World of Tanks| KV-1 | 14 Kills | 3817 DMG | No Commentary Just Awesome Play

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks| KV-1 | 14 Kills | 317 DMG | No Commentary Just Awesome
series where we take some time to look at some epic battles without any commentary!! In this battle we have a noob shooting ‘some Gold’ but i just love seeing those derps blowing everything up!!! this is more that Dream game rather than skill but still a pat on the back for him!!! I found it entertaining.
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  1. This hack tool is crazy
    its on google here =>

    created by russian hackers……..

  2. Pz.1C why you come out of cover? You could have won the game.

  3. Wow this guy got so lucky

  4. the shocking part is not that he got 14 kills and all that damage and
    victory, the real shock is how so many players are like the 14 terrible
    players on his team, and how regular you play with a full team of them

  5. Cristea Andrei Ionel

    STRONK STRONK STRONK !!!!( apologies for the unoriginal comment ,but given
    the tank ,it had to be made ;P )

  6. All the enemy had to do was stay and cap. The KV-1 would of been to slow
    for him to get back in time.

  7. Don’t much care for the ‘No Commentary’ videos. Just stating my opinion.

  8. the amount of luck this guy had wow

  9. I play the kv1 all the time, and this was a great battle from him, gg

    But he was quite lucky, especially to have allies and enemies THAT bad,
    except for the gold-spamming enemy matilda(who’s probably one of those
    low-life sealclubbers, it is a really OP tank) who may have known what he
    was doing.
    The enemy team were about to win by capping, but then someone came out of
    the cap, probably the amx 38. That just threw the game

  10. The amount of gold, bad aiming, auto-aim and luck in this game IS TOO DAMN

  11. The amount of gold, bad aiming, auto-aim and luck in this game IS TOO DAMN

  12. *said slowly, calmly and with a strait face 😐 *
    i. am. so. impressed 😐 he. shot. gold. top. tier. and. won. against.
    idiots. GG. xD

  13. lel nice

  14. lose 28k silver on a T5 game where you kill 14…lol

  15. i must protest he was being a dick to the T34

  16. Just a lucky tomato, nothing to do with skill or awesome play.

  17. Advanced class on reverse scraping. For that – fellow KV-1 tanker, you have
    my respect. The same goes for the situational and map awareness displayed.
    As for the ammo choices through the battle… “If you have nothing positive
    to say, then don’t say a thing.”

  18. Look at all those HEAT shells man.
    While I do enjoy seeing 14 kills game, I don’t think it’s a good idea to
    teach people how to sealclub in derp tanks using prem rounds.

  19. well played but their PZ1c cost the opposition the game

  20. Just wow. Keep calm and tank on.

  21. I hear the sizzling of heat. Great game by the way.

  22. Wow, nice vid Sir Havoc! Just kidding, I didn’t even watch it yet. Need to
    heat some popcorns and while they are in microwave I wrote this comment.

  23. that was a great game

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