World of Tanks || Keep Calm and Carry On #4

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m going to Keep Calm Carry On in the T9 French medium tank the AMX 30 1er Prototype.

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World of Tanks 2 game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Lol you said my favorite teir 9 British med tank lel

  2. Thank you for this upload, I find the Obj.430 II to be by far my fav. T9
    Med. why on earth did they destroy the line by making Obj.430 with a normal
    turret ?!? At the same time making it sluggish vs other RU Meds, but it
    works perfect for my playstyle, but can you imagine that BEAST with a
    turret in the back :)

  3. Quicky where do you live?

  4. At 13:26, that enemy IS4 took 3 arty shots (2 from the auto-loader) to lose
    the remaining 51% health. Artys you smashed him so sick.

  5. Well, I have to admit that you’re a fantastic player. Really QB i’m
    subscribing your channel for about a year and 6 months and I’m always
    amazed of your replays. GG great work !

  6. Great Vid and some interesting in game analysis, thanks and really well
    played by you.

  7. My favourite Tier 9 tank is Tiger I

  8. interesting fact the amx 30 was in service in France until 2011 and it was
    created in 1986 so it’s one of the most recent tanks in the game (with the
    leopard 1 i assume)

  9. hehe 1337

  10. I wonder if that IS-4 decided to camp cos of 4 arty, or cos it is his
    gameplay style. That guy is, i believe, top 10 +/- by WG rating on EU. I
    would like to see his gameplay with 1 or no arty on this map in same tank
    and similar tanks on both sides. It just something which does not feel
    right to do with heavys… Guess thats why i am still dark-greenish

  11. play t26e4

  12. Great to watch these kinds of videos, i learn alot since i`m such a noob.
    The thing is to remeber them when you`re actually in that situation.

  13. Mr. Qb, maybe you should do a little series where you give good players
    shoutouts 😀 I mean that you could show a good play by somebody (maybe the
    whole game wasn’t good enough for full video) and then give that guy a
    shoutout you know. Like 2-5 good plays by random people you have seen and
    put them into video. That would give the starting players a better chance
    to learn and it would bring some variation on this channel and you could ad
    some funny moments in 😀 Consider about this AS SERIES (mini series and the
    time you upload would be random so you don’t have to take any stress of
    that, about 8-15min videos). I hope you understood anything what I said 😀
    this is just a suggestion :P

  14. Czołgiem “dawid1981m” Czołgiści

    my favorite T9 Medium till now was Leopard pta and now Centurion Mk 7/1
    like you can see on my chanel

  15. thx i wait to kill type 5 😛 and please 15.spg 260

  16. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    a good arty player on your team can be very usefull, but for the same
    reason why enemy arty sucks

  17. Soon i’m going to be a youtuber please subsribe

  18. I, too recently picked up this bad boy of a tank – and am loving it, too.
    Some great gun depression combined with high maneuverability and a great
    gun resulting in some pretty awesome games.
    Great game QB – hope to see more! : )

  19. that stats whore is4 lost the game for his team by camping on hill to farm
    dmg.. this replay just shows the difference between a statspadder and a
    great player who play to win the game. gg Quicky

  20. pls review the replacement of is 8

  21. win chance percentage is irreverent with all the spgs popping out in games
    in WOT

  22. Centurion 7/1

  23. 13:37 eh? It’s a sign Quicky!

  24. How can you tell when you not spotted?

  25. I remember watching this on stream on friday, with all the HISSSS spam from
    Kermittus. Moo banned him lmao

  26. Cole Watson (CWgaming)

    I don’t understand why people use XVM at all it just makes some people
    jerks. I had a Hetzer in a low teir game just today on my team drive to the
    water on Malinovka and he drowned himself and proceeded to give away allied
    positions to the enemy through all chat. I mean I have no problem with
    people being able to see other people’s stats at a glance but when you give
    some people a percent to win they take that as what is going to happen when
    really they should still play as well as they can.

  27. Epic batttle, conggrats. :)

  28. +QuickyBabyTV That IS-4 is actually a Czech world of tanks streamer, if you
    look up his channel on twitch, you can actually see this game played in his
    perspective! In his stream, your game starts at around 1:06 (1 hour 6
    minutes) into his stream. I found it very interesting to see this game from
    his point of view, check it out, youd probably like to see it!

