World of Tanks || Keep Calm and Carry QuickyBaby

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Source: QuickyBaby

. Today Balron going to in his French medium the .

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  1. the B-C 155 58 kill the T92

  2. tbh i honestly thought you only played WoT…cause that’s all i watch and
    look foward too

  3. This was a really good video. It’s always fun to see someone else be the
    highlight in one of your games.

  4. how did he make 1mil credits in 1 hour
    besides premium

  5. of the ones I played, I really liked the CDC. I love fast tanks.

  6. fav tier 8 priemium scorpion G

  7. my tier 8 fav premium tank is e25 xDdd

  8. Here is some potential “team work episode” content.

    Bottom tier carry. t8 in a t10 battle. 7.5k dmg and 7 kills between us.

  9. Juan Pablo Serrano Gómez

    Review the Panther II please (: you never play that tank

  10. Quickybaby, did you forget about the expired Invite code? :(

  11. My Favorite Tier VIII Was the AMX CDC, well huge ammo capacity dish some
    damage and get credit…

  12. favourite premium tank t 34 3

  13. Quickybaby can you review the VK2801

  14. My favorite tier 8 premium would have to be the T26E4 Super Pershing, and
    with the 190 pen buff, double tapping the 2 key is almost unnecessary.
    Plays more like a heavy than a medium, but can fill other roles as needed.
    I enjoy playing the WZ-111 too, but like the IS-6 it is very dependent on
    using premium ammunition, significantly lowering it’s credit earning
    potential. I ran the T26E4 off and on through the evening today, earning
    over a million credits to purchase my next tank, not to mention earning
    some free XP to unlock upgrades, so I don’t have to start out with a
    underwhelming stock tank.

  15. 13:32. Wtf was that my brain blew off xD

  16. Awesome, Awesome carry. Great game. And poor Quickducky.

  17. Rather have 14 good players than 1 unicum player, even the best players
    can’t carry the whole team

  18. I have both the super pershing and the is-3a, and I like them both for
    different reasons. the is-3a I can go hull down and bounce a lot off my
    turret, same with the super persh , but the super persh is faster and has a
    better dpm, so I can snipe with it too

  19. So you are saying to get as much money as possible it is better to play for
    quantity rather than quality by rushing in with the premium tanks and
    dealing some damage (so essential throwing the game away) but doing in with
    a lot of tanks in a short time. Yeah thanks…..good advice from a
    prominent YTer and community contributor to ruin the weekends even more. i
    am disappointed.

  20. Quickybaby, what are you using for session statistics?

  21. I would have low rolled on the M40/M43 knowing my luck

  22. A million creds in an hour..? I have a hard time getting a million in a

  23. I’m playing in my low tier tanks, but this one person in his Pz 2 J keeps
    kicking my ass

  24. I have a replay of another Chinese pro player who pened every single shot
    in his batchat and dealed over 10k damage.

  25. do a video where you use the H35 while the L60 event is on

  26. Fav premium tank M4A1 Ravioli

  27. My favorite tier 8 tank is a ghost tank because I’ve never seen him in my
    garage :(

  28. “…and the acadamy award for best drama goes to…”

  29. @QB at 16:12 you show a spreadsheet with game data, is there a script that
    can be obtained to pull the info out of the WOT client?

  30. Still wondering if we are ever going to get a VK 45.02B tank review. I
    think the tank is broken if the people don’t know how to kill it. Also it
    is such a rare tank I think it would make more people want it.

  31. m4a1 rev. becouse he has low cost on his ammunition and you can make mutch
    credits with that gun.Also i heave like 100000 credits i need more

  32. Shameful display QB :)

  33. well played Balron 🙂 and Ghost Rider 🙂 nice to see team work , Awesome 🙂
    been having a brake from Tanks , just might be time to come back 🙂 my Fav
    tier 8 premo … mmmmmm gota be FV4202p and the Mutz 🙂 followed by the
    Super Poo ;)

  34. Well played Balron ?

  35. heya quickybaby. did you make that spreadsheet? or is there a website u use
    to get all that info?

  36. my favorite is the STA-2. I don’t know why

  37. how do you have always a lot of experience and a lot of gold in your

  38. QB! You lose games? Last time I hero worship, I tell ya…

  39. Just goes to show, using the map and making smart plays is what makes
    unicums. He didn’t even shoot gold ammo either. So obvious that stereotype
    is dead.

  40. Every time QB says TVP, I hear “Textured Vegetable Protein”. YMMV

  41. i want more of these keep calm, because it’s fun, and also keeps me calm
    when i got shot in WOT.

  42. Quickybaby misreading the tanks at the start of the match and then not
    looking at the minimap as he drove to his doom…..that is how i play dude,
    glad I am finally teaching you something.

    Favourite premium tank – Type 59 , medium tank so quite mobile. No matter
    what the map you can find a way to play the tank to its best and
    preferential matchmaking means no T10. Without the preferential matchmaking
    it would be garbage and nowhere near as much fun to play.

  43. my fav. t8 prem. is the german bulldog, most bucks to make with thx to the
    t10 MM but it will get screwed with the lighttank revision as it will get
    its values screwed to be kept at t8 or lost a lot of its income values by
    beeing uped to t9 with incresed repcosts tied to it…

  44. That plot twist tho

  45. wow

  46. Very impressive Batchat25t game I must say!

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