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World of Tanks – 1. Today TurboMcKickAssington going to live up to his name in the , the .

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  1. 9.19 mod pack release date and how to install vid

  2. Old video………

  3. Much easier to get a raisin in blitz lol. I have like 33 or 34 in my approximately 42k battles ?

  4. 66,666 views Apparently an evil tank and video

  5. pls do How to Play T28 prototype because I always loss credits

  6. I wish I could learn to run away.

  7. Anirban Chakrabarti

    okay, so QB, my skills went asleep the day I started WoT, otherwise I would send u a replay every day

  8. good game but really sloppy, messes up and gets lucky SO often, that OI exp must have been playing with his face, messes up so many shots because of lazy autoaim use, a lot of enemies just fed themselves to him, good game but he had the luck of the irish on this one

  9. Something I just realized. The T71, at T7, has a 6 round autoloader with a 20 second reload. The M41 Bulldog, at T8, has a 6 round autoloader WITH A 38 SECOND RELOAD. What on earth is WG thinking???

  10. I was here with 66,666 views..

  11. Wow, I was on the edge of my seat for so long. What an intense replay, congrats Turbo!

  12. I watched this video with cheap Headphones and I had it on low volume…..when QB said O-I Exp. I thought he said O-I is a mental hahaha LOL

  13. This is exactly what is wrong with the game since the patch. Now you have gamees with 4 or 5 of these running around the map, and when you have three autoloaders at top tier why even bother to play. Matchmaking should limit these to 2 light tanks – and 2 artillary. With light tanks this good and current mat h making why would anyone bother to play anything else.

  14. QB, I was just wondering; do you use a script for these videos, or if you just have notes that you have on hand for the recording? You seem really professional and as if you know what you’re going to say before you say it. I’m not hating on this at all, as I really enjoy your videos, and have for the past 2.5 years, but its just something I was wondering.

  15. there is nothing worse in gaming, than to be stalked and hunted by a superior player.

  16. Andrei Mikhel Lugod

    Hey QuickyBaby Can You Do a Video About the Tank IS Its On Mobile Is It On Pc??? but If You Do Find One Can You Record It!!!

  17. Andrei Mikhel Lugod

    Check on mobile and you will see it

  18. Where is the mod pack QB?

  19. Can I be top tier in my T-71? I didn’t think I’ve ever seen a tier 5 in my T-71.

  20. How do I have the feeling of dejavu? Has anyone else seen this game elsewhere?

  21. wow so can any1 say yay tank biased all over this channel

  22. Light tank gameplays just don’t feel the same when they’re kicking puppies.

  23. Why did the french auto-loading light tanks lose 2 shells and go down to 4 with the same pen, alpha, and reload as things like the t71 which still kept 6 shells and has more gun depression/elevation?..

  24. I see what Monkey Slayer is saying. Dude is clearly cheating. Instead of engaging targets, he automatically auto-aims every tank, every time. Maybe QB will look into it…dude is cheating

  25. This lil thing should be nerfed soon

  26. I thought he was going in the drink

  27. Why the fuck does a nickname change in WOT cost as a premium tank? This is why i don’t play this game anymore. Fuck wargaming.

  28. ive gotten 10 kills in my vk 30.02 m

  29. man i used to love the T71 with the 171 mm pen on its top gun default shell :

  30. This guy gave me like three heart attacks lol gg btw

  31. Because yeah, a light tank should totally be able to carry a game against heavies and TDs. Not OP at all…

    And a T71 against arty isn’t assasination, it’s murder.

  32. Zlatko Jovanovic

    I would like to see my T71 as top tier… So far its only tier 6, 7, 8 and 9, mostly 7,8 and 9.
    I hate WG for rigging matches to make players frustrated, its their way to milk money…
    After PR disaster they don’t give up their policy… So how long will WG survive?

  33. We should all report this guy for his name, for the lolz

  34. Whos the winner its the WG

  35. Matthew Sinclair


  36. Like always, these games are a kickass bunch of luck, look how many shells he dodges. His own team were a bunch of epic failures this game. And his opponents just go one by one in a 7-1 situation. The dumb AT2 doenst just hide and cap it out but stands in full view…so, well played by the T71. But my god…the rest…

  37. Where can i download xvm for the latest update ?

  38. WoT a game he had well played 🙂

  39. Robert Harvilla

    That’s going to be the name of the next boat they are going to launch. The HMS TurboMcKickAssington will be a mighty mighty ship indeed.

  40. And he jsut spotted ~800 dmg…werent Lt meant to spot for the team?

  41. Awesome game.

  42. Great change… these “lights” being top tier, unable to get spotting damage and instead picking up 10+ kills… good job, wargaming

  43. This guy definitely needs that advanced equipment mhm…this is going to help the perfectly balanced game mhm….This is a team game right?? hahahahaha what a joke.

  44. Yeah Light Tanks are not OP at all 🙂 of course they are also disadvantaged hugely cuz they got no armor right?…

  45. How do we know these guys are not using illegal mods ?

  46. Sounded like you were saying “Has the side, I mean front, ehhh…. turret!” 😀

  47. cyka blyat

  48. qb leopard wasn’t lower tier

  49. How comes this tier 7 light tank can have a 900 damage clip, good stealth and speed and only a 20 second reload whilst the Chi-Ri at the same tier, a frigging medium tank is pretty much just worse in every way?

  50. Cigans No Sabilles

    When modpack will come out?

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