72. that arty shell scared me more than the Until dawn jump sacre ahahaha

  73. Stiggiekaptain WoT

    “our team are still learning how to play the game” QB’s way of saying my
    team are fuckin* morons xD

  74. Minecraft Universe BalkanHD

    Could you please render your vids in 720p

  75. Kenneth McGeechan

    Favourite tank in the Game Teir IV British Matilda – I love the armour, the
    gun. It is one of those tanks I do not fear being bottom of the team list
    in as I know I will be able to do something in it.

  76. why did his gun marks disapeared at the end?

  77. QB can you try and find an M4 Sherman replay? it is my favorite tank.

  78. Snooter Nacxious (Snooternacxious)

    hahahahahahaha…I jump and throw shit off the table almost every time arty
    shells land next to me…Uninstalled the realistic sound mod because of
    that!!! Epic carry though!!!

  79. ELC Masterrace!!!!
    cuz fast, 40% camo (with crew….),low profile and high alpha and pen gun

  80. QB do you often record different commentaries of your gameplays or was the
    one at 9:30 just an exception?
    I never noticed something like this before in any of your videos.
    Any keep up the great work and your awesome gameplay :)

  81. Honestly tier 7 meds like the comet and the T20 are mostly played by good
    players with almost full APCR spam just because you can get absurdly high
    WN8 results since the average damage on them is so low and their gold
    rounds have stupidly high pen for their tiers.
    That + vertical stabs at tier 7? autoaim machines for when you are feeling
    These are the kind of tanks that are balanced around their shitty pen.
    Press 2 and the balance goes away!

  82. Benjamin Bastings

    My favorite tank is the cromwell
    Its like a licht tank but it is a miduim tank thats wy I love it
    Its just a licht tank That can be the toptier tank

  83. I got enough XP to get the Centurion now, and good riddance Comet the
    moment I get the 3.4 million creds together. No armour, low penetration,
    low alpha damage, and every hit it takes seems to kill the commander and/or
    driver or to damage the ammo rack. And he is freaking expensive to repair
    on top of that. If I want a tank for ridge lines, I even prefer the Chi-To

    Favourite tank by far is the ELC. Fast, agile, great camo and view range,
    often surprisingly bouncy, and a gun, that can frighten unsuspecting or
    isolated Heavies and TDs (Though avoiding duels with other lights or
    mediums is usually a good idea, unless you can one-shot them or have
    support nearby)

  84. 9:30 Where are your 3 cercles on gun ?

  85. my favorite tank is the Jumbo it has a good gun great turret armor and it
    is good speed

  86. QB officialy best comet player EU at last

  87. RainBowGamezNL ---〉 Dutch & English Content

    My favourite tank is the cromwell. Bcs of his mobility dmg per minute

  88. You forgot the annotation for your biggest game ever

  89. So let me get this straight…. if QB is set up and firing at someone and a
    teammate rams into him its a case of “what is this bloody donkey doing” but
    if QB rams into someone, instead of going around its “I’m trying to give
    this Dicker Max the hint I want to get out” Just whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

  90. Well my favorite tank is the is 3. Why because of that gun , armor and the
    loads of credits u can make with it

  91. id.ot dicker max….tunel-focus noob…

  92. Qb why didnt you load he when you were against 3 arty? I normally load he
    when im against arty. Ap better sometimes?

  93. Tolakos Green Love

    14:48 nothing to click there :P

  94. My favorite tank would have to be the STA-1. I prefer giving up armor to
    gain mobility and gun performance (compared to the Pershing). Also the 10
    degrees of gun depression and somewhat troll mantlet make it great fun on
    maps with uneven terrain.

  95. If you play it looks so easy

  96. In addition to aiming up, turn off the mini map, too!

  97. I saw this game live

  98. Gio Gvarianashvili

    why do you have Belorussian flag no your favorite tank?

  99. quickybaby: why is the comet your favorite tank in the game?

