World of Tanks || King Tiger – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

This T7 premium heavy a captured King Tiger with armour at T7!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. How to link all your accounts and get the King Tiger: ►

    • Is this for console too?

    • That’s great. My Prime ends tomorow, I just got the KT and it’ll be unplayable in a day

    • +handgranate2008 ,as long as you pay Amazon each month..Otherwise no King Tiger..

    • handgranate2008

      +Patrick B really… What did i wrote under that other comment here i knew that. But as long you tdo it now in the next 60 Days you will get it everytime again you habe prime otherwise not

    • This armor is all well and good but if the t5 loads the skill they are still just going to go through it, and 99.95% of players load the skill as soon as they see a heavy, if they didnt have it loaded from the start because they were bottom tier, or just so they don’t have to think about where to hit…

  2. But what about VK4503?

  3. Prophet HerbAndDerp

    did they delete tiger P?

  4. So a tier 7 premium german LT. Nice.

  5. I got my 5 skill E5 crew in it oof

  6. I’m really enjoying these little extras from having Amazon/Twitch Prime. I have it to watch The Grand Tour, so all this is a bonus. 🙂

  7. When you think about it the Tiger 2, a WW2 era tank, is getting matched up against post WW2 era tanks and bullshit tanks like the Defender. Just give it the P turret, long 88 as it’s top armament and stick it to tier 7. Tiger 1 with short 88 at tier 6 and just make the VK3601H a premium or something. Fabricate some imaginary OP tier 8 like an E-65 then nerf it to the ground a patch later. This way we get to play an OP german tier 8 heavy tank for a WHOLE patch (maybe even two, if we’re lucky). Same with Tiger P except we remove the Tiger P from existence and never talk about it, because it’s a pile of trash.

  8. So from now on we will need to pay mounthly to play with premium tanks. well done WG! WELL DONE

  9. This has been out on console for ages, thought it had always been on PC aha

  10. Twitch prime is free for anyone who’s got amazon prime. I linked my accounts in about 30 seconds and collected my goodies

  11. Wtf a new premium about the tiger II and they bloody leave the tiger II as it is

  12. The tank looks awesome, and the armor and gun work at t7.

    Because I am already a Amazon Prime user, my Twitch Prime account was free. Just had to set it up, and link it to my wot account.

  13. We have this on console as a tier 8

  14. I was thinking of paying for Amazon Prime to get the tank because it looks disgustingly fun, but I don’t feel like paying a monthly subscription over and over again, just to play a tank.

  15. BTW stars were not an American marking in Europe – I believe the start was used by all allied forces for DDay and beyond.

  16. who do you think should i contact if i dont get the prime loot for world of tanks? wg support or twitch support?

  17. Yay another premium what is better than the standard version,gg WG.

  18. It has worse reload time because you put Americans in a German tank. Shell reload manual hasn’t been translated there yet lol 😛

  19. the slap in the face i needed to finaly give up wg.

    best panther in game = poland
    best tiger 2 = USA
    maybe we can order a chinese pz4h with an autoloader for the derpgun next time

  20. Seems balanced. GG WG. I don’t miss this BS at all

  21. A subscription tank? Really Wargaming? I was about to reactivate my old account for this.

  22. Marcis Strombahs

    WHY ITS USA PREM TANK?????? WTH!!!!!

  23. King tiger is germany tank

  24. ???? wtf wow WG wow

  25. Now we wait for the commander; Mike Whiteman.

  26. Jonathan Segers

    Does the xvm mod still work? Cause I did your steps, but maybe I did something wrong cause the launcher said I missed something and I needed to reinstall the game cause I didn’t know how to solve the problem

  27. Stephanie Kawadias

    QB I think the subscription based King Tiger is actually a good thing, as it stops people from exploiting the care packages by canceling their twitch prime just to get items they wouldn’t normally get.

