World of Tanks – Kemping Bush

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An Algerian walks into a bar with an sitting on his shoulder. The Barman says “Where did you get that?” and the says “Oh there’s thousands of them running around in North Africa”.

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  1. Yep the T32 got his tracks blown off.

  2. i stopped watching when he was a dick to that t32

  3. 14:14 it was not a gunshot it was thunder strike

  4. Funny how one could spend months grinding to tier 10, get ace tanker with a premium account and still lose silver.

  5. That IS-4 got completely out skilled git gud scrub……. fucking RNG is complete aids in this game.

  6. Ohh man… look at all those unfair planes.

  7. Really don’t get how such a low profile vehicle gets the view range that it does…

  8. The CookieMeister

    >is4 is slow and heavily armored
    >still faster than a churchill

  9. If the arty had switched his aim to the windmill and fired into it, he could have killed Veroscis at the end.

  10. It’s over 9000!

  11. What a game. This dogfight was just amazing. Btw Jingles, I was pretty impressed how easily the word “Geschützwagen” rolled down your tounge perfectly pronounced, when usually most not germans really struglle with words like that, especially the “ü”

  12. At the end T92 did not fire, it was a thuder which sometimes occurs at the end of that map.

  13. Kemping bush” ???

  14. The reason i dont play wot anymore and just love WoWs is the economy… in wot you can play like a BOSS and wreck the whole enemy team solo…. and still loose money.. with a premium account… where as in wows unless i get tk’d right at the start i have to play so stupidly dumb to loose money.

  15. lol Just turn on the Captions option of the video and you will laugh your ass out when you see how it translates Jingles voice 😀

  16. OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!

  17. Tobias Boye Lollesgaard

    best replay ever

  18. These new swedish tanks are completely balanced.

  19. براہمداغ

    What a beauty

  20. North Atlantic Terror Organization

    Stridzwagen? What are u saying?

  21. Veroscis spent 40k on resupplying large consumables. Any sensible WoT players would dump all of his money on consumables when they’re -50% and have a good stock to draw from after battles.

  22. It’s over 9000!

  23. Anal Prolapse In My Bum When I'm Filled With Cum

    _”unfair plane, he kemp bush, violet stet pedder”_ Words of wisdom

  24. that M46 played so dumb omg

  25. I’m currently up to the T7 Swedish TD. I don’t think I’ve ever bounced a shot. As soon as I’m spotted I’m dead.

  26. the “gunshot” was lightning

  27. i dont know… i have no trouble planting AP through this thing in my T34

  28. Actually Jingles, the S103B has 308mm’s of penetration with its standard APCR rounds, not 309mm.

  29. Now thats a well kempt bush!

  30. Jingles thanks for the Kansas shoutout! Normally we only get mentioned in Wizard of Oz references.

  31. Armas Jürgenson

    is4 more heavyli armored :D:D:D arty pens your turret with every 3rd shot while e100s facehugg an dpen your turret and anyone with premium ammo can pen your upper plate

  32. Gotta love the WoT economy. Utter BS

  33. I saw this notification and thought the Lowe player was back

  34. There are not many situations, where you should use HE over AP or APCR in WoT, so some people dont bring any HE rounds into battle. (I was one of those people.) Im pretty sure, a battle like this is a mind-changer. ^^

  35. Jingels the s tank has a heat and he shield on the front it would have no effect

  36. Captain StankWiesel

    anyone know what spotting pack and hud mod hes using

  37. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 7 With The Mighty Jingles: best Jingles GOOD BAD AND UGLY EVER.

    “unfair plane he kemp bush”
    “NO SHIT DUMB ASS” (no, really, this is actual in-game chat in the video, before:

    But the Strv 103-B’s standard ammo can (theoretically) penetrate a T95 head-on.

  38. Its over 9000!Sorry I had to do that.

  39. I certainly hope WG never introduce middle eastern tanks into the game.
    Otherwise were suddenly gonna start seeing Swedish tanks driving around with tarpaulins over them 😛

  40. No wonder he did this much damage, he plays on NA server.

  41. Jingles ive got a replay with UDES where i carried the tier X game by doing 8k dmg just by camping on a mountain

  42. Wow good intro!

  43. Love you Jingles keep up the good work!!!

  44. Franklin D. Roosevelt

    I’m liking this video just because of that description (not that the videos bad it isn’t) that joke was hilarious.

  45. Lez Aussie Patriot

    I’ve played around 700 games & I’ve only ever fired 1 premium round & that was an accident, Why must you use Premium ammo?, all my tanks move so i just move & shoot them where i can pen them, i always carry premium just in case i absolutely have to kill a much more armoured tank to ensure a victory but I’ve never encountered that situation yet because in a way i consider it to be a little bit of a cheat, when i have thousands of games up like you do (which will take a long time because i run my own business & i haven’t got much time for gaming) i want my stats to show that i haven’ relied on Premium Ammo to get good stats, i’m way to impatient & it shows in my survival rate which is quite low while i have a 50% win rate, if i kill 2 enemies & sacrifice myself severely damaging a 3rd i concider that worth it, i just wish more people would use voice chat to coordinate attacks then maybe my survival rate will improve, being in Australia & playing on the North American West server i’ve also got to allow for the atrocious lag which is sometimes seconds not milliseconds like the players locally have, i know i could play on the local Asia Server but it’s nowhere as good a game, Keep up the good work Mate but not everyone plays the same & unusual tactics can sometimes be stunningly effective?

  46. woooow he lost money!!! you know the game economics are FUCKED when…

  47. It’s 2:20am good morning from Seattle, Washington USA

  48. I think your voice is juicy. and I’m male

  49. I remember WG nerfing the hell out of the hellcat at T6 because it was far to fast and hard an imaging gun. Granted it couldn’t drive and shoot and it had no armor, meaning it had to use speed, range and concealment to stay alive. Then they release this tank which does everything the hellcat did and more before its nerf, which goes against everything they said they wouldn’t do.

    Yep – glad I don’t play this game anyway, their clearly incompetent over there

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