World of Tanks || Keep it SIMPLE!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Centurion 5/1. Today I’m talking about why over-complicating the battle is not always the best way!


is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. It would be cool if the battle damage stuck to your tank with only pens being prepared until you pay credits to get a fresh coat.

  2. Yea it’s pretty sad that this tank is just simply flat out better than the non-premium version…

  3. “Australian Sherman”??!! Is that some random Wargamming / Russian marketing phrase?? It has never been called that here in Australia and certainly never by the RAAC.

  4. etřsežzezsejčr fzfrzdczrfz

    I just got some annoying af asmr ad on this video, please turn those type of ads down. People who make asmr videos and even put it as an ad on youtube should kill themselfs immediately

  5. “Australian Sherman”

  6. It’s actually quite entertaining to see a Unicom player getting screwed either by the mm or the team or just RNG. That’s why Claus Kellermans near great vids are entertaining. I watch you for the serious stuff and Dez, and Claus for the abandonment of reality…..Your good Quicky but it’s nice to be bad sometimes….makes you more human lol great vid not sure if tanks worth £50 though….

  7. X………..stupid……you can’t leave off the last “S”
    What would Mr. Simons say?

  8. Anyone else with both the 5/1 and cent1 feel like the engine power advantage of the 5/1 isnt noticeable at all? Talking about just straight line acceleration.

  9. …. but it’s tier 8.

  10. Iwona Smucerowicz-Rose


  11. Solid advice thanks, for the reminder.

  12. i started playing WoT again after 3 or 4 years. after a week of playing i tried reinstalling XVM, but i can’t find the editing window. where you could check off what you wanted and what not. is there a different system now? because i can’t find it. and the option on there site doesn’t work for me eather .

  13. The complaint about tier 8 tech tanks is ridiculous now. You can get a tier ix from it while this tank is stuck at tier 8

  14. Pretend that i wrote something funny

  15. When I play the Cent 5/1, it always seems that my ammo racks are fulled with AP magnets.

  16. More resident evil lol,wanna hear u scream like a lil girl

  17. Hey Quickybaby, any comment on your opinion on the core breach mode they recently added to console WoT

  18. To be honest i want this tank so badly for training my Cent AX crew
    TahongEspesyal btw
    Asia server

  19. Why always this mapp

  20. Yeah but QB what do you do when one flank fails entirely and your bottom tier?

  21. I’m a big fan of the Centurions and I was absolutely pissed when this tank was up for sale. Smh.

  22. You pro tier VI player much skill

  23. Honestly I like the cent 5/1 just as much as the regular cent1. If you get hull down the std Cent is excellent and the gun is much better imo

  24. If everyone is buying permium and shooting gold, then there is no pay to win.

  25. Console tanks is broken due to a overpowered tank destroyer the iron rain the rhm borsig has a 3 shot clip now it’s a mini WT AUF E10 plz fix it

  26. Video on obj 416!

  27. Love the RAAC, bouncing tier 10s like a boss.

  28. When will this tank come back to premium shop?

  29. Centurion I is pretty good tank, but unfortunatelly majority of players don’t know how to play it well. It’s turret is super bouncey, it has good depression, nice fire rate and pen. Even hull knows sometimes to troll. It was a painfull grind and i cursed this tank, now it is one of my fav, going towards cent 7/1.

  30. Tường Lê Nguyễn Hữu


  31. I dont have any gold and i have almost 70 tanks in my garage, i have 5 open slots…. im running out. 😀

  32. What a luck…unbelievable. Would like to have such luck too time to time.

  33. Lol wot is garbage tho

  34. noone notice that during most of that game he was sitting right next to a 7/1 ? Also, holding one important location doesn’t mean you win..depends on if the rest of your team rushes off and dies in less than 2 mins or 3 mins

  35. I have Cent 5/1 and it’s very good one. Good profit and turret. When is #tankbetter series coming back?

  36. It’s not just that these premiums are better than their tech tree counter part, it’s also that you can’t even purchase them with gold – so you have to pay $40-$50 for a tank when you already have 80,000 gold in your account. This is one of the major problems loot boxes have created.

  37. hello my friend
    first of all i want to thank you for your aweasome wot videos, they are the very best of their kind by far!
    now i want to ask you something if i may
    lots of people saying the the obj416 is great if you know how to play it.
    the thing is that it is indeed very difficult tank to play, and there is no real review video that explains how to play it properly. there are some replays, but they give at least to me only specific examples but they dont really explain how to use the tank in general.
    it will be aweasome if you could do an updated video about it!

  38. Me trying to get my first tier 8 tank but seeing how everyone has a tier IX / X tank….

  39. WW2 all feared german tanks,, 2019 all laugh at german tanks,, did you see how he just teared those german tanks appart ?? and this is what you see in all replays off all streamers , its disgusting,, and jes this prem, tank is disgusting aswel pure P2W

  40. Console has it great we have a borsig that has a 3 shot autoloader called iron rain only worse apscet than standard is the dpm the autloader has like a shot less dpm

  41. Keep it Semple

    Bob Semple when

    I don’t care if you need a whole new tier for it

  42. Wow, nice tunnel visioning there, missed chance to take out T30 a couple times…

  43. I’m proud to say I’ve quit WoT and I’m now playing WarThunder, I’m having so much fun and not screaming at my screen because from what I can tell WarThunder has basically no pay to win aspect. Also lower tier is SO MUCH FUN! Even people at high tier will tell you that lower tiers are better and more fun, and planes are also dope.

  44. What is so important about that position?

  45. Centurion 7/1-Level 1 Crook
    Centurion 5/1-Level 100 Mafia Boss

  46. Centurion 7/1 Feeling safe with QB 🙂

  47. Standard Centurion I… Seems OK, I liked it, but the gun handling is AWFUL! One of the vehicles I had the most missed shots. It seems like this thing tries really hard to screw up your shots even when 99% of enemy is in your reticle.

  48. 10 degrees of gun depression is no longer really that unique either. RU MT’s all seem to have a flat turret with Dr Who’s Tardis technology…. defying physics with the degree of gun depression their ordinance achieves.

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