World of Tanks || KV-220-2 – is it Worth it?

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m going to review the ludicrously well armoured premium Soviet heavy tank the !

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  1. damnit QB stop giving out this info… that’s all I need is more ppl
    avoiding my hual (insert sarcasm)=/

  2. Mate, WTF? I have the KV-220 and it only has 100mm at he front and 80mm at
    the rear, WTF?

  3. Buy it, just buy it. I have it myself, it’s just awesome

  4. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    i hate it
    i just can’t pen it with my Stug 4.En the turret is sutch a smal target
    when its moving towards you :(:(:(
    But yeah the gun on Stug 4 isn’t very good

  5. i love russian kv3’s and kv4 but damn they need to make this tank in a
    bundle alone for 10 euro, untill then i am not going to buy this “rare” (i
    see it every 10 battles) tank, i am going to stick to my lovely t14 ty for
    the nice review, keep it up ty

  6. Grat Vid.Thanks QuickyBaby for making my day :D. Can you maybe do a Super
    Pershing is it worth it? ?? I wanna buy 2 premium tanks for New Year but I
    don’t know what tank to buy? ?? Help xD? 

  7. Just played my first game in a Comet, and i can see why it’s one of your
    favorites QB!
    Got a second class mastery and top on my team with only the gun from the
    Cromwell haha

  8. Jonathan van Leeuwen

    EU and NA are so lucky, WG over here at the SEA server (Singapore) are just
    putting out the classic T8 premiums with easy to grind equipment like a
    T-34 with rammer etc. and are selling it for the same price as the T8
    premium that is included with the package.

  9. Lol, he so killed that team mate on purpose in order for him to get that

  10. after the first time I met this tank in the game, I immediately looked up
    how to deal with it on youtube. Havnt had a problem ever since :)

  11. so what is KV-220?
    my friend had it on Xbox 360 WoT ?

  12. How about a review of a tank I haven’t seen in 2 years, the A-32, the teir
    4 premium soviet medium tank?

  13. “Plethora”. Thank you QB, it’s nice to see someone else making an effort to
    bring some interesting words back.

  14. The Churchill has better hull armer it is 177 mm

  15. LOL Look at the gamer tag of the enemy KV-1! Gotta luv it! 7 times he hit

  16. I remember taking this tank out after the Japanese heavies came out.

    I got blasted to death is a very short time by HE.

    A case of power-creep if you ask me.

    Granted, this guy did know to shoot at my turret, but I suspect that he
    didn’t have the gun depression for hitting my hull armor.


  18. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    This thing actually has better hull armour than the KV-3.

  19. Churchill 1 i believe has more frontal armour.

  20. For some reason I never thought this tank had such good armor. I didn’t
    have a problem when facing it, and always had treated it like some
    glorified kv-1. Same goes for Excelsior I guess. Track it and it’s done. If
    it tries to push crazy like the player in this video, track it again and
    leave it for someone else :)

  21. maybe QB should try the amercian T14 next time

  22. i didnt know how good the kv-220-2 was because i got it in a bundle with a

  23. 好強喔~~

  24. Hey quickybaby can u review the is-3 a when it comes out on sale please and
    thank you

  25. I love mine. I’m not that great, but I have a 62% WR in it. I can carry.

  26. Doesn’t the AT-2 get 203mm of frontal armour?

  27. report this video so the skrub won’t learn how to shoot this tank…..

  28. CAn you do a Churchill 3 is it worth it review?

  29. Alex “Bahha24” C

    2:12 .44 = .46 totally ;)

  30. yea he team killed to get that medal, hes a ass-hole! don’t give him

  31. Hey Quickybaby, I cant decide on what Tier 10 Heavy tank to go for, I want
    one that has good armour, and a good gun, could you please message me back,
    or make a video on what heavy tank to go for.

  32. D max loads gold.

  33. Matt Thomas (Tommo)

    we dont get it yet on NA its on sale soon from the 12th to 25th im gunna
    get it

  34. how many bots in this game?

  35. Medcats should be a meme.

  36. I would hope we get a review of the m48 once it gets buffed

  37. this is my favorite tenk. I LOVE IT TO DEATH!!!!