  100. Fav tank: USA T34, got it when it was T9 heavy and has been my money maker
    ever since. TD tactics works best on the T34, T29 and T30 of course.

    I see why QB likes med tanks, he likes to move a lot, cannot exactly do
    that on heavy tanks, maybe the T8 French and above.

  101. To be honest, I loved the Cromwell, but was overall displeased with the
    Comet. The minor gun upgrade and slower maneuverability wasn’t as fun.
    (Although the mantelet is SO TROLL)

  102. My Fav tank in the game is the Su85-I WG fucked up on the recovery thing
    after an update one night i let it update and I requested for my 100y back
    and I got that on the NA server before the tank was even heard of it lol
    first map i ever played on was mines I loved that tank They took it away
    and I Recovered it again :D

  103. To be honest, I loved the Cromwell, but was overall displeased with the
    Comet. The minor gun upgrade and slower maneuverability wasn’t as fun.
    (Although the mantelet is SO TROLL)

  104. To be honest, I loved the Cromwell, but was overall displeased with the
    Comet. The minor gun upgrade and slower maneuverability wasn’t as fun.
    (Although the mantelet is SO TROLL)

  105. “I kinda play this tank pretty OK” *shows 100% mark*…

  106. I love my obj 140 and is-7 ?

  107. my favorite tank is the T28 Prototype because it got the same gun as the
    T34 but with better reload-time!

  108. My favourite tank is Tier9 Russian medium T54. It is one of the best
    all-rounder tank. I play on my phone because I don’t have a good Gaming PC.

  109. Honestly when I went through the Comet to get my FV4202 I thought it was
    godawful especially after the Cromwell. I still don’t see why QB likes it
    so much. I get that he did well in this match but come on, he’s QB and the
    only tier 7 on his team. My opinion though.

  110. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    i once won a game by blind firing at a crater in the cap in my fv304

  111. can people please vote on my poll to do with The Mighty Jingles and

  112. +QuickyBabyTV that voice on highlight 😀 😀 when arty misses 😀 😀 funny

  113. Actually it even has 13° according to WOT wiki.

  114. fav tank : t-71 , why : because it looks nice, has an autoloader and is

  115. Baby how do you get those lovely matches all the time ? many players one
    hit, 2 artys come out so that u can kill them easily, every tank is
    separated and easy to kill. Thats the way to unicum :)

  116. love the Berlin comet. not as good as QB though.

  117. 113 is my favourite cause it’s basically the best of heavies crossed with
    the best of mediums

  118. gg +Quickybaby!

  119. My favourite tanks: 1. SP. I C (should’ve been called Spähpanzer jäger…)
    2. Sherman Firefly

  120. My favourite tanks: 1. SP. I C (should’ve been called Spähpanzer jäger…)
    2. Sherman Firefly

  121. 12:43 Quickybaby wearing Belarus’ flag? Did i miss something?

  122. Would anyone else shoot that dicker max after what he did?

  123. Totally worth watching the highlight for the artillery shell jump scare!

  124. Epic title :D

  125. yeah it is good try not using gold shells

  126. My favorite tank right now is the KV-1S! I love how fast it is, and the
    great derp gun you get. you can even use your armor from time to time (it’s
    not the best in the game) so its a great all rounder.

  127. Hey QB! Do you except blitz replays? (The iPad/android version of world of
    tanks) it would be nice cause I’d like to show you some of my replays in my
    e25, tog, and so on.

  128. what mod he is using with xvm?

  129. FabulousJewishKitty

    The T-54 great HEAT ammo and armor

  130. QB why don’t you try some other games like Until Dawn or something?

  131. Belarusian flag on the turret side ?

  132. How you get those colors for those Tanks?

  133. At such win ratio, you should get a handicap… Like a dog in your tank
    that starts barking at the wrong time. Or a cup of tea spilling and
    throwing your gunners aim off.

