World of Tanks – Krucial Kontribution

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In which MisterCro and Yzne of Kazna Kru show us scrubs how it’s done.

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System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. wow leo now what he is doing,,thats why he is in top 50 ,,,so is mr Cro,,not much for rest of the team,they are lucky to have platon like this to win a game,after disaster from the start…any gg

  2. I stopped playing but i watch the replays because i love our overlord voice but I can tell you this! This map will be taken down or altered.

  3. german cloaking devices 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. Everyone pay your respects to PoShYbRiD lost but not forgotten 🙁

  5. Report that twat CDC

  6. love that intro. Although I hate Bert love the intro.

  7. It looks nice

  8. As the new maps are in black and white, and black is not passable, I think this position should be patched out. However, I want the old colored maps back! In that case, I cannot see where “impsossible places” are, so I am in favor of not patching them out.

  9. mannn where the fuck are my warthunder videos jingle tits

  10. When Tanks become goats……

  11. Matias Gomez Janzen

    HOLY SHIT i love last videos new intro style

  12. like the new intro

  13. Cool BERT AVENGER intro!!!

  14. stupid showcasing abusive positions……

  15. ah hahaha nice ending jingles. the saltyest saltmine ever.

  16. Love the new intro! 😀

  17. Every 2 or 3 battles in “Sacred valley” has now a comedian who climb the rocks and start “sniping”. In 99% of cases its just a wasted slot in the team because its no surprise anymore. I for my part killed at least 10 of them…easily. The problem is that after showing professional players like in this particular case motivate any little r*****, who barely finds the keyboard, to copy it. With no skill at all such places are totally worthless and the climbing attempts are wasted time and “unsportsmanlike conduct” to their teams who actually lose 2 tanks right from start.

  18. now for a new wows intro with new music

  19. i love it its so cool and its got bert in it

  20. hahaha…great game and a couple of very good players.

  21. That spot is just god mode

  22. finally! A new intro!

  23. its not a swedish name.

  24. I was just thinking your intro is way too old xD I like this one! Still prefer your old way of no intros 😛

  25. Arty in new intro? No thx :/

  26. Love the intro, Jingles!!

  27. Playing off the map is technically glitching. I hope WG fixes their maps.

  28. NEW INTRO!!

  29. Nice score … but the fact that this win is mostly due to map bug abuse .. nothing to be proud of :/

  30. Why are people complaining about spots like these? I think they are a perfect example for skill and map knowledge to be usefull. You should be able to do crazy things when you are skilled enough to do so (climbing is actually not as easy as in the yt videos :p)

  31. hey Jingles do you ever plan on doing another Xcom 2 play-through but with the Long War 2 mod installed?

  32. i just got the fv215b and i sold FML ????

  33. Stop crying, if it’s allowed to go up there it’s not cheating, it’s more like, using the environment to your advantage.

  34. I actually saw two players yesterday trying to do the boost it like Yzne… both failed hard. One with Cromwell actually fliped upside down, the other in CDC was killed while trying to do that after like 15th time

  35. People who go to spots in the map you shouldn’t be able to go to should be fucking banned. Nothing more than cheating imo

  36. Krucial Kontribution Kombo 😀

  37. NICE intro… a lot better than the previous one

  38. mistercro – good game show some skill. , the other guy zero skill, just know how to use map weak point. Again that’s why i dont play this game anymore.

  39. Nice job roasting that turd with the dead sea pic Jingles. XD

  40. I mean if it’s on the mini map it’s fair game right?

    And the real question is, can we fit HMS Tog up their?

  41. Dam…! If only i could play wot half as good as these 2….!

  42. I like the new intro rather than the old one, but i like the one with the Sherman tank way back in 2013 or so, it reminds me of that.

  43. I’m loving that intro. LOL

  44. Nice battle and really nice snipe spot. So being on the console and not the computer I have been testing how bad game play can get with out putting any money into the game at all. Well it goes something like this. 3 month period, playing almost every day. I have won 2 games out of about 40. But this is an ongoing thing. I call it at the beginning of the match. The games match maker sticks me with all the unupgraded tanks and generally 2 tiers above my own. But when this op came along for the IS3 A I banged in somd cash for premium time. Same sh*t. And I know many of you may be thinking “you are sh*t”, well I generally find myself in the upper half at the end if not at the top. So it isn’t me. Is the PC this bad or is it about skill???, cause I might be doing away with this game if you have to pay to play.

  45. Love the new intro, great game from Mr Cro & his team mate, BUT!!! Disappointed that you tacked on “attack of the killer tomatoes”, a vid that you had already uploaded. Also a vid that I enjoyed at the time of the original upload!
    Come on mate, I expect more from an honest Geordie Matelot being a Northumbrian ex squaddie myself.

  46. I love the new intro!! really good

  47. The new intro is great.
    Now this is something special, it has been years since i enjoyed a replay this much.
    Well played!

  48. If you are able to reach a location, it cannot be considered an exploit or a cheat. Then even top tier, a leopard 1 is a sniper medium and should be hidden at max range. The only thing I dislike is the HEAT-spam Yzne made. If you are a good player, you should not have to rely on gold ammo all the time.

  49. So many salty monkeys crying about Yzne being in that spot ?

    lol sad how pathetic u ppl are




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