  28. Another sign WG hates Germany and germans. This company made the most iconic WWII tank american. The “sniper” Tiger I and the slow motion fragile Tiger II remained german…

  29. quicky i had to go back and look at pc version of this video to see what equipment you are running on it.
    would be good if you could go over that stuff as heaps of people picking up game at moment as battlefield 5 being a flop. got mates coming over to the game watching your free stuff and thinking of trying game . I’m from nz and would be good to advise on crew skills and that of what commander gets ie recon as has radio operator!!
    love your vids been watching since the beginning.

  30. What i feel is even more weird is, that you felt, you didn’t do much in that battle. Typical QB 😛
    I gotto say: stronk tanku, but it needs skilled hands.

  31. Nice that console had this first as tier 8 instead like 2 years ago… Lol

  32. lmao Wg you suck. First battle tier 8. OBJ252U on the enemy team cleans up.

  33. Dragomir Dănuț

    in the mean time the real KING collect dust into garage….RIP!

  34. Brandon Williams

    What an utter crock of s***. I know there is fantasy elements to the game, but WG actually placing in a REAL actual tank, not like all the fantasy BS Objects ruining the game, but an ACTUAL WWII tank, and pass it off like the U.S actual rolled one in combat, trials yes, AFTER the war. I mean seriously, and drop it a tier, to make it semi competitive, not only that but you QB are promoting this utter BS like its something wonderful for the game. YOU used to be objective, informative, non biased and certainly not a salesman for WG, sad but true that is a thing of the past and very sad to see, considering I have been following you since I started playing in 2012 and have noticed the ever increasing trend of you consciously promoting this garbage from WG like its good for the game, another premium, where hundreds of vehicles need significant buffing just to compete with premium vehicles and premium round prolific spamming. Am somewhat aggrieved that somebody whom I hold or did hold in such respect would promote this garbage and say he is ”excited” about it, more like excited because WG dropped one in your garage for free, so you feel ”obliged” to endorse it. You QB have sold your soul.

  35. I think it’s safe to say it’s far beyond too late for this game…..
    Not that I care, I mean, I’m playing world of warships and actually having fun instead of raging 100% of the time 😛

  36. Well, I am more so disappointed with the stats, I feel like the King Tiger should have been matched with the Tiger II hp.

  37. I think after a year Amazon prime it should be on your account permanently even if you cancel

  38. TryhardBalthezar

    I was just in a tier x game where the E100 was spotting and giving health for the enemy teams arty on a smurf account. What would you do to prevent this? (I just killed him although he was active afterwards and the arty was getting everyone who sat still)

  39. a german that hates that captured balanced tiger under american flag, as if we all not waited for years to get a balanced and corret tiered Tiger 2… under our f****** flag in our tree!!! hate it, big BS wargaming, thx for nothing!

  40. Last time it was half a Panther in tier V now it is a full Tiger II in tier VII

  41. Wow got mine and took it out, seems like everything is penning no matter how I face. Had 2 through the turret either side of the barrel on first two shots at me. Glad I went up the german hvy lines long ago. I loved the Tiger 2 then, was a lot of fun to play.

  42. The Tiger 2 should’ve always been at tier 7, and Tiger 1 at tier 6. With the same armour values. That way it keeps its ww2 reputation more or less.

  43. My super-duper commander seems restricted till September.

  44. World of premium tanks….what a sad development

  45. Everytime he says the tiger 2 has tier 8 armor i cringe…

  46. Bogdan Raul Zbinca

    King TIGER , that’s another creation of WG and of course a bullshit . We all knew that the TIGER 2 nickname was the ” king tiger” ,so the ” king tiger ” another german model doesn’t exist ,so what do you want to do with the game WG?

  47. я про про в клеше игровой канал

    Теперь прем-танки стоят от 95руб!
    Только тут:
    А еще там раздают технику за бонусы 😉

  48. Oh yas mein tank ist gut

  49. On Console there is a King Tiger too, but it’s Tier 8 and absolute garbage

  50. But the Tiger II IS the King Tiger…

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