  134. I’d have to say I like the KV-2 the best though.

  135. I personally like the KV-13 better.

  136. nice vidio

  137. If QuickyBaby reply to this comment i will shit myself..

  138. +QuickyBabyTV what is your setup on the comet ? I see you don’t have the
    fire ext. Do you have firefighting instead ?

  139. my fav tank is sp C 1 !!

  140. my fav tank is the El-borsigo: Good camo, amazing guns, and a sneaky TD.
    Thats what i love

  141. This was sick on stream

  142. This was posten on my birthday!! YAAY!!!!

  143. My favourite tank is the M103 pretty nice armour, nice top speed, quite
    manoeuvrable, only a ten second reload and 490 average damage (I think can
    never remember)

  144. KV-2 best tank ever!

  145. I play with some pretty decent gaming headphones, and the volume is quite
    high. Every time a T92 slams a shot next to me, I almost pee my pants and
    yell my mom.

  146. Well, I can say, I have finally learned how to be not bad in this game, but
    I’m still learning.
    For example Prokhorowka: Western side where should I stay with my Td,
    behind the bushes on the road or behind one on the hill?
    Or where to go with my stealthy Td like Sturer Emil on Maps like
    Abbey.Tundra or Ensk

  147. Stronk player in …paper (i dont like Comet instead of Cromwell, because
    the reasons).
    Very nice game with a lot of strategic decisions. I would rather lose the
    game like this than to win on the cap. Why? Because u still get full XP and
    money even if you lose, because Pool´s Medal. And you can earn more money
    and XP if you kill the last enemy, especially when it´s bloody sky cancer.
    I will keep to watch your channel anyways, dont worry. 🙂
    EuforiaN_82, proud member of CSA clan, the first CzechoSlovakian clan in

  148. 3 marks for VK 45.02 B

  149. i can remember a couple times in cw when we would tk a couple low health
    guys to prolong the game a few seconds

  150. Wojciech Korfanty

    I just removed WOT form PC… after 2 weeks battles with teams, where we
    have 2-3 BOTS, heavys top tier fuckin AFKs, and 2-3 three guys who start
    playing after 5 minuts from battle began…
    To much for me…

  151. QuickyBaby i’d like to see a KV-13 game. I don’t believe i ever saw a KV-13
    video on your channel. I bought it recently and i’ve been doing rather well
    in it, but i’d really love to see some expert gameplay. From my limited
    experience (less than 100 games), the tank is pretty bouncy and quick
    enough, with an alright gun, although the penetration suffers like on most
    other tier 7 mediums (apart from some exceptions). To be honest, i really
    only unlocked it because i wanted to progress both medium and heavy Soviet
    trees without having to play the T-34 as i never researched it. I think
    that it’s a rather unique tank.

  152. Saw this on stream now im saaaad

  153. Mileta Kuzmanovic

    QB how do Ou go free mode on wot replays i cant figure it out???

  154. PZ1C, ELX AMX

  155. why do you have the flag of Belarus on your tank?

  156. Thank you for making this video. Your how to carry video has helped me a
    lot. In fact, i have watched many of your videos and my win 8 has gone from
    below 200 to now a recent win 8 of 1050. I have a long way to go, but your
    videos really show players how to do better. Now your tank reviews, i have
    some problems with. Like telling people that they should not buy the Jag
    tiger 88. However these “how to play” videos are really awesome. thank you
    for making these.

  157. Mitchell Stankovski (SirIceeice)

    I been play the Challenger is it can play let the comet – the turret armor.

  158. I love the Archer I don’t care that it’s only tier 5 I got my first Radley
    walters in it with 9 kills and I just love its 17pdr at that tier. Plus it
    can run backwards.

