World of Tanks – Knees Weak, Moms Machete

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Source: Anfield

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  1. APCR loaded, No regrettie!

  2. GG, was close 😀

  3. T32 confirmed for best tier 8 in the game!

  4. Do you still have faith in humanity? loool

  5. This is why I don’t watch teams after I die.

  6. “These people are the same species as us” XD

  7. I felt that anger all the way in the US lol but anger that is understandable. I play console and he was on those wot blitz type of plays

  8. The title made me lose my shit hahaha

  9. Емил Табальов

    I loled 😀

  10. Muchly relate

  11. Hahhahahha:)

  12. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I already know what you were thinking at the end after seeing his stats, lol. The pain of playing on NA and its funny how all the players with more than 50% win rate die first and we expect the players with 45% win rate to carry us

  14. Those cookies at the end, though. lol. Emotional eating if I’ve ever seen it.

  15. amazing close game. as always good content.

  16. Wow.. Papa John’s is NOT the best quality pizza where I’m from.. I guess you must have limited options in the UK. It’s really considered shit pizza here in the Northeast US.

    • Manny S Since that is a matter of taste, everybody can eat whatever pizza they like without giving a shit about you

    • I’m from Chicago and Papa Johns is definitely degenerate tier pizza. Possibly worse than Little Caesars pizza if you factor in price. Maybe it is different outside of the US though.

    • I think uk pizza is better than us pizza from my experience (talkin commercial here)

  17. This pretty much sums up my WOT experience

  18. WG needs to start banning 46% animals because they don’t play. Just because some rat has learned to click battle doesn’t mean it should be allowed to AFK all to way up to tier 10.

  19. I got an OCD from this camera angle.

  20. Bartolomew Chevalier

    The amount of cringe in that video is above the limits

  21. Did you enjoy the pizza at least from Papa John’s?

  22. Machetes are gay

  23. Wow. Did not expect that.
    And that’s why I rebought a WZ 132. Still 51% win ratio but 3K avg dmg and 2K spotting LOL

  24. 2:40 – You fucking weirdo. The rest of that match though. The pineapple comment was only the beginning of the cringe.

  25. Oh my motherfucking god!!! ?????

  26. lol guy in chat saying t32 is better than caern has me laughing

  27. The_Radioman_is_Bleeding

    that 40t needs his account hacked and deleted

  28. So you’re playing his tier X tanks to get him bonds…and he is watching you play his tanks while streaming…. Good for him. I hope he’s paying you well for your time. Nothing like earning shit the old fashioned way, paying for it!

  29. This reminds me of the triggering

  30. short but sweet .
    more plz

  31. wait… how does he have a radleys?

  32. 12;15 ASMR berating

  33. I’ve had this kind of shitty player in the 14 other slots on 10 of my teams yesterday.

  34. I hate watching but for some reason I’m not able to turn away from it.

  35. welcome to the teams i have 99 % of the games. 60% of my games are only 50% xp because of that. and the better players you get on your team, the bigger cowards they are. it’s like all those retards drive td’s. no matter what tank they drive.

  36. And there are days when you get 14 of these guys on your team in almost every game you play.
    Dynamic MM is real.

    P.s. It gets even worse when bad mm day and bad rng day happen on the same day.

  37. It hurts man, it hurts always!!

  38. And that’s the way it was. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. That’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh.
    -Bruce Almighty

  39. They could nerf the Caer easily. Either nerf the rate of fire, but keep the alpha or nerf the alpha and keep the rate of fire. It shouldnt have 280 alpha and the insanity that is is current DPM.

    Id just give it back the 20pdr (the gun the tank actually had anyway) and keep the rate of fire the same with 230 alpha, resulting in 2.2k base DPM instead of this silly 2.6k base. Coupled with its stupid silly turret this would be fine. And youd gain back the 6 penetration you lost from switching to the 32pdr.

  40. Hhaahha what a team, Im on chat ban too, upto 4/5 strikes, one month of not telling scrublets they should tetris it is killing me. o/ mate

  41. Anfield is a great player as long as he stays out of a T37. 😉

  42. Lit I made it…my bad anfield. Content

  43. Dude are you engaged? I seem to remember talk about that a while ago…

  44. I wanted to see how you play the badger, but from the other comments I’m guessing this doesn’t go well…

  45. sometimes i prefer papa johns sometimes i just want dominos, yay pizza!

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