World of Tanks – Kicking and Screaming

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Source: Mighty Jingles

In which we at one of few things that Wargaming isn’t planning to fix… er, I mean “address” in the 2019 shakeup, while watching Aurimenas007 drag his team kicking and screaming, one way another, to conclusion of a battle on Pilsen.

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  1. Frostburn Phoenix

    oh boy speshul

  2. I still don’t know why team damage even exists in these games. It serves no purpose except enabling team killing shitheads.

  3. IS-3A need that reloading system since the gun have the accuracy of the guns on the HMS Victory in a storm, so spray and pray is the way to go =)
    (comment not to be taken seriously)

  4. lets call them speshells

  5. 13:41 *AcTuAlLy JiNgLeS* The T71 DA is the variant of the T71 that DOESNT have the autoloader.

    Edit: Apparently I don’t know WOT, it’s the CMCD that doesnt have the autoloader.

  6. In Blitz, the reduced Premium ammo is allready a long time, and it works good ! You have much less DPM with Premium ammo, so only better/smarter players have the full DPM. You can still use the higher penn if needed. At the moment, players with more credits can use a LOT of premium ammo without any penalty.

  7. Thanks for all the content, Mr. Jingles. Please, more WoT in 2019!

  8. Damn it jingles where’s my annual warthunder video

  9. I would like to mention that the premium ammo nerf happened in WoT Blitz about a year ago and it really really helped to reduce the amount of premium ammo spam. I think WG saw how successful it was in Blitz and confirmed the idea for PC (albeit a little later than is optimal).

  10. jingles rips the is3a for 5 minuts doesnt mention the italians that did it first once

    the progetto
    is far more op with speed accuracy and probly higher dpm

  11. Aaah just pull a war thunder ripoff and just disable friendly fire. But hey this is wargaming, I suppose when they finally pull their head out of the large mountain of columbias finest white powder I’m sure they will get to doing sooooooomething

  12. Ahh the salt mine warden is back. All hail Jingles!! Glad you are back! You and your videos make my mornings better! I am glad to be a part of your salt mines.

  13. JIngles, I’d like to remind you of Armored Warfare’s Lootbox fiasco months ago where they used the same predatory tactics trying to sell lootboxes containing a tier 10 premium tank which wasn’t even inside the lootboxes for as good as 3 days after the beginning of the “event” as they called it.

  14. Im really looking forward to the gold ammo rework, but they better take a look at tanks that have no frontal weakspots. Like the type5. Otherwise the completely overtuned state of those vehicles will be made even worse.

  15. WG are useless cunts when it comes to team killing.
    I opened a ticket because 1 player that has me on his blacklist team kills me every time we’re on the same team. I included 3 replays where he TK’s me, along with his Twitch vods to go with it (all 3 times he did it while streaming, and he’s a fairly popular streamer with a few hundred viewers watching while he does this shit).
    I also included Twitch vods with him shooting other people on his teams.
    What did they say? Their team damage system will deal with him, and there’s nothing they can do about it…
    Well, I’ve not even seen him turn Blue, so their system clearly doesn’t fucking work…

  16. So, there was a game called Aces High, sort of a flight sim MMO. Don’t know if it’s still around–not important. They had a very simple but elegant way to combat team killing. Simply put, any damage you do to an ally acts as if you had shot yourself in a corresponding location. That’s it. Victim doesn’t take damage. You get punished.

    Now, that system doesn’t take into account an ally flying in front of and surprising you as you’re taking a shot, and can be fairly catastrophic if you’re in something with big guns, but it does one thing that World of Tanks needs: completely eliminates team damage.

    Though, there is one concern I have with it in this context: there would be no recourse if a dickhead decides to just park in front of you, or if two of them decide to pen you in. However, I still think that would be preferable to the current scenario.

    Would certainly work in World of Warships if nothing else.

  17. O jingles please finish Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, please we beg you…..

  18. thats what they get for playing Artillery

  19. Well say what you want about console but at least you don’t have to worry about some salty scrub shooting at you and killing you.