  159. Wz 131 is one of my favorite tank, fast, nice camo, nice rofl, nice view
    range, and cute tank :3 love it <3

  160. cromwel B, just like to play fast mediums, and its a tier 6

  161. T32, i got my HT 15 on it <3

  162. ”i fliched i jumped i screamed like a little girll”….reaction on the
    stream..”HUEEEEEEEE”…not quit the right description^^

  163. One of my favourite tanks is my KV-2 because it’s hilarious

  164. The best tank in my opinion will be Cromwell or Tiger I, however I have big
    sentiment and respect for Tiger Porshe and for me it’s a beautiful tank. I
    don’t think it’s the best because of gameplay but I’ve researched Tiger II
    and Ferdinand with it and it was a good times :)

  165. Good to see entertaining and educative videos. gg

  166. For those wondering, the stream Quicky mentioned can be found here:

  167. A bit arrogant of you to drive into the Dicker Max and expect him to move
    aside and make room for you…… were “giving him an indication”????
    wtf ??? So you just try to push him aside ???

  168. I hardly ever watch the stream but I saw this game a couple of weeks ago
    and then had to go play a dozen or so games in my comet. People shit on the
    comet and it was my first T7 so I am biased, but the comet really is a fun
    tank if not a completely exceptional one.

  169. We do need the Q-Qomet with QB face at the rear. #WarGamingMakeIT

  170. i fell in love for the m41 bulldog.

  171. Karl Gustaf Olsen Hansen

    How do you record videos in world of tanks

  172. thedetectorist 108

    my favorite tank is the maus because how well armored it is and able to
    hold its own against many enemies

  173. I love this series

  174. My favo tank is the Mighty KV-2 :)

  175. sherman fury. why because good rate of fire, pod mount of health and nice

  176. Is there a live-version of this epic battle?

  177. saw this on stream

  178. Apostolos Papagelos

    Filthy stetpedder Quicky Kappa
    0:24 Belarus flag Keepo
    *Enough with Twitch references*
    1:18 Quicky Goes Kind Mode

  179. OliverRandomNumbers

    You have definetly upgarded you pc, when did that happen and what did you

  180. there isnt a click up here video quicky!

  181. I haven’t had a clear favorite since they nerfed the pz IV into the ground
    oh so many years ago. Top three are probably Jageru, e50, and type 58.

  182. Matthias Ritschard

    whats the story behind the flag on the comet?

  183. Best Comet EU

  184. cant find the highlight on twitch

  185. I JUST had a game where a t54e1 unloaded his clip into my is-7 and then
    pushed me into enemy fire……
    can I get this guy banned? I got it recorded.

  186. nice work quicky

  187. Fv tank for me is T-54 it have awsome armor and gun is rly rly good and its
    so OP

  188. Anyone else see that Qb has the Belarus flag on his tank?

  189. my favourite tank is the kv2 with the 152mm derp gun

  190. Who wants to see QB screaming like a girl heres the link


  192. Cristian Izquierdo

    hey guys, ill like to know why does quickbaby have such a detailed view, i
    mean there are lots of colors, the % of opportunity of win, the damage
    dealed and received… How could I get to see all of that?

  193. 2:02 Giving no fucks about that dicker max, i wish very much people like
    you get cancer, and you children too

  194. playing vs tier 6 tanks….

  195. “My team is still learning how to play World of Tanks” -> One guy has 21k
    battles ,another has 20k ,18k ,17k. Yeah sure.

  196. carry on my wayward son … :)

  197. IDEAL once won a Stronghold defense by suiciding and teamkilling ~5 tanks
    to delay the game for another 20 seconds and finish the cap for a draw
    (thus winning the defense). Was a long time ago though, I don’t think I can
    find the replay anymore.

  198. So I’m thinking, “oh yay, a comet replay I haven’t seen”. And then I see
    the sort of beating that you took in the first few minutes, and then “oh,
    I’ve seen this before. Crap”
    Very nice.