  38. You should’ve titled this the same as SirFoch’s review: Seals Won’t Club

  39. Do the tier 5 premium French arty the lefh.

  40. QB , could you plz review IS-3A ? Once it comes out ? :)

  41. What’s a, “smurf” in gaming lingo??

  42. Even if that TK was an accident, the player was still an idiot. What was he
    thinking taking that shot when it wasn’t even fully aimed?

  43. The German tier 5 “toaster” loves this.
    KV 220-2 armor doesn’t fair very well against the Tiger gun.

  44. Please don’t forget about us on the ASIA server quickbaby!

  45. Meh I soloed 9 kills in it on the SEA server it’s pretty good for a tier 5
    and it has better hull armour than a Kv-3 the kv-3s hull is 120/90/90 the
    tier 5 Iv-220-2 has 120/100/100

  46. i bought my KV-220 last Christmas and I’ve had so much fun with it. The gun
    isn’t fantastic but it’s not like some other premium tanks where you have
    to spam gold shells to pen (KV-5). I don’t regret my purchase at all.

  47. why do the British suck at their own language?

  48. I have this tank for a while now. I love it mainly for its rarity and
    ofcourse for its armor. Its a fun tank to play with for a fair price imho.
    Credit income is not the best but I guess its better than KV-1 net income.

  49. Drink every time QB say KV 220-2 and you want make it to end of the video!

  50. medcat? Thats like the 3rd time you said it :D

  51. Quickbaby and his medcats

  52. it’s a shit tank. the only good thing about this tank is that it has hull
    armor. if you play against noobs, yeah, it’s a decent tank, but if you play
    against someone that actually has a brain, it’s useless. slow and shit gun

  53. GodFather Probably Tked to try for the Kolobanovs TBH…

  54. why people say that the O-I Exp has good armor ? i know its 75mm thick,
    buts its only 75mm effective too…. 0 angling 0 sloping very flat all you
    need is 75mm of penetration it has no armor

  55. I never thought that quickybaby was in wargamings pocket, he does commonly
    gives his opinion about them. He does contradict wargaming when they do
    something ridiculous like emblems, he is very smart about what he
    challenges. Not to mention he didn’t even give the other competitors of
    wargaming a serious chance! now he’s been giving very mediocre tanks good
    reviews and making a PREMIUM tank review something like 5/6 of his last
    reviews. So people buy em more. Very suspicious. But i still love his
    content and if i were him, id probably use the opportunity to get some
    extra cash.

  56. I was one versus 10 and I did not get that medal I got the pools medal

  57. QuickyBaby, amazing video and it was fun to watch but could you make a
    review over the T-10 or the IS-8 replacement?

  58. KV220 is piece of shit?. Any gun with 110+pen can pen it’s turret. I just
    2 shot a kv220 with my kv1s derp gun with HEAT (140pen), shot at it’s
    turret chicks . The tank’s armor means nothing if you know how to take
    advantage of it’s weak turret.

  59. Well, today I learned that 75mm of totally flat tissue paper on the O-I
    Exp. is an ‘excellent 75mm of armor’.

  60. Pic na wodę mecz ustawiony aż miło popatrzeć haha.Jedno proste
    spostrzeżenie- który czerwony zjedzie z capa – żaden , a tu proszę jak na
    zamówienie. Proste film ma się podobać i nakłonić do kupna tego
    czołgu.Ciekawe dlaczego nie pokazano go z normalnym losowaniem i normalnymi
    Dlaczego ??? bo ma wygrywać na filmie i tyle mojego komentarza.

  61. I don’t know why quickybaby hates smurfs so much. He acts like they are
    scum. I know many players who have rerolled to get into a better clan, etc.

  62. The pz 2j is way better!?

  63. It is a really good machine. The gun is adequate at best, but it gets the
    job done usually. The rest is really, really nice.

    While we are on the subject of rare tanks: Is there any way to purchase a
    Panzer V/IV on/for the EU-server? Does anyone know?

  64. DAMN YOU QB now they now how to kill me ?

  65. noooo QB dont tell them about paper turret nooooo!