  29. I haven’t really played any (only 4k games) but from the looks of it I will
    like the 30 proto. I also played it on test server and got 5k DMV and 6
    kills in my first game

  30. Sheeeeet Quicky lol thats why im A 49% winrate player ?…. Im A fan of
    the M46 Patton Its an excellent Tier 9 med even if it penetration is kind
    bad lol I still love it.Oddly enough my avg dmg per battle is like 1.8k
    which ive heard is decent and yet my winrate is bad.I guess its because I
    have 6.8k games and Ive lost obviously 49 % if of those games but I try to
    deal enough dmg and dodge arty lol why cant I fix it lol.

  31. I have yet to play any of the tier nine mediums aside from a few dozen
    battles in the T-54 Soviet. But from what I can see m most going to like
    the T-54 the best due to the size, speed, and maybe reload. But for right
    now I have yet to form an actual full opinion of any tier nine medium.

  32. Nice carry.

  33. Yes, I love that weakpoint on the Type 4 and 5 Heavy, whenever they angle,
    it’s pretty easy to hit, and easy to penetrate. I was called a “spamming
    gold hacker” when I penetrated a Type 4 three times in a row with the M103.

  34. very usefull!

  35. As a Leopard PTA player, the amx-30 just makes me cry. If i wasn’t such a
    lazy sob, i’d probably grind through the french line to get my own, but i’d
    rather just complain about it here.

  36. I like how some people are still salty about artillery even though
    wargaming is never gonna change artillery. (Plus, we get that you hate
    artillery, don’t whine)

  37. How do you not rage when arty removes half of your hp?

  38. GG in humiliating that FAME bastard! I experience full joy when I see any
    of the FAME arrogant players getting killed in such style! 🙂 GG!

  39. yes it has 15 NOOB rounds yes u are doing it with 15 Noob rounds..keep
    going with gold ammo be supper competitive with it..srsly man check FOCH
    videos and learn to aim and to play.. tha fuck are u doing ?

  40. u shot the is 7

  41. u didn’t shoot amx50b

  42. I wish I could play but I don’t have a PC

  43. Favorite tier 9 medium – probably an E-50. Fantastic tasty 105 cannon, okay
    mobility and a hilarious ramming potential. The only problem is the
    mediocre turret armor.

  44. it says I can’t watch this video or any video for that matter. any

  45. some fantastic gameplay here Quicky!

  46. Very very useful. Greetings from Argentina.

  47. Yay great video c:I said it before and Ill say it again.u da man

  48. lol quickybaby u have made me a better player be playing these medium tanks

  49. Centurion 7/1. OK mobility, good gun (long reloading time however) amazing
    accuarcy, strong turret armor and mediocore upper plate armor.

  50. The WZ-120. The gun is amazing and the armor isnt so bad 🙂

    But the AMX 30 is nice too :)

  51. xX_Destructo_Xx IsHere

    The rounds i lose are the ones with 50%+ to win ones i win the most are the
    40%- to win

  52. what does the “for alive” percentage mean next to the chance to win?

  53. If you have a 35-40% win chance you can think “Ok, I’ll try to do my best
    to show Wargayming my skills”, but if in the enemy team there are 2
    platoons composed by 3 FAME and 2 KAZNA as happened to me, you can think
    only one thing “-.- i’m fucked”

  54. Oh my gosh, Soudruh_Tonda – super unicum in enemy team is czech streamer
    and WoT youtuber. :3

  55. Alexander Kolokolnikov

    What headphones does he use?

  56. 5:03 I’m always saying “Screw you matchmaker,” just without the part about
    still winning the game. :P

  57. Васил Димитров

    For me Leopard PT A its the greatest For t9 (i think) 10 top guns and 2
    steall walls idk how i get them xd

  58. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    the amx 30 p doesnt have everything….weres the armor?
    without one box ticked it cant be the all rounder no ifs or buts…
    you want an all rounder get the t54 centurion 7/1 and some what e50.

  59. But i could see the front of the is-4 tracks facing towards you.

  60. No words Only dreams.

    Man I can never do these things, I always panic and go yoloing into a heavy
    because I think it’s over once i’m found ._.

  61. T 54 good armour and fast

  62. The enemy IS-4 driver has a higher PR than QuickyBaby. He’s from the FAME
    clan, no.1 clan on the EU server

  63. Epic game. Very modest about the team damage / misplay. And yes major carry
    with some very strong players in very dangerous tanks. Great. Explanation
    of tactics. Thanks QB.