  199. First time heard that 5s bonus. 😛 thanks QB.

  200. American T34 heavy tank. Holy shit that thing can wreck.

  201. Very nice replay! I really love these kind of videos! And I dont have a
    favourite tank because I dont even have a tier 10. But for now its the m41
    Walker Bulldog. I just got my first Ace Tanker in it! It was a fantastic

  202. The T49 use to be my favorite tank ^^ why ?? big gun !!

  203. congrats gor u 3 ring on the comet qb welldone m8. :)

  204. Are u from Belarus? :O

  205. I would’ve raged at the Dicker Max.

  206. mm i want to see your comet in a tier 9 game :P

  207. XX-Zulu-Foxtrot-XX

    Jagdpanzer E100… Sure you can sit back and snipe but why with all that
    armor go get in your enemy’s face!

  208. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    Top tier when choosing a tier 7? Wow, now i have seen everything!

  209. I hate the fact that the comet gets almost the same top gun as the cromwell
    does, that makes the cromwell superior in my opinion… And to compensate
    on the lower gun depression you get much higher mobility, so i think one of
    them is somewhat overpowerd or the other somewhat underpowered… :o

  210. please do a kv 3 review nether you or jingles have one an you really don’t
    do USSR tanks.

  211. Fav tank = obj 140 coz its OP

  212. ELC AMX favorite tank in game.

  213. T-34 favorite tank in game

  214. YouJustGotRoasted 123

    my favorit tank in the game is the t10e3 caues of the armor

  215. Need to play my Comet immediately now!

  216. anyone know which stream and at what time point was this game?

  217. I’ve had games where it gave the enemy team 15 seconds to catch up… So

  218. write something down in the comets down below hehehe :p

  219. my favourite tank is IS-3 because of his armour gun and mobility. and I use
    him for strongholds clan wars

  220. Martin of Gliwice

    you play Feed the Beast modded minecraft? and use LOL me too.

  221. Erik Knutssønn Espeland

    My fav tank is the cromwell B

  222. Hey QB what equipment do you use with the comet?

  223. spg don’t blind fire in one spot! in caping circle! when he blind fire and
    he miss you in the circle, park your tank in that miss fire spot!

  224. My favorite tank is t-34-85. I don’t know why… So i’m suprised when
    battle after battle i had ace tanker…

  225. Pessi Lyytikainen

    I also sometimes jump a meter into air when an arty shell lands next to me,
    It’s funny :D

  226. “Still learning” I see someone with 20k games and under 300 efficiency

  227. QB u have 37k game and u are amazing at the game and once i played vs a
    guy/girl who had 60k games and had like 1k WN8 xD that good right ? (No
    lifer) :D

  228. Toasty Roasty Man

    I believe I saw this game live. It was a good game indeed.

  229. Quickybaby do a video on the KV2!!!!

  230. “And I was trying to give the Dicker Max a cue that I wanted to get out”


    “I want out Dicker Max I want out Dicker Max I want OUT Dicker Max”

  231. 14:49 QB click where ? xDDDDDD

  232. Like he said : The only tiers 7 tank in his team, the spg isn’t a tank XD

  233. I think QB is the only one who plays with the comet on the EU server.

  234. 1:56 u definetly deserved a shot by the dickermax for pushing him while he
    is aiming and shooting at an enemy vehicle

  235. Oh QB, you show off ;)

  236. Why didn’t he go back and kill the arty at the end of the game?

  237. tier 7 is the best tier imo, T29 4 life

  238. what battle setting do you have

  239. Is that Belorussian flag on the turret? You are a good husband Mr Quicky.

  240. “i feel like i kinda play this tank pretty okay” – *recent average damage
    higher than 100% of the players who played this tank in the last 14 days*

  241. I thought this had already been uploaded to this channel?

  242. Quickybaby you are an amazing player and you are extremely intelligent and
    know your tanks well. That’s for all the knowledge and laughs.

  243. O_O wow, 5 mins in and arlready 331 veiws

  244. Like for no reason

  245. Omg first time under the 300 Club!

  246. sure, some of them have 20k games or more…and they are still learning? no
    they are fucking idiots and they will never learn

  247. 135th! yay

  248. Third comment

  249. Donatas Zukauskas

    100% lol

  250. Oh man and I was waiting for the stream…

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