  66. WG changed the mm for the KV-220-2 I think, so it will meet t7 as well…

  67. Med cat confirmed!

  68. Not saying he tk’ed on purpose, but it should not be possible to get a
    Kolobanov’s with a team kill.

  69. What’s the difference between the KV-220 and the KV-220-2

  70. FUCKING WARGAMING BASTARDS, This shows how little respect they got for
    players. Russians get a great gift tank and everyone else who doesn’t play
    Russians get shitty and laughable gifts like the pz II D. And then they
    bitch moan and wonder of what everyone is excited with Armor Warfare.

  71. love my 220. When did they change its name?

  72. See the stug on the other team with 4 kills? That’s how a good player does
    with a usual tank here. Not a puppy kicker like this tank. Way to make 90%
    of non soviet tanks useless. Average pen of russian tanks at this tier
    level have +15% to +40% penetration compared to their other nation

  73. Hey QB can you do T28HTC?

  74. Artiom Iacob (SuitedLOL)

    I play on the russian server and i sont have the tank

  75. Lone survivalist314

    Did QB forget that the churchill 1 at tier 5 has 177mm of frontal armor?
    Also the AT2 tier 5 TD has over 200.

  76. because of the * accidental * TK , Kolobanov’s Medal should not be awarded
    ! ( imo )

  77. 2:04 2.19secs=2.3soviet seconds

  78. got it on a mission, not worth at all, only excelsior is worse

  79. monkeystandoffsucks

    The KV-220 was available for purchase multiple times, at least on the NA
    server. So it’s not rare, but it’s not common either

  80. give it a better turret and gun and just make it tier6 already….

  81. Thanks QB, I always wondered why I sucked meeting these!

  82. Don’t buy this tank with the Jap heavies this tank is useless

  83. QB most frontal armor at tier 5 AT-2 anyone

  84. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    why are none of these tanks not in the gift shop im on NA server and the
    pz2j and the kv220-2 where not in the shop i checked 2minutes after he
    uploaded the video what gives

  85. For me totally worth buying lots of fun a laugh a minute and the gold made
    it possible for me to buy my KV-13 and fully upgrade it
    All I want now is the KV 5 and my Xmas will be complete.
    Merry Xmas to every one and a very happy new year.

  86. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    Quickybaby bless you robbaz watches your vids! glorious

  87. I don’t know the Godfather but it honestly looked like he killed his team
    mate just so he could get the Kolobanov’s medal.

  88. Hi can you make a review on the IS-3A
    They’re no info on this tanks.

  89. Charles Lawrence III

    I sold mine the turret makes it useless

  90. came across one today, ammo racked him first shot haha

  91. Good for them for doing an advent calendar

  92. dope shit

  93. Pre OI it was worth it. Now not so much.

  94. QB. Did you know the KV-220-2 or what name you want to call it befor the
    update with the name change was suppost to get the T-150 turret and the 107
    on it? I could see that as a tier 6 premium heavy tank but just the 100 mm
    all around hull and then the T-150’s 100 mm of turret with the 107, that
    would be more troll then Pz II J.

  95. Pretty sure that TK was pure accident.

  96. Medal whore

  97. 3:26 nope the at2 has the thickest armor at tier 5 :)

  98. Wonder how many premium tanks there is in total.

  99. but curse you QB!!!
    now you told everybody in the entire world about its turret and now the fun
    isnt gunah last very long!!!

  100. Who knows Simo Häyhä? the best guy on world!

  101. i was wondering why QB was reviewing a retired tank until i saw the event
    calendar thing 😛

    btw QB can you do a tank review on the Churchill III? its my favorite tank

  102. i got one today. i wated a year to get it!
    i went on scouting on malinovka and just bounced many shots…..

  103. I already figured out the weakpoint of this tank from thinking about the
    KV-1 and KV-3. I remember QB once saying the turret armor is just bad so in
    my Cromwell B, when my shots weren’t penetrating the hull, I shot the
    turret and was well rewarded.

  104. hey qb, you said track traverse was worse then kv 2 but that was turret
    traverse, track traverse is the same

  105. QB why would you need the prem consumable to boot view range, when this
    tank isnt a sniper? Isnt it better to get close and fight it out rather
    than trying to snipe? I mean I know the prem consumable does help
    everything, but sounds kinda pricey.

