World of Tanks || Keep Calm and Carry QuickyBaby

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of tanks. Today GG_ZeRo_G is going to keep calm and carry QuickyBaby in his T6 French heavy the ARL 44.

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World of Tanks which is available as a free download. is one of the best I have played and I fully recommend it.


  1. ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    I cringed every time he said REVALORISÉ

  2. i was there !!!!!!!! :D

  3. Kevin Joseph Sheridan

    Much respect for posting this. It’s nice to see you showcasing other
    players and their achievements, even when the game didn’t go well for you.

  4. amazing play by that ARL44, well played

  5. i one batle tier 3 my team is lost 8-14. One my team kills the 7 tanks with
    the another 6 kills. He kills 13 kills!

  6. At least you didnt have to get carried by someone called Goatman_sniper…

  7. Jonathan Pinkerton

    Hell yeah, someone doing my favorite tier 6 heavy some justice. Haters
    gonna still hate though.

  8. Prince Vegetahahahah

    1 round 60k credit! Holy cow!

  9. Who else saw this game on a stream a few weeks ago?

  10. I remember watching this on your livestream! That ARL was a surprising ally

  11. Another old and recyclated gameplay? What’s wrong with you QB in last time?

  12. keep clam

  13. T-34-3 is much better than M4A1 Revalorisé

  14. this type of player (the ARL)is rare on ASIA server,mostly just asshole or

  15. can you do reviews on the Chinese tanks because you hardly do

  16. I saw The Stream with this hero mode :D

  17. how did he got the high caliber??? The is3a did more dmg….wtf????

  18. QB you haven done a tank review on the t28 htc plz can you do that :)

  19. ARL is a great tank with interesting gun choices

  20. APCR does more damage than AP, makes sense, since the diameter and mass of
    it is like half of the AP, right? Right? Wargaming do you think its logical?

    *spoiler alert*
    No, its fucking not right.

  21. So sad to see so many negative comments from people bashing this guy “oh it
    wasn’t that special I got this and that” I thought it was a great vid QB
    showed a game where he didn’t do great, misplayed like all of us do and got
    himself killed leaving a bottom tier tank to carry what I thought was an
    excellent game. Give it a rest yeah I bet that player was over the moon
    when he got a PM from quicky saying well played etc.

  22. He finally played the M4A1 Rev.!!! (squeals with delight) I knew he had it
    and damn its hard to get that first mark too.

  23. I was in my comet with a tier 8 USA arty vs 6 of the enemy team on
    siegfrieds line. I killed 2 of them (is-3 and t20) before dieing. when I
    got back I saw the game was won and the arty got a whole bunch off medals.
    he killed 3 tier 8-s and one tier 7. and he also got a bombadiers medal :D

  24. I thought this vid is from 2000s cuz of thumbnail

  25. Why does no one ever talk about the M6A2E1. It is really good tank with a
    105 and as long as no one flanks you it is gonna be hard to pen you. Quicky
    when are you gonna do a review

  26. 3:20 tunnelvision baby, I saw it the moment he popped up. Unicum fail!

  27. M4a1 raveoli

  28. the m4a1 rev is basically a French version of the Israeli super Sherman but
    with out the fl10 osculating turret

  29. When was that? I don’t recognize the life-moment, and yet, I some kind of

  30. I got my first pools in my ARL 44

  31. Lmfao M6 = McDonald’s tank

  32. Can someone explain his hair??

  33. YES! Quickybaby I have been waiting so long for you to drive the m4

  34. If i should Buy a tier 8 tank, What should i Buy?

  35. So there are smart people at low tier lol

  36. Once had a T10 game on Malinovka where my team melted leaving only a T10
    french arty left against. He ended up getting a Kolobanov’s

  37. that was some nice shooting zero

  38. ayhupsoos Soospuhya

    fix your mod pack please when you switch player names modes it doesn’t show
    color stats on name of tanks mode ie ctrl tab.

  39. I like the m4 revelation… I mean revolution

  40. Keep calm and carry on – as an underdog- would make for an epic series.
    Clearly, these top tier heavies didn’t respect the damage that ARL could
    put out. I too run my ARL with the 105, always liked it better. In any
    case, thanks for sharing this replay! thoroughly enjoyed it!

  41. not a good tank

  42. Ive only carried once in my tiger p against 6 enemies but for tier 7 carrys
    the tiger p is the machine for the job

  43. Yes the ARL did nice work there.

  44. I like his reaction “:D”

  45. I wish some of my replays would be noticed, ive carried so many games with
    getting 7+ kills and over 6K damage, witch might need be much but for me
    games like that are amazing xD

  46. Instantly thumbed up the video when I heard the M4 Ravioli was being
    presented!!!! OMG THANK YOU QB, YOU MADE MY DAY :..)

  47. great game and great video welldone

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