  64. i almost saw the arty kill you at the end because they wanted the kill^^

  65. This was cool. Can you please do more of these videos where you beat other
    unicums? it’s fairly simple to beat red/yellow/bearly green noobs who don’t
    know half of the game mechanics and have no knowlage of tactics, but , when
    you beat an unicum (“doing different from what he was thinking that I was
    thinking that he was doing whill thinking about what I was thinking” 😉 ),
    that is quite an achivement. gj QB

  66. British centurion 7 – 1 great mobility, phenomenal gun, can be played as a
    traditional medium or as a sniper

  67. Tonda to posral no :DD

  68. T-54 is my favourite tier 9 tank, some pretty good armour and 330 pen with
    gold not much can trouble you, find he enemy and work the flanks. Gun
    depression is an issue on some maps though.

  69. great gameplay
    ty hope i will remember in my next medium tank game

  70. škoda, že to soudruh_tonda nevyhrál

  71. 1337 Game bro!

  72. wow, glitchy as fuck. anyone else having trouble watching this ?? trouble
    with new QB?

  73. you are so smart!

  74. how is the stock AMX 30 grind? i am grinding xp on the 13 90 and really
    need that tank for the personal missions as the only medium tank i have now
    is the chi-nu which i’m grinding sixth sense on D: thanks for help, great
    videos :)

  75. M46 patton

  76. Casey “Yescek” Raymond

    QB too pro lol, even time itself recognizes his skill.

  77. That was thoroughly impressive, I haven’t seen gameplay like that in ages

  78. Soudruh_Tonda, that IS-4 driver actually even streamed it maybe it is on
    YouTube also from his view:) Very good czech player, one of best we have

  79. Food for though, XVM predicted chance to win calculation includes your own
    skill…..just think about that, it’s almost guessing how much you’ll
    influence the game more than anything. QB probably sees higher chance to
    win more often than I do because I’m merely light blue recent…..yellow
    overall :)

  80. Was it that carry on the last livestream ?

  81. Was expecting that arty would try to kill the GWE100 and hit you…..what a
    heartbreak that would be XD

  82. ashame for FAME :(

  83. You should’ve rammed that last artillery. Would’ve been hilarious.

  84. How long do you stay effectively spotted in Wot? I never know when I have
    to bate the enemies…

  85. Alowishus Davander

    I love my AMX30, did from the 1st play on the test server – “the best tier
    9 mid”? Agreed -

  86. Today i stayed alone with 3 of my spg’s.
    They tk me…

  87. Has to be the E-50 because of the fun I have ramming. QB, or anyone, 2
    years or so ago WG said NEVER to the idea of higher tiers above 10. Last I
    heard higher tiers now under consideration probably due to Armored Warfare
    roll-out. Heard anything?

  88. My favorite is the patton

  89. Because of the way you said you couldn’t possibly lose at the end of the
    game, I thought you would get TK’d by arty. :D

  90. videos like this make you realise how amazing QB is as a playerj

  91. play E 50 M

  92. Heh.. I’m grinding this tank right now , cant wait to play with it!

  93. “at this point I knew there was no way I could lose.” I would have been the
    one to ram the GW E100

  94. Thomas the D4nk engine

    In a tier 10 game whoever has more waffles and russian mediums wins

  95. t54 lol hard question

  96. Firstly, thanks for the insight! 😀 WoT was always so intimidating to me.
    So many tanks, where you have to learn the weak spots, maps where I didn’t
    know wher to go or where the general good spots are + all the tactics and
    game mechanics. That’s why I didn’t got the hang of WoT and stayed with War
    Thunder Ground Forces (I know laugh at me, but that’s were I’m decently
    competent in ^^ (if Gaijin doesn’t eff me over with, e.g. matchmaker
    changers or something >_>)), but your video gave me a pretty good
    impression how “violet stet pedders” 😛 think. Thanks for that
    Quickyfingers! 🙂

    Secondly, I know this has nothing to do with the video, but does anyone
    know what his stance is on Armored Warfare? I would love seeing him play it
    and learn from the master ^^

  97. thatbattlefield dude

    clash of the Titans

  98. thatbattlefield dude

    clash of the Titans

  99. Nice stat bby

  100. Great job QB

  101. That moment when what you planed works combined with luck works. Look on
    his face at 12:15 and you will know

  102. 430II and t54

  103. Very tense mind games between two extremely strong players
    Wp qb

  104. 14:24 friendly artilliery misses a shot and kills QuickyBaby …. That
    would be hilarious..

  105. who mod use quickybaby ?