  106. YAMAHA “Stig46” Stig

    подарите танк

  107. Cristea Andrei Ionel

    an exercise of imagination : a kv 220-2 with kv 1 top turret and OI
    experimental gun with preferential matchmaking :)

  108. its too bad it doesnt have a 57mm

  109. kv- 220- 2? So what happend to kv220?

  110. I got the distinct impression he killed off his team mate just to get the
    Kolobanov’s medal. It seemed a little too convenient examining the

  111. He killed his team mate so he could get that last medal 

  112. Scumbag GodFather, talking out his allies I order to get a kolobanov’s

    He would of been dead anyway, also its not so much his fault as RNG governs

  113. QuickyBaby to be honest I have to say that you’re EPIC 🙂 But I wonder why
    you don’t make a tank review of the tiger ll which is weird because your
    first tier X tank was the E-100. I would really like and appreciate it if
    you made one, it would be really usefull. Anyway keep going like that! :D

  114. Yesterday I managed to do with KV-220-2 third mark. I recommend this tank!

  115. I love this tank.
    I bought it in july and I don’t regret it, I almost always shoot standard
    ammunation. the only time I have to shoot gold ammo was against an O-I, and
    I end up firing standard when I manage to get on his side ( I got lucky he
    was shooting Ap at me).
    great tank and great video :)

  116. My first (and only, currently) Kolobanov’s.

  117. Great video! goes perfect with eating steamed buns while drunk 🙂 it’s 3:09am
    here in the philippines

  118. I eat kv 220-2 for dinner in my su 100 y :D

  119. QuickyBaby, I’m pretty sure this used to called the KV-220, and not
    KV-220-2 but I may be wrong. :)

  120. Anybody notice that the damage log is gone at 12:04 after QB tabs?

  121. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    Sooo is it a KV-220 with steroids?

  122. yes yes yes yes yes, just a brute against poor T4s and most T5s.

  123. Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu)

    Its track traverse is the same 🙂 that was the turret traverse QB

  124. sick.of these videos of decent.players destroying full pancake teams.
    doesnt display skill.

  125. armored warfare is giving the players a type 59 for the holidays.

  126. huge wastse of money.

  127. He only killed 9 enemies but still got Pools medal? Does TK add to that

  128. 13:05 Shame… shame… shame… :)

  129. UltimateChickenSalad

    Yo QB u forgot about the AT 2 when u said that KV-220-2 had the best

  130. wow, 100 mm pen and he needs to load the skill on that OI.Aiming for that
    front hull armor between the turrets or the turret is too hard for some.

  131. It’s not that rare anymore on the NA server.

  132. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    For whatever reason I’m having issues with QB’s videos on Chrome…

  133. medcat ;)


  135. This tank will now become worse, thanks QB.
    I have had this tank for quite long, and I almost always get steel wall in
    it, because (untill now atleast) most people have thoguht it’s a kv-1 and
    shot the hull, where as this tank is actually a inversed KV-1.

  136. I think it’s a really good tank, by myself I love the KV-1 (2 marks of
    excellence) and I dont mind the low mobility, and too (thats only for the
    KV-1) the pen. is okay

  137. Good timing, because it is being sold on xbox at the momment… I might
    even buy it after watching this…

  138. Good to know you can kill your own team to get a Kolobanov’s Medal :P

  139. I got my 220, 2 years ago AND STOP REVEALING ITS WEAK SPOTS XD

  140. QuickyBaby can you tell us what the meaning of your intro video ? i mean
    have you put it for specific reason ?

    Another question do you lose your perks when training your crew for a new
    tank without any gold tanks included ?

  141. Best thing about the video was getting to learn where to shoot the tank.
    Right in the cheeks. XD

    Great gameplay too! :D

  142. bought when i was in class this morning xD

  143. Yet another overpowered Russian tank. And they are still complaining about
    the Waffentrager

  144. it’s not even a question. this tank is the most OP tier V prem tank. You
    can almost easily pubstomp every tier V tank in the game except the O-I

  145. This tank is very stronk! Buy it to support Mother Russia!

  146. Psychosaur Entity_Unknown (Zveroboy)

    if i sent a replay of the SU-76i, would u do a replay

  147. i’m thinking of buying this, since it comes with a decently priced goldpack
    on the NA server right now. but I kinda want kv-5 as well….

