World of Tanks || KV-122 – is it Worth it?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – KV-122. Another T7 Soviet premium heavy arrives, the KV-122, that strongly resembles the fan favourite KV-1S from yesteryear, but is it Worth it?

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. I’m supposed to be playing my new KV-122 but this guy keeps kicking my ass.

  2. WG shoudl have really made it a tier 6 with 1.2k DPS and 10% worser gun
    handling. This tank is horrible, do not fall for that trap!

  3. Is it just me or is qb’s voice deeper in this video? Nothing wrong with it

  4. Kv 122 is op in war thunder

  5. I call Jupiter Feminism 'cause it's a gas giant.

    “premium IS-2”
    Chinese standard tier 7 heavy is IS-2…?

  6. WTF WG?

  7. Just another money trap from Wargaming.

  8. lol 50€ for that tank ? it is just … WTF is that ?! 50€ for that patatoe,
    omg wot IS going mad !The hell, this tank sucks soooo much ! I can’t
    believe it

  9. nah, is2b has better crew and worth less in gold

  10. more big stupid AND squishy HTs in wot? yes please

  11. Hey QB. You should post a video where the 122 is put into a battle against
    tier 8s and 9s. That would be an honest depiction.

  12. Merry Christmas Quickybaby from the USA! Love your videos. Keep up the good

  13. that bucket and logs better count as spaced armor

  14. Gergő Varga (QuickyVg)

    QuickyBaby i always watch your vids and i always like them and i just use
    your mod. pack you are the best! Please do your job forever,!!!?

  15. is it worth it ………………….. Nope not for £20 for one fucking

  16. wow qb looks fucking depressed

  17. 6.25 Are you sure it can 1 shot pretty much all tier 5 tanks? Last I
    checked that gun cant roll for 489 or higher.

  18. When comparing it with the IS-2, another thing to keep in mind is the
    Soviet IS-2 comes with a “zero skill” Brothers in Arms crew.

  19. Well doesn’t the KV-122 remind me of the M4A1 Revalorise

  20. With its construction board armor, they should have put this in tier 6 and
    reverse the preferential matchmaking in which they cant meet tier 4 and
    below, bump the reload time about +10-15%, and sold it for just the bundle

    It is however an aesthetically nice looking tank tho, I give it that much

  21. kv122 reminds me of the kv85

  22. Yuzu Gaming (YellowFellow)

    They took my beloved KV-1S and turned it into a tier 7 premium! I will
    never forgive WG for this crime… Definitely not picking it up. Even
    though it reminds me oh so much of the KV-1S in its glory days…

  23. ha…..ha…….ha….ha…..

  24. Why does all your reviews of tanks consist only of replays as TOP tier? How
    well would this tank do in a tier IX game?

  25. 1 like for TheLegend27

  26. I love you QB!!!!!!!!! :)

  27. Nazmul Huda (Robin)

    If you’re looking for a low tier ace tank… Give my T-28 a try… I’m
    Pretty sure you’ll like it at the end of the replay.. :v 😛

  28. The IS-2 max forward speed is a error, it can reach 37 k/ph from it
    separate twins IS with it speed of 34 k/ph. Just to clarify that parts

  29. 6:00 Yeah sure cough cough critical cough.

  30. nah i am good with Iosif Stalin tank :)

  31. This tank looks like a cash grab piece of shit

  32. I have a russian friend who love so much tanks that one day he invate me to
    Russian to show me some tanks XD

  33. this is nice and everithing, but there is no any premium arty. why they
    dont take care of arty players, so far they just made artys harder to play.
    we need premium arty!

  34. Why is there a FOCH.TXT on your desktop?
    EDIT: oh there is a HELLO.TXT and BLAH.TXT too! So Hello Foch, BLAH?

  35. HT that cannot brawl, cannot snipe and cannot take a hit…..i’ll pass.

  36. On one spot on gun KV-122 has 852mm

  37. Poor gameplay example. How’s it do against tier 9?

  38. dont buy it ! its shit !!!!!!!!!!…. quicky is payed to promote the stuff
    so he just puts a video of someone getting lucky !!!!!

  39. what a useless tank, seriously QB look at the stats and say its just WG
    flogging money..

  40. Looks like wot blitz kv-1s

  41. every tank in the game are good every tank has special features than others

  42. That ammorack on the SU-100 was life-saving. :)

  43. OMG I lost myself in laughter in that last kill.

    Actually, it was almost sexual… If you think about it.

  44. quickly baby does world of tanks have a k 72.01???? if so can u show it

  45. quicky baby i cant download your mod i need your help

  46. it’s a very bad medium tank?

  47. sorry it’s a vk 72.01 is it actually in world of tanks just asking I’m on
    the Xbox 1

  48. IS-2 Berlin is just so much better option….. this looks like pure
    collector tank

  49. That gun handling is atrocious, one of the reasons I hated the IS and IS-2.
    Sit there aiming for 5 minutes and then either you’ve already taken damage,
    the enemy has pulled back or you still miss your shot.

  50. so it’s a expensive ID

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