World of Tanks || Kranvagn – 9.17 Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Kranvagn. Preview of the upcoming T10 Swedish Heavy tank, the Kranvagn, coming to World of Tanks in patch 9.17!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. A platoon of 3 wery good players supporting eachother is basicly a win for
    that team and even if they arent that good its gonna be hard to fight
    against them

  2. I need this for my bouncing mission

  3. The way you say Kranvagn sounds like Crangbang.

  4. one of the best armoured heavy tank, with the best Gun depression, with an
    autoloader, with 50B Speed and still the only person who has any influence
    on WG doesnt say doesnt even consider saying that it is OP.

  5. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    fucking amazing! Heja sverige!

  6. Seems balanced : medium mobility, small silhouette, good gun handling, APCR
    base ammo, insane armour, insane gun depression … Thanks WG for this new
    OP shit rly thanks

  7. Pizdamus molokososumus

    i just hope its gonna be nerfed….

  8. pls tell me this will be nerfed to death, cuz this thing is broken

  9. When they release this tank I hope Wargaming does not nerf it and INSTEAD
    buffs the E-100, Maus, IS-4 and some other T10 tanks that are sort of not
    favoured these days. I think they should move away from Premium Ammo and
    make tanks MUCH more resistant to it now that they are bringing out the
    Swedish Tanks.

  10. so the next line’s tier 10 is gonna have 1000mm armor, 100kmh top speed,
    and an autoloader with 1000 alpha and 50 shots in the magazine? gj wg…
    every new tank that’s introduced (premium or regular) makes the previous
    tanks obsolete and uncompetitive… this and the fact that arty is still a
    thing, mm still not fixed and rng is still on pen leaves players with one
    option: uninstall.. gg, wp

    PS: Shooting at the ears is SUPER SMART!!! XD

  12. If this tank gets released with the current stats I am seriously
    considering uninstalling the game. I am currently grinding the E100 line
    but whats the f&%$ing point? It has no autoloader, way worse gun, slow,
    worse armor and has the weak turret cheeks and even weaker vision bar on
    the roof. I swear the developers of this game are greedy brain damaged
    morons. This will be the only clan war tank, no point to meds or HT’s, this
    is better than both.

  13. the power creep is real

  14. Idk it kinda makes me feel bad that i try so hard to get the e100 while
    tanks like this get autoloaders and a turret that is unbelievably strong…
    op as fuck

  15. that thing is OP, I love it. It should get a reload nerf and accuracy nerf
    to make it slightly more fair

  16. How are you having the specifications on the right side in the garage
    aligned like that? Mine are having the subtitle above like “Firepower” and
    to see the details I have to click on that subtitle.

  17. Nerf incoming.

    Can’t have anything resisting glorious Russian HEAT rounds.

  18. this is the only time I’ve ever liked artillery, this tanks is so

  19. One question why do we have tanks that have 150 tons and go at like 30kmh
    at max and have weaker armor than a vehicle that goes at 60kmh and has an
    autoloader!?!? :O

  20. Damiano Lorenzo Bettega

    I agree with people saying “this tank is a bit too good” and “the amx50b is
    completely outclassed by the kranvagn ”
    this how I think this tank should be rebalanced:
    -decrease the track traverse and a touch more the turret traverse
    -decrease the speed limit from 60 km/h to 50km/h while increasing the
    terrain resistances across all terrains
    -increasing gun dispersion values (at least 0.22 while moving and turning
    the tracks, 0.15 while turning the turret)
    -decrease the side armor from 70 mm to 60 mm

  21. P45 time for the AMX 50b

  22. R.I.P. french heavy line…

  23. how the hell u play in the test server ?? i cant download it pls someone
    give me link for downloading the test server

  24. Why are you complaining about arty on the test server. they’re part of the
    game and people want to test them to show how the Swedish things can’t work
    ridges with impunity

  25. So the trick is I always need to be above this tank or flanking it on flat
    ground :D… Even then I have to face 1600 damage potentially :D… And the
    best part I have to do all that in an IS-7 :/… That sounds pretty shit
    now that I mention it… But I guess I can always count on my 50B to ram
    this light ikea machine into the ground! :D

  26. Really WG? I thought the T110E5 was on the OP side of things. This just
    took OP to another level.

  27. i think they will nerf it to be slow like a E100 and probably do something
    about the precision and maybe reload time…

  28. WHEN 9.17 COMES TO LIVE SERVER, I WILL BUY T92,Obj. 261 AND Conqueror GC

  29. WG will surely nerf them. Too OP

  30. let’s put looking this on ather wet.
    That tanks is eable to whit evry magazine to kill evry tier VIII .I know
    and AMX and T57 can do that but kranvagen can kill them whit taking no
    damage .You can damage T57 and AMX because that tanks hava weak points but
    kranvagen’s front is olmoust impenetretable for tier VIII’s.
    Loading magazine in targets whitaut tanking damag back is thing for OP
    tanks WG your job is to balance tanks not to make game in which people
    wants just one tank.

  31. Pronoucne it as kraan, not krann. Long A sound.

  32. Dunno, it’ very OP but it’s thin on the sides and above. That was QB
    playing it and he almost died. I don’t know how can they balance it now
    with this model, even if they nerf the turret armor it’s still so well
    angled. Maybe the mobility needs a nerf. Maybe they plan to buff the armor
    on some of the other heavies ? And how will clan wars change when this
    beast unleashes..seems very strange to release such a strong tank on paper.
    Guess we have to wait and see

  33. It is not offical weather the stats will be same on public.Its just OP

  34. Well at least now nobody will be complaining that the E5 is OP.

  35. play the emil2 plz

  36. I wonder if they are not going to nerf the vehicle before it will go live

  37. Oo me on man 800 damage wow that’s nothing I get almost one shot in my tier

  38. I thought the strvvrtsvrts103B was OP… I was wrong

  39. Lucifer Morningstar

    and oh shit my ISU is gonna have a problem with theses tier 10 Swedish HTs

  40. When are u going to put out is4 tank review???

  41. “I just love this tank, it’s like the AMX 50B but better in everyway and
    why would you play artillery on the test server it’s just ruining other’s
    QB 2016

  42. hull at front is like is line
    i think

  43. sounds almost too good. may be receiving nerfs

  44. Kim André Lindgren

    The hull looks like an IS-7 and the turret like a AMX 50B

  45. Everyone is pissing and moaning about it being too OP, hey guess what? It’s
    gonna stay the way it is! Fucking premspammers

  46. Where’s the point in playing classic mediums, when we have just as fast
    heavies and with autoloaders or 750 alpha TDs and even faster mediums with
    autoloaders that will make meat shield from you?
    You can’t take aggresive positions without losing at best half of HP, you
    cant go anywhere alone without risking being finished by TVPs.
    Where’s the point of playing classic heavies that are only great as
    stopping power, but there are tanks that can do this task as well and are
    quite flexible (krankwagen and E5)
    WTF WG? I want some variability in the game, not to follow scheme – get new
    tank before we nerf it in few months, get new premium that makes everything
    except IS3 obsolete to buy more gold ammo to stay competitive.
    Hell, tanks like T32, 110, T54, Cent7, wz111m4 E50M were once considered
    good, now they are just museum pieces in garage.

  47. it is DEFINITELY overpowered, thanks WG

  48. Meh…. Why play any other teir10 tank now?

  49. when this vehicle come to the live server nobody play the AMX 50 B anymore.

  50. Ikea too op pls nerf

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