  148. Psychosaur Entity_Unknown (Zveroboy)

    i fuckin loove mine

  149. If you want Soviet heavy crew, you want it!

  150. I’m not sure if this tank still got prefential matchmaking though. Patch
    9.12 got the engine buffed and frontal hull armor buffed. Sinds this patch
    my add-on (aslain) tells me this tank gets into 5 to 7 tier matchmaking,
    which would mean it lossed the prefential matchmaking. I however did not
    play in this tank lately to make sure. My advise, before buying check if it
    still has prefential matchmaking. If not the buffs are not worth it when
    dropped in a level 7 battle.

  151. The arty is called Strum panzer

  152. Even as a driver of this tank, and knowing the weakness of the turret, it
    can still be a pain, it’s not the biggest target to hit, unless you got the
    side of it.

  153. Yesterday was the ludicrously priced Pz II J, today the ludicrously well
    armoured KV-220-2 so tomorrow is the ludicrously rare Type 59? :P

  154. Yeah, all beta testers will be happy to see that every fuckin moron can buy
    this tank now

  155. I really like mine. I’ve had it for a long time and is just a good tank.
    I’m an older player (66) so slower is fine with my reaction time. Plays a
    lot like my favorite, my Matilda.

  156. Well, thanks for letting the entire playerbase know how to stop this tank
    in its tracks… -.-

  157. QB you jealous of the M2 medium player Kappa

  158. With the advent calendar offer, with the 6500 gold and garrage space, this
    vehicle is only something like 7£, if you were considering buying gold
    anyway. It might not be the most exciting tank, but at that price, it
    certainly seems worth it, if only just to troll Hetzers and other tier IV
    tanks it might meet, who may not know about about weak spots, or have the
    accuracy to hit them.

  159. I think he got his calculations wrong :)

  160. damn He drunk
    Talking shit about the stats ;p

  161. I have it and i like it. I think its cool 🙂
    Patrol duty with that ship :P

  162. Teamkill was all planned, on the run for Kolobanov’s ! x)

  163. imagine a KV-220 going one one one with a O-I .
    KV-220 will be going back to garage in two shots

  164. not really you can always find these on the NA server ive had mine for
    awhile and run into alot of people wit it

  165. Boring and expensive , whoever would buy it , can keep it .

  166. To be fair the pz iv H shot him too. Doesn’t make up for it though

  167. KV – 222

  168. After the patch got penned all the time and no they didn’t shoot the turret

  169. Well I have a nasty suspicion that ‘the Godfather’ deliberately killed the
    friendly Pz IV to ensure he got the Kalabanov’s medal, I might be wrong of
    course but if it was an accident why did he NOT apologize?????? Very
    suspicious and if I am right the guys a real loser and not worthy of a
    positive video (perhaps a ‘the good the bad and the ugly’ with this guy as
    ‘the ugly’) . Still I might be wrong but I have seen this behavior before;
    all to often!!

  170. Snatched this guy up on Xbox today for about £10. It’s a very good tank.
    You’re right about people not knowing the weaknesses. Half way through my
    first game, after they started to panic from not being able to pen me, they
    all started firing HE for about 10-20 damage each. It was pretty funny.

  171. You should do one of these on the Churchill III

  172. When someone TKs because they know they have a free KB medal if they do.

  173. ♡ I love this tank ♡

  174. the Stug III G can rip threw this tank

  175. Nooooo…. Don’t tell them my weak points! :o

  176. Definitely. Just play like a moron and you attract your peers. Then just
    finish what you started.

  177. and the churchill 3 176mm of armour in places

  178. Panzer und girls.

  179. QuickyBaby can u please respond to my comment? If u do i’ll CRY OF HAPPINES

  180. i own a kv 220 and im on the European server

  181. I dunno i dont like slow tanks but ill enjoy shooting these 0 viewange
    tanks in my ELC :D

  182. My favorite tank.

  183. I love the amount of Vids u are uploading QB. Keep Going!

  184. Damn I forgot I even had this piece of shit :DDD

  185. I literally buy this and then the vid comes out

  186. Totally worth it!!
    I own it and ist fkn hilarious

  187. noooo i am number tow

  188. First time I was here this early :)

  189. live stream?

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