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– Prototipo Standard B. Today I’m going to have to keep cool in the T9 Italian medium tank if I want to stay alive!


World of Tanks a online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.

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  1. I’m really strugling to understand why the reloads gets longer with each shells

  2. You know what I love about World of Tanks?

    All the people who complain about it.

  3. Did he just say “cleanse?” 🙂

    i am an avarage player but that was interesting.

  5. Alexander Stoyanov

    The blindshot was on the t54 while he was repositioning from his bush in the bottom right towards the centre

  6. Wow! The new graphics look freaking amazing

  7. Thought the name was a play on words. GG Buffoon.

  8. Famous goalkeeper? Never heard of him.

  9. EU1 server is down and I cant join EU2 because I still have a session on EU1 (crashed midgame). It also says its not recommended to play on EU2 because of the heavy load (all eu1 players going to eu2).

    Wat do?

  10. food is more pay2win than large consumables.

  11. Hey QB :D,
    what mod do you use for your replay’s? (Like free camera)

  12. About Buffon, of course wargaming wasn’t nice. To get him you had to play one battle. In an Italian tank that was tier 8 or higher. In other words you had to buy the progretto 46 or grind to tier 8 in a short time…

  13. I hope they don’t add these Italian tanks into console. These things will ruin the game.

  14. I don’t much at all on FL sadly.

  15. *does two ammoracks in this game*

  16. pay 2 win ruins the game

  17. Wow I missed out on that free Commander? -.- QB you cover everything, why didnt you cover that?? :O I mean I got a 6 skill Italian female crew anyways, but as an Italian it is my duty to have everything… this suuuuxxx

  18. Dennis Evlogiev

    They gave Buffon yeah what a joke I’m not playing for like 4-5 hours a day to advance fast enough to get him so yeah they gave him

  19. The Standart B dpm is actually 2500 because of the 2 extra shells you can fire in 6 sec. So it actually has no real drawbacks when it comes to firepower.

    • Kerberos You may need to review the auto-reloader mechanics. The highest DPM this tank can possibly have is 2048. That’s by firing only one shell at a time and waiting for its reload to complete. You get that number by dividing 60 x 10.55 and multiplying it by 360 damage.

      If you fire more than one shell in a row you’ll get a temporary boost in DPM for that few seconds, but then you have to wait even longer to reload those shells so your DPM actually drops far below 2048 when averaged out over a minute.

    • The DPM value on is incorrect: it assumes you start the minute with 2 shells loaded and wait for the 3rd to be ready. Regardless, the auto reloader mechanism allows you to use a lot of travel time to reload, meaning that your nett damage per minute will be higher than with tanks that have higher DPM, if you use it well.
      If you start your minute with a full magazine and fire at the start of the minute, your real DPM is 2407, but if you start the minute empty it’s as low as 1131. This is with only 100% crew and no equipment.

  20. Well the only good thing i get to see about this tank is that it is good to camp in, in every battle there is one guy in a top tier italian tank, mostly the standard B, pushing arty to go and spot for him….

  21. “Save as much credits as possible” -carries 22 heat rounds. Not a criticism, just funny.

  22. Mr. Nonamanadus

    The Italian tier X is somewhat of a letdown. The reload sucks on small maps like Mines especially off the spawn. Also it seems to be a bit too big and sluggish for the armor.

  23. Only tank I personally plsy with large repair kit is Cent AX, as every fucking shot into the trackwheel knocks off the ammorack. You just can’t play it with small kit.

  24. I wouldn’t like to have a Juventus player as Commander of my tank…

  25. I tried coming back to this game after quitting for a year but the Broken MM , Pay to Win Gold rounds and now tanks , And the occasional super player that has downloaded amazing skills its just not worth it.

  26. QuickyBaby can you just say re-roll instead of super unicum? It just really is a better description.

  27. 212 is bad for VIII MT? And what about T-44, T-54 mod1 or Pershing with 190?

  28. Dellinger the fighting fish

    I don’t like 1.0.2 update

  29. This tank looks amazing and its no wonder why this one gets more attention then the tier 10!

  30. Btw I’m italian and I can tell you for sure that’s not Luigi Buffon’s voice, just watch an interview of him and you’ll understand what i’m talking about

  31. Can”t wait for this on console, sadly this tank might be put in tier 8 :'(.

  32. E75 unicum. Pro100wNick well know player kicked off the ESL league for cheating mind that. He`s other acc’s Pro100w(whatever polish word u wanna put in) So he is not a fecking unicum at all.

  33. WoT is enough.

  34. Basic Dude Gaming

    Im not sure if you’d ever see this QuickyBaby, but im new to the game (just over 3k battles), would you recommend waiting for wargaming to make more improvements? Do you think that they would ever buff the silver made per battle? This is just a thought on my mind, hopefully someone could help me out here, Thanks for the content as always!! happy hunting

  35. Nice round.  But Sunday is not the last day of the week.  Try again?

  36. Nnanyereugo Okoli

    All the latest world of tank blitz cheats here

  37. nice play QB! Loved the way you dealt with that all-in T-10.

  38. That’s good, can’t wait to get it. I was afraid it was going to be bad.

  39. This tank looks SO cool! I wish it was in Blitz

  40. Hehe, I like how QB covered that super unicum performance .

  41. Standard B

  42. Hey Quickybaby do you have every tier ten and also do you have a list of all the tanks you have somewhere?? thx.

    • MrKugelsicher90

      he has every tier 10 except the clan wars tanks. and he has also the credits to buy the upcoming k91 and obj 277

  43. With the xvm I can see that the skill is pretty evenly spaced. I play on NA and with xvm for 2 years no lie I have NEVER seen a fair game like this . Its always the blues and purples all stacked on one side with maybe one blue on the other. Man I wish we had fair spreads of player skill like that.

  44. The Leopard tank line is still in the game..u know WG?

  45. Overpowered tank. What’s the point if the the Leopard PTA? This thing is even better than the Leopard 1. The only reason it’s not attracting as much attention for being overpowered is because the OP 268v4 is still in the game.

  46. Will yanlış anlama ama biz bu tarz oynasak daha TD’lerin bulunduğu yere varamadan bizi ayakta s.kerlerdi. 3 atışta folloş olurduk. Helal olsun ne diyeyim 🙂

  47. Internet Entity

    People seam to like making jokes in Youtube comments so here is my first attempt:
    In WoT Blitz I can buy 5% of a Chieftain Mk. 6 for ~£10.

    Loot boxes for the customer satisfaction!

  48. This game mechanic is just retarded. It’s an autoloader with it’s drawbacks taken out.

  49. Can u do a video with clan wars special tanks reward after buffs?


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