  20. Ardjan Timmermans

    I wonder why team damage is even in the game, since some people can’t work with it…

  21. All the reasons I deleted WoT and playing war thunder instead…
    WoT is dying a death and the devs stopped giving a shit years ago now.

  22. Kudos to the scumbag in m12 for not suiciding at the end

  23. Can I say enjoy your videos but life is hard enough if you have a disability without an obviously healthy and educated person publicly insulting us

  24. Jingles is well rested, he uploads his videos earlier and earlier. Does that means his minions have to mine earlier also… :O

  25. Jingles i dont call out your name when i am doing anything. I will leave that to flambass. As a console pesant team killing from shooting isnt possible. However all the other crap you get on pc is. Why not use HE more. Perhaps WG could balance out the lesser damage from “special” ammo with an increase in damage from HE (irony). There is a tank where all the worry about what ammo to use isnt a problem, stalin’s little helper the KV2. Arty is hard to shotgun anything with.

  26. 2:44 Teamkilling a professional teamkiller doesnt count as a teamkill, at least not in my book. And that platoon was made up of professional teamkillers

  27. The reason that battle wasn’t an ace is that he was top tier in a 3-5-7 battle.
    As we all know, tier 8 tanks get 60-70% tier 10 battles (and rarely get lucky enough to be top tier in 3-5-7), where damage and assistance will get you more XP, making aces much harder to get when you are top tier.

  28. Why in the world is there still team damage in WoT? How does that benefit the game whatsoever that you can damage your teammate? Wouldn’t so many issues be resolved if they just took that out?

  29. If they didn’t want it to be called Gold Ammo, then why did they colour it gold in the hit log? ?

  30. Jingles! A lovely 12 angry man quote!

  31. If WG want to make players choose the correct ammo for the target why the hell don’t they just limit the number of premium (special) rounds a player can carry instead of reducing the damage they do.

  32. Easiest way to fix team killing is to do it like console.dont have it. On console you cant damage or kill a team mate with your gun or ramming. The only way to injure a team made is to push it over a cliff or push it into water.

  33. i think blue players might be only blue for their own team, not shure though

  34. Field Marshall Rommel

    They have already reduced the damage on gold ammo in wot blitz

  35. They did the is3a because the is3 is shit now basically wargaming logic TANK IS SHIT LETS AD AN A to its name and make it autoreloader ALSO make it so OP that stalin himself watches over you from grave
    для матери России!

    Для сталина!

  36. Speaking of teamkills. Might as well adress those utter douchebags that push scouting lights out of bushes.

  37. Noah's AboveAverageGames

    They’ve already began the special ammo on blitz

  38. SPESHUUUL @flambass

  39. Hey jingles welcome back! Btw the special ammo thing that WG is going to implement in wot pc has already been implemented in wot blitz(mobile) and i will say this “its not bad”

  40. i’ve a even greater idea than what they doing right now for team killing…. NO TEAM DAMAGE or if team killing is part of the game like it’s seams like, then just put the full repair cost x2 on the damn asshole that shoot team’s mate! and make the victim pay no repaire cost. can someone tell wargaming that?

  41. Im looking for Bohemian Eagle and I have had no luck in about 4 or 5 years. Any ideas as to where he could be? Oh well I found this channel instead and it got me to install and play World Of Warships so it can wait…

  42. I hope they will also rebalance the pen of all prem ammo to like +20-30% or something like that.

  43. just remove teamdmg…

  44. War thunder simulator dog fighting by any chance soon???

  45. WoT with Jingles is now so rare, it’s become a luxury!


  47. they should just make it when you fire gold ammo you get the ka ching sound of a cashier

  48. *this video is approved by flambass” 🙂

  49. I don’t think you can see when the enemy turns blue, but yeah. The auto-banning system has been out for too long without any major updates. People know how to go around it at this point. The thing about making an anti-cheat system work is that it has to have constant updates to stay on top of cheaters and griefers.

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