  106. Milan “milsada” Trebulák

    that was our (czech) streamer 😀
    Soudruh_tonda means comrade_tonda (tonda is his name) :D

  107. AMX 30 Prot vs. Leopard Prot?

  108. Hello. Does anyone know of any training clans or is available to take me
    into a training room to help me improve at this game? I do play only for
    fun but I would like to improve my game si I can enjoy it more, as I only
    have a 48% WR and around 300 wn8. My IGN is TheStrategist if you would like
    to Pm me. Thanks in advance :)

  109. QB u should feel lucky that your tomato arty did not tk you. Many times
    like this situation some tomato clickers just click the map and say “go
    spot”, otherwise they tk you. I know if you rush out and you are 100% dead,
    so you are really doing the right thing. I learn a lot from this video,
    thank you so much.

  110. I can’t tell if QB apologizes to people in the games or just in the
    recordings, but you should really just pull back and say so.

    Wasn’t entirely your fault either, but I do get the “take the blame,
    apologize, move on”.

  111. Great game and analysis man!

  112. cent 7/1 type b gun. Any news on cheiftain

  113. Good vid on Tactics , Which those insistent name callers need to
    understand . “TACTICS” !!

  114. Now you are saying sorry for shoting the 50B in the back… in the
    livestream the reaction was more like “common dude, what are you doing”
    with a very frustrated face

  115. 62 % Winrate !! GG quickybaby !

  116. FirexCz viewer #r3kt ur mom ._.

    Tonda v tom í-esu :D

  117. Thx a lot for the informative replay!

  118. I allready saw this on the livestream…. now watching it for the different
    comentary :)

  119. thejoedude thefirejoe

    another higher level of skill being demonstrated in this video, gg QB

  120. How does a man know when he isn’t spotted anymore?

  121. very nice game.

  122. how do you fly araond the what do you pres if you wacht the replays

  123. Using your modpack, but can’t get change to win to work. Any idéas?

  124. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Would have likely played this differently, considering the situation; would
    have been more aggressive about seeking out the enemy and then using that
    as a lure to pull the IS-4 or someone into shoot range, but hey you kept
    your head and dealt with the strong opponents very well. then again I don’t
    run mods and would have just been using my wits to attempt to get the win
    rather than XVM to judge someone’s skill.

  125. I don’t have a T9 medium, any recommendations?

  126. Arty puts a fantastic shot on me??so skilled…

  127. im sorry if this is a bad question but do you play on EU servers ?

  128. I have a question to you. long ago I researched a tank but I didnt have
    enough money to buy it so I started grinding up money to buy it. But 2 dys
    later, They made an update to world of tanks, replacing the tank that Ive
    reseached but didnt buy with another tank. So I lost that tanks research
    and I lost all the exp on my previous vehicle too. I was really mad but I
    couldnt do anything about it. So my question is should I research and leave
    them to buy when theres a discount releated to them? or should I keep my
    exp untill theres a discount and than research.

  129. this video shows perfectly why armour at high tiers is practically useless
    these days as arty has massively increased in number in the last few months
    and mediums are soo much better in terms of their guns. plus they can just
    dpm you down without needing to worry about bouncing it means its no fun to
    play hts or lts (lts cant run away from them and the mts dpm just shreds
    them plus they spot for themselves most of the time so you are a waste of
    space to them) anymore and mts are by far the most powerful things on the
    battlefield its not even close between mts and any of the other classes. i
    understand they are supposed to be the middle ground between heavies and
    lights but they are just stupid right now.

  130. the team helper

  131. “good shot by the arty” – makes me sick.

  132. the old outro :D

  133. Nice game qb gratulations.

  134. Hey quickybaby. Do you plan on doing any Armored Warfare vid?

  135. Really nice play.

  136. Soudruh_Tonda | WoT

    1:13. How could you call this epic piece of luck a “carry”? 😀 That
    >>fullaimed<< miss decided whole game 😀 Note: Was not even blind, you were spotted whole time :P

  137. “Great shot by the artillery”… (pokerface)

  138. whats your favourite t10 medium?

  139. the type 4 and type 4 have such idiotic armour layouts especially since the
    tanks at this tier can just butter straight through their armour and
    because you cant angle it too much tds and prem shots just laugh at you.

  140. dang bud that artillery really messed u up.

  141. nice vid

  142. Are you tired Quicky?

  143. I r8 8/8 m8

  144. QB can you do a video on the CDC?

  145. hah early comment :)

  146. why no 1080p

  147. 301club guys

  148. Yes 20th like and 8th comment!

  149. love your videos QB!

  150. hallooo

  151. 15th view, 3rd like, 3rd comment

  152. Not sure.

  153. lol first comment

  154. What’s your favourite T9 Medium?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

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