World of Tanks || KV-2 – King of Durp

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. Today SonOfStraxx going to show you why the the KV-2 is the King of Durp!

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. YAY finally not a gold noob replay!! well played and yes KV-2 is just a
    happy happy tank…

  2. I’m sorry but the shot in 02:12 was very wired. Nobody light the T67. He
    was in fact not on the minimap and not spotted before. There are several
    positions where he can shoot at the KV2. This shot was in my view “not” a
    blindshot as he reaim between 02:10 and 02:12. You can shoot at a well
    known position – for example if there is a well known bush or special
    position or if the tank was spotted you can try it if if you look at the

  3. Man… KV-2 is one of the most popular fun tank /hmm… or maybe
    derpopular?/ and still not in HD…

  4. Andrija Ratkovic


  5. Patrikas Ramanauskas

    I hate that tank

  6. 999is666upsidedown

    Keep this into! :D

  7. Pavel Jarkovský

    to be exact, KV-2 with fully trained crew, vents and gun loader has reload

  8. Excelsior isn’t as good as you thaugh(37mm side armor)

  9. Green Usher (MJ Reyes)

    face reveal for 400k? LMAO

  10. Pause at 8:35 and play it again,you will hear quickybaby calling the FV304
    a TD Lol

  11. Second kill = Warpack

  12. Nicholas Mihalko

    power of stalin never fails

  13. David John (DJ Tontos)

    I remember the time when I’m playing this durp tank with my friends long
    And ammo rack the poor FV304…. I just go… LOL, that thing is so thin
    that my HE goes through and ammo rack the poor tank XD
    While my friends… dayum, that’s overkill XD

  14. fucking shit server , only cheaters , hackers , bots and shit mm 12-15% win

  15. one of the best tanks

  16. 1:35 QB stopped working :)

  17. noooo! he killed Tom the hellcat again!

  18. For me is it T29 or AMX13 57F

  19. I like how you call that T67 a stat padder with little to no evidence,but
    when you posted the T49 video with a reroller you had nothing to say.
    GG,just GG….

  20. Little kids remember! If you playing against a derpgun with 20 sec reload
    and in your team are 4 tanks left vs the one derpgun – pls pls pls!!!! ONE
    AFTER AN OTHER. Never, i repeat, NEVER attack all at once! If you do the
    derpgun cant reload and kill all of you so pls keep in mind. NEVER go all
    at the same time against the ONE enemy left.

    p.s. sorry for bad english

  21. Fv304 td? Lol

  22. Zakary Smiley (ZHSmiley)

    KV-2 STRONK TANK!! May the hand of Stalin guide my shell!

  23. Mid tier Death Star.

  24. Zdzisław Dziąsło

    I want the Kolobanov’s!! And I don’t even play WOT

  25. Theodore Bagwell

    This tank is exaggerated, in WW2 all KV-2 in service were destroyed..

  26. more top tier tank seal clubing, cmon quicky show skill play in a normal
    game not men killing babies ok

  27. This is a great example of why I don’t play this game any more. Stacking
    tier 4 and 5 tanks against this one shot silliness is frustrating.

  28. at the start of the replay he has a two star at the end of only one wtf??

  29. be hold The KV2 IS COMMING

  30. DubstepDeano 194

    Like a boss

  31. 400k subs – ITS HAPPENING

  32. Double Double 4G

    (Ugh… I really gotta go to bed, I got work in a few hours…) What?!? A
    KV2 replay?!?

  33. kids idiot player

  34. Just a bully tanks for all low tier, disgusting
    such a cheat tank, dog

  35. what is the code

  36. One of the first tanks i had the most fun with! i Still absolutely love
    this thing, even if it’s slightly outclassed by the OL exp, and the t49 is
    even more fun.

    Also i always found the kv2’s gun to be weirdly super accurate. Snapshots
    over 50 meters? no worries! missing from a meter away the enemy in a t49?
    you bet!

  37. I thought artillery and TD’s were not supposed to be able to do handbrake
    turns? Then why can de FV304 do one?

  38. I didn’t realise that the FV304 was a Tank Destroyer… …I suppose that
    it’s one disguised as an arty though… :P

  39. Wait, blame Serb? Did you watch the World of Tanks Rap by JT Machinima? Or
    is it just me being suspicious again….

  40. Person A: imagine a tank with a 0.1 accuracy.
    *long pause*
    Person B: so basically every russian tank?

  41. well…my kv 2 got 18.99 sec reload… :D

  42. need a help kv2 or kv1s

  43. help me pliz: Jp 2 or Ferdi?!

  44. Why does my KV-2 reload in 26 sec?? I mean if the normal reload time was

  45. quicky fv304 is not a tank destroyer

  46. I mett you at tankfest and me and My friend wanted you to do kv 2 videos
    and you Did yeey

  47. Stalin will always guide you. Especially in the Kings of derp.

  48. I’ve killed so many of those tanks lol It feels amazing.

  49. I saw a Jagdpanzer IV hiding behind a hill, shot at him, and the shell
    looped over the hill